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Brochure (PDF) - Kubota (Deutschland)

Brochure (PDF) - Kubota (Deutschland)

Best expansive view for

Best expansive view for maximum comfort. Tilt and Telescopic Power Steering with integrated Shuttle Lever Tilt and telescopic steering offers the ideal driving position while power steering makes steering easier even in rough terrain. The Power Shuttle lever is always at hand regardless of the steering wheel position. Deluxe Air-ride Seat The Grand X is equipped with a reclining and automatic height- and weight-control air- suspension seat that’s especially designed to absorb shock and reduce operator fatigue. The seat also features a left-and-right swivel function, which eases rearward viewing, as well as entering and exiting.

GRAND × VIEW Excellent circumferential visibility The Grand X provides a wide and virtually unobstructed field of view from every angle thanks to the new rounded cab with no centre pillars. The cab has also been raised to provide a higher viewpoint, while the boom mower and mower conditioner are positioned for greater rearward visibility. The bottom-hinged windscreen wiper enhances visibility by wiping the lower glass area, right up to the front tyres. Plus, the standard-equipped under-hood corner-post exhaust pipe is specially placed to remain out of the way and give a clear view. Offset implements are also easy to see, and the wide opening doors make entry and exit easier. Best rear view To help you perform jobs more efficiently and safely, the lower rear panel has been replaced with glass. You’ll always have a clear view of what’s going on behind you. Radio-CD Player with Weather Band Audio controls are also moved to the right control console for easier access to controls and weather information. New Opening/ Closing Roof Panel The roof panel can be tilted open to provide fresh-air ventilation for added comfort. It also provides a full view above making it especially handy when raising the front loader.

Brochure (PDF) - Kubota (Deutschland) GmbH
Brochure (PDF) - Kubota
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