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ANNUAL REPORT 2012 - Dyslexia International

ANNUAL REPORT 2012 - Dyslexia International

Operational Review 1.

Operational Review 1. e-Campus 2. Teacher training 3. Webinar 2. Teacher training When Dr Vincent Goetry, Director of our online course Basics for teachers: Dyslexia – How to identify it and What to do first presented the English and French versions at UNESCO in 2010, access was given only where three partners were involved: a local education authority, a university researcher and a local association. This policy was put in place initially to ensure sustainability, accountability and ministerial commitment. But once the course was released as Open Courseware this year all restrictions were removed. Web metrics show it is being used in numerous countries and ministries looking to raise literacy levels continue to look to see it implemented in their teacher training pre- and in-service teacher training programmes, most recently in the Swiss Cantons. ‘I learned more on this course about teaching reading than I did in three years of teacher training at college’ – Teacher ‘I must congratulate you on your phenomenal achievement in bringing together scholarship, evidence, exercises, illustrations and audio visual material. I am delighted to take part in this new departure.’ – Professor Mr Delsarte of Minister Madame Simonet’s Cabinet in francophone Belgium was the first to ensure that teachers across the entire system, in this case throughout 3000 schools were organized to receive training in the online course. The interim report is available on our web site. Switzerland, Barbados and other countries followed suite. It is rewarding for all concerned, our consultants and sponsors, that wherever the course is put to use, feedback is consistently positive and enthusiastic. Less progressive education authorities who do not follow cost-efficient, online models of training for all their teachers to raise their education standards ‘need to be challenged’ said a speaker at the World Open Educational Resources (0ER) Congress at UNESCO in June 2012. 12/18 Dyslexia International Annual Report 2012

Operational Review 1. e-Campus 2. Teacher training 3. Webinar 3. Webinar In March we organized a webinar Illiteracy in the prison population. Please visit our web site under ‘e-Campus – Lecture Hall’ for a summary, complete recording and the presenters’ slides: Slides from the webinar 13/18 Dyslexia International Annual Report 2012

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