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When Healing Becomes Educating, Vol. 2 - Waldorf Research Institute

When Healing Becomes Educating, Vol. 2 - Waldorf Research Institute

Space–Warmth The first

Space–Warmth The first way is that of warmth-treatments. Cold extractions, digestion, distillation, infusion, decoction, carbonization and ash-preparations. This is cooperation with and release of the first group of elementals. Time–Rhythm The second way is to bring the substance into relationship with our timebody, our etheric body. This begins already when one takes into account the time of day when one gathers the substance: at the beginning of the day, for instance, the leaf (in the “Blättermorgen”), somewhat later the flower, at the end of the day the root. But also the time of year is important: belladonna in the summer, when it is in full bloom, oak-bark when the first leaves appear, etc. When one has gathered the primary substance one can go further in working with the rhythms of time. For example by adapting oneself to the forces of blessing of the morning and the evening, as is the case with the Rh preparations of Weleda and many Wala preparations. There is here even a matching of rhythm and warmth-treatment. Beside the daily rhythm the yearly rhythm also has its place in the preparation of remedies. One may think of the vegetabilized metals that undergo their development through three yearly cycles. Or of Iscador, in which summer and winter saps are combined. In these rhythm-treatments the other elementals stand in the background, particularly those of the day and the year. Day and year have their reality in the relation between earth and sun. Working with these rhythms brings sun-quality into the remedies. The Hermetic or Mercury-priest inspected in the earthly, the chthonic part of the etheric body the unresolved spots, the “islands” in the current. Wherever something had dropped out of the healthy rhythm or where it threatened to become too much “smoke.” Remedies which have become substances on the way to the spirit provide the possibility of resolving such stoppage or disharmony and to restore a proper development. The elementals become “healing spirits” because man carries nature a step farther. They become helpers, servants of Raphael. Michael and Raphael The question was once put to Rudolf Steiner: How can one achieve a linkage with Raphael? His answer was surprising. “That cannot be done without something else. First one has to make an acquaintance with Michael. For Raphael is in a realm at whose gateway Michael stands.” (“Das geht nicht ohne weiteres. Da muss man zuerst Bekanntschaft mil Michael machen. Denn Rafael ist einem Reich an dessen Pforte Michael steht.”) Of the seven arch angels 42

who (so the Tobias story tells us) stand before God’s throne, most work in deep unconscious levels of man’s being. The fact that there are many legends about Michael, whereas the other archangels are scarcely known in this way, is an expression of the fact that Michael stands the closest to our consciousness. Michael is the inspiring force in every battle to keep the spiritual horizon free, to stand open before the future. Whichever archangel one seeks access to in our times, we always go via Michael. The first step must always be a step in consciousness. Man’s etheric body has two sides. One side is at the disposal of consciousness, the other part works tied to the body, organ-directed. One could say that the free part of the etheric body, the consciousness part, is the sphere in which Michael works. The organ-bound sphere is the realm of Raphael. In the consciousness part, the cultural side of the etheric body, man can work healing if he does it by the power of his free Ego. If he lives by ideals, if he is active artistically creating, if he trains himself inwardly, then this is simultaneously health-making. The Ego is then the gateway through which health-making forces are awakened in the etheric body. In this sense one can also understand that Michael stands at the gateway of the realm where Raphael is. We have spoken of two routes by which the healing forces can flow into Man. The image can now arise: — at the Ego-gateway stands Michael and shows the way with his illuminating sword, — at the etheric gateway stands Raphael and there brandishes rhythmically his staff of flaming fire above the abyss. 43

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