FALL 2011 - John Paul II HS


FALL 2011 - John Paul II HS

The Cardinal


FALL 2011

There’s no place

like home.

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11.21 2011

Dear John Paul II High School Families,

The Sixth Annual Golf Classic Turkey Shoot is Monday,

November 21st at Gleneagles Country Club in Plano. The

committee and I sincerely hope you will join us for a day of

fun, relaxation, and time with friends and family. We are

working to create a great environment focused on the players

and sponsors of the tournament, while contributing to a great

initiative: Tuition Assistance at JPIIHS.

The Golf Tournament is one event in the schedule of activities

that provide for the Tuition Assistance program at John Paul II

High School. JPIIHS has been committed to a strong Tuition

Assistance program since the school opened in 2005. This

current school year, we can be proud to know that close to

$400,000 has been awarded to deserving students; over 100

students are slated to receive assistance. Providing aid for

tuition changes lives, aligns with the mission of the school,

and demonstrates Gospel values in action.



Paul II High School is a factor in the lives of the employees of

those businesses. In large part, the golf committee is charged

to utilize this event as an outreach to the business community,

to educate corporations about the school and help them

understand that John Paul II High School can play an

important role as a factor in relocation decisions. And, now

that the JPIIHS Class of 2007 has graduated from college, we

have solid evidence that the school is an excellent resource

for future employees of Collin County businesses.

We look forward to an excellent tournament on November

21st. I sincerely hope you will join us. Participate in fulfilling

the mission of the school by supporting Tuition Assistance –

all while enjoying a day of friends and golf. You can register

by visiting the Golf Tournament tab under Giving at www.


Thank you,

John Culin

6th Annual JPIIHS

Golf Classic - Turkey Shoot

November 21, 2011

Gleneagles Country Club

Check-In: 9 a.m.

Lunch: 11 a.m.

Tee-off: Noon



Grand Slam Sponsor - $10,000

Major Sponsor - $5,000

Golf Cart Sponsor - $5,000

Putting Green Sponsor - $5,000

Lunch Sponsor - $2,500

Tour Sponsor - $2,500

Hole Sponsor - $1,500

Foursome - $1,200

Single Player - $300

Join us for the

2011 Grandparents’ Day!

Tuesday, November 22nd @ JPIIHS

8:30 a.m. Registration

9:00 a.m. Breakfast

Enjoy a hearty breakfast with your

special student and experience the

excitement of JPIIHS firsthand!

To RSVP, please call 972.867.0005 or

email events@johnpauliihs.org,

subject line: Grandparents’ Day

See you there!

“Grandparents, like heroes, are as necessary

to a child’s growth as vitamins.”

Joyce Allston

V i s i o n

We will make a difference in the

world by walking in the footsteps

of Pope John Paul II.

M i s s i o n

To develop leaders who are

critical thinkers and effective

communicators, committed to

service and rooted in faith.

S t u d e n t Creed

Learn, think, decide,

communicate: to become a

productive and responsible

citizen, dedicated to

selfless service to

God and community.

M ot to

The Golf Tournament also allows JPIIHS to further develop

and deepen relationships with the local corporate community.

From current to incoming corporations and businesses, John

Chairman, Sixth Annual Golf Classic Turkey Shoot

For more information, visit

www.johnpauliihs.org or call

Jan Nolen at 469.229.5170.

1 2

Left: John Paul II High School students pictured with their grandparents

at the 2010 Grandparents’ Day. Photos courtesy of boothBOOTH.

“Seek to Serve”

Seek to Serve


p h i l a n t h r o p y

There’s no place like home….

Excitement is building for the next project on the school campus. The

John Paul II High School East Sports Complex will open in Spring 2012

and Cardinal athletes and fans have much to look forward to.

The complex will house three major sports. The facility will include eight

tennis courts, a baseball field, and a softball field. There will be plenty of

parking and a building to house concessions and restrooms. The complex

will be inviting to students and families with a pavilion and ample green

space for gathering to watch games and matches.

The development of the sports complex was initiated by a lead gift from

exceptional campus, and will complement the existing athletic field which

houses football, soccer, and track.

The teams are gearing up for having true home seasons. Joey Schewee,

Director of Admissions and Financial Aid, and Varsity Tennis Coach,

reflects the excitement, saying, “the JPIIHS tennis community is thrilled

about the Complex and humbled by the generosity of the donors. We are

building a ‘Lifelong Tradition’ through the JPIIHS tennis program and now

we have a place to call home!”

“Having our own facility will help take our program to the next level by

providing these girls with a field they can call their own,” observes Coach

Watch for the latest developments in the





construction of the JPIIHS East Sports Complex

along Plano Parkway and Woodburn Corners

as we finish out 2011 and move into 2012. Visit

www.johnpauliihs.org for updates and get ready



for great seasons in the Cardinal home!

John Paul II High School


East Sports Complex



p h i l a n t h r o p y

Mary and Rich Templeton and family. One of their goals was to create an

environment where the JPIIHS family and community can come together.

Indeed, the JPIIHS East Sports Complex promises to do just that – all

in a cohesive and thoughtful setting. The facility rounds out an already

Shawn Gallimore, Varsity Softball Coach. And, Brian Gaffney, Varsity

Baseball Coach, notes that the complex will not only provide for current

Cardinals, but that it will allow for great visibility for our school and “will

help continue the huge impact JPIIHS has on the youth in the metroplex.”




3 4



Michael P. Grace



Elizabeth & John Irish

c o m m i t m e n t

In just his second year as a JPIIHS Cardinal parent, Mr. Michael P. Grace has

already shown his commitment to the school and its mission. Jumping right

in for the 2010 – 2011 school year, Mr. Grace became active as a booster for

the football program, supplying the team with two complete weight racks,

new communication headsets for the coaches, and other training equipment.

His son, Alexander is a member of the Class of 2014, and plays Cardinal

Football, and Mr. Grace sincerely understands the connection between parent

involvement and the school’s success.

An active member of the Collin County community, Mr. Grace heads MPG

Ventures, LLC, and owns Z Interactive, a digital marketing agency with an

emphasis on social media advertising, and Virallock, a social media consulting

service for high school and college students, and young professionals looking

to establish their brand. He graduated from University of Missouri, Kansas

City, and earned an MBA from University of St. Thomas in Houston.

The Grace family, Mr. Grace, his wife, Elizabeth, their sons, Alexander and

Christian, belong to St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church in Frisco. There,

he is a lector and an active member of Knights of Columbus. When looking

for high school options for Alexander, Mr. Grace notes, “we wanted our sons

to be in an academically challenging, Catholic environment that would give

them the foundation they need to be successful in college. From the very

first visit…we knew JPIIHS was the right choice.” He is impressed with the

reputation JPIIHS has already established in the college admissions community

so early in the school’s development. Mr. Grace appreciates that it is easy to

want to be involved here, and says, “Once you realize that we, as parents, play

a key role in helping the teachers and administration adhere to the mission and

vision of the school, you can’t help but want to chip in and do your part to help


When the Office of Advancement examined the structure of the Annual Fund

campaign, and considered tweaking the formula so that the program functions

as parent-driven, a decision was made to make the focus even more specific,

and to give the main effort to fathers in the JPIIHS community. The natural fit to

lead this effort was Mr. Grace and he now works with a team of committed father

volunteers to raise, and perhaps surpass, the funding goal for the 2011 – 2012

Annual Fund. Mr. Grace appreciates the notable energy and sense of community

on campus and is pleased to find himself working with such dedicated parent

volunteers from each class in support of the Annual Fund. He is grateful for

the relationships he has already established at JPIIHS, with individuals like Mr.

Poore, Mrs. Fleming, and Coach David Gaffney; he looks forward to the new

friendships forged in the Annual Fund effort.

The Grace family recognizes the parts of JPIIHS that make it a unique and

important place for young people. “The overall commitment to maintain a

high level of excellence in every endeavor, and to the development of the

whole person as they prepare for being adults,” is the most important work Mr.

Grace sees being done at JPIIHS. Indeed, this is important work, part of the

school’s mission, and a reason the school continues to attract individuals with a

commitment level like that of Mr. Grace.

The 2011 – 2012 school year welcomes two new faculty members who bring

excitement, achievement, and a lot in common – both teach US History,

both coach Academic Decathlon, both live at the same address and drive to

JPIIHS together: the Irishes, a married couple, arrived this year and JPIIHS is

lucky to have them in the school family.

Mr. John Irish and Mrs.

Elizabeth Irish came to

JPIIHS from Katy, Texas.

While there, Mr. Irish

worked at Taylor High

School and Seven Lakes

High School and over

the years taught AP US

History, AP European

History, coached

tennis, and coached the

Academic Decathlon

Mr. and Mrs. Irish at an SMU football game.

and Octathlon teams and

served as department

chair. Mrs. Irish taught in Katy as well and they met while working for the

district. She was raised in Wisconsin, he in Texas.

Mr. and Mrs. Irish have wanted to move to North Texas for some time. They

knew Mr. Philp who filled them in on the great things happening at JPIIHS.

When there was a need for two new AcDec coaches, as well as openings in

the history department, they jumped at the opportunity.

Since arriving, the Irishes have already picked up on what they like best

about the school. The positive atmosphere and strong sense of community

were apparent from the start, and Mr. Irish states that he is “very impressed

with the group of students we have trying out for AcDec this year.”

Mrs. Irish agrees that

JPIIHS Cardinals have

important characteristics

– in fact, as an avid bird

watcher, she likens the

JPIIHS Cardinal to the

cardinals that come and

feed in her backyard.

They stick together,

help each other out, and

know how to stand their

ground. When observing

Mrs. and Mr. Irish, both of whom teach U.S. History. the JPIIHS Cardinal, she

notes they “have deeprooted

faith and strong convictions that they will hold true and stand firm

on, so in this sense, they know how to stand their ground as well.”

c o m m i t m e n t

5 6



Andrew Rogers, Class of 2012, is a creator.

Andrew sees himself as a chef in the future and

One area in which Caitlin excels is photography,

what is fun about art,” says Caitlin. Taking that

a different spin on the work she does – different

student/teacher relationship saying “Mrs. Briley

s t u d e n t l i f e

During his four years at John Paul II High School,

Andrew has found his passion: using everyday

objects, using words, even using food, to create

something new and interesting.

In the art room, Andrew most enjoys 3-D sculpture.

He finds that he can’t put what is in his mind on

paper, so instead his thoughts and observations

manifest in sculpture. He calls himself a pack

rat, and thrills to find an uncommon object and

to uncover its potential as a new form. “I like an

object already made in the world,” he notes. With

such an object, and with other media, Andrew

seeks to create negative space, so people want to

look at it. His work is engaging and captivates the


This approach serves Andrew as he explores the

potential of words. He is active in the JPIIHS

Poetry Club and his favorite form of poetry is haiku

would like to study at a college or university with

a hotel management program. Here too, Andrew’s

knack for examining the everyday, and creating

interesting design, and flavor, serve to build

masterpieces of the culinary.

Andrew understands the benefit of having had

the opportunity to attend JPIIHS, and especially

to work with faculty such as Ms. Briley in the Art

Department. We can look to see Andrew in the

future, perhaps to see his 3-D work out in the world,

or to dine at one of his restaurants. Wherever he

is, and whatever his line of work, we can be certain

he will be creating.

Caitlin Bobbit, Class of 2012, lives as a portrait of

a JPIIHS student. She works hard academically, is

stating that she enjoys taking photos as “the mind

is not perfect” and photography can “capture

the present.” She has combined this interest

with some of her service work by taking photos

while on the Honduras trip. With these photos,

she believes she can honor her “connection

to the experience” and can “put others in the

experience.” She plays with her photographs,

printing them on different types of paper,

switching from black and white to color, and once

satisfied with their appearance, entering them

in area competitions. She has earned 3rd place

in state at the Texas Media Competition and

an honorable mention at TAPPS. At the Collin

County Art Show, her photography was featured

and she earned 3rd place in ceramics – another

area of great interest. She enjoys 3D art, such as

ceramic work, and remembers when she almost

thought to the next level, Caitlin reflects, “people

aren’t perfect – in art and life – and that is okay.”

Academically, Caitlin enjoys AP English. She sees

herself either studying social work or global studies

and diplomacy after graduating from JPIIHS,

because “I am a peacemaker.”

When she is not studying or making art, Caitlin is

a dedicated member of All Saints Catholic Church

– serving as a Eucharistic Minister, working the

parish fall festival, and as an active participant in

the youth group. She heads to church many times

a week and enjoys a high level of involvement.

Caitlin is dedicated to service and working to

make the world a better place as demonstrated by

her commitment to All Saints, PALS at JPIIHS, the

even than the language in the school’s mission. “I

don’t think of it as service but as what needs to be


Jacqueline Jones, Class of 2013, has been a

student at JPIIHS for all of high school and has

embraced Cardinal life, enjoying activities such

as Track and Junior Classical League. While

here, she has cultivated a strong interest in art,

and now finds herself exploring 3D art with

a passion. To make her creations, she uses a

variety of materials, including clay, cardboard

tubes, and styrofoam. She enjoys creating

animal likenesses and says “I just love to build!”

Complementing this love of building, Jacqueline

likes the academic area of science, and admits

that “sometimes” she likes math.

strongly supports me…and help[s] me in art. I’m

very blessed to have [her] as my teacher.” And

while she recognizes and is grateful for the strong

faculty at JPIIHS, she does say that what she likes

best about the school is the food!

Jacqueline volunteers at Baylor for Christian

Service hours and looks forward to a successful

college experience once she graduates from

JPIIHS. She does not know what she will study at

college, but Jacqueline might not yet be finished

satisfying her love of building!

View Andrew, Caitlin,

and Jacqueline’s

artwork in the “Cardinals

on Camera” section.

s t u d e n t l i f e

as he, again, likes to take an existing word and use

it to mean other words.

committed to service work, and has an active faith


feared art. “I feel like some people are afraid to

mess up. I was almost afraid to do art but that is

Honduras mission trip, the SADD Blood Drive,

and work with March of Dimes. However, she has

Active in the National Art Honor Society,

Jacqueline understands the importance of a strong

7 8




a l u m n i


Kate Levit ’07 graduated from the University of Oklahoma in May of 2011 and

earned a degree in Sociology. She currently works as an Account Executive at ISI

Commercial Refrigeration in Dallas.

Paul Scioneaux ’07 is graduating in December from Louisiana State University with

a degree in Sports Management and Commerce. Paul spent last summer interning

with Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys.

Sage Coralli ’07 will graduate from the University of Oklahoma in December. She

currently is developing her own nutrition company.

Ally Allen ’08 plays basketball at University of Texas, Tyler and is a member of the

Criminal Justice Committee. She will be graduating in May 2012.

John Darwin ’09 was awarded the Creighton University College of Arts and Sciences

Dean’s Summer Research Scholarship. He spent this past summer researching his

topic “Understanding the Concept of Charity in and Beyond John Milton’s Paradise


Daniel Parfitt ‘09 is currently serving as the Director of Freshmen Aggies Spreading

Traditions (FAST) at Texas A&M University. He has spent the past two summers

as a Fish Camp Counselor and as a counselor at the Youth Adventure Program for

gifted and talented middle school and high school students. Recently he picked up

his Aggie Ring!

Brian Rose ’09 is the President of the Inter-Fraternity Council at Southern

Methodist University. He spent last summer working at Merrill Lynch.

Amanda Stromp ’10 earned a 4.0 last semester at Texas A&M University. She

currently serves as the Chaplain of Delta Zeta sorority and hosts weekly Bible


Avery Kyle ‘10 won her first golf tournament of the year at Spring Hill College.

Julie Boggs ‘10 graduated from an Emerging Leaders program last year at the

University of Arkansas where she is majoring in Hospitality and minoring in

Business. Julie is a member of the Hospitality Club and Delta Delta Delta Sorority.

Michael Skelton ’11 joined Alpha Phi Omega, a nationwide co-ed service fraternity,

and is participating in the national Make a Difference Day. He was selected out

of seventy people to be a Billiken Buddy, St. Louis University’s form of a student


Lizzy Dubret ’11 just returned from a Hunt Scholars trip to Taos, New Mexico. Lizzy

is a freshman at Southern Methodist University.


Hailey (Charles) Koval ’08 and husband Ryan Koval welcomed baby Kamryn

Mackenzie Koval.


Anna Basso ‘11

Michaela Swedenburg ‘11

Mason Vanstory ‘10

CAN you


it’s been






from JPIIHS?




Saturday, April 28, 2012

9:00 am - 2:00 pm @ JPIIHS

Questions? Call Kelly Noonan, 469.229.5176

November 21, 2011

6th Annual Golf Classic

Gleneagles Country Club

Visit www.johnpauliihs.org for more info!

January 5, 2012

Christmas in the Courtyard

6 - 8 p.m.

John Paul II High School

We are excited to announce that Ms.

Kelly Noonan is the new John Paul II

High School Coordinator for Alumni.

Ms. Noonan joined the JPIIHS family

in 2006 as a member of the Social

Studies department. If you have great

news, photos, or stories to share, call

Kelly at 469.229.5176 or email her at


Make sure you become a fan of

our Alumni facebook page:


a l u m n i

9 10

c a r d i n a l s o n c a m e r a

Check out our

social media sites

for daily happenings at

John Paul II High School!

Above left: John Paul II High School art student Andrew Rogers, pictured

with a recent scultpure of his. Above right: a second sculpture of Andrew’s.

Above and right: Two

sculptures created by John

Paul II High School 3-D art

student, junior Jacqueline


Left: Sub-varsity football players take

the field at their game against Fort

Worth Christian Academy. Above:

Jessi Gorman, sophomore keyboardist,

won a gold medal at TPSMEA State

Instrumental Competition in May. She

played the First Movement of a Haydn

Sonata. Way to go Jessi!

Above left: The varsity volleyball team at their game against Fort

Worth Nolan Catholic. Above right: Cardinal Belles Captain

Parker LaDue leads the Belles in a halftime performance.

Above, bottom right: Francesca Ursua

performing in the High School Concert Choir,

a group made up of auditioned voices from

across the country. Photo by Dustin Taylor, from

the Kodály Envoy, summer 2011, Vol 37, No 4.

Copyright © 2011 by OAKE: The Organization

of American Kodály Educators. Used with


JPIIHS Twirler Amelia

Mugavero performs during

the varsity football game

against Bishop Dunne High


Above: Piccolo player Lauren

Koehler performs with the rest

of the marching band at the

varsity football game against

Bishop Dunne High School.





In addition, JPIIHS is

pleased to present a

brand new website!


We welcome photo submissions for

Cardinals on Camera. For inquiries,

please email Meredith Inman at


John Paul II High School art student Caitlin Bobbitt works with several different types of media.

Above left to right, self photograph, scultpure titled “Butterfly”, and a handmade dress.

Above: Junior Ryan Cook catches

a pass at the varsity football game

against Prestonwood Christian

Academy. Right: Cheerleading

Sponsor and Coordinator for

Admissions and Alumni, Kelly

Noonan, poses with Big Red and the

varsity cheerleaders at the PCA game.


900 Coit Road Plano, TX 75075

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