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Overcurrent Protection and Devices, Short-Circuit Calculations ...

Overcurrent Protection and Devices, Short-Circuit Calculations ...

Electrical Plan Review

Electrical Plan Review Data “Log In”—Form I T E M Location Of Short-Circuit Current Short- Circuit Current Overcurrent Device Ampere Rating Interrupting Rating (IR) Equipment Rating (If Required) Short-Circuit Current Rating (SCCR) If SCCR is below short-circuit current, must prove protection 1 AT TRANSFORMER SECONDARY TERMINALS 2 AT LINE SIDE OF MAIN DISTRIBUTION PANEL 3 AT PANEL LPA 4 AT PANEL LPC 5 AT PANEL LPB 6 AT DISCONNECT AC-1 7 AT DISCONNECT AC-2 8 AT EMERGENCY PANEL 9 AT FLUOR. FIXTURE 10 AT COMBINATION MOTOR CONT. 11 12 Use back of form or attach separate sheet for data on additional panels. Use back of form or attach separate sheet to show one-line diagram of service, feeders, and all related panels. Attach series rated charts for protection of circuit breakers and let-through charts for protection of passive components. All current values in RMS unless otherwise noted. The undersigned accepts full responsibility for the values given herein. SIGNED DATE PHONE WHERE YOU CAN BE REACHED Page 2 of 2 33

Electrical Plan Review–Form available on Inspection Form: Series Rated Combination ISSUED BY: This form provides documentation to assure compliance with the following National Electrical Code ® , NFPA 70, sections on the use of Series Rated Combinations: 110.9, 110.22 & 240.86 JOB # NAME: LOCATION: CONTRACTOR: ESSENTIAL INFORMATION: Line Side Panel Designation (If applicable) Line Side Overcurrent Protective Device Part Number Line Side Overcurrent Protective Device Interrupting Rating X 1 Available Short Circuit Current at Line side OCP Device Load Side Panel Designation Load Side Circuit Breaker Part Number Load Side Circuit Breaker Individual Interrupting Rating Series Combination Interrupting Rating X 2 Available Short Circuit Current at Load side Circuit Breaker Compliance Checklist (For further information see discussion on reverse side for each item) 1. Short-Circuit Currents Is the interrupting rating of the line side fuse or circuit breaker greater than the available short-circuit current (X 1 ) at its lineside (110.9) Is the series combination interrupting rating greater than the available short-circuit current (X 2 ) at the load side circuit breaker (permitted per 240.86)? 2. Manufacturer’s Label Are both devices in use for the series rated combination marked on the end use equipment in which the load side circuit breaker is installed (or contained in a booklet affixed to the equipment) as required in 240.86(A)? 3. Field Installed Label Are field labels, as required by 110.22, that indicate “CAUTION – Series Rated Combination”, along with the required replacement parts, panel designations, and series combination interrupting rating, installed on all end use equipment that contain the series combination rating devices? 4. Motor Contribution If motors are connected between the series rated devices, is the combined full load current from these motors less than 1% of the downstream circuit breakers’ interrupting rating (individual or stand alone interrupting rating) per 240.86(B)? ❑ YES ❑ YES ❑ YES ❑ YES ❑ YES ❑ NO ❑ NO ❑ NO ❑ NO ❑ NO 5. Selective Coordination Is this series rated combination being installed in something other than a health care facility (see NEC ® 517.17)? Elevator circuits only: Is this series rated combination being installed on an elevator circuit with only one elevator in the building (see NEC ® 620.62)? 34 ❑ YES ❑ YES AN ANSWER OF “NO” TO ANY OF THESE QUESTIONS MAY INDICATE A LACK OF COMPLIANCE. LACK OF SUBMITTAL IS CONSIDERED AS EVIDENCE OF LACK OF COMPLIANCE. ❑ NO ❑ NO

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