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Providing brighter futures for children and young people in ... - TACT

Providing brighter futures for children and young people in ... - TACT

8 5. The services we

8 5. The services we provide: fostering and adoption “TACT has developed a very clear vision and set of values. Investors in People had rarely encountered an organisation which is so driven by the unity of purpose. The staff and others who contribute to the success of the organisation are clearly very committed to and motivated by supporting and encouraging children and young people to achieve their full potential.” Investors in People assessor, May 2009 offer a supervised contact service for families separated from their children in some offices. have access to trainers and therapists who can work with individual foster carers and children. offer a therapeutic play service for families and children (only in one office). prepare our young people for their life after care through our “Skills 4 Life” training. communicate regularly to our foster carers and their families via our monthly newsletter. organise local activity events for children and young people but also annual events such as our Big Weekend, awards ceremonies recognising the work of our foster carers and their families but also the achievement of young people in TACT care. encourage young people’s participation in- and views on- the running of our services through our “Children’s Champions” group meetings. Our participation work has been recognised as an example of good practice by Research in Practice (RiP) and Quality Matters who filmed one of our Children’s Champions group meetings. For further information regarding the fostering services we provide or how TACT can help you place a child in a foster home or even foster, contact 0800 085 3864 or email for England, 0800 169 6895 or email for Wales, 0131 446 3940 or email for Scotland. b. Adoption TACT carefully matches children to the right prospective families. TACT adoption team’s social workers have expertise in the recruitment, assessment and preparation of adopters. TACT supports its adopters, children and families throughout the adoption process and beyond – our support doesn’t just stop when the adoption order is granted; adoptive families can approach us at any time. TACT understands that adoption is for life and we will try to offer a service that meets adopters’ needs or we’ll help adoptive families to find support through other sources.

9 TACT - Providing brighter futures for children and young people in care Adoption support covers a wide range of services available through social services, education, health and other related services within health and social care. These include: Ongoing training for adopters in order to meet the needs of children and develop parenting skills. Groups for children, adopters and birth parents. Counselling, information and advice. Mediation services. Support to prevent the disruption of an adoption. Therapeutic services for adopted children. Respite care if this is considered to be in the child’s best interest. Financial support. Regular communications through an adoption newsletter featuring information about TACT services, real life accounts from adopters and information about our training programme. Regular activity events including the annual adoption summer party. The Post Adoption Support Services we provide for children and young people are: Contact: one of the services we provide is support for contact between children who have been adopted and their birth relatives. Contact is when children and birth relatives who cannot live together are in touch with each other. There are three types of contact: Letterbox contact: also called indirect contact. Direct contact: a face to face meeting takes place between a child and their birth relative. Contact order: a judge can sometimes set up contact orders in an adoption hearing. Post adoption support services for adopted adults* are: Intermediary services: these services help birth relatives and adopted adults seek information, trace and make contact if this is something they both want. The service can help by: preparing individuals for search and reunion. obtaining information from courts, adoption agencies or the General Register Office to aid a search providing counselling, support and advice tracing adopted relative(s) acting as an intermediary for the adoptee and their relative(s). For further information regarding the adoption services we provide or how TACT can help you place a child for adoption or even adopt, contact the adoption team on 020 8695 8111 or email * Please note that all of the adopted adults we currently support are adults who were formerly placed through Family Ties/the Phyllis Holman Richards’ Adoption Society)

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