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Interlocal Agreement for Coordinated Planning and ... -

Interlocal Agreement for Coordinated Planning and ... -

Final - January 31, 2008

Final - January 31, 2008 13.3 Level of Service (LOS) 1. The adopted Level of Service Standard will be achieved and maintained for each year of the five year planning period; and 2. The utilization of School Capacity will be maximized to the greatest extent possible, taking into account transportation costs, court approved desegregation plans and other relevant factors such as those described in the definition herein of Maximized Utilization. (a) The adopted Level of Service Standard for each year of the five year planning period and through the long term planning period for each School Service Area will be 100% of the FISH Capacity. 13.4 Exemptions (a) The following residential uses shall be considered exempt from the requirements of school concurrency: 1. All single family lots of record at the time the School Concurrency implementing ordinance becomes effective. 2. Any Residential Development that received a site plan approval or its functional equivalent prior to July 1, 2008, where that approval has not expired and the approval remains valid. 3. Any amendment to any previously approved Proposed Residential Development which does not increase the number of dwelling units or change the type of dwelling units (singlefamily to multi-family, etc.). 4. Any Age restricted community with no permanent residents under the age of eighteen (18). Exemption of an age restricted community will be subject to a restrictive covenant limiting the age of permanent residents to 18 years and older. (b) Upon request by a Developer submitting a land development application with a residential component, the School District shall issue a determination as to whether or not the development, lot or unit is exempt from the requirements of school concurrency. 13.5 School Concurrency Regulations (a) Each Local Government shall adopt school concurrency provisions into its Land Development Regulations (LDRs), with an effective date of July 1, 2008, consistent with the requirements of this Agreement. 1. In the event that any City does not satisfy this requirement, the City shall be deemed to have "opted in" to the County school concurrency Land Development Regulations and agrees to be bound by the terms and provisions therein until it adopts its own School Concurrency Ordinance. Each Local Government represents that its governing body has prior to the effective date of this Agreement adopted such ordinance and taken such other action as is required by law to effectuate this mandatory "op in" provision if it is triggered. 2. At any time, any Local Government may opt out of the County’s implementing ordinance through implementing its own school concurrency ordinance. F:\Community Development\Users\LONG RANGE\CompPlan Amendments\Public Schools\Updates\ILA\FINAL IRC Interlocal Agreement - January 31, 2008.doc 22

Final - January 31, 2008 (b) The concurrency provisions adopted as provided in paragraph (a) above shall provide procedures for review of Development Orders. Section 14 School Concurrency Process 14.1 Effective Date (a) The provisions of this Section shall become effective on July 1, 2008. 14.2 Review Process (a) The County, the Cities and the School Board shall ensure that the minimum Level of Service Standard established for each Type of School is maintained. Consequently, no new Comprehensive Plan amendment, rezoning, conceptual plan, preliminary plat, site plan or functional equivalent, or building permit, involving a proposed Residential Development, may be approved by the County or Cities unless the residential development is exempt from these requirements as provided in Section13.4 of this Agreement or until an appropriate School Capacity Availability Determination Letter (SCADL) has been issued, indicating that adequate school facilities exist. (b) Any developer submitting a Development Permit application (such as a land use map amendment, rezoning, site plan or preliminary plat) with a residential component that is not exempt under Section 13.4 of this Agreement is subject to school concurrency and must prepare and submit a School Impact Analysis, as applicable, for review by the School District. The School Impact Analysis must indicate the location of the development, number of dwelling units and unit types (single-family, multi-family, apartments, etc.), and age restrictions for occupancy, if any. The Local Government shall initiate the review by determining that the application is sufficient for processing. Upon determination of application sufficiency, the Local Government shall transmit the School Impact Analysis to the School District for review. The School District will verify whether sufficient Permanent Student Stations for each applicable Type of School are available or not available to support the development. A flow chart outlining the school concurrency review process is included as Appendix “G”. The process is as follows: 1. The School District shall review the School Impact Analysis for Proposed Residential Developments that have been submitted and deemed sufficient for processing by the applicable Local Government. 2. The School District shall review each School Impact Analysis in the order in which it is received and shall issue a School Capacity Availability Determination Letter to the applicant and the affected Local Government within fifteen (15) working days of receipt of the application. 3. The School District may charge the applicant a non-refundable application fee payable to the School District to meet the cost of review. 4. The following table identifies the type of concurrency certificate required for each Development Order type. F:\Community Development\Users\LONG RANGE\CompPlan Amendments\Public Schools\Updates\ILA\FINAL IRC Interlocal Agreement - January 31, 2008.doc 23

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