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Overcurrent Protection and Devices, Short-Circuit Calculations ...

Overcurrent Protection and Devices, Short-Circuit Calculations ...

Electrical Plan Review

Electrical Plan Review Data “Log In”—Letter City of Anywhere CITY OF ANYWHERE, USA DEPARTMENT OF ELECTRICAL INSPECTION DATE TO: ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS, ENGINEERS, ARCHITECTS. RE: ELECTRIC SERVICE PERMIT APPLICATION. COMPLIANCE WITH THE NATIONAL ELECTRICAL CODE ® (NEC): Article 110, Article 210, Article 215, Article 230, Article 240, Article 250, Article 310, Article 404, Article 408, Article 430, Article 450, and Article 620. The City of , Department of Electrical Inspection is required to enforce the 2002 National Electrical Code ® . To ensure compliance, attention will be given to the SHORT-CIRCUIT RATINGS of the equipment and overcurrent devices to be installed. To accomplish this with minimum effort and time, the attached form(s) are required to be completed by the electrical contractor, then submitted to the Electrical Inspection Department PRIOR to actual installation. Include a one-line riser diagram showing conductor sizes, conduit sizes, distances, and fault currents at all panels, motor control centers, and main service equipment. This data will be reviewed for compliance and conformance to the above Code sections and will be kept on file for future reference. Sincerely, Chief Electrical Inspector 31

Electrical Plan Review Data “Log In”—Form DEPARTMENT OF ELECTRICAL INSPECTION CITY OF Date Permit Electrical Contractor Street Address City State Zip The following information is requested to determine that the electrical equipment to be installed at: Name of occupant or owner is in compliance with the National Electrical Code ® as it relates to available short-circuit currents and interrupting ratings, component protection and selective coordination. See NEC ® : 110.3(B), 110.9, 110.10, Article 210, Article 215, Article 230, Article 240, Article 250, Article 310, Article 404, Article 408, Article 430, Article 450 and 620.62. This form is to be completed and returned to the Department of Electrical Inspection for approval prior to installation. THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION IS TO BE SUPPLIED BY THE ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR OR OTHER RESPONSIBLE PARTY: TRANSFORMER KVA IMPEDANCE % SECONDARY VOLTAGE PHASE 3 OR 4 WIRE LENGTH OF SERVICE CONDUCTORS SIZE & NUMBER OF SERVICE CONDUCTORS PER PHASE TYPE OF CONDUCTORS: COPPER ■ ALUMINUM ■ CONDUIT SIZE STEEL ■ NON-MAGNETIC ■ TYPE, SIZE, AND INTERRUPTING RATING OF OVERCURRENT DEVICES IN SERVICE DISCONNECT (MAIN DISTRIBUTION PANEL) SIZE OF GROUNDING ELECTRODE CONDUCTOR BRACING OF SERVICE EQUIPMENT (page 1 of 2) 32

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