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When Healing Becomes Educating, Vol. 2 - Waldorf Research Institute

When Healing Becomes Educating, Vol. 2 - Waldorf Research Institute

The same is the case

The same is the case every morning when we wake up and every evening when we have gone to sleep—a panorama of the day to come, a pano rama of the day that has passed. Here, the peripheral image activity of the essence is around us on a smaller scale. If it is a true image, essence is ex pressed in a picture. Facial features of the spirit emerge, as it were. It is not an absurd image, cobbled together, it is the face of the essence showing us what is to come and what has been. It does not vanish during the day but lives immediately below the surface shadows and phantoms in the time organism and can be brought to conscious awareness whenever a moment comes when we begin to awaken in the etheric. Where am I now? What is the spiritual goal? A vast image shows the whole of it, and with it I am in the time organism that is moving on. Anxiety arises when we drop out of the wholeness of the spirit. Anxiety pervades the whole of humanity today because we have dropped out of the time organism of the spirit, lost and cut up into pieces, as it were, with only single droplets in individual bodies. What will happen? Will I perish? Will the whole world be destroyed at any moment? This is anxiety arising from a deep, dark black hole. Anxiety cannot be overcome by suppressing it. Courage is gained by being active in mind and spirit, finding a new relationship within a spiritual reality, with the time organism brought to conscious awareness. You wake up in it. Even if we make some progress in this direction, we can all too easily lose the connection again. Walking in the street and feeling ourselves to be small in relation to the universe we fall back into the image presented in news papers and mass media of an entirely mechanical, material universe, with everything that happens on earth utterly meaningless. The whole astrophysical image of the world is like a large, solid block in the conscious mind. It needs to be set in motion, lifted up into the time organism—not into astrophysical time which is merely a set of coordinates extending to infinity and is merely sequential, hypothetically taken forward or back, always repeating the same, but into a true time organism. Rudolf Steiner’s Occult Science shows us where this comes from. 5 We are able to work with this to gain insight into the stages of planetary evolution. Saturn, Sun, Moon, Earth—from the most profound ground and origin of spirit and essence, the highest world of the spirit, evolution gradually descended to the point at the center where three dimensions have become possible in dead, crystalline matter; evolution then continues in a great sweep into the future, where everything given as a gift and worked for and developed in the descent is taken forward in a new, transformed way in the developing human being. 50

The astrophysical view presents a sectional view taken at one moment —for example, in Winter with nothing remembered of the Spring, Summer and Autumn that have passed so that one thinks there is only ice, snow and Winter and knows nothing of the new growth that will come with Spring. This is a sectional view that presents a false picture. It is a half-truth for all the details given of the Winter landscape are true. We cannot undo the lie by saying that ice crystals do not exist. They do, but they must be lifted up into the great time organism, into awareness of the cosmic Spring, Summer and Autumn. We then see the present image of a dying world but also the seeds of next Spring everywhere below the surface. Anxiety is overcome, and the spiritual nature of this great time organism gives us unshakable certainty. This needs practice, however. Thorough study of Rudolf Steiner’s Occult Science is a basic requirement if the mind is to awaken in the etheric. This, then, is taken further and differentiated into periods of civilization. Here, we come to another disease of our present age. It is an age that has no history—that is, we know infinitely much, millions of details concerning the past, often absolutely right, but they are only half-truths because they are not lifted up to the level of the great steps of the seven civilizations: Indian, Persian, Egyptian, Greco-Latin. We are now in the fifth period, with a sixth and a seventh to follow. We are on a road where every detail, every moment, has its full, intrinsic value but only gains meaning in the context of the whole, the complete cycle. From the great rhythms of time, we move on to the very small ones: our own lives. My own life from birth to death is also a whole, a time organism. At the moment, I am in a particular place. Let us say I am 18 or 70. That extreme emphasis is given to this moment, right down to the physical level. The rest of my life is also there in the background above, below, all around in the periphery, in the plane that lies within me, passing through me and is also active at the far distant periphery. The whole of life is there at any moment, but excessive emphasis is given to particular areas: the 19th year of the young person or the 71st of the old individual. What lies in the background for the young person? Everything that is still to come. It then carries particular emphasis in the rest of the time organism. What lives with particular intensity in the etheric organism of a 70-year-old? The whole of that person’s youth. There is a beautiful passage in Rudolf Steiner’s first mystery play. 6 Johannes Thomasius, the painter, is undergoing inner trials. He experiences the zero point of shadows and phantoms where he feels himself to be nothing and slowly comes to wake up in the etheric because he is a seeker in the spirit. He then sees two individuals whom he knows in the physical 51

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