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ANNUAL REPORT 2012 - Dyslexia International

ANNUAL REPORT 2012 - Dyslexia International

Operational Review 1.

Operational Review 1. e-Campus 2. Teacher training 3. Webinar 1. e-Campus In 2012 the web site was completely redesigned and restructured in both French and English, running under a content management system with clear menus and submenus to help viewers find the materials. A film library was created which includes excerpts featuring success stories from our CD-ROM Tintin helps dyslexia learners. Added to this part, thanks to generous funding provided by our founder member, André Poncelet, is a dubbed version in English of the film Dyslexia – How to weave a solid structure of support, which was first created in French to augment the online course in that language. There is a software section of free IT aids, critiqued by E.A. Draffan of Southampton University. A Test Centre has been added with addresses of web sites that provide free diagnostic tools. A Reading Room includes articles and papers by Professors Shaywitz and Stein, and Drs Ramus and Chasty. The latter is a greatly expanded and updated version of the paper Dr Chasty delivered at the World Dyslexia Forum in 2010. It was prepared for us by students in the department of typography at the University of Reading, UK. (This team is also working on the English version of Dr Milne’s book Teaching the brain to read.) Images above. Screenshots from the e-Campus Image below. Dr Milne’s book The ‘Laboratory’ explains how modern scientific methods of research are throwing ever greater light on the causes of developmental dyslexia, including the fields of psychology, neuroimaging, electroencephalography, genetics, molecular biology, neuroscience and anatomy. 10/18 Dyslexia International Annual Report 2012

Operational Review 1. e-Campus 2. Teacher training 3. Webinar 1. e-Campus continued ‘Language Departments’ is in embryo as we work towards sites with materials and links principally to the other four of UNESCO’s working languages, namely Arabic, Chinese, Russian and Spanish, but there also some materials already in German, Italian and Portuguese. Portuguese and Arabic translations have been made and await adaptation into the online format. Chinese, Russian and Spanish adaptations are under discussion. Monitoring the web site Google Analytics and Advanced Web Stats are compiled and examined every month. They show heavy use in the UK, USA, France, Belgium and Switzerland, with Brazil and South Africa, Germany, Italy and Spain also prominent. These data correlate well with other sources of information such as reports and letters from ministries, which are recorded and updated on our web site. Favourite downloads are Dr Milne’s book in French Apprendre au cerveau à lire and Harvard Professor Jenny Thomson’s survey of best practice in Anglophone countries presented at the World Dyslexia Forum. Also downloaded are tests and word lists from the online course. Image above. Far right: Dr Franck Ramus, senior research scientist at the Laboratoire de Sciences Cognitives et Psycholinguistique, Département d’Etudes Cognitives, Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris, France; member of Dyslexia International’s Scientific Advisory Panel. Middle: Mr Ronald Thorpe, President of the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, USA Image below. From left to right: Toon Cox, journalist; Barry O’Halpin, Office Manager; Judith Sanson, Chair of the Board of Directors; Buthaina Yassim Dlain, special education adviser, Bahrein; Dr Vincent Goetry; Fialta Salembier, stagiaire, Free University of Brussels; Victoria Eulaerts, President, DI Literacy for All Campaign 11/18 Dyslexia International Annual Report 2012

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