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Annual Report 2008 - AMG Advanced Metallurgical Group NV

Annual Report 2008 - AMG Advanced Metallurgical Group NV

The value chains below

The value chains below show AMG’s current involvement in solid lines; future areas of development are identified with dotted lines. Nuclear High Temperature Reactor Technology Mining, Processing & Enrichment of Uranium Mining & Processing of Graphite TRISO Fuel Production Graphite Material Production Energy Generation (HTR) Irradiated Graphite Processing Spent Fuel Processing Significant growth potential 1 : Greenhouse gas emissions from electricity production 2 43 plants under construction 108 266 plants on order proposed new plants 40 Section Content to go Here

Market Focus Report The energy content of one gram of uranium is equivalent to approximately three metric tons of coal. There are now 436 commercial nuclear power reactors in the world with 372 GW of total capacity. Nuclear energy provides about 15% of the world’s electricity. Light Water Reactor Technology Mining, Processing & Enrichment of Uranium UO 2 Fuel Production MOX Fuel Production Energy Generation (LWR) Low-Level Waste Processing Spent Fuel Reprocessing High-Level Waste Processing While AMG currently derives most of its revenues from solar energy, fuel efficiency and recycling strategies, great potential for future revenue Solar Grade Silicon growth lies in the nuclear energy industry. Although conflicting policies around the world make the timing for the rapid growth of nuclear energy unclear, a resurgence is taking place. At the end of January 2009, 436 nuclear power plants were operating globally. More significant are the 43 plants under construction, the 108 on order and the 266 proposed. 1 AMG believes nuclear energy will play an important role in the medium term to address greenhouse gas emissions. With reactor lifetime emissions of 5 to 25 g CO 2 equivalent per kilowatt hour, nuclear energy has a similar emission profile to solar and at least an order of magnitude less than fossil fuel electricity generation. However, challenges remain for the industry including capital costs, fuel supply costs and waste disposal. AMG is in the forefront of new nuclear technologies applicable to both high temperature and light water Ingots Wafers reactors and believes it can develop more current revenue streams while holding its position for the future. An example of this strategy is found in the graphite expertise at GK and the Engineering Systems Division. AMG develops process technology and equipment for the production of graphite blocks used in graphite moderated reactors. The future of these technologies lies in applications for using graphite to condition radioactive waste for final disposal. 1 AMG currently derives revenues from designing, engineering and the sale of spare parts for sintering furnace systems for fuel pellets made of uranium oxide and mixed oxide. Based in part on this technology, AMG’s FNAG subsidiary was awarded a significant contract from Shaw Areva MOX Services for engineering sintering furnaces for producing mixed oxide nuclear fuels from weapons-grade plutonium. 1 World Nuclear Association, March 2009 2 IAEA 2000, World Nuclear Association Section Content to go Here 41

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