Download a PDF of the report here - United Cerebral Palsy

Download a PDF of the report here - United Cerebral Palsy












Welcome to United Cerebral Palsy’s 2012 Annual Report. Included in this special communication are highlights from

the last year, ranging from October 1, 2011—September 31, 2012. This report is a public accounting of the ways

in which UCP has used the generous gifts from its investors to serve people with disabilities. We hope you enjoy

learning about UCP, and will consider joining us in our mission to ensure that people living with disabilities can live a

life without limits.

Stephen Bennett, President & CEO of United Cerebral Palsy





Stephen Bennett, President & CEO of United Cerebral Palsy

Hello. I am Stephen Bennett, CEO and President of United Cerebral Palsy, and welcome to

our Annual Report for 2012.

I’ve been here for 10 years, and I look back over this last year and think about all of the

challenges we’ve faced with budget cuts and review of what not-for-profits really do in our

society, and look at what United Cerebral Palsy does both for changing the world for people

with disabilities and our public policy and education work, but also in what our affiliates do

for families of people with disabilities in local communities across the nation.

Transitioning to Tomorrow

For us, I think that one of the biggest issues is it issue regarding the transitions of folks in

their lives—to lead a more independent life, a more fulfilled life, and a life where families

get the kind of support they need. So we’ve really dedicated this last year to seeing what

we can do to support those kinds of efforts. And what I’m talking about is the young person

who gets their first home, or that person that’s coming out of high school that gets their first real job, or that young

child who gets maybe an iPad and has a way of communicating and has their own voice at a very early age.

These ideas make a huge difference, along with the whole idea of a family feeling like they’re not alone and that

they’ve got support, and that there are things that we can do with them to help them and support them. These are

the things that really make a difference in their lives, just like it does in anybody’s life. These are very key moments,

and by focusing on those, we feel that we can make a bigger difference. And so, we’re doing this in a number of

different ways. It’s like, you don’t just change the world overnight, and you don’t fix all the problems. Some of this

stuff is dilemmas, and they’re not so easy to solve.

We’ve been doing things like we started a support group for families with children that are very young, and along with

that support group—which is virtual, because young families go online; that’s where they are and that’s where we

need to be. Aside from the direct services that we provide in local communities, we also have to be very accessible to

young families.

The websites and the communities that we’ve design are designed for different age groups. The first one is called My

Child Without Limits, and you can look it up online. The second one is Brave Kids, which is about kids that are five

years old and older. And it gives them information they need to know about diagnosis, about treatment, about the

way families can deal with things, what kind of resources are developed but also about how you can connect with your

peers and get support from each other.

Transitions are key to people being able to live a life without limits, and we are dedicated to being right there at the

nexus of that life change and that support for people that really need it.

Our Future

We’ve also invested a lot in technology, not money so much as we’ve invested in making it more central to everything

we do: in the way we communicate, support people, and give them information. We see great opportunity there,

because its part of our building blocks of the future, because that’s what we have to prepare for. The future is

changing so rapidly, and that’s what we look for when we talk to our friends and tell you about what we’re doing

because we want you to be part of our future. We need you to be part of our future.

We’re not going to look like what we have in the past—we’re going to constantly change, because the people that

we serve are changing, the communities change, and the families change. So we really invite you to be with us, and

support us and join us as we head into the future in 2013, which we are dedicating to families and caregivers, and

caring about each other.





Bruce M. Fried, outgoing Chair of the Board of Trustees

Hello and welcome to United Cerebral Palsy’s fiscal year 2012 Annual Report. My name is

Bruce Merlin Fried, and I was proud to be the Chair of UCP Board of Trustees during the

period of this report.

Last year was an exciting one for UCP as we continued our work to ensure a life without

limits for people living with disabilities. With a focus on transitions, we expanded

our UCP family, we intensified our education and outreach efforts, strengthened our

medical knowledge and support, continued our pursuit for civil rights through legislative

involvement, built international connections, and introduced the first annual World Cerebral

Palsy Day.

The UCP Family

But all of this would not have been possible without our affiliates—the network of UCP

organizations across the country that are the heart of our organization. The incredible work

that they do everyday drives the entire UCP network, indeed the disability community.

While my term as a Trustee and as Chair has concluded, I remain excited about the future of this organization—and

a big part of that is our new Board Chair, Woody Connette. Woody has been a part of the UCP family for many years,

and will be an extraordinary leader for the Board and UCP as a whole in the years to come.

Getting Involved

On behalf of the Board of Trustees, I would like to thank each and every one of you who makes our work possible. For

all of those who are new to the UCP family, or are simply interested in the work we do, I hope that you will consider

becoming involved, either at the affiliate level or with UCP at the national level.

You can learn more about UCP at, and in the following pages of our 2012 Annual Report. Thank you so






Woody Connette, incoming Chair of the Board of Trustees

Looking Ahead

Greetings. I’m Woody Connette. I’m the newly elected board chair for the Board of Trustees

for United Cerebral Palsy, and I’m really excited to be in that position because with UCP we

have just an incredible future as we look ahead to 2013 and beyond.

Our Mission

I’m from North Carolina and I was involved with the affiliate there in North Carolina and

Virginia for over ten years and as a result of that I feel like I have a good feel for what its

like to be involved with an affiliate and what our clients and the people we serve need on a

day in and day out basis.

Indeed, with United Cerebral Palsy, we are all proud of the almost 100 affiliates we have.

Every day they collectively are serving 176,000 children and adults. That builds on a 60-

year history with UCP that we all can be proud of, serving people in their communities and

giving folks a life with independence and dignity and worth, so that we have full citizenship

for people with disabilities. And that is at the heart of our mission with United Cerebral


UCP works to make a difference, one day at a time, one person at a time, one family at a time. We work to enact real

change, to revolutionize care, to raise the standard of living and to create opportunities for millions of people living

with disabilities. Indeed, our affiliates, with their extraordinary staff, and our families, our parents, our caregivers,

our siblings and friends, all of us work together to continue to push for the social changes, legal changes, and

technological changes that we need to increase accessibility and independence for people with disabilities so that we

can ensure a life without limits for generations to come—and so that 60 years from now, people will look back on the

incredible legacy that we have created for them.

2012 was a year that we focused on transitions for UCP, and indeed, our 2012 conference had as its theme,

transitions. We learned a lot in 2012: we organized policy roundtables about critical issues such as education and

employment; we have strengthened our public education efforts; and have elected new members to our Board of

Trustees to carry that work on.

2013 and Beyond

With what we have learned, we want to continue our focus with UCP in how we can make a difference in areas

of transition, not just for the people that we serve with our organization, but for the millions of other people with

disabilities here in the United States and indeed, worldwide.

As we look forward to 2013 and beyond, we will examine how the caregiver community is changing, how support

systems are enabling people with disabilities to live longer and more fulfilling lives, and how the role of families is

changing and the way that families support their loved ones who are living with disabilities.

UCP will focus on these issues and more and we will continue to work to identify how we can best support not only the

individual who might have a disability but indeed, the entire family. It’s an exciting time to be a part of UCP and I’m

thrilled to be a part of it. I hope that you enjoy our annual report and learn more about the vital work that we do with

UCP everyday. Thank you.





Meet the UCP Board of Trustees

United Cerebral Palsy’s Board of Trustees consists of five officers and 13 trustees. UCP Trustees have varied

backgrounds and experience, but all share a strong commitment to UCP’s mission of helping people with disabilities

live a life without limits and to strengthening the organization itself.

Dr. Joe Aniello, Chair, Professional Council

Dr. Joe Aniello is the President and CEO of United Cerebral Palsy of South Florida, United

Cerebral Palsy of Georgia and United Cerebral Palsy of South Carolina.

Dr. Aniello started his career in the public school system and worked his way up as a teacher,

later becoming a director of a Montessori School, before moving into the disabilities field as

a Program Director for Sunland Orlando, a state institution for individuals with disabilities.

In 1977, Dr. Aniello joined UCP as the Executive Director of UCP of Miami and has been

instrumental to the growth and expansion of United Cerebral Palsy in South Florida, Georgia

and South Carolina.

Dr. Aniello grew UCP of Miami from a $600,000 annual budget and a staff of 50 to a threestate

system of 26 different corporations with a total annual budget of more than $80 million,

2,500 employees at 170 locations throughout Florida, Georgia and South Carolina, and

serving more then 3,500 people daily. Dr. Aniello created a multi-state integration of staff,

board members and shared resources, which has established and strengthened the service

provision to individuals with developmental disabilities. He also added additional services

to what is offered by UCP of South Florida, such as assisted living facilities for frail elderly

individuals without disabilities as well as residential programs for people with severe traumatic

brain injuries.

During his career, Dr. Aniello has served as chairperson on numerous statewide and national

committees and organizations serving individuals with developmental disabilities.

Dr. Aniello earned his doctoral degree in administration and supervision from the University of


Dr. James Bennett

Dr. James T. Bennett graduated from Tulane School of Engineering and Tulane Medical School.

A New Orleans native, he maintains his relationship with Tulane Engineering as a member

of the Advisory Board for BME curriculum. His orthopedic residency was at the University of

North Carolina, AI DuPont Institute and a Fellowship at Scottish Rite Hospital in Atlanta.

Dr. Bennett’s interest in computer assisted navigation stems from former Chairman of Tulane

Orthopedics Dr. Tom Whitecloud’s work in developing Stealth navigation. Dr. Bennett’s practice

is primarily scoliosis, although he maintains his interest in Pediatric Orthopedics in general.





Stephen Bennett, President & Chief Executive Officer

Stephen Bennett leads the international non-profit United Cerebral Palsy (UCP) as President

and CEO. He has a 30-year history of success in business development, strategic planning,

financial management, marketing, event production, and local and national public policy,

having started his career as a Peace Corps/VISTA volunteer in South Central Los Angeles in

the aftermath of the Watts riots.

As Executive Director of UCP of Los Angeles and Ventura Counties from 1978-1986, he

developed housing and assisted living facilities and advanced public policy for people with

disabilities at both the state and federal levels. Bennett was the CEO of AIDS Project Los

Angeles (APLA) from 1989-1992, where he was credited with saving one of the nation’s

largest AIDS service organizations from bankruptcy.

In 1992, he created and headed a national consulting practice focused on health care

enterprises. The firm assisted for-profit and not-for-profit business through strategic

consulting by developing business strategies and directing projects in managed care,

financing, regional strategy, market strategy, public policy and e-health.

Bennett has served as adjunct faculty at the UCLA Anderson School of Management and

at Pepperdine University. Throughout his career he has volunteered his talents to public

service causes, working in mental health, breast cancer and disabilities. He has served on

various boards, including ANGLE, Leadership 18, and the National Institute for the Severely

Handicapped. He is a founding board member of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation and he

currently chairs the Disability PAC. He was recently appointed a member of the Board of

Directors of the ARCUS Foundation, a leading global foundation advancing pressing social

justice and conservation issues.

A lifelong champion for civil rights for people with disabilities, Bennett uses his successful

business experience to focus on the mission driven business of non-profit organizations so

they can succeed in a challenging business climate.

Mark Boles, Treasurer

Mark D. Boles, FACHE, currently serves as Chief Executive Officer of Baylor Institute for

Rehabilitation at Frisco (Texas). Boles is a graduate of The Ohio State University and

Washington University School of Medicine’s Health Administration Program. With nearly 30

years experience as a healthcare executive, he has been involved with United Cerebral Palsy

on the local, state, and national levels for more than 20 years, having received the Ethel

Hausman Volunteer of the Year Award in 2003 and the UCP Chairman’s Award in 2004.

Boles has also served on numerous other boards including: the American Medical

Rehabilitation Providers Association in Washington, D.C.; Camp Rap-A-Hope Foundation,

Presbyterian Retirement Corporation, Inc., and Patient Advocacy Council, Inc., a for-profit

Institutional Review Board.

He is the father of five children and currently resides in Dallas.





Michael Burke, Jr.

Michael Burke Jr. is a co-founder and principal of Thrive Office, a newly formed innovative,

shared workplace community based in New York City. His company is focused on emerging

trends in the workplace based on the evolving preferences of a new generation of workers.

His background is in commercial real estate and direct sales. Prior to founding Thrive he

worked in the commercial office brokerage business in the Washington D.C. metro region

for Cassidy Turley and Avison Young. In that role, he worked on behalf of both tenants and

landlords and oversaw day-to-day leasing activity for a portfolio of more than two million

square feet of office space. Burke has a bachelor’s degree in economics from Villanova

University and a master’s degree in real estate from Georgetown University.

He has a personal relationship with the disability community as his youngest brother, Joseph,

has cerebral palsy. Throughout his professional career he has been actively involved in

multiple philanthropic organizations centered on disability issues and advocacy, and was a key

component in founding ABLE, the young professionals outreach program for United Cerebral


Edward “Woody” Connette, Chair

Woody Connette is an attorney with ESSEX RICHARDS, P.A. in Charlotte, North Carolina. He

attended Davidson College, followed by law school at the University of North Carolina.

Connette has served as Board Chair for Easter Seals/UCP North Carolina and Virginia and has

been active with that affiliate for about 10 years. Before that, he served on the boards of a

supported employment and a respite care provider that merged with UCP of North Carolina.

He “survived” those mergers and then participated in the merger of the UCP and Easter Seals

affiliates in North Carolina.

In his law practice, Connette has a strong interest in public policy and litigation related to

disabilities, health care and mental health. He participated in a class action lawsuit against

the State of North Carolina that challenged the practice of institutionalizing adults with

developmental disabilities on psychiatric wards with patients with mental illness. For many

years, a full-time Special Master and his staff supervised implementation of the court order.

More recently, he has served as co-counsel in two Tennessee class actions challenging the

conditions under which developmentally disabled children and adults have been confined at

state institutions. As a result of these cases, the state of Tennessee is revamping its system of

delivering services to its developmentally disabled citizens and is building a statewide network

of community-based residential and habilitation programs.

Connette has served on the Executive Board and as President of the National Patient Advocate

Foundation and has testified in Washington on proposed changes to ERISA regulations

governing employee health and disability plans. He also serves as an advisor with the UNC-

Charlotte Center for Applied Ethics and the Medical Humanities Advisory Board at Davidson






Connette serves on the North Carolina Chief Justice’s Commission on Professionalism and the

North Carolina Bar Association Board of Governors. He has been awarded the North Carolina

Bar Association’s H. Brent McKnight Professionalism award. His public interest and pro bono

work has been recognized by the North Carolina Academy of Trial Lawyers, the North Carolina

Bar Association, the Mecklenburg County Bar, and various community organizations.

Connette is married to Jane Harper, a mediator and retired state court judge.

Richard Donovan

Richard Donovan is a globally recognized subject matter expert on the convergence of

disability and corporate profitability. He has spent more than 10 years focused on defining and

unlocking the economic value of the disability market.

At FQA, Donovan provides corporate clients with insights and tools to frame disability as a

global emerging market. His proprietary and proven process translates disability success

factors into specific actions that create sustainable value. Donovan’s 2012 research paper, The

Global Economics of Disability, is featured on the European Union web site and is frequently

quoted by businesses, governments and NGOs when defining the size, scope and value of the

disability market.

Prior to FQA, he founded Lime (2006), the leading third party recruiter in the disability space,

where he worked with Google, PepsiCo, Bank of America/Merrill Lynch, IBM, TD Bank and

others to help them attract and retain top talent from within the disability market. Identified

as a best practice by the U.S. Department of Labor and featured in the Wall Street Journal,

Lime does one thing very well—find great talent.

Donovan has a combined 12 years of experience in portfolio and investment risk

management. As a Proprietary Trader and Portfolio Manager at Merrill Lynch, he delivered

consistent performance results focused on macro strategies with an event-driven overlay,

using equity indices as a primary tool.

Donovan holds an MBA from Columbia Business School and a BBA from Schulich School of

Business at York University. He is an avid sailor and proud father of his son, Maverick, along

with his wife, Jenn. He also happens to have cerebral palsy.

Keith Green

Keith Green is Senior Vice President of Human Resources at Freddie Mac. He was most

recently Vice President of Strategy and Talent Development at Allstate Insurance Company.

Prior to that, he was a director of mergers and acquisitions with Deutsche Bank in New York

and London. Previously, he worked as the Chief of Staff for the Chairman and CEO of Bankers

Trust Company. He also worked as a management consultant with McKinsey & Company in

New York, Paris and Houston, and as an investment banker with Goldman Sachs in New York.

Green received his B.A. from Tulane University, M.A. from Middlebury College, and M.B.A.

from Harvard Business School. He also attended Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar. He

currently serves on two other nonprofit boards: The Goodman Theatre and The Latin School of

Chicago. He is also a member of the Executive Leadership Council. Green and his wife, Sonya,

have two children, Geoffrey and Alexa.





Ruth Gullerud

Ruth Gullerud retired in May 2012 as the Executive Director of UCP of West Central Wisconsin,

in Eau Claire, where she has worked since 1977 and served as CEO since 1984. Her work with

UCP of West Central Wisconsin involved direct counseling with people with disabilities and

their families, facilitating group counseling for parents, consulting with schools and M-Teams,

supervising program staff, coordinating the affiliate’s diagnostic clinic, fundraising and public

education/awareness. Previously, she was an advocate and guidance counselor with the

Women’s Community Center in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

Gullerud received a bachelor of arts degree, magna cum laude, from the University of

Wisconsin-Eau Claire and a master of sciences in Guidance Counseling from the University

of Wisconsin-Stout. She served as a member of the Wisconsin State Board for People

with Disabilities (1977 – 1989 and again from 2001–present), a member of the Wisconsin

Exceptional Education Council for Department of Public Instruction (1991–1994), and a

member of the Board of the Accreditation Council on Services for People with Disabilities

(1991–1998). Gullerud currently serves on the Eau Claire County Advisory Committee on

Specialized Transportation and the Wisconsin Alliance for Self-Determination.

A recipient of several outstanding leadership and management awards, she has the pleasure

of having hosted the Ruth Gullerud Show (focused on the world through challenges of

disability) for Ashford Social Media (March 16 through April 27, 2012).

Melvin “Chip” Hurley

Chip Hurley has more than 30 years of healthcare and management experience in accounting,

auditing and consulting with two “Big 4” professional services firms (18 years at Ernst &

Young and four years at Price Waterhouse Cooper), two national consulting firms (nine years

at Navigant Consulting and currently at Berkeley Research Group, LLC) as well as three years

corporate management experience with Helix Health, a five-hospital integrated healthcare

delivery system, serving in the roles of Senior Director of Finance, Treasurer and Director

of Audit and Compliance. Hurley served as Price Waterhouse Cooper’s Partner in charge of

their Southeast Region healthcare financial forecasting and merger & acquisitions group and

as Audit Partner on numerous healthcare clients. He also served with Navigant Consulting

as the national leader of Navigant’s Healthcare Financial Advisory Services’ Group, co-leader

of Navigant’s Healthcare Strategy practice, co-leader of Navigant’s Healthcare Performance

Improvement Practice and as a member of Navigant’s Healthcare Strategic Leadership Team.





Gloria Johnson-Cusack

Gloria Johnson-Cusack is the Executive Director of Leadership 18, an alliance of Chief

Executive Officers (CEOs) responsible for leading some of the country’s largest and most

well respected charities, non-profits, and faith-based organizations. Among others, members

include United Way Worldwide, Salvation Army, American Red Cross, American Cancer Society,

Catholic Charities of America, and UCP. As a group, member organizations serve more than

87 million people annually and represent $44 billion in total revenue. Leadership 18 leverages

the joint power of its organizations to improve service and influence policy and public opinion.

Areas of focus include leadership development, economic self-sufficiency, safety, disaster

relief, and health and human services.

Johnson-Cusack brings more than 20 years of management, political and strategic

communications expertise informed by leadership positions in the private sector, U.S.

Congress, national presidential campaigns, municipal and federal government, and the White


Until accepting her position with Leadership 18, she served as a Senior Vice President

at GMMB, a D.C.-based strategic communications and advertising firm focused on cause

marketing. In this role, she advanced issues on behalf of key nonprofit organizations and

foundations. She has worked with the Ford, Lumina and Gates foundations to improve

supports for low-income students completing college as well as the American Beverage

Association to launch a campaign to address obesity.

In the public affairs arena, Johnson-Cusack served as Director of the Office of Congressional

Relations at the Peace Corps, Special Assistant to the President in the White House Office of

National Service, and Director of Constituent Relations at the Corporation for National Service.

She was Chief of Staff for the D.C. Office of the Inspector General and was policy advisor to

Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton and Senator Albert Gore, Jr.

Johnson-Cusack holds a bachelor’s degree from Columbia College, Columbia University and

a master’s degree in Public Administration from the Key Executive Management Program

at American University. She is a founder of the Eli J. Segal Citizen Leadership program at

Brandeis University, media trainer, church lay leader and breast cancer survivor and advocate.

She is married with one adult daughter.

For United Cerebral Palsy, starting in 2004, she lead the strategic and creative team

responsible for developing the new “Life Without Limits” brand identity to enhance the

positioning of the organization. She also worked with UCP leaders to develop the strategic

vision and plan for National Big Sky Visioning Sessions and related outreach to explore ways

communities can work together to integrate people with disabilities fully into the entire fabric

of society.





Mark Lezotte

Mark Lezotte is a Shareholder with the law firm of Butzel Long, practicing in the firm’s Detroit

office. He has substantial experience in corporate, health care, tax, and exempt organization

matters, including corporate and nonprofit governance, business transactions, tax-exempt

issues, hospital-physician ventures, and regulatory investigations. He has conducted

presentations on a number of topics involving health law, nonprofit organizations, and tax

matters, and has been active in numerous bar and professional organizations. He has been

recognized in “The Best Lawyers in America” (health care law), published by Woodward/White,

Inc. for 2013; and has been selected to Michigan Super Lawyers (health care law), published

by Thomson Reuters, in 2008-2012. He is a member of numerous professional organizations.

Lezotte has long served UCP in various public policy and governmental activities roles, and

his efforts include the formation of the Disability Policy Collaboration and co-chairing the

DPC steering committee. He previously served on the UCP National Board of Trustees from

1999-2004, received the UCP National Chairperson’s Award in 2004, and has served as board

member and president of UCP of Metropolitan Detroit, and on many other civic and nonprofit


He holds both a J.D. and B.B.A. degree from the University of Michigan. He is admitted to

the bars of Michigan, U.S. District Court (Eastern District of Michigan), U.S. Court of Appeals

(Sixth Circuit) and U.S. Tax Court. He and his wife, Patricia Little, live in Detroit and have two


Linda Maguire

Linda Maguire has been a consultant at Maguire Associates since 1985. She began her career

in the corporate world, but decided to return to higher education. She served in leadership

positions in admissions for nine years before joining her husband, Jack Maguire, to build

Maguire Associates, a research-based consulting firm that has served educational clients

around the world for the past 29 years. She is currently leading the firm’s initiatives in

global markets, speaking at conferences around the world, and heads up projects across all

service lines of the company. Also, as Vice Chair, she is involved in directing the future of the

company and managing the Board of Directors. In addition to her work at the firm, Maguire

has experience at the board level through her involvements on the Board of Trustees at Sea

Education Association (former Chair) in Woods Hole, MA, past President and currently Vice

President of the Board of Directors for UCP MetroBoston, and Corporator at a local hospital.

She received her bachelor’s degree from Douglass College of Rutgers University and her

master’s degree in educational administration from Boston College.





Emilio Pardo

Emilio Pardo is a senior executive with 20 years of business leadership and success with

corporate, government and non-profit organizations. As Chief Brand Officer and member of

the AARP executive team, he is responsible for the creation, management and integration

of the global brand throughout the organization, covering more than 50 offices worldwide.

During his tenure with AARP, he has helped the organization grow from 36 million to 40

million baby-boomer/senior members, and added more than $200 million in new revenue. His

specific responsibilities include all marketing, advertising, brand and positioning programs for

AARP and AARP Services. He was appointed CBO in January 2006 to help the organization reposition

what is arguably the most complex brand in the market and extend it to address the

76+ million U.S. baby-boomers. Among his many achievements, he has built a new strategic

vision, business platform and roadmap for the organization that is pivotal to AARP’s continued

relevance and importance to the Baby-boomer/Seniors market, and helped make AARP

number three amongst America’s most trusted brands.

Pardo joined AARP in 2005 as Senior VP, Business Development at AARP Services, Inc.,

the association’s for-profit arm. At ASI he was responsible for product development and

licensing, new market/channel development, joint ventures, and strategic alliances/ corporate

partnerships with organizations such as Borders, Walgreens, The Home Depot, United Health

Care, The Hartford Group, Proctor & Gamble, and Travelocity.

Before joining AARP, he was Senior Vice President with Discovery Communications, Inc.,

a leading television network. At Discovery, he was responsible for strategic business

development spanning all 14 broadcast networks including Discovery Health Channel,

Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, Animal Planet, TLC, and FitTV. He developed a variety

of highly profitable new on-air and off-air partnerships for the health and fitness sectors

including the development of the first-ever series of Continuing Medical Education (CME)

broadcast programs for Discovery Health Channel. Among his many accomplishments was the

development of several major national health and fitness initiatives and partnerships including

the first-ever televised awards show and gala “Medical Honors 2004” which celebrated the

achievements of our nation’s most eminent health care leaders, professionals, and scientists.

He was also responsible for creating dozens of public/private alliances with influential

organizations such as U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and Centers for Disease


Prior to joining Discovery, Pardo was CEO and a Member of the Board of CityNet

Telecommunications, Inc., a leading telecommunications network company and pioneer in

building fiber optic networks in U.S. and international cities. As a co-founder, he lead the

company in raising two major rounds of funding, totaling $475 million, from leading private

equity groups. During his tenure at CityNet, he helped the company grow a profitable niche

customer base with cable and telecom companies, and developed partnerships with more than

22 major city governments in order to deploy broadband and other information services to

businesses and consumers.





Pardo joined CityNet after serving as Senior VP & Senior Partner with Fleishman-Hillard

International Communications, Inc., the world’s largest communications and marketing firm.

During his 10-year career at Fleishman-Hillard he is credited with innovating some of the

agency’s most successful products and services as well as pioneering its global expansion,

especially into Latin America. He also served as head of business development and founder of

the social marketing practice. Pardo has managed and mentored numerous senior strategic

communications professionals, representing interests and organizations as diverse as: SBC,

PBS, AARP, VISA, AOL, TELMEX, Direct Marketing Association, and The White House National

Anti-Drug Communications effort.

Pardo began his career as the first-ever Hispanic Press Secretary in the U.S. Senate,

representing then Commerce Committee Chairman Fritz Hollings (D-SC). He was the national

spokesman for the committee for five years on

major national issues such as telecom reform, aviation deregulation, Merchant Marines, U.S.

Tourism, and NASA Space Policy.

Ian Ridlon, Vice Chair

Ian Ridlon is General Counsel and Director of Legal Services at the Rhode Island Interlocal

Risk Management Trust. Prior to joining The Trust, he was in private practice with a

large national law firm where he engaged in insurance defense work, commercial and

environmental litigation, and labor and employment work. He also successfully appealed

the termination of benefits to children with developmental disabilities in a precedent setting

matter before the Vermont Supreme Court.

Ridlon has been involved with United Cerebral Palsy on the state and national level for more

than 15 years. On the state level, he has been the Board Chair for several terms and has also

chaired two other non-profit organizations created by the affiliate that provide independent

living facilities for low income individuals with developmental disabilities.

On the national level, he has previously served on the Board of Trustees and is a recipient

of the 2004 Chairperson’s Award. He has also served on numerous committees and was

previously the chair of the nominating committee and the by-laws committee.

Ridlon is a graduate of Bowdoin College and Vermont Law School. He currently resides in

Rhode Island with his wife, Patty, and his three boys, Conor, Brendan, and Aiden.

Christobel Selecky

Christobel Selecky is a chief executive and entrepreneur with nearly 30 years experience

in the health care industry. She currently provides strategic consulting and advice to

management teams, companies, and investors currently in or seeking to enter the healthcare

field focusing on strategy and business plan development, disease and care management

program development and assessment, sales and market positioning, product planning, public

policy analysis and strategy, and CEO/Senior Management advising. She also currently serves

on the Board of Directors of National Healthcare Services, the venture capital arm of Memorial

Healthcare Services, a preeminent, non-profit healthcare system located in Southern






Selecky most recently served as President, CEO, Chairman, and member of the Board of

Directors of LifeMasters Supported SelfCare, which she led from 1996 until 2009. Under her

leadership, LifeMasters raised more than $60 million in venture capital, grew to $130 million

in annual revenues, employed more than 1,200 people in seven locations, provided care

and disease management and health improvement services to more than 1 million program

participants nationwide, won numerous industry awards, and counted some of the largest and

most well-respected health plans, employers, provider groups, labor unions, and government

entities as its clients.

A veteran in the field of managed health care, her career began at FHP International

Corporation, an entrepreneurial, privately held staff-model HMO. While at FHP, Selecky saw

the company through its conversion, public offering and rapid expansion. As president of the

FHP California Health Plan, she was responsible for revenues of $2.4 billion and building a

customer base of nearly one million HMO and PPO members statewide. She has also served

on the boards of both the California and New Mexico HMO Associations and The Medical

Quality Commission.

Selecky has been instrumental in driving the growth of the health improvement industry

through her leadership role with the Disease Management Association of America. She is a

frequent speaker on the topics of disease management, the future of managed health care,

privacy issues, and health care technology, and has been invited to testify before Congress on

several occasions regarding care coordination for Medicare and Medicaid populations.

Selecky received a master’s degree in public communication from the S.I. Newhouse School of

Communications at Syracuse University and a bachelor’s degree with high honors in political

science and philosophy from the University

of Delaware.

Pamela Talkin, Secretary

Pamela Talkin was sworn in on July 16, 2001 as the tenth Marshal of the Supreme Court of

the United States. Talkin is the first woman to hold the position.

The Marshal is appointed by the Court and oversees the security, operations and maintenance

of the Supreme Court building. The Marshal’s most visible role is to attend all sessions of the

Court by “crying” the Court (announcing its arrival), ensure Courtroom security and decorum,

and supervise Courtroom seating and recording of proceedings. The Marshal also manages

the Court’s independent Police force as they protect the building and provide security for

the Justices, other Court employees and visitors; supervises and controls all property used

and owned by the Court; acts as the superintendent of the Court building; administers the

Court’s contracting and procurement activities; and signs checks and authorizes payment of

the Court’s bills and salaries as a Treasury Disbursing Officer. In addition, the Marshal’s Office

schedules, coordinates and oversees most of the approximately 1,000 lectures, receptions,

dinners and other events that take place annually at the Supreme Court.





Talkin came to the Court after six years as the first Deputy Executive Director of the Office of

Compliance, the independent regulatory agency created by the Congressional Accountability

Act of 1995, which applied eleven of the nation’s labor and employment laws to Congress.

There, she promulgated procedures and regulations for the application of the laws, managed

all operations of the Office, and acted as liaison between the Office and Congressional

members, committees, and legislative branch agencies including the Architect of the Capitol,

the Capitol Police, and the Congressional Budget Office. Talkin also served as President of the

international Association of Labor Relations Agencies.

From 1989 to 1995, Talkin was a Presidentially appointed, Senate-confirmed member of the

Federal Labor Relations Authority. The FLRA, an independent agency, establishes policies

and guidance relating to Federal service labor-management relations and ensures compliance

with the laws that govern the rights and obligations of 2.1 million Federal employees, labor

organizations which represent such employees, and Federal agency employers.

Previously, Talkin was the Chief of Staff at the U. S. Equal Employment Opportunity

Commission, and Assistant Regional Director of the National Labor Relations Board’s San

Francisco Region (Northern California and Hawaii). Talkin was also the National President of

the NLRB Union, which represented over 2,000 professional and clerical employees.

Talkin began her career as a Spanish teacher and guidance counselor in New York City high

schools. She earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Spanish from the City University

of New York at Brooklyn College. She has done postgraduate work at the City University of

New York and at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government.

Rob White

Rob White is Chief Executive Officer of Cerebral Palsy Alliance, where he has more than 20

years of service with the organization and engagement with the disability sector. He has been

Chief Executive Officer since 2000. He has led service innovation and expansion and has been

influential in shaping public policy in disability service provision. He has been instrumental

in furthering research into the cure and prevention of cerebral palsy. Externally he has built

successful corporate partnerships that have supported major advances in service delivery and

in research effort.





Awards for Excellence

Actress, Meredith Eaton attended

the awards dinner to present the

Nina Eaton Program of the Year

award to Mark Shaffer of UCP of San

Luis Obispo County for their CIP

Tours program in honor of her late

grandmother who passed away on

March 30.

Cheryl Hines & Bruce Merlin Fried

present Bonnie Peterson with the

Life Without Limits Award.

Tim Noonan, accepts the Ethel

Hausman Volunteer of the Year

award at the Awards for Excellence


The annual United Cerebral Palsy Awards for Excellence are presented to affiliates, individuals and companies

whose exceptional activities, achievements and dedication exemplify UCP’s mission to advance the independence,

productivity and full citizenship of people with disabilities. Last year, these awards were presented to nine recipients at

an opening reception and a dinner presentation during UCP’s Annual Conference.

2012 Kathleen O. Maul Leadership Award

The 2012 Kathleen O. Maul Leadership Award was presented to Rick Forkosh, Executive Director of UCP

Heartland, for his leadership and strong commitment to UCP. The award is presented to an exceptional executive

director in memory of Maul, a remarkable executive director at UCP of Suffolk who died young and left a legacy of

leadership ability and strong commitment to UCP. Forkosh received a painting by artist, Maurice “Mo” Higgs, from Art

Enables, a studio and gallery in Washington, D.C. for emerging artists with developmental disabilities.

Forkosh began his career working in the disability field in 1979, managing a group home with eight men. Soon after,

he was promoted to assistant director of residential services, until 1983, when he joined UCP’s St. Louis affiliate–now

UCP Heartland–as director of adult services. Forkosh was appointed executive director in 1985, and since then, the

agency’s $750,000 budget now has around $9.75 million under management. UCP Heartland has won several awards

at the local, state and national level for some of its new and innovative programs and supports under Forkosh’s

leadership and has been continuously accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF)

for the past 30 years.

“It is clear that Rick has proven leadership ability, but what about Rick the man?” asked UCP President & CEO Stephen

Bennett during the Opening Reception at the 2012 Annual Conference. “His peers would call him passionate about the

mission, tenacious about civil rights, a formidable executive with a dry sense of humor, and a gentle giant of a man

who loves a good debate! I remember one Monday morning years ago, calling Rick to touch base, and when I asked

how Rick was doing, he explained he wasn’t so well. It turned out that he had been up driving UCP clients around all





Sunday evening after an agency had closed, and he was trying to find them a place to sleep. You don’t hear about

type of dedication often, and Rick is a UCP executive who has dedicated his life to helping people with disabilities, no

matter the circumstance.”

2012 Chair Award

The 2012 Chair Award was presented to Medtronic and The Medtronic Foundation, and is given to an individual,

organization or company whose impact and support for UCP and its mission is deemed exemplary by the national

Board of Trustees Chair. The Medtronic Foundation received a painting by artist, Darnell Curtis, also from the studios

of Art Enables.

Medtronic and the Medtronic Foundation stand as a model of aligning corporate philanthropy with the needs of the

people they serve. Medtronic has a long-standing commitment to innovation, pushing the boundaries of medical

technology to transform the lives of people with disabilities and chronic disease. The company’s sponsorship of the

Medtronic Foundation and its work has created strong supports for patients and families, including many in the UCP

network. Through programs like PatientLink, the Medtronic Foundation builds awareness, educates and advocates on

behalf of patients and their families, to improve the lives of people living with chronic disease and disabilities.

“UCP has been proud to partner with Medtronic and the Medtronic Foundation to bring vital resources to people that

need them most,” remarked Bruce Merlin Fried, then-Chair of UCP’s national Board of Trustees. “We are grateful for

Medtronic’s foundational support of our programs, including My Child Without Limits and now Brave Kids.”

2012 Ritter Legacy Award

The 2012 Ritter Legacy Award was presented to UCP of Maine for its monthly YouTube UCP NEWS broadcast. The

award honors an affiliate that has produced exemplary communications through a variety of media that increase

public awareness about people with disabilities, the programs of the affiliate and the national UCP brand through the

use of the official UCP logo, colors and messaging.

UCP NEWS was created with a goal to share news and information related to UCP of Maine’s agency and mission, on

both local and national levels, expanding the UCP message in ways that would otherwise be impossible. Utilizing the

popular YouTube media platform, UCP NEWS has the ability to reach people with disabilities, their families, caregivers,

friends, neighbors and even elected officials online. Because of UCP NEWS, UCP of Maine is able to raise awareness

and advocate in a more modern way, reaching across many generations.

2012 Nina Eaton Program of the Year Award

The 2012 Nina Eaton Program of the Year Award was presented to UCP of San Luis Obispo County for its CIP

Tours program, for its extraordinary contribution to the quality of life of people with disabilities, enabling individuals

served to become more independent, productive or integrated into the family or community.

CIP Tours is a program that allows adults with disabilities to have inclusive vacation experiences. There are 12 big

trips each year to locations such as Disneyland, San Diego, Las Vegas, Jamaica, and Alaska. Many Participants save

money in advance and participate in the trip planning; and support staff is trained to promote full independence and

inclusion of all participants. CIP Tours provides a true vacation experience for individuals with disabilities.

Nina Eaton was one of UCP’s founding members and passed away in early 2012. Eaton’s granddaughter, Meredith

Eaton–a movie and television actress, known for her breakout role in the ABC series Boston Legal and the movie

Unconditional Love–attended the Awards for Excellence to present the award in honor of her late grandmother.

Speaking about her grandmother, Eaton remarked, “Nana frequently spoke about her wish for a more accessible

world for the disabled community. Imbued with a sense of compassion and determination, she always felt there was

still so much more to do… Her imprint on this organization is ever-lasting and the stories that we all have about this

gorgeous, white-haired lady with the effervescent smile and humanistic spirit will live on in our hearts forever.”





2012 Outstanding Youth Award

The 2012 Outstanding Youth Award was presented to Brooke Arnold, nominated by UCP of Baton Rouge, for

significantly enhancing the lives of people with disabilities through care giving, volunteerism, advocacy, innovation or


Arnold has been an unwavering supporter for families of children with disabilities served by the UCP of Baton Rouge

for nine years—quite a feat considering she is only 19 years old. As an individual with a disability, Arnold uses her

experiences overcoming challenges to inspire and encourage those around her. She has formed and participated in

support groups for parents and individuals with disabilities and even started her own popular Facebook support group

called CP and Me. Arnold has volunteered at UCP of Baton Rouge’s Capably Arts program, co-led a Siblings group,

spoken as part of a fundraising appeal at an annual breakfast event, and participated in UCP of Baton Rouge’s 5K

Run, Walk & Roll. She even secured a grant from the Clay Aiken Foundation for a wheelchair accessible swing for a

local playground. Arnold changes perceptions of people with disabilities by living her life with an unparalleled “can do”

positive attitude, increasing cerebral palsy awareness in her community and becoming a role model for others.

2012 Universal Accessibility Design Award

The 2012 Universal Accessibility Design Award was presented to Patrick Baechle of Baechle & Associates, for designing

the Alleghenies UCP Blair County Community Service Center. The award is presented to an individual, business,

government or governmental agency that has provided leadership developing a universally accessible environment by

creating new tools modifying the environment, enhancing independent living or achieving a barrier-free environment.

The Center was designed beyond meeting building codes and ADA accessible standards by Baechle & Associates to

make a more enjoyable environment for those who strive for dignity and independence while living with a disability.

Enhanced features were incorporated to accommodate those with special needs, particularly those who have difficulty

interpreting and reacting to sensory information, reaching and manipulation disabilities and poor coordination abilities.

Some of these features include additional room in corridors for large wheelchair turning, exceptionally spacious

restrooms with simple push button locks and door openers, a strobe light fire alarm system, impact resistant walls, an

accessible kitchenette, a vehicle canopy and a curbless sidewalk at the drop off area.

These and other planned facility improvements show creativity and innovation while exceeding the accessibility

standards. Because of the insight put in to the facility’s design, the final product meets the needs of multiple

generations and multiple facets of the community, including those with and without disabilities.

The community center provides a fully accessible space for Alleghenies UCP programming, training and public events,

including assistive technology demonstrations and training, certified personal care aide training, consumer art

workshops, computer classes for individuals with disabilities utilizing available adaptive equipment, consumer cooking

classes and many more community supported social clubs, entertainment events, support groups, public gatherings

and trainings.

“Thanks to the work of Pat Baechle, the Alleghenies UCP Blair County Community Service Center furthers the UCP

mission to support individuals with disabilities, and the center supports community needs by treating all persons

with respect and raises public awareness for the need to accessible facilities,” said Bruce Merlin Fried, Chair of UCP’s

national Board of Trustees, before presenting Baechle with his award.





2012 Ethel Hausman Volunteer of the Year Award

The 2012 Ethel Hausman Volunteer of the Year Award honors an exceptional individual who, through

volunteering, has made an outstanding contribution to UCP. 2012 had so many exceptional nominations that the

Awards Committee chose two recipients.

The first awardee was Tim Noonan, nominated by UCP Central Pennsylvania. Noonan has donated more than 1,600

hours of service over 10 years to the betterment of the lives of individuals with intellectual and developmental

disabilities in Pennsylvania’s Perry and Cumberland counties. Noonan is the co-founder and co-chair of the

Cumberland-Perry Residential Task Force, an initiative seeking residential solutions for people with intellectual

disabilities. He worked to expand the scope of the Task Force to include employment and respite services and

secured funds so these essential programs are provided to families at minimal cost. As a result of his hard work and

determination, more than 120 individuals were placed in one of 15 new group homes, 12 apartments and in family

living arrangements. Many other people received the support they needed to live fuller lives in their community,

receive job training and placement and support transitioning from school to adult life.

The second recipient was Micki James from UCP of the Inland Empire. James has been a UCP volunteer for more than

60 years. Along with her late husband, Dennis James, she played an integral part in UCP’s history, and her impact has

been incredible. Her son, Brad James, accepted the award on her behalf.

2012 Life Without Limits Award

The 2012 Life Without Limits Award was presented to Bonnie Peterson, nominated by UCP of Central California, as an

individual with disabilities who has demonstrated leadership and achievement of such caliber as to be a significant role

model to individuals with and without disabilities.

Peterson was born in 1949, when children with disabilities were not expected to have lives as full productive citizens.

However, Peterson gracefully overcame every obstacle that came her way. She built a life that included a marriage of

more than 40 years. She and her late husband lived their lives as full citizens, and they educated their community to

the reality that people with disabilities are simply people.

Peterson is a mother, a grandmother, a business owner and an active community volunteer, whose compassion and

care seemingly knows no limits. She is also a published author. In We Climbed Every Mountain, she shared with the

world what it has been like to live her life as a person with a disability. She describes in her book, and exemplifies in

her journey through life, that no obstacle is too great no matter what the odds against one may be. She has not just

accomplished ordinary things in extraordinary ways, but she has taken hold of the extraordinary and made is part of

an ordinary, “just like any other person” kind of life.





In Remembrance: Nina Eaton

On March 30, 2012, United Cerebral Palsy

(UCP) and the entire disability community

was saddened to lose one of its founders,

Nina Eaton, an emeritus member of the UCP

Board of Trustees and a longtime supporter

and advocate for people with disabilities.

“Nina was so much a part

of our history and our lives.

The lives of individuals with

disabilities will be forever

enriched because of her


Eaton’s lifetime of advocacy began with

the birth of her son, Leonard Eaton, who

was born with cerebral palsy in 1941.

Together with other parents of children

Stephen H. Friedman

President and CEO, UCP of


with disabilities, including UCP founders Leonard and Isabelle Goldenson, and

Jack and Ethel Hausman, Eaton helped to lay the foundation for a far-reaching

organization that has enhanced the lives of millions of Americans with disabilities.

More than a half century later, UCP is an international network of nearly 100

affiliates milions of people with disabilities every year.

“UCP was deeply saddened

to lose such a tremendous

advocate in Nina Eaton.

Her life’s work has been

integral to advancing the

civil rights movement for

people with disabilities. Nina

was an amazing woman is

greatly missed by the entire

UCP family and disability

advocates alike.”

Stephen Bennett

President & CEO of United

Cerebral Palsy

Best known for her tireless lobbying, which led to regional and national

expansion of community-based services for people with disabilities, Eaton

also helped to educate communities about cerebral palsy, which, like most

developmental disabilities at the time, carried significant social stigma. Eaton

remained an active leader in the disability community, and served on the Board

of Directors of UCP of Suffolk for the past 20 years. She also served on the UCP

national Board of Trustees and most recently as an emeritus board member.

Each year, UCP honors an affiliate with the Nina Eaton Program of the Year

Award as part of the UCP Awards for Excellence. The UCP affiliate award winners

are honored for making an extraordinary contribution to the quality of life to

people with disabilities through the delivery of state-of-the art direct services

in the affiliate’s community. Award recipients are chosen based on affiliates’

ability to enable the individuals served to become more independent, productive

or integrated into the family or community, and the programs stand out as a

model worthy of replication by other UCP affiliates. Eaton loved the Awards for

Excellence and served as the presenter for many years.





Mission Moments

UCP affiliates are accomplishing great things every day. Each month, UCP highlight a story from one affiliate that

exemplifies UCP’s work in helping people with disabilities to live a life without limits—these are moments that remind

all of us of the mission of UCP today, tomorrow and into the future.

All 2012 Mission Moments are included in this report. Below are some of the highlights from the past year:

November 2012: Can You Hear Us?

Leading up to the National Forum on Disability Issues, UCP of Greater Cincinnati decided to get involved with the

creation of its own video, “Can You Hear Us?”. The video was written and recorded by students in the affiliate’s

Academy of Technology Advancement, where the students called on politicians to hear their voices, and ensure they

were not forgotten in the 2012 election.

July 2012: UCP of Central Pennsylvania's Journey of Hope

Last summer, UCP of Central Pennsylvania welcomed Hope Johnson as its community relations and development

intern. In addition to her general intern duties, Johnson, who has athetoid cerebral palsy, also shared her experiences

and thoughts on her internship in her blog, “A Journey of Hope”—all while typing with only one toe. Johnson said

that through her blog she wants to share the message that “[people] can reach any goal if they are determined and

persistent. Success does not happen in a day, a month, or a year, but over time.”

May 2012: UCP of New York City’s Hydroponic Grow Classroom

For nearly a year, UCP of NYC and Boswyck Farms have been collaborating to expand UCP of NYC’s hydroponics

classroom and develop plans for a program. In the hydroponics classroom, program participants learn about growing

fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs indoors, in a windowless and soil-free environment. The ribbon-cutting event marks

UCP of NYC’s readiness to take training and growing to new heights. The grow room, which is outfitted with fully

accessible systems for individuals with a range of disabilities, allows program participants to learn about innovative

solutions for farming as well as the benefit of fresh fruits and vegetables for improved health and nutrition.

• Hydroponic Grow Classroom Ribbon Cutting with Daniel Perez and Lee Mandel, Founder of Boswyck Farms

• Gustavo “Tito” Bonilla at UCP of New York City’s Hydroponic Grow Classroom





UCP of New York City

UCP of Delaware





New York


(877) 827-2666







(302) 764-2400

UCP of Central Pennsylvania

Easter Seals UCP North Carolina & Virginia







(717) 737-3477





North Carolina


(800) 662-7119

UCP of Greater Cincinnati

UCP of South Florida







(513) 221-4606







(305) 325 - 9018

UCP of Greater Chicago







(312) 765-0419





UCP of Oregon & SW Washington

UCP of Los Angeles, Ventura and

Santa Barbara Counties







(503) 777-4166







(818) 782-2211

UCP of Orange County

UCP of the Golden Gate







(949) 333-6400







(510) 832-7430

UCP of the North Bay







(707) 766-9990





Gillette Joins UCP as First Of Its Kind Affiliate In Network

Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare

(Gillette) joined UCP as its newest affiliate

and the first children’s hospital to join the

UCP network in the organization’s 64-year


UCP’s Board of Trustees voted unanimously

to welcome Gillette as UCP of Minnesota

during a special meeting on Tuesday, August

14, 2012. This makes UCP and its affiliate

network nearly a $1 billion enterprise

devoted to educating, advocating for and

providing support services to people who

have a spectrum of disabilities.

Gillette is internationally recognized for its

work in treating children who have disabilities and complex medical conditions. Its Center for Cerebral Palsy is world

renowned for its medical treatment and rehabilitation services dedicated to reducing the effects of cerebral palsy

through an interdisciplinary team. The hospital was cited by the 2012 US News & World Report as one of the country’s

best children’s hospitals in the areas of orthopedics and neurology/neurosurgery. Gillette serves approximately 4,000

children and adults each year with cerebral palsy at its main campus in St. Paul, Minnesota and at clinics throughout

the state.

“This is an important day for UCP,” said Stephen Bennett, President & CEO of UCP. “Just as parents in the 1940s

founded UCP as a response to wanting better for their children, UCP is excited to announce a partnership that expands

its reach to help even more people under the UCP banner.”





Emerging Leaders Academy

UCP has been emboldened by executives

who have served affiliates throughout its

more than six decades. As we survey the

network, we understand that many in this

pool of committed leaders will follow the

national trend and retire in the next decade.

Recognizing that the ongoing strength of the

UCP affiliate network relies on nurturing a

new generation of leaders, UCP created an

Emerging Leaders Academy at the 2012 UCP

Annual Conference.

The goal of the UCP Emerging Leaders

Academy is to expand and develop the skills

of promising nonprofit managers in the UCP

affiliate network. The 2012 program was

designed with three distinct “academies,”

with master class tracks for development,

marketing/communications and program

leaders. Selected participants attended the

master class track for a specific category,

as well as general conference sessions,

plenaries, receptions and the Awards for Excellence dinner. Through the generosity of 501 (c) Agencies Trust, UCP was

able to offer scholarships to 13 Emerging Leaders from UCP affiliates across the country, helping defray the cost of

conference registration and travel.

The 2012 UCP Emerging Leaders left the conference energized and ready to implement what they learned at the

conference. Each participant selected a project to establish at their affiliate that could then be adapted and replicated

by other UCP affiliates. 2012 projects include a detailed plan to build a community-based fundraising program,

designing and implementing a health and wellness program and creating an online interactive database of UCP affiliate

fundraising collateral, event plans and communication pieces.

UCP is excited to continue the Emerging Leaders Program at the 2013 Annual Conference as we work to ensure a

strong UCP network for many years to come.





Public Education and Outreach

2012 was an expansive year for UCP’s Public Education and Outreach programs, as we continued to invest in our

flagship program, My Child Without Limits (MCWL), launched Brave Kids, and introduced My Life Without Limits and

the Siblings Initiative. Together, these four programs provide a comprehensive continuum of support for individuals

with disabilities and their families from birth through adulthood.

Additionally, UCP has expanded our public education and outreach efforts through electronic publications and social

media, seeking to spark conversation and build online communities to advance our mission of helping people with

disabilities live a life without limits.

My Child Without Limits, UCP’s authoritative early intervention resource for families of young children ages 0-5 with

developmental delays or disabilities, provides vital information and a strong online community of parents of children

with disabilities, creating a comprehensive web of support for families. In 2012, significant changes were made to the

website to improve the content and accessibility. This included translating the entire site into Spanish, and reviewing

each translated page to ensure that complex medical information would translate and that cultural sensitivities were

observed in the translation.

UCP has continued to grow and develop the My Child Without Limitsonline community, which is an important

component of the comprehensive support provided by MCWL. In the last year, the number of community members has

increased by 47 percent—and it continues to grow, offering parents and families a network of peers they can rely on

for information and support.

Another exciting development for My Child Without Limits is the launch of the Parent Welcome Pack program. As

parents and caregivers join the MCWL community they can sign up to receive a complimentary welcome pack

in efforts to deepen our relationship with them, our support, and provide them with additional information and

resources. Each pack contains information for the parents from UCP supporters as well as other items, such as a bib

and sippy cup, printed with MCWL logo.

In April 2012, UCP launched its second online resource,, which serves children with disabilities and

chronic/ life-threatening illnesses by providing a support community, information and resources on numerous medical

conditions such as genetic diseases, autism, cancer, cerebral palsy and more. Information targets the issues children

and their families aged 6-16 face. In addition to the information available on the website, Brave Kids also has a social

media presence and sends out a monthly newsletter.





At the heart of the new Brave Kids website and community is a belief that people with disabilities and chronic/ lifethreatening

illnesses should be able to live a life without limits. UCP has received excellent feedback from website

users and have plans to improve the site and to expand the program.

UCP’s Sibling Initiative provides information and support to siblings without disabilities and recognizes the importance

these individuals can have on the lives of their brother or sister with a disability. In its first steps, UCP’s Sibling

Initiative has partnered with organizations leading the way for sibling supports and with these groups has created and

provided programming to UCP affiliates.

The final two initiatives that complete UCP’s robust Public Education programs focus on supporting adults with

disabilities in transition from school to living an independent, self-determined life and promoting the role siblings

without disabilities play in the lives of their families. These new programs are in their beginning stages.

In My Life Without Limits, UCP explores life transition issues including employment, housing, exploring higher

education and more. UCP is partnering with other leaders in the field of transitions to find where our resources and

expertise can be put to use.





Online Community and Discussion

Digital media has become an important tool for communication in today’s world, and UCP is fully involved on several

of the most popular websites, including Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

Through each of these social media platforms, UCP works to provide timely information, initiate meaningful

conversations and engage the online community in way that helps achieve our mission of providing a life without limits

for people with disabilities. We welcome you to visit each of our sites and to join the conversation today!


Another critical part of UCP’s education and outreach efforts are our electronic publications: Full Spectrum, which

provides the latest news about UCP and its affiliates; the UCP Washington Wire, a weekly update on federal

policies and developments that impact the disability community; Limitless, the My Child Without Limits newsletter,

which includes information and materials specifically for parents and caregivers of children with disabilities; and the

Brave Kids newsletter, which provides information and ‘news you can use’ for parents of children and teenagers with


In 2012, UCP also partnered with SmartBrief to produce a weekly email newsletter that brings important and timely

news stories focusing on issues of transition for people with disabilities, advocates, UCP affiliates, and anyone looking

for disability news and information, directly to subscribers’ inboxes. Each of these e-publications features stories and

information geared to keep readers up-to-date on the latest news and developments in the UCP network and about

issues that impact the disability community as a whole.





Political Engagement in the Disability Community

United Cerebral Palsy launched a new effort in 2012 to help engage the broader disability community in the political

arena. UCP appointed a new Director of Political Leadership and Strategy, Will Swenson, who is working to recruit an

online grassroots base of support for effective advocacy both in Washington and at the state level.

Swenson will develop resources to help educate the press and the public about how political developments could affect

people with disabilities and their families, and create new communications tools including videos and social media

campaigns to highlight some of the biggest problems facing the community—and the most innovative ideas for how to

solve them.

A centerpiece of those efforts will be the formation of a new 501(c)4 organization that will be able to take on a more

active role in political debates and will be a home for a range of advocacy efforts on issues ranging from health care

to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and education to justice issues. An early effort made by the group, called

Imperfect Union, was a video highlighting how Wisconsinites with disabilities rely on Medicaid for a range of services

and supports, which raised concerns about proposals to cut funding for the program. Similar efforts to connect large

and sometimes abstract policy issues to the everyday experience of individual Americans with disabilities will be a

central strategy of the organization moving forward.





International Work

United Cerebral Palsy recognizes that the movement for the rights of people with disabilities is a global effort. To

harness the power of partnerships, UCP participates in a number of international initiatives, including serving as

founding members of the Amsterdam Group, a global network of service providers committed to finding cooperative

solutions and sharing ideas to ensure the highest quality of life for individuals with disabilities across the globe.

UCP also joined InterAction, a U.S.-based association of non-profits that work in the developing world, in 2012. UCP

participates in the Disability Working Group, which ensures that the needs of people with disabilities are incorporated

into the work of the United States’ foreign assistance program both in the delivery of and the scope of the services.

Through InterAction, UCP also scans for opportunities to work with other NGOs in leveraging our network’s vast

experience to serve people outside the United States.

World Cerebral Palsy Day and World Cerebral Palsy Challenge

“The success of our first

World CP Day and the World

CP Challenge is an incredible

achievement, and I am so

proud of the efforts of all of

those who participated,” said

Stephen Bennett, President

& CEO of UCP. “I applaud the

efforts of our teams around

the world, and look forward

to the exciting work to be

done as we continue to strive

to ensure that people living

with cerebral palsy can live

their lives to the fullest.”

On September 2, 2012, UCP celebrated the first annual World Cerebral Palsy

(CP) Day with the kickoff of a new, innovative event: the World Cerebral Palsy

Challenge, an international awareness and fundraising campaign for people living

with cerebral palsy.

Conceived and launched in partnership with Cerebral Palsy Alliance (CPA) of

Sydney, Australia, World CP Day marked the beginning of a month dedicated to

making the world better for individuals with cerebral palsy. An accompanying

contest called “Change My World in 1 Minute” was launched on the website,

urging individuals to submit minute-long videos with ideas about how to change

the lives of people with cerebral palsy through improved mobility, independence,

accessibility, communication or social connection. 461 ideas were submitted,

and starting on World CP Day, individuals were able to begin voting on which

idea they thought would make a real difference in people’s lives. Researchers,

innovators and inventors will get a chance to turn the top three ideas into

reality—and compete for a share of the $25,000 in prize money (prize winners

will be announced in April 2013).

World CP Day also marks the launch of the World CP Challenge, a month-long campaign that encourages people to

get active and support individuals living with cerebral palsy. Throughout September, almost 7,000 people around the

world competed as teams to exercise and fundraise, with teams and participants tracking their daily activities, such

as walking, running, or biking, and entering the equivalent ‘step count’ on the World CP Challenge website. Each

team’s steps and fundraising were combined, and the website tracked their progress throughout the month—totaling

an incredible $774,399 funds raised worldwide, which will go to toward helping people with cerebral palsy and other


UCP continues to build on the successes of the first year of the World CP Day and World CP Challenge, and anticipates

more exciting progress in years to come.





Support & Investment

UCP is grateful to everyone who supports our mission and invests their time, talent and resources in helping to ensure

a life without limits for people with disabilities. This section is the public accounting of this support and the ways in

which UCP has stewarded these gifts.

With your help, UCP and its affiliates support thousands of individuals like Elise, the mother of a two-year-old

living with cerebral palsy. Elsie relies on My Child Without Limits, an early-intervention resource to get guidance on

treatments and therapies, as well as support and encouragement from mothers like her across the nation.

Your support is critical to fulfilling United Cerebral Palsy’s mission: to advance the independence, productivity and full

citizenship of people with disabilities through an affiliate network. Thank you for your investment in our work.





Return to Research

UCP renewed it commitment to medical research in 2012 with several strategic alliances.

James A. Blackman, M.D., M.P.H., Medical Director of the Cerebral Palsy International

Research Foundation, joined UCP as a research consultant as the international disability

rights organization works in dynamic global partnerships to advance medical research for

people with disabilities.

The largest of those partnerships comes with UCP international affiliate Cerebral Palsy

Alliance (CPA) in Sydney, Australia. CPA has donated millions of dollars to advance new

research in disabilities. Together with CPA, UCP has formed an international partnership

with other disability organizations to launch World CP Day and the World CP Challenge, both

of which raise critical funds for research.

Dr. Blackman is Professor Emeritus of Pediatrics at the University of Virginia, where he served for more than 20 years,

most recently as Head, Division of Developmental Pediatrics and Medical Director of the Kluge Children’s Rehabilitation

Center. He is also past president of the American Academy for Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Medicine. Among

his research interests, he has received funding from the NIH to study the role of the Apolipoprotein E gene in cerebral

palsy with collaborators from Australia and Norway. He received his MD degree at the Ohio State University, completed

pediatrics residency at the University of Michigan and Fellowship in Developmental/Behavioral Pediatrics at Harvard

University (Children’s Hospital, Boston).

Dr. Blackman coordinates UCP’s research track at its international conference, is spearheading a research advisory

council comprised of UCP affiliates who are engaging in research activities and is also writing a series of research

briefs featured at UCP’s online Medical Director’s Desk, including information on mental health and cerebral palsy,

stem cell therapy and sensory therapies.





Financial Information

The following financial information is from UCP’s audited September 30, 2012 financials.

2012 Financials

To access financial statements and 990s from prior years, please visit





List of Contributors

The Independence Society

The Independence Society honors individuals who have provided for the future of United Cerebral Palsy in their estate

plans. For more information on how you can provide a lasting legacy to UCP, or if you have already included UCP in

your estate plans and would like to be recognized as a member of the Independence Society, please contact Giselle

Pole at or (202) 973-7133.

The following individuals and/or estates alerted UCP of their intentions in fiscal year 2012.

James Brown/Harry Giamba

Thomas Doran

Franklin Gillespie

Robert and Eleanor Heller

Florence Patton

Anita Porco

Chester Read

Rene Spicer

Abraham J. Stock

Janice Trepiccione

Constance K. Wesner

The following list represents individuals and organizations making charitable contributions to United Cerebral

Palsy, Inc. between October 1, 2011 and September 30, 2012. We are grateful for the ongoing generosity of our

supporters, who allow UCP to advance a life without limits for people with a spectrum of disabilities. If there are any

errors or omissions, please accept our heartfelt apologies and contact the Development Office at (202) 973-7110 or

Circle of Promise

Circle of Promise is UCP’s premier giving society. We are pleased to recognize those supporting UCP with gifts of

$1,000 or more annually.

$100,000 and above

Circle K Stores, Florida Division

Tampa, FL

Circle K Stores, Gulf Coast Division

Pensacola, FL


Melwood Horticultural Training Center

Upper Marlboro, MD

The Medtronic Foundation

Minneapolis, MN

Shionogi, Inc

Florham Park, NJ


Cord Blood Registry

San Bruno, CA

Freddie Mac Foundation

McLean, VA

The Hershey Company

Hershey, PA

PATCH Foundation

Hanover, MD

Patricia Lujack

Bettendorf, IA


Troy, NJ






501C Agencies Trust

Cupertino, CA

Acorda Therapeutics

Hawthorne, NY

Cassidy Turley Washington, LLC

Washington, DC

Ford Gum & Machine Company

Akron, NY

Bruce Merlin Fried & Lisa Hill

Washington, DC


Birmingham, AL

Portmann Family Charitable Fund

Jenkintown, PA

Toys “R” Us Children’s Fund

Wayne, NJ


Stephen Bennett

Washington, DC

Cambium Learning Technologies

Dallas, TX

Donate for a Cause

Bozeman, MT

Eric Hespenheide

Bingham Farms, MI

National Assembly Business Services


Washington, DC

RGA Reinsurance Company

Chesterfield, MO

SCAN Health Plan

Long Beach, CA


A & M Tool Molding

Division Inc

Arden, NC

American Association of Persons with


Washington, DC

Air Valet

Irving, TX

Frank and Beverly Arnstein

Beverly Hills, CA

Beekman Advisors, INC

McLean, VA

Jewish Community Foundation of

Greater Kansas City

Overland Park, KS

Barbara Berkman

Boston, MA

Philip Blumberg

Coral Gables, FL

Mark Boles

Frisco, TX

Michael Burke

Washington, DC

CARF International

Tucson, AZ

Charlotte Paint

Company Inc

Mount Holly, NC

Cognitopia Software

Eugene, OR

Community Health Charities of Illinois

Chicago, IL

Community Health Charities of South


Columbia, SC

Community Health Charities of Texas

San Antonio, TX

Edward “Woody” Connette

Charlotte, NC

Gerald Dayharsh

Kalamazoo, MI

Jeanne De Sa

Washington, DC

Doctor Everett and Ruth Rosen


Houston, TX

Adam Dormuth

Arlington, VA

Sarah Earwicker

Bowie, MD


Knoxville, TN

Jeffrey Ettinger

Austin, MN

Harvey S. Firestone Jr. Foundation

Detroit, MI

First Nonprofit Insurance Company

Chicago, IL

Foothold Technology

New York, NY

Gillette Children’s Specialty


St. Paul, MN

Tom Graham

Lorton, VA

Michael E. Hill and Dr. Michael T.


Washington, DC

HMS Business Services

New York, NY

David J. Hoffman, MD

Wayne, PA

HSC Foundation

Washington, DC





Gloria Johnson-Cusack

Alexandria, VA

Steve Katsurinis

Washington, DC

Michael Koskoff

Bridgeport, CT

Thomas Landry

Highland, MI

Marion & Louis Grossman Charitable


Remsenburg, NY

Marriott International, Inc.

Bethesda, MD

Daniel Murphy

New York, NY

National Assembly Business Services


Washington, DC

New York Yankees Foundation

Bronx, NY

Oppenheimerfunds Legacy Program

Denver, CO

Pharmacy Alternatives

Louisville, KY

Giselle Pole

Washington, DC

Anita Porco

Dallas, TX

Lawrence Puckett

Miami, FL

Eleanor and John Rorer

New Rochelle, NY

Elizabeth Ruffin

Raleigh, NC

Scioto Properties, LLC

Dublin, OH

Special Considerations

Dallastown, PA

Lois Sutton

Waco, TX

Taylor Farms California, Inc

Salinas, CA

Therap Services

Waterbury, CT

Chris Thomson

Washington, DC


American Legion Post 379

Bedford, TX

Scott Baymiller

Germantown, TN

Arnold Bressler

New York, NY


Fairfax, VA

Fred Cohn

Fort Pierce, FL

Lauren Cozzi

Washington, DC

Young De Normandie LLP

Seattle, WA

Lois Dyk

Houston, TX

East Bay Community Foundation

Oakland, CA

Michael Edwards

Omaha, NE

Naomi Esmon

Oklahoma City, OK

Fred and Connie Garner

Burke, VA

Alan Gordon

Manhasset, NY

Henry Henzel

Birmingham, AL

Shawn Horwitz

Woodland Hills, CA

IBM Employee Services Center

Endicott, NY

Martin Kaminsky

Rockville Centre, NY

Grange Insurance Companies

Columbus, OH

Buddy Klein

Ellijay, GA


Syracuse, NY

Patrick Leach

Missouri City, TX

Legacy Management and

Development Corp

Edina, MN

Sol Leibowitz

Rego Park, NY

Walter Leinhardt

Larchmont, NY

Patrick Lencioni

Alamo, CA

Marlborough Gallery Inc

New York, NY

David McNaughton

State College, PA

Marney Mesch

Albany, NY

Lee Miller

Boca Raton, FL





Alfred Montaigne

Jenkintown, PA

Boyd Morrison

Seattle, WA

Richard and Sheree Niece

Clarksville, AR

Brian Oostinga

San Diego, CA

Karl Patten

Lewisburg, PA

Prudential Foundation Matching Gifts

Princeton, NJ

Joe Randles

Willoughby Hills, OH

Robert Reiser & Co.

Canton, MA

Edwin Simonsen

Derry, NH

Jason Snyder

Newark, DE

Ramona Spears

Palm Beach Gardens, FL

St. George’s School

Newport, RI

Starwood Hotels & Resorts

Worldwide, Inc

Scottsdale, AZ

Don Sullivan

Spring, TX

Suganthi Swayambunathan

Columbia, MD

Pamela Talkin

Washington, DC

Harold Tucker

Pikesville, MD

Robert Van Iten

Naperville, IL

Elliot Wax

Thousand Oaks, CA

Wells Fargo Community Support


Princeton, NJ

Ralph Zonies

Cherry Hill, NJ

Jeanne Zweig

Philadelphia, PA


Arden Baker

Potomac, MD

Barry Barbash

Potomac, MD

Belz Foundation

Memphis, TN

William Beyer

Los Alamos, NM

Allen Bissell

Chevy Chase, MD

Black Diamond Minerals LLC

Denver, CO

Richard Bloch

Los Angeles, CA

James Bowman

Peoria, IL

Sandra Brewer

Springfield, IL

K. Bunker

Saint Joseph, MO

Carl Burnett

Paducah, KY

Frances Cava

New York, NY

John Clark

Manchester Center, VT

Joseph Colella

Silver Spring, MD

Frank Combs

Leonardtown, MD

Community Health Charities of


Metairie, LA

Carol Comparsi

Huntington Beach, CA

Joan Connor

Marblehead, MA

Donna Cook

Houston, TX

Charles Cook

Kailua, HI

Christine Cottrell

Grayland, WA

Crowder College

Neosho, MO

Genie Crowe

Dayton, WA

Steven Crystal

Reno, NV

Rosemary Cuccaro

Westfield, NJ

Nava Danevitch

Los Angeles, CA

Jacquelyne Davis

Granada Hills, CA

Jimi Davis

Birmingham, AL

Irene De Campi

Ridgewood, NY

Frances Dellacava

New York, NY

Zita Desenberg

Sarasota, FL





Mary Donley

Mansfield, OH

Dorian, Goldstein, Wisniewski &

Orchinik, P.C.

Bensalem, PA

Ralph Dorsey

Los Alamos, NM

Francis Doughty

Reading, MA

Michael Duffy

Austin, TX

Glen Duncan

Napa, CA

Jane Dunlap

Florence, SC

Deanna Dunmyer

Needham, MA

Anthony Durall

Owensboro, KY

Kara Eicholzer

Liverpool, NY

EideBailly LLP

Fargo, ND

Scot Engel

Cedar Park, TX

Robert Errico

Short Hills, NJ

Janet Ettleman

Tampa, FL

C. Everitt

Morgantown, WV

William Ewen

Austin, TX

Janet Fenstermacher

Port Jefferson Station, NY

John Field

Houston, TX

First Niagara Bank

Lockport, NY

David Fluhrer

Lattingtown, NY

Carmella Forbess

Corvallis, OR

William Foster

East China, MI

W Freeland

Redwood City, CA

H Friedman

Wayne, NJ

Fund For Effective Government

Matching Gift Program

Princeton, NJ

Alan and Marion Garfield

New York, NY

Paul Gerwin

Bonita Springs, FL

Lambert Giessinger

Pasadena, CA

Sarah Glickenhaus

Scarsdale, NY

Ryan Grace

Mohawk, MI

Lila Greene

Great Neck, NY

Julius Guttman

Boca Raton, FL

Doris Hays

Chalfont, PA

Bob and Diane Hendry

Orange Park, FL

John Hewey

Portland, ME

Scott Hiller

Evanston, IL

Howard Hoctor

West Chester, PA

Joseph Holman

Moorestown, NJ

Honeywell International Matching

Gifts Program

Washington, DC

Edward Horton

Amesbury, MA

W Hutchinson

Jacksonville, FL

Kenneth Jaffe

Chevy Chase, MD

Betsy Jahncke

Covington, LA

John J Kirlin, LLC

Rockville, MD

Bruce Johnson

Lake Geneva, WI

Helen Johnston

Needham, MA

Miriam Jones

San Marino, CA

Lorrayne Jones

Corona, CA

Stanley Kandel

Los Angeles, CA

Jonathan Kay

West Sayville, NY

Agnes Keller

Freeland, MD

Richard Kenna

Toney, AL

Richard Klinghoffer

Jericho, NY

Allison and Mark Kozikowski

Wilmot, NH





Rudolph Landin

Staten Island, NY

Kevin Langan

Albany, NY

Joel Lazere

Niles, MI

Greg Lesher

South Hamilton, MA

Jacob Levy

New York, NY

Donald Leyden

Elk Grove, CA

Paul Liddle

Columbia, SC

David Lieberman

West Bloomfield, MI

Arlene Litow

Thiensville, WI

Charles Lo Giudice

Staten Island, NY

Charles Lowery

Starkville, MS

Harry Luff

Orlando, FL

Mike Mahlstedt

Houston, TX

Bonnie Marshall

Hazel Crest, IL

Joan Martin

Millersville, PA

Mary Mays

Hudson, OH

Robert Mc Cray

Amherst, NH

James McDonnell

Belmont, NC

Edward McNally

Tuckerton, NJ

Mercer Global

Louisville, KY

Linda Michielli

Frederick, MD

Milestone Sunday

School Class

Baton Rouge, LA

Alfred Miller

Largo, FL

Roy Molina

Ankeny, IA

Morgan Stanley

Washington, DC

Laird Mork

Mora, MN

Bryan Moulton

Spencerport, NY

Rita Mulrooney

Wilmington, DE

Kenneth Murphy

Staten Island, NY

New Cumberland Christian Church

Youth Group

New Cumberland, WV

Carl Norrid

Tulsa, OK

Marie Ogden

Chicago, IL

Barbara Paige

Virginia Beach, VA

Marilyn Parker

La Porte, TX

PDC Team

Saint Paul, MN

PG&E Corporation Campaign for

the Community

Princeton, NJ

Patricia Pinkos

El Dorado Hills, CA

Nancy Prendergast

Graniteville, SC

H Pruder

Gainesville, FL

James Pushaw

Elk Grove Village, IL

Elsa Raven

North Hollywood, CA

David Ray

Gettysburg, PA

Razoo Foundation

Washington, DC

Michael Reed

Silver Spring, MD

Donald Reusche

Elburn, IL

Harold Richard

York Harbor, ME

Randolph Richardson

Southbury, CT

Kenneth Robb

Macomb, MI

Elizabeth Romagnuolo

Mount Pleasant, SC

Rudolph Rosenbaum

Hartsdale, NY

Irvin Roth

Springfield, OR

Susan Rothenberg

West Newton, MA

Nancy Rowell

Smithfield, RI





Richard Rowley

Glastonbury, CT

Paul Saenger

Evanston, IL

Daniel Salem

Chandler, AZ

Dan Sander

Fremont, CA

Sarah Schenone

Saratoga Springs, NY

Ronna Scoratow

Pittsburgh, PA

Margaret Scripps

Boulder, CO

Christobel Selecky

Laguna Beach, CA

Robin Sherman

New York, NY

Richard Shutt

Pennellville, NY

Robert Siegel

Larchmont, NY

Jody Singe

Denver, CO

Rowland Skinner

Williamstown, MA

Linda Smedley

Redwood City, CA

Donald Smith

Tampa, FL

Glenn Snyder

Reston, VA

C. Snyder

Glenbrook, NV

Danielle Socher

Rockville, MD

Werner and Vivian Sonn

Manhasset, NY

Wilber Spalding

Prairie Village, KS

Andrew Stasko

Cumberland, MD

Deborah Steckis

East Moriches, NY

Stanley Stein

Boynton Beach, FL

Kevin Stockey

Port Cash/Checkester, NY

Jeanne Strosser

Blacksburg, VA

Becky Stukenborg

Germantown, TN

Francis Sullivan

Manasquan, NJ

Superior Auto Care, Inc.

Reston, VA

Claudia Taran

Plainsboro, NJ

Sean Teague

Maplewood, NJ

The Progressive Insurance


Cleveland, OH

Martin Thomas

Waukesha, WI

Robert Tyler

Great Falls, VA

Betty Udouch

Johnstown, PA

United Way of King County

seattle, WA

United Way of Northern New Jersey

Bridgewater, NJ

Dorothy Vallance

Holbrook, NY

Jerry Vance

Chesapeake, VA

Veterans of Foreign Wars

Grasonville, MD

Ruth Vinton

Bandera, TX

Edward Vranizan

Portland, OR

Virginia Wendel

Fort Myers, FL

Ruth Wendler

Fairbanks, AK

Western Deposit Services

Boulder, CO

R Westphal

Eau Claire, WI

Thomas Wheadon

Lowville, NY

Andrew Wheatley

Pittsburgh, PA

Cynthia Wild

Naples, FL

Philip and Laverne Wiles

Houston, TX

Nolan Williams

Fayetteville, AR

K. Willis

Brownsboro, AL

Adam Wilson

Charlotte, NC

Wilson Industrial Sales Company, INC

Brook, IN

Mary Winograd

Lincolnshire, IL





Robert Wolfe

Naples, FL

Jay Yass

Herndon, VA

Anita Zaccaro

Nanuet, NY

Alexander Zutkoff

Plano, TX


Judith Adams

Columbus, GA

Donald Adams

Harpswell, ME

Loretta Alois

Melrose Park, IL

Martin Altman

Ballwin, MO

Jerry Ambrosio

Bellevue, WA

American Association of University


Pasadena, CA

Emerald Anderson

El Cerrito, CA

Toni Anderson

Naples, FL

Dave Andreotta

Newtown, CT

Edwin Andrews

Flower Mound, TX

Sixto Aquino

McLean, VA

Sylvia Arnold

Atlanta, GA

Arundel Federal Savings Bank

Glen Burnie, MD

Robert Asher

La Canada Flintridge, CA

Louis Axelrod

Lake Forest, IL

Jerry Bagnani

Redwood City, CA

Sylvester Ballard

Exton, PA

Jo Ballinger

Cincinnati, OH

Bank of America Foundation

Charlotte, NC

Colleen Barrett

Dallas, TX

Donald Barron

Troy, NY

Basic Concepts Inc

Anderson, SC

Norman Bassman

Fair Lawn, NJ

Walter Bates

Franklin, TN

Jeanne Bauer

Mission Viejo, CA

Anne Beaumont

New York, NY

Bob Becker

Missoula, MT

Mary Becker

Parma, OH

Stanley Beder

Potomac, MD

David Beens

Troy, MI

Hope Berman

New York, NY

Sybil Berstein

Glen Cove, NY

John Bertani

Baltimore, MD

Reinhart Billiar

Virginia Beach, VA

Dorothy Biskie

Salem, OR

Melissa Blanton

Laguna Woods, CA

Lee Blaymore

Vernon Rockville, CT

Mildred Blum

Pikesville, MD

David Blumenstein

Alexandria, VA

Louis Bobrow

Jamaica, NY


Chicago, IL

William Bonney

Redmond, WA

Luisa Bosso

North Palm Beach, FL

Robert Boyer

Atlanta, GA

Hamilton Boykin

Bluffton, SC

Irwin Brafman

Cliffside Park, NJ

Annette Braverman

Warwick, PA

Brazos Loan Services

College Station, TX

Dorothy Bready

Rockville, MD





Robert Briggs

Jackson, TN

Sue Bright

Costa Mesa, CA


Atlanta, GA

Richard Brown

Rockville Centre, NY

Ricardo Brown

Washington, DC

Paul Browning

McLean, VA

Patricia Bulliard

Saint Martinville, LA

Jeannette Bumphus

Derry, NH

Sarah Burns

Farmington, CT

Judd Burton

Los Angeles, CA

Janet Butler

Bronx, NY

Sandy Cademartori

Los Altos, CA

Pete Caffrey

Gardner, KS

Cail Realty

Norwood, MA

Beatrice Caldwell

Ann Arbor, MI

Paul Camell

Wilmington, MA

James Campbell

San Francisco, CA

Mireya Camurati

Buffalo, NY

Victoria Chandler

La Mirada, CA

Chevron Humankind Matching Gift


Princeton, NJ

Paul Chilton

Douglas, MA

James Christiansen

South Milwaukee, WI

Albert and Glenda Clark

Starkville, MS

Janet Clark

El Lago, TX

Gertrude Clarke

Whippany, NJ

Gerald Clary

Springfield, MO

Daniel Clavier

Gretna, LA

Philip Clay

Hot Springs, AR

Ila Clements-Dvey

Boulder City, NV

Peter Clos

Bennington, NE

John Coffey

Chicago, IL

Richard D.Cohen

Santa Rosa, CA

John Coleman

Dewey Beach, DE

Community Health Charities of


Brentwood, TN

Community Health Charities Of


Newport News, VA

Charles Connolly

Lakewood, NJ

Edward Connolly

Wynantskill, NY

Jeffrey Cornish

Snohomish, WA

William Cromer

Columbus, NC

Robert Cullen

Miami, FL

Culpeper Mid-Day Lions

Culpeper, VA

Gregory Cuozzo

Toms River, NJ

Helen Cyker

Boca Raton, FL

James Czupil

Mechanicsburg, PA

Dolores Daucher

Newton, NJ

James Davis

Palatine, IL

Noopur Davis

Pittsburgh, PA

Panzy De Hart

Queens Village, NY

Terry De Wald

Tucson, AZ

R Deavours

Butler, AL

Merle Del Polito

Wharton, NJ

Thomas Delay

Oceanside, NY

Dell Giving

Dallas, TX





Sheila Dermer

Los Gatos, CA

John Desimini

Portland, OR

Susan Di Bona

Drexel Hill, PA

Rocco Di Rico

East Elmhurst, NY

Paul Dietche

New York, NY

Joseph Dilger

Boyne City, MI

Barbara Doherty

Roanoke, VA

Richard Donovan

New York, NY

Connee Doubleday

Ankeny, IA

Patricia Dowd

Seattle, WA

Margaret Downward

Hilton Head Island, SC

Gilda Drotman

Dana Point, CA

Judith Dunne

Lawrenceville, GA

Howard Edelstein

New York, NY

George Enos

Albany, NY

Francis Esposito

Mililani, HI

Craig Evans

Spencerport, NY

Michael Falcone

Bellmore, NY

Pat and Carol Fallon

McLean, VA

Jon Farber

Alexandria, VA

Seymour Farbman

Timonium, MD

Vernon Farney

Winston Salem, NC

Robert Fiestal

Boca Raton, FL

John Finch

Goodlettsville, TN

Irving Fine

Beachwood, OH

Jerome Finkelstein

New York, NY

Lee Fischer

Quincy, IL

Peter Fish

Cottonwood, AZ

Frederick Fisher

Milton, FL

Carl Fleming

Colonia, NJ

Laura Lau

Norman, OK

Christie Flynn

Tacoma, WA

FM Global Foundation

Johnston, RI

Estelle Fndaton

South El Monte, CA

Joseph Foley

Tonawanda, NY

Jacqueline Fowler

Norwalk, CT

Sharon France

Daytona Beach, FL

Joyce Froot

Boynton Beach, FL

Eirik Furubotn

Bryan, TX

Jay Gaines

Albertson, NY

Colleen Gallagher

Osterville, MA

Roberta Gancarz

Camillus, NY

Larry and Ginger Gardner

Oxford, AL

David Garner

Oakton, VA

Timothy Garry

Cincinnati, OH

Lee Garvin

Annandale, VA

GE United Way Campaign

Princeton, NJ

Joan Gingrich

Williamsport, PA

Caroline Gioia

Farmingdale, ME

Sharon Glass

Ridgewood, NY

Jimmy Glenn

Atlanta, GA

Kenneth Goggin

Dubai, (blank)

Alan Goldberg

Wilmette, IL

David Goldstein

Ambler, PA





Linda Goldstein

Port Chester, NY

Glenn Gomes

Columbia, MD

George Gomillion

Manchester, TN

Marian Gordon

Potomac, MD

Goshen Medical Associates

Goshen, NY

Norma Grabler

Palm Beach, FL

Richard Grabowski

Mckinleyville, CA

Glenn Graham

Smithfield, RI

Susan Graham

Wilmette, IL

Lyle Gramling

Sacramento, CA

Greater Kansas City Community


Kansas City, MO

Carl Greer

Wheaton, IL

Bernard Griffard

Mechanicsburg, PA

Judy Grossberg

Albertson, NY

Brent Grover

Cleveland, OH

W Gumble

New York, NY

Jill Guz

Keego Harbor, MI

William Haggerty

San Leandro, CA

Jonann Hall

Fort Collins, CO

John Hammond

Appleton, WI

James Hand

Somerville, NJ

Anita Handel

Brooklyn, NY

Sophia Hansen

Murrells Inlet, SC

Eugene Harris

Beverly Hills, CA

Thomas Haslinger

Rockville, MD

James Hauser

Bethlehem, PA

Leonard Hauskey

Arlington Heights, IL

Kathy Hensel

Highland Village, TX

Alan Goldberg

Atlanta, GA

Lorraine Hinck

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Key Partnerships

UCP is proud to partner with companies that stand as a model of aligning corporate philanthropy with the needs of the

real people they serve. With their support, we are able provide vital resources that can improve the lives of children

and adults living with chronic diseases and disabilities.

The Hershey Company is dedicated to making a difference in the communities where we live, work and do business,

with a particular focus on children at risk. UCP is grateful for Hershey’s longtime support of My Child Without Limits.

MetLife® Center for Special Needs Planning is dedicated to helping families secure both lifetime care and quality of

life for their dependents with special needs. As a partner in UCP’s Public Education & Outreach programs, through

presentations to our affiliates at national and regional meetings, and in educating our families about the need to plan

for the future, MetLife® exemplifies the best of our mission to help people with disabilities lead a life without limits.

Medtronic, Inc. is the world’s leading medical technology company, alleviating pain, restoring health and extending

life for people with chronic disease. Programs like PatientLink help build awareness, educate and advocate on behalf

of our patients and their families. UCP is grateful for Medtronic and the Medtronic Foundation’s support of My Child

Without Limits and BraveKids.





Our Newest Partner

UCP welcomes Cord Blood Registry (CBR) as a new partner for the My Child Without Limits Parent/Caregiver Welcome

Packs. Like UCP, CBR believes that all children deserve to live a life without limits and understand the importance of

sharing valuable information, hope and a new community to all those who visit My Child Without Limits.

CBR was founded on the belief that saving newborn cord blood stem cells can change the future of medicine. For more

than 15 years, CBR has led the industry in technical innovations and are entrusted by parents with storing cord blood

and tissue for more than 400,000 children. CBR created the Center for Regenerative Medicine to fuel innovation in

newborn stem cell medicine through research grants, clinical trials, and information sharing.

CBR is currently partnering with leading medical institutions that are exploring the use of a newborn’s own stem cells

to help heal injuries or treat conditions. CBR is the exclusive research partner for three ongoing FDA-regulated clinical

trials evaluating the use of a child’s own (autologous) cord blood stem cells for the treatment of:

• Hearing Loss: Children’s Memorial Hermann Hosphersey logoital in Houston, Texas

• Traumatic Brain Injury: The University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston (UTHealth)

Cerebral Palsy: Georgia Health Sciences University

To learn more about Cord Blood Registry, please visit


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