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Revival of ion selective appl covers.indd - Endress+Hauser

Revival of ion selective appl covers.indd - Endress+Hauser


Special attention should be placed when handling nitrate samples. If the sample is taken with biomass denitrification will continue in the sample and the lab reading will be lower that the process value. The accuracy and repeatability of the lab method should be taken into consideration. The mechanical resistance of the membrane may also limit their use. They should not be used on raw water. SENSOR The construction of the sensor changes from one manufacturer to the other. The objective is always to install directly in the tank. Installation at Hanover A commonality is the need for cleaning. Compressed air has proven itself as the most consistent way to clean biomass in a tank. Distributed with permission of author(s) by ISA 2009 Presented at ISA 4 th WWAC Symposium 2009;

Taking advantage of turbulences or high velocity reduces the need for cleaning. The chain in this installation is used instead of a fixed support to increase the movement of the sensor and increase the natural movement created by the turbulences. Distributed with permission of author(s) by ISA 2009 Presented at ISA 4 th WWAC Symposium 2009;

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