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Annual Report 2008 - AMG Advanced Metallurgical Group NV

Annual Report 2008 - AMG Advanced Metallurgical Group NV


Recycling AMG’s proprietary multi-step process diverts waste away from landfills and turns it into valuable products like highpurity master alloys. 36 Section Content to go Here

Market Focus Report Recycling waste streams is an important focus of the Advanced Materials Division. Reducing environmental pollution while increasing profitability is the result of AMG’s recycling initiatives. Ore-based ferrovanadium production Ore Slag Vanadium Pentoxide Ferrovanadium AMG recycling-based ferrovanadium production Power Plant/ Oil Refinery Residues & Waste Melting Refining Casting Ferrovanadium AMG’s most significant recycling activities are in the United States (recycling spent catalysts and power plant residues) and in Brazil (reprocessing Solar Grade Silicon tantalite tailings for the ceramics industry). Less obvious has been AMG’s recycling operation in Germany which uses power plant waste streams to produce master alloys for titanium used in aerospace applications. A fundamental tenant of AMG’s business is to develop proprietary, technologically advanced processes to recover valuable metals from secondary, by-product and waste materials. AMG uses one of these processes at the Advanced Materials Division facility in Nuremberg, Germany to recover vanadium and nickel from the hazardous wastes produced by power plants and oil refineries throughout Europe. Thousands of tons of hazardous landfill waste are eliminated as these residues and fly ashes are instead treated by AMG’s proprietary multi-step process to recover vanadium and nickel. In addition to this process of turning waste into profitable products, other environmental benefits Ingots Wafers from these operations include the reduced need for mining nickel and vanadium-containing ores and the lower energy required to obtain the metal oxides by this route. Further processing of vanadium oxides in AMG’s aluminothermic reduction furnaces produces master alloys of such high quality that they are used as additives to titanium for the production of aerospace turbine engines. This plant is one of a very small number of suppliers certified to produce master alloys meeting the highest quality standards required for aerospace applications. Section Content to go Here 37

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