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Annual Report 2008 - AMG Advanced Metallurgical Group NV

Annual Report 2008 - AMG Advanced Metallurgical Group NV

innovative metallurgy

innovative metallurgy AMG develops innovative metallurgical solutions for the following four markets focused on the reduction of CO 2 emissions: Solar is the fastest growing energy technology—highly desireable as a clean, renewable energy source that will never run out. Recycling enables the production of high-technology materials from secondary sources, conserving primary raw materials. The need to reduce CO 2 emissions and achieve greater Fuel Efficiency has led to fierce competition among manufacturers to produce lighter aircraft. Aerospace has seen explosive growth in the use of titanium alloys as a result. A global resurgence of Nuclear power will encourage the growth of nuclear technologies. RECYCLING VANADIUM, CAMBRIDGE CRYSTALLIZATION FURNACE, BÉCANCOUR

Highlights At a Glance 2 Financial Highlights 4 Operational Highlights 6 CEO Letter to Shareholders 8 Report of the Management Board 14 Business Reviews Advanced Materials Division 16 Engineering Systems Division 20 Timminco 24 Graphit Kropfmühl 26 Risk Management and Internal Control 28 Market Focus Reports Solar 34 Recycling 36 Fuel Efficiency 38 Nuclear 40 Report of the Supervisory Board 42 Corporate Governance 56 Sustainable Development 62 Financial Review 69 Financial Statements 75 Consolidated Income Statement 76 Consolidated Balance Sheet 77 Consolidated Changes in Equity 78 Consolidated Statement of Cash Flows 79 Notes to the Consolidated Financial Statements 80 Parent Company Financial Statements 143 Other Information 151 Auditors’ Report 152 Shareholder Information 153 TITANIUM PROCESSING, NUREMBERG VACUUM FURNACE, HANAU 1

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