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Issue n. 7 - September 2007Download pdf - BLM GROUP

Issue n. 7 - September 2007Download pdf - BLM GROUP


Contents INSPIRED FOR TUBE Contents 4 PUKY Quality always pays INSPIRED FOR TUBE 8 BLM GROUP USA Growing with the market 10 HARTWALL Intelligent solutions for logistics 14 ARTUBE New Artube software 16 CMM From steel sheet to tube 20 SGM Increasingly more tube in complex frames Also available in pdf format on: INSPIRED FOR TUBE 2 Edited by: Area Comunicazione BLM GROUP Antonio Farese Emanuela Colombo Cristina Guzzetti e-mail: tel. +39 031 7070 200 Produced by: BLM GROUP Via Selvaregina 30 22063 Cantù (CO) Italy Number INSPIRED FOR TUBE Nr. 7 - 09/2007 Graphic Design: Studio Grafico Page Vincenzo De Rosa Fabrizio Santini Printed by: Intergrafica, Verona Photography: AEFFE Fabrizio Santini BBR Reproduction of all or part of articles or illustrations published in this edition cannot be used without prior authorisation.

OPINION INVESTING IN INNOVATION AND GROWTH As part of the BLM GROUP’s strategic vision as a global supplier of tube fabrication equipment, BLM GROUP USA, its North American subsidiary, has announced the Grand Opening of larger facilities to serve its growing customer base. Its new headquarters, equipment demonstration, and customer training facility opened for full operation on 24 September 2007 in Wixom, Michigan. Since opening for operation in 2001, BLM GROUP USA has experienced significant growth in its territory. This success is attributed to the growing recognition of the high performance and reliability of BLM and ADIGE tube fabrication equipment, the company’s emphasis on responsive customer service, and an experienced service, sales, and senior management team. INSPIRED FOR TUBE James P. Rutt The BLM GROUP USA’s overall philosophy is to help their customers to be successful. It does this by offering the investments made by the BLM GROUP in the development of advanced tube fabrication equipment. These investments are aimed at providing an “unfair competitive advantage” in manufacturing productivity and quality to its customers. These new equipment developments also provide additional degrees of design freedom to BLM GROUP USA’s customers giving them the ability to apply a greater degree of innovation and flexibility needed to respond to ever changing global markets. BLM GROUP USA’s new 32,000 sf facility represents an important investment in its commitment to customer support in North America. It offers tube fabricators and OEM manufacturers the opportunity to conduct hands on evaluations of the latest BLM and ADIGE tube fabrication technology. The facility houses a broad array of tube forming and tube cutting equipment capable of offering North American firms the opportunity to strengthen their competitive position in the global economy. The facility houses an expanded customer service staff and is now also able to offer expanded training programs for customer programmers, operators, and maintenance personnel. Further expansion is planned in the 4th Quarter 2007, with the startup of a Tube Fabrication Technology and Customer Training Center to be located in the Los Angeles, California area. The center will provide technical support and service, training, applications demonstrations, and sales for tube forming and cutting equipment to existing and prospective new customers in the western regions of the US, Canada, and Mexico. James P. Rutt President and Chief Operating Officer BLM GROUP USA Corporation 3

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