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Niagara River Remedial Action Plan Stage 2 Update Report

Niagara River Remedial Action Plan Stage 2 Update Report

This review concludes

This review concludes that of the 4 beaches within the Niagara River AOC only one still has a suspected contributing source of E. coli to beach. At the Queens Royal Beach it appears that the outfall, which is adjacent to the beach, may be a contributing E. coli source. A further examination needs to take place to determine if: }} the E. coli is human origin or animal } } if the source to the beach can be successfully mitigated Delisting Criteria: ii) Less than 20% of the geometric means of water samples collected over the swimming season exceed the Provincial Water Quality Objectives (100 E. coli /100ml), or is similar to a suitable non-AOC reference site, when assessed over a period of at least three to five years; The Technical Review 2007 also concluded that the Provincial Water Quality Objectives (PWQO) had been exceeded at various times at each of the individual AOC beaches during the period of 2003 to 2005. It showed that these exceedances did surpass the 20% limit, relative to the delisting criterion (number ii – listed above), at several of the beaches over the various years. This review showed that this criterion had not been consistently met for Binbrook Conservation beach, and was inconsistently met (only two out of three years for 2003-05) for Queens Royal and Ball Street beaches. However, it had been met for a consecutive three year period for the Chippawa Conservation beach demonstrating that the Chippawa Conservation beach had successfully achieved the delisting criterion (see Appendix 16). In 2009, another review was completed on data for the three beaches in the AOC that did not achieve this criterion during the Technical Review (see Figures 18 - 21). Figure 18: Magnitude of geometric mean E. coli exceedance for the Binbrook Conservation beach 60

Niagara river remedial action plan stage 2 update Figure 19: Magnitude of geometric mean E. coli exceedance for the Ball Street beach Figure 20: Magnitude of geometric mean E. coli exceedance for the Queens Royal Beach 61

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