Issue n. 7 - September 2007Download pdf - BLM GROUP

Issue n. 7 - September 2007Download pdf - BLM GROUP

No. 7 - 2007









Quality always pays




Growing with the market



Intelligent solutions

for logistics



New Artube software



From steel sheet to tube



Increasingly more tube

in complex frames

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Nr. 7 - 09/2007

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As part of the BLM GROUP’s strategic vision as a global

supplier of tube fabrication equipment, BLM GROUP USA,

its North American subsidiary, has announced the Grand

Opening of larger facilities to serve its growing customer

base. Its new headquarters, equipment demonstration,

and customer training facility opened for full operation on

24 September 2007 in Wixom, Michigan.

Since opening for operation in 2001, BLM GROUP USA

has experienced significant growth in its territory. This success

is attributed to the growing recognition of the high

performance and reliability of BLM and ADIGE tube fabrication

equipment, the company’s emphasis on responsive

customer service, and an experienced service, sales,

and senior management team.


James P. Rutt

The BLM GROUP USA’s overall philosophy is to help their

customers to be successful. It does this by offering the investments

made by the BLM GROUP in the development

of advanced tube fabrication equipment. These investments

are aimed at providing an “unfair competitive advantage”

in manufacturing productivity and quality to its

customers. These new equipment developments also

provide additional degrees of design freedom to BLM GROUP USA’s customers giving them

the ability to apply a greater degree of innovation and flexibility needed to respond to ever

changing global markets.

BLM GROUP USA’s new 32,000 sf facility represents an important investment in its commitment

to customer support in North America. It offers tube fabricators and OEM manufacturers

the opportunity to conduct hands on evaluations of the latest BLM and ADIGE tube

fabrication technology. The facility houses a broad array of tube forming and tube cutting

equipment capable of offering North American firms the opportunity to strengthen their competitive

position in the global economy. The facility houses an expanded customer service

staff and is now also able to offer expanded training programs for customer programmers,

operators, and maintenance personnel.

Further expansion is planned in the 4th Quarter 2007, with the startup of a Tube Fabrication

Technology and Customer Training Center to be located in the Los Angeles, California area.

The center will provide technical support and service, training, applications demonstrations,

and sales for tube forming and cutting equipment to existing and prospective new customers

in the western regions of the US, Canada, and Mexico.

James P. Rutt

President and Chief Operating Officer

BLM GROUP USA Corporation


Puky produces children’s bicycles, tricycles and Go-Karts

guaranteeing uncompromised quality.

Quality always pays


Talking about children’s bikes, tricycles and Go-

Karts in Germany means talking about Puky. In

fact, the company from Wülfrath, near Düsseldorf

is the German leader in the production of children’s

vehicles both in terms of the high-tech applied

in the production process, as well as the

endless innovations and technical solutions applied

to each of its products. All this derives from

the profound belief that the vehicles must adapt

to the child and not vice versa. For this reason,

Puky has been on the market since a distant 1949

and continues to produce in Germany although

there has been great pressure as regards their

prices. Besides the home market, Puky exports

throughout Europe, Japan and Australia with a

turnover of 20 - 25 million Euros, of which a mere

20% derives from exports.

Quality and safety

Puky executives, Rolf Kuchenbecker and Ralf

Puslat together with Michael Bunte, Technical executive

of the company strongly believe that production

can continue in Germany regardless of

strong competition.

A fundamental factor is the commitment to guarantee

an uncompromised quality: “We should always

bear in mind that children’s toys will never

be used as they should”, says Kuchenbecker. “A

child may all too often take a friend on board the

rear saddle or a parent may decide to sit on a

child’s bike to revive his/her childhood memories.

All these uses should be contemplated, whether

we are looking at bikes, GoKarts or other Puky


When a rack or frame brakes, obviously, parents

will never ask their children whether they have

used it properly and children will “hardly tell their

parents that they tried the bike out going down

a flight of steps”; as Michael Bunte knows from

experience with his three children.

Puky, with its 90 employees, checks all steps from

the design phase, through to production (tube

bending, drilling, deformation, welding and painting),

logistics, quality control and the severe final

control tests.

In fact, as qualitative standards, both components

and Puky finished products not only meet the DIN

or EN standards for toys but further tests are carried

out on special test devices. Only components

that pass the resistance tests are used for the assembly.

Safety for children

“Quality always pays ”, emphasises Kuchenbecker,

and the growing turnover over the last few

years confirm this. Customers have again gone

back to having a perception of greater product

value. Moreover, greater quality, together with exchangeable

parts that can be ordered for many

years, guarantee use of the article for as long

as possible. These factors, too, are again soughtafter

by the customer.

“For next season, the company intends to launch

many new products on the market ” says

Kuchenbecker. “This does not, however, mean

that Puky is simply following the latest trends.

In fact, there are some products that will never

be made because they fall short of meeting the

quality criteria, and they are not really necessary

to a child’s development. Let us never forget

our slogan: “Sicher Kind sein”, i.e. “Safety

for children”.



Michael Bunte,

Technical Director PUKY GMBH & CO. KG



A 30 year long alliance

As mentioned in the beginning, one of the fundamental

elements of Puky’s philosophy of “quality

without compromise” is the use of technologically

avant-garde machines and concepts. To this

end, it is interesting to note that since the ‘70s,

Puky has been using BLM machines, as can be

seen by the CNC Dynamo-E-MR-200 tube bending

machine that was installed in view of a new

production reorganisation, to produce tubes in

silence and with an all-electric technology for use

in bicycle, tricycle and Go-Kart frames.

BLM has always been the only producer of tube

bending machines that are able to offer standard

products as well as unique tailored solutions with

unbeatable quality for the price ” explains Rolf

Kuchenbecker. “Then a fundamental element is

BLM’s competence in issues on bending technology.

The BLM staff does not try to sell you a special

machine at all costs. To the contrary, they focus

on trying to find directions and solutions that can

be installed on standard machines with modifications

to the tools and programming software.

And BLM does not simply sell a machine to then

forget about it. Quite the contrary, its staff visits

customers on a regular basis and shares the experiences

gained on the machines. In this way,

our operators have been able to develop processing

programmes with extremely complex

geometries directly by themselves, succeeding

in creating an in-house know-how in such a short

time ”.

The customer service is directly followed by the

German BLM branch in Unna. Among other

things, the new machines can be diagnosed in

remote mode, through the Internet, directly from

the Italian headquarters and this service has been

much appreciated by Puky. Nevertheless, if it were

absolutely necessary, in an emergency situation,

a technician is available from Italy at all times.

Perfect cells

Alongside the uncompromised quality, the test

lab, direct assembly and a vast range of innovative

products, another important factor that con-



tributes to the success of Puky is a factory organised

in production cells.

“Each cell consists of one or two BLM tube bending

machines that are complete, if necessary, with

a punching machine, press or other devices that

have developed and manufactured in-house to

perform grooves, drill holes or other operations,

and a welding station. Each tube bending machine

is equipped with a loader from where the

machine takes the tube, bends it and places it on

a chute or a conveyor belt. The operator then shift

it to other cells that complete the processing cycle

” explains Michael Bunte.

“As opposed to the past, one operator is responsible

for the an entire component/product

assembly (tubular frame). The advantage of this

method is that the operator can immediately

spot a problem on the processing line, such as

a bent frame that does not access the welding

station. The error is immediately eliminated.

In the past, a problem would only have been

noticed downstream the welding unit and perhaps

after a few hundred pieces had already

been welded incorrectly ”.

“To have changed the production method has

given extremely positive results: we have increased

production by 25% and decreased the

production area by 30%. This makes it possible

to have extra space for other cells, thereby increasing

the direct production output and to carry

out various jobs that were once outsourced ”.

As far as numbers are concerned, Puky produces

from 300,000 to 350,000 single pieces

per year, per shift. When raw material becomes

expensive, it is important to have semi-finished

products with a constant quality at adequate

prices. This is also applicable to tube. And this

is where the BLM tube bending machines come

into the picture again thanks to the fact that they

are able to compensate for the tolerance oscillation

in the raw material.

After the experience with BLM, it goes without

saying that the Westphalian company will continue

to use Italian technology and produce uncompromised

quality for the safety of its young




Fortunastraße 11

42489 Wülfrath

Tel: 02058/773-0


No. 7 - September 2007


BLM GROUP USA Announces NewNorth American Headquarters

Customer Support and Training Center

Growing with the market


BLM GROUP USA is pleased to advise its customers

in the US and CANADA of its investment

in larger facilities to support it’s growing number

of existing customers and prospective new customers

of its broad line of tube fabricating equipment

in North America

An area of 32,000 feet at the

customer’s service

The company has moved into a new 32,000

square foot state of the art building housing an

expanded customer service department, customer

training facility, and spare parts inventory.

The facility will also house an a broad range of the

latest tube fabrication equipment available to its

customers as a demonstration laboratory to help

improve the productivity and quality of tube fabrication

processes using the latest generation of

CNC benders, end formers, cold saws, and laser

based tube cutting systems.

The Grand Opening Ribbon Cutting Celebration

will be held at its new facility at 29380 Beck Road,

Wixom, MI 48393 on Monday, September 24,

2007 at 10:00am. The event will be attended by

customers, state and local elected officials, state

and local Economic Development Commission

representatives, local suppliers, and representatives

of the metal fabrication industry associations

including the Fabricators and Manufacturers Association

and the Society of Manufacturing Engineers.

Also in attendance will be editors from the

metal fabrication industry including THE FABRI-

CATOR and TUBE & PIPE JOURNAL, as well as

local newspapers from southeast Michigan.


BLM GROUP USA’s Service Team (left to right): Kevin McCune, Jessy Felix, Victor Wooster, Cheryl Kimball,

Bret Ramer, Sean Wicks, Jeffry Cole, Mauro Corno, Kim Klan, Jim Crocker, Patrik Lorenzon

(not in the picture: Gerry Cochran, Rich King, Larry Peterson, Patti Kimball).

The competitive advantage

Following the ribbon cutting ceremony, the technical

staff of BLM GROUP USA will describe and

demonstrate its advanced tube fabricating equipment

and software for the attendees. .

The presentations and demonstrations will be followed

by discussions of how the products of the

BLM GROUP are helping companies in Michigan

improve their competitive position in the face of

increased global competition. Business owners

from three Michigan companies will meet with the

state and local economic development representatives

and the press to describe how their investment

in advanced BLM and ADIGE tube fabrication

equipment has helped them improve their

business and increase the employment in their

companies using the new high efficiency fabrication

capabilities of this technology.

The Grand Opening Ceremonies will be followed

by a buffet lunch for all attendees


29380 Beck Road, Wixom, MI

48393, USA

Tel. : +1 (248)-560-0080

Fax.: +1 (248)-560-0083


No. 7 - September 2007


Hartwall, Finland, has chosen lasertube to improve efficiency

in the production of logistics trolleys

Intelligent solutions

for logistics

Hartwall in Sipoo, Finland is a family business that

was founded back in 1932 (it has now reached

the third generation) and is a leader in the field of

logistics solutions for material handling. In 2006

it achieved a turnover of 100 million Euros with

500 employees and three production facilities:

the one in Sipoo, one in England and one in Scotland.

At Hartwall, research in finding intelligent solutions

for logistics shows how it is possible to specialise

in a product that appears to be quite simple

and mature in an extremely competitive field.

The logistics role

The current market is characterised by a series

of important “parameters”, such as: high competitiveness;

a considerably shorter life cycle;

complexity of the products,; increasingly exacting

lead-times required by the customer; reduction

in the profit margins; growth in the customers

expectations as regards the “service level” and

the corporate goal being to satisfy the customer

and maintain customer loyalty.

The achievement of this goal particularly affects

the company’s marketing, innovation and Service/logistics

divisions who are forced to meet the

exacting requirements in terms of speed, availability,

regularity and flexibility. This is where highly

innovative and reliable logistics solutions such

as the ones designed and implemented by Hartwall,

are of fundamental strategic importance to

modern industry.


“In this scenario - says Jerker Hartwall, General

Manager of the company - you need to be

able to provide targeted and reliable solutions

to our customers that range from shopping centres

and supermarkets, the food and beverage

industry, post offices, the automobile industry

to the laundries. Extremely diverse sectors that

all have a common need and that is to transport

their products in a safe way from the production

or processing sites to the retail outlet or

the next step in their transformation ”.

“Hartwall’s “mission” is to find solutions that

allow the various users to reduce the amount of

space occupied, to use the same trolleys for

transporting and displaying goods at the point

of sale, to guarantee that the solution can be

used again and again and can guarantee high

levels of cleanliness and hygiene, particularly

when used in the food industry and reducing

the level of labour required for handling ”.

Jerker Hartwall,

Direttore Generale.

No. 7 - September 2007 INSPIRED FOR TUBE Logistics





The solutions that have been perfected by Hartwall

are wheeled dolly trolleys of various design

and type studied to transport and house products

in a reliable and safe manner, such as milk

and fruit juice cartons, beverages, fruit and vegetables.

Or to transport letters and packages or

car components and linen and even to transport

and display flowers.

Competitive choices

“To reach our level of specialisation - continues

Hartwall – with a substantially simple and mature

product, in a strongly competitive sector, we had

to understand the user’s needs ahead of time and

invest in production technologies that would help

us to be extremely reactive and efficient in our

production and supply ”.

The degree of specialisation shows how Hartwall

has become customer and market oriented. In

the production field, the choice to be competitive

has taken a global sourcing direction in procuring

raw materials and production efficiency with

the purchase of four ADIGE lasertube cutting system.

In fact, trolleys and dollies are essentially

made from tubular structures that have been suitably

worked and assembled.

If one considers that over 1.5 million trolleys are

produced each year, the cost incidence of raw

materials and processing is evident.


A single uninterrupted cycle

“With four ADIGE lasertube cutting systems the material

flow on the shop floor has been drastically simplified,

passing directly from the tube bundles to bending

and welding ” says Hartwall. “The insert fittings

have been designed so that a single processing cycle

is required without any interruption to pass over

to various other machines, thereby guaranteeing reduced

cycle times. In this way, the 87 welding robots

used in the various production facilities are a continuous

flow from the production lines as well as constant

quality. The production efficiency deriving from

all this allows Hartwall to guarantee short lead times,

and to be close to the customer, particularly the English,

Danish, Scottish and Czech markets, besides

Finland of course, and outside Europe also in the United

States, South Africa and Russia. It is now clear

what Hartwall means by his slogan “Intelligent logistics

solutions ”; after having visited the company, it is

easier to understand and agree with.


Kay Hartwallin tie 2

FIN-01150 Söderkulla


Tel. +358 9 413 18 33

Fax +358 9 272 1484

No. 7 - September 2007 INSPIRED FOR TUBE Logistics


ARTUBE software for Lasertube systems developed

by ADIGE on the basis of its applicative experience

New Artube software


Much too often, when talking about laser cutting

machines and systems, the software that programs,

controls and manages them is taken for

granted. That is, all specific functions that are developed

so that the machine can be integrated in

the production process are left aside. Whereas,

they are often the key features when choosing a

system. In a market that is increasingly more uniform

and competitive as regards technology, it is,

in fact, the software that makes the difference and

qualifies the production systems more and more,

including those for tube laser cutting.

To confirm its technological leadership in the sector

once again, ADIGE has recently fine tuned

ARTUBE, a new software designed ad hoc for

lines of the Lasertube systems, developed specifically

for processing tubes.

And from observing the hundreds of applications

used day after day, the world over and in the most

varied of production sectors, ARTUBE was developed,

anticipating customer requirements and

offering new functionalities.

Projects and prototypes

in less time

ARTUBE helps to design, plan and manage the

production of tubular pieces on laser cutting machines.

The main advantages compared to the

previous generation are even easier use and more

ample libraries with preset processing that can

also be customised. In this way, users can materialise

the idea into the finished product in just a

few minutes without requiring specific skills or expert


This means a vertical reduction in designing and

prototyping times, thereby reducing the time to

market new products to the minimum indispensable;

a benefit that adds up to significant savings,

with the advantage of added value.

Important additional

functions are:

- The possibility of importing files in step, iges

and xt format, of modifying them and allowing

CAM processing, without having to design the

piece from scratch again;

- The management of special or particularly complex

sections so that even unusual tubes can


e cut;

- Automatic application of optimum

cutting parameters to

guarantee high yield at all times and

high production efficiency

- The automatic generation of cutting

strategies to optimise the cutting route and

associated cycle time;

- To create cutting programs for open profiles as

well and not only tubes.

An even more complete


The focus placed by ADIGE on the importance

of software has been confirmed by the fact that

two other main solutions can be added to AR-

TUBE to complete the tube processing package.

ASSEMLER: CAD/CAM parametric and 3D software

to design complex tubular structures and

frames using very little data to start with. Among

the functions, the automatic end forming, of all

the intersections of various components, is worthy

of mention, likewise the management of coupling

methods and automatic development of

parametric fittings. These are all functions that

help the programmer to concentrate on the functional

technical choices and not in the technical

aspects of programming each frame component.

CIM: a specially designed software for remote

production management to process customer orders

(by priority, due date and quantity), to effect

nesting in order to optimise production, to have

a control over the entire in-line production means

with production balances and historical file.


Via per Barco, 11

38056 Levico Terme (TN) Italy

tel. +39 0461 729000

fax +39 0461 701410


No. 7 - September 2007 INSPIRED FOR TUBE Technology



CMM, Italy, has developed its own laser activity

from steel sheet to tube processing

From steel sheet to tube

When back in 1994, Luigi Ghirardi, owner of CMM

Tecnologie Metallurgiche Avanzate from Medole

in the Province of Mantova decided to make a

leap in quality by entering in the laser world, he

already had clear ideas of what he was doing.

“I had been processing steel sheet for over twenty

years when I started to perceive the limits and

“dangers” that we would have come across as a

sub-supplier if we hadn’t pursued quality and productivity.

So we directed the company’s activity

towards the laser world, but here too, I understood

the need to open out to new sectors other than

those I was already serving. Therefore we needed

a machine that could perform the primary

scope of laser cutting flat sheets but, which at the

same time, would allow opening out to new possibilities,

such as those predicted in cutting tubular

structures. And this is why one of the first

laser cutting machines installed in CMM had a

tube cutting option.

Two different approaches

This initial experience was determinant and enlightening

for CMM as it allowed the company

to understand the great potential of the tube and

bar cutting market; a completely different sector

to that of steel sheet, which was more restrictive,

but more varied. This is why CMM is still divided

into two divisions: “Steel sheet processing”,

with three laser systems and “Tube processing”,

with seven fully automatic laser machines, three

of which are for “3D working”.

This division is also a physical one as the two

divisions operate in two distinct buildings considering

that the two activities require different approaches:

as to processing steel sheet it is useful

to have alternative machines to expand the

processing range and the space required to stack

the material is relatively small; whereas to process

tube, the laser can perform most of the processes,

whereas it is indispensable to have large areas

for both raw tubes as well as cut tubes.



all, the Group produces over half

a million tons of semi-finished and finished

steel products. The numbers that

explain how the Manni Group alone has been

protagonist with supplies to various steelworks

of one third of the semi-finished steel products

used for the Nuovo Polo Fieristico (The New

Tradefair Centre) in Milan, the largest in Europe.

Over half a million tons

Since 2006 CMM has become an integral and

qualifying part of the Manni HP group whose industrial

activities are in the steel field and in the

pre-worked component business.

With an aggregate turnover of more than 500

million Euros (2006) and over 800 employees,

the Manni HP takes a leading position on the

Italian market for pre-worked components in

steel for the construction and mechanical sectors

and the insulating metal panel sector. All in

The core of the business project of the Manni

HP Group is the constant research for excellence

in serving the customer; its mission is to

“create value in a satisfactory measure for the

customer”. For this reason, each unit of the

Group from Verona makes up a real “service

centre”, that is an operator who is able to interact

with the customer in a complex activity

of co-makership, offering a contribution in the

project, production information and improving

the loyalty level of the customers that are typi-

No. 7 - September 2007




cal of those who only commercialise steel products.

To this end, CMM backed by its original knowhow

and long experience, plays the important

role of service centre for laser cutting of tubes,

bars and profiles, therefore processing more

than 50% of the tubular material of the Group.

Medium/large-sized tube

CMM was the first Italian company in its sector

to constantly invest over the years in a consistent

and significant manner thus becoming

the first in Europe to have the greatest number

of laser tube plants installed.

“We have dedicated a 5,000 m2 building for this

sector – says Ghirardi –

where seven laser tube plants

have been installed to process

tubes, pipes and profiles with a

maximum diameter of 508 mm and

14 m length.

Among these are the four ADIGE LASER-

TUBE 712D machines for tubes up to 80 mm

in diameter and lengths of 6.5 or 8.5 m, an ADI-

GE COMBO system used to process square

and rectangular profiles with sections exceeding

80 mm and lengths of 12 m and, most of all,

the last machine is an ADIGE JUMBO system

used to cut tubes with a diameter of up to 508

mm, squares measuring 400 x 400 mm and rectangular

profiles measuring 500 x 300 mm with

lengths up to 14 m”.

It is evident how the corporate belief has turned

to processing medium/large tubes and it could

not be otherwise, considering the close relationship

with the Manni HP Group.

35% of good reasons

Besides laser cutting, CMM offers assistance during

the design phase, to implement 2D structures

by exploiting the enormous potentials offered by


the laser. “We realised that this type of service is

becoming increasingly necessary – continues

Ghirardi – to meet the demands of customers who

are not fully aware of the many possibilities offered

by this technology. The result of this strategy

is the contribution from the “Tube processing”

division to the company’s turnover, which is

in continuous growth and now exceeds 35%.

A winning combination

Last, but not least, it is to be said that the experience

gained by CMM in processing tubes is continuously

influencing the steel sheet sector, where

the company’s role is evolving from that of simply

carrying out work according to drawings, to technological


“Laser processing of steel sheet and tube, although

they are structurally different, is nevertheless

a winning combination, where the knowhow

of one help to develop the other and vice

versa” concludes Mr. Ghirardi. “Undoubtedly,

the “tube” world is still young, as there are still

barriers that block the use of the laser and irregularities

in the tolerance of materials that

come from tube-making facilities.

As already mentioned, as far as the first point is

concerned, we are trying to deal with this with our

experience. On the other hand, as regards the

second, there is still a long way to go and a lot

to be done to promote the enormous opportunities

and competitive advantages of tubular structures.

We feel that these barriers will decrease as

the use of the laser increases in processing tubes

and bars, like it did with steel sheet”.


Via Marchionale 72

46046 Medole (MN) Italy

Tel. +39 0373 898150

fax. +39 0373 868335

No. 7 - September 2007 INSPIRED FOR TUBE Jobshop


The technological heart of SGM in Fermignano, Italy, is the laser tube

cutting system for the production of complex quality frames.


Increasingly more tube

in complex frames

SGM located in Fermignano, Perugia is a company

specialised in the production of frames with

a strong vocation particularly for motorbike frames,

metal furnishings and fitness or free time equipment.

“I started making frames back in 1969 at Moto

Benelli - says Giacinti NOME, owner of SGM - and

I haven’t stopped since. I acquired skills and an

enviable experience in the manufacture of motorbike

frames to the point that in 1980 I decided

to make a quality leap and set up my own business.

So we started to manufacture frames and

components for big names such as Bimota, Moto

Guzzi and Cagiva, because that’s the only market

we were best acquainted with. As soon as we

got the opportunity we successfully expanded

the activity towards related sectors from the demand

point of view, such as the metal furnishing

industry, bicycles and fitness equipment. For

example Tecnogym, a company that is specialised

in fitness equipment is our key account”.

Comparing three generations

To work closely with the problems of manufacturing

motorbikes, with exacting technological

and quality requirements has allowed SGM to

gain skills in the laser tube cutting field, which still

remain the company’s “trademark”.

“The applications requested and the need to

make increasingly complex and articulated

frames with sophisticated intersections and as-


semblies – continues Giacinti – pushed us into

the laser tube world. First of all we purchased

an ADIGE LT651, which was shortly followed by

a LT652 and an ADILAS 2 system where we

combined flat steel sheet cutting. The most recent

purchase was made last year, when we installed

a new generation LT712D, which, compared

to the previous models that are still

absolutely valid and reliable, belong to a “completely

different world”. As I have all three generations

of ADIGE laser tube machines, I can

quite openly say that the LT 712D is far superior

to the previous models from a performance

point of view; and the numbers achieved prove

this fact: to cut one component we leaped from

an output of 34 pieces/hour with the “LT 652” to

106 pieces/hour with the “LT 712D”, because

there are practically no downtimes; the machine

passes over from one process to another in only

a few tenths of a second”.

No. 7 - September 2007 INSPIRED FOR TUBE Jobshop




Focused on tube

Today SGM manufactures top quality stainless

steel, iron, aluminium and high-resistance steel

frames with diameters ranging from 10 to 225 mm.

“Besides the output increase - explains Giacinti

– the other fundamental advantage that we have

found with the laser tube system is the high cutting

quality and repeatability, which facilitates the

next assembly phase”.

All this makes SGM the ideal partner for those

who have to manufacture frames and perceive

the potentials and advantages in designing articles,

whatever they may be with frames made directly

from tube; this is how we reason. We had

to change our mentality to focus on tube; the machines

give us the possibility of doing this, but it

was up to us to know how to exploit them and on

this note, the most difficult thing is to change the

customer’s mentality as all too often they still design

in the conventional way, without thinking of

the enormous advantages they would have if they

were to design their products right from the beginning

with the use of tube”.

“Tecnogym was the first to follow us ” says Giacinti.

“We have a consolidated relationship with

them up to the point that designing new articles

is positively influenced by the laser tube system.

In fact, the possibility of laser cutting any type of

section allows their designers to study and implement

articles with complex structures and

frames, fully exploiting the potentials of the laser

tube systems. We then receive the final projects,

which we simply examine from a feasibility viewpoint

and, if necessary, optimise it”. SGM is ISO

9002 certified and therefore design is not in-house.


A unique reference

By tradition, Tecnogym turns to those who are

able to provide a complete product without the

need for other sub-suppliers. SGM, therefore,

avails itself of the collaboration of a satellite company

that takes care of frame assembly and welding

and supplies a practically finished top quality


“With Tecnogym - explains Giacinti - work main-

ly consists of cutting and bending tubes with peculiar

profiles; the most popular tube used for their

frames is the 120 x 60 mm elliptical section, which

I can assure you is not easy to work with, especially

when it has to be bent. We manage to do

this work with two old BLM tube bending machines,

which as far as reliability is concerned,

still work as if they were new; the quality of the

bend is good and that’s what counts for us”.


Via T. Edison 3/5

61033 Fermignano (PU) Italy

Tel. +39 0722 330848

fax. +39 0722 330316

No. 7 - September 2007 INSPIRED FOR TUBE Jobshop














Via Selvaregina, 30

22063 Cantù (CO) Italy

tel. +39 031 7070200

fax +39 031 715911


Via per Barco, 11

38056 Levico Terme (TN) Italy

tel. +39 0461 729000

fax +39 0461 701410


Via dei Campi, 4

38050 Novaledo (TN) Italy

tel. +39 0461 720007

fax +39 0461 720214


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