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198934 Roof Stairs INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS.pdf - Westeel

198934 Roof Stairs INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS.pdf - Westeel

For 60’ – 108’

For 60’ – 108’ Diameter Bins: For bins where there is a step in the roof ribs, there are two sizes of Z-supports to accommodate the additional height at the bottom of the roof. The standard Z-section (234070) is 4” high. These are used at the top of the roof. The extended Z-sections (234104) are 7 ⅞” high and are used at the bottom of the roof. 7 ⅞ Figure 9 4. At this time the roof stairs can be mounted to the roof panel. Position the bottom Z-section relative to the bottom holes in the roof panels. There is flexibility with the fit-up but the bottom stair tread should be positioned close enough to the pass through rails to permit the bolting of the two pieces together as provided in Step 3 in the External Ladder Assembly Considerations above. In general, the center of the bottom flange on the Z section is located 6” above the bottom hole in the roof ribs on 15’ to 24’ diameter roofs, and 5” above the bottom hole in the roof rib for 27’ to 54' diameter roofs. For bin diameters 60’ and larger the Z section is located 12 ¾” above the bottom edge of the roof rib. In all cases the bottom stair tread should be within 1 to 2" of the ladder pass through rail. There is some allowance in the slotted holes for side to side movement. For best results center the roof stair on the roof panel, and on the ladder pass through rails, as much as possible (see section on Timing Considerations). Drill hole locations into the roof ribs as required and secure with hardware. Putting the sealing washer on the inside insures a water tight seal. Note: If the layouts are followed correctly, and if the roof stairs are located properly, there should be no interference between the Z-supports and existing bolt locations along the roof rib. If this does occur, the complete stair assembly can be moved up or down slightly to avoid these bolt locations. Alternately the Z sections can be rotated at these locations such that the bottom flange is pointing upwards. Figure 10 POSITION BOTTOM STAIR TREAD WITHIN 1" TO 2" OF THE LADDER PASS THROUGH RAIL SECURE PASS THROUGH RAILS TO BOTTOM OF STAIR TREAD AS PER ITEM 3 IN PREVIOUS SECTION. Page 18

5. For extra stability at the top of the stairs, locate the point where the Z-section protrudes across neighboring roof ribs. Using the closest slot in the bottom flange of the Z-support as a guide, drill a 3/8” hole through the underlying rib. Insert a 3/8” x 4 1/2” fully threaded bolt (150475), washers and triple nut as shown. Secure the bolt to the roof rib with one nut, and sandwich the flange on the Z-section with the remaining two nuts. Adjust to take up the slack and tighten to lock in position. Repeat on the other side, and at other locations where convenient. Putting a sealing washer (taken from a 3/8” bin bolt) on the inside insures a water tight seal. FOR EXTRA STABILITY BOLT THE Z-SECTION TO OTHER ROOF RIBS Figure 11 6. Attach the vertical hand rail support C-sections as shown. Consult the Layouts for part numbers and positioning. There is a long handrail, that goes on the side of the roof stair opposite to the inspection hatch, and a short section, that goes on the side adjacent to the inspection hatch. The lower vertical hand rail support, on the side of the stair next to the inspection hatch, is positioned higher up on the stringer to accommodate access to the inspection hatch. ON THE BOTTOM STAIR MODULE, THE LONGER HANDRAIL POSITIONED ON THE NON- INSPECTION HATCH SIDE ON THE BOTTOM STAIR MODULE, THE SHORT HANDRAIL POSITIONED ON INSPECTION HATCH SIDE Figure 12 ON THE BOTTOM STAIR MODULE, THE VERTICAL HANDRAIL SUPPORT ON INSPECTION HATCH SIDE OF THE STAIR IS POSITIONED HIGHER UP, TO ACCOMMODATE SHORTER HANDRAIL Page 19

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