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Brochure (PDF) - Kubota (Deutschland)

Brochure (PDF) - Kubota (Deutschland)

Tough, demanding jobs

Tough, demanding jobs with tight deadlines aren’t a problem for these tractors. Perfect combination of Tractor and Front Loader Kubota’s original Front Loader is specially designed to be fully integrated with the design of the Grand X, and provides dramatically increased lifting power, perfect for farm use. It not only gives a sleeker look, it provides better visibility and clearer sight lines to the bucket and loader sides for smoother operation. WIDE & CLEAR High Performance Hydraulic System The hydraulic system deliver up to 83 l/min (M135 GX) for the hydraulic capacity for highest productivity at the work with the front loader. Hydraulic control valve: Two high performance control valves are serial equipted (1 x double acting with float detent, 1 x double acting self canceling detent). An unloading valve avoid needless power losses. High-capacity External Hydraulic Cylinder For the smoothest implement handling and extra speed of front loader and rear implement operations, the Grand X comes equipped with gear-type hydraulic pumps. An external hydraulic cylinder improves lifting force and eases access for maintenance, while the adoption of an unload valve minimises loss to hydraulic pressure to exert greater power during PTO operations when the 3-point hitch is not in use. Maximum lifting capacities are 6100kg (M135GX) and the 5000 kg (M110GX). Quick Hook-type 3P End This timesaving feature allows you to quickly attach and detach implements with an easy-to-operate hook. External 3P Switch ( L & R )

GRAND × POWER New Roof Panel The Grand X's sunroof-type roof panel offers a full view above the cab to help facilitate the checking of the front loader position. Kubota Original Hydraulic Self-leveling System Single Lever Quick Coupler Frontlader Leader Joystick Located in the control console for smooth and effortless shifting and better forward visibility, our Front Loader Joystick greatly simplifies front loader operation so you can concentrate more on the work ahead. The Series Circuit makes possible simultaneous boom and bucket operation while the Regenerative Bucket Dump Circuit enables quick dumping for efficient operation with quick cycle times. (Joystick picture features optional 3rd function valve button) Kubota Shockless Ride (KSR) The KSR absorbs loader shock and reduces operator fatigue. This option is perfect if your tasks include a great deal of tight turns or lifting and dumping of heavy loads. It effectively takes the “bounce” out of handling round bales. New Hydraulic Shuttle Lever Conveniently located behind the steering wheel, the hydraulic shuttle lever eliminates the need to depress a clutch when shifting between forward and reverse.

Brochure (PDF) - Kubota (Deutschland) GmbH
Brochure (PDF) - Kubota
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