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ANNUAL REPORT 2012 - Dyslexia International

ANNUAL REPORT 2012 - Dyslexia International

People Patron Her Royal

People Patron Her Royal Highness Princess Margaretha of Liechtenstein Board members Executive members Honorary Members Judith Sanson Chair of the Board of Directors Educationalist qualified in teaching students with dyslexia Petra Zollner Secretary of the Board Regulatory affairs manager Larry Moffett Business consultant, D.I. regional ambassador, Europe Hugh Terlinden Treasurer Financial adviser Minos Van Joolingen Lawyer DI mourns the recent loss of a rare, dear and valued colleague, Catie Thorburn 14/18 Dyslexia International Annual Report 2012 Ronald Baker founder member and consultant Gabriel Bara computer scientist, linguist Sarah Castle parent representative Dr Pauline Cogan expert, researcher and developer of screening test Shirley Cramer consultant Anthony Crasner consultant on development Diane and Dominique de Mas Latrie parent representatives Barbara Del Arbol parent representative Victoria Eulaerts President, Dyslexia International Literacy for All Global Campaign Cecilia Gonzalez Regional Ambassador, Peru and Spanishspeaking countries Karen Hiddink business consultant Jacqueline Johnston development executive, UK media projects Carol MacCarthy founder member DYSPEL, Luxembourg Jipson Mathew business consultant Dr Duncan Milne consultant, author, researcher, Director of Literacy Tools Adelaide Mkhonza education consultant, Regional ambassador, Swaziland Gunilla Löfgren Nisser consultant, researcher and teacher Dr Daniel Ofori educationalist, Regional ambassador, Ghana André Poncelet founder member (D.I.T.T., 2000) Donald Schloss Chief Executive, Adult Dyslexia Organisation, UK Elizabeth Scott Founder member APPAAL, Association for Autism, Luxemburg, Learning Support, European School Luxemburg 1 Dr Ian Smythe expert, researcher, World Dyslexia Network Foundation

People Other key individuals For the Dyslexia Consultancy team and Regional ambassadors please visit the ‘About’ page www.dyslexia-international. org. For the OER Advisory Panel and partner universities please look at ‘Academia’. Dyslexia International Consultancy Programme Members of the Scientific Advisory Panel who have already offered to be Special Envoys for Dyslexia International include Professors Siegel, Fawcett and Doctors Chasty and Goetry. They share expertise at local level in latest research findings, effective teaching practice and the use and possible adaptation of the Open Educational Resources and Open Courseware we offer. Thanks to UNESCO’s Participation Programme, Dyslexia International is working with the National Commissions in Burkina Faso and Ghana to share expertise and to deliver training and suitable training materials. In Ghana participants from 39 Teacher training colleges are to be involved. 15/18 Dyslexia International Annual Report 2012

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