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Revival of ion selective appl covers.indd - Endress+Hauser

Revival of ion selective appl covers.indd - Endress+Hauser


APPLICATIONS The ISE’s find their application in continuous, intermittent and batch processes. They are mainly targeted to the municipal market where house waste represents a majority of the flow. For industrial wastewater the variations of the matrix should be known and evaluated before attempting their use. CONTINUOUS NITRIFICATION While the measurement of Dissolved Oxygen remains the base for the control of the blowers, the role of the ISE is to optimize the power consumption while insuring compliance with the NPDES. The set point of the DO control should be adjusted based on the concentration of Ammonium. NH 4 DO DO DO Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3 Set P Blo M P Set M P Set M Distributed with permission of author(s) by ISA 2009 Presented at ISA 4 th WWAC Symposium 2009;

SEQUENCING BATCH REACTOR While ORP sensors are widely used in sequencing batch reactors the information provided has to be interpreted. Only the changes in potential are representative of the nitrification and denitrification. The actual value has little meaning. The ORP of the raw water changes with time, temperature and conditions in the sewer. The ISE sensor will provide much better information. One needs to insure that the sensor is always in water. Ammonia Nitrate Distributed with permission of author(s) by ISA 2009 Presented at ISA 4 th WWAC Symposium 2009;

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