A Message from Kathleen M. Mangan Chamber President & CEO


A Message from Kathleen M. Mangan Chamber President & CEO

We can find a few!

We will purchase a mail list *

specifically targeted for your business,


Konhaus Marketing

& Communications

Personalized Marketing Solutions

- just let us design, print and mail

your next marketing piece!

*mail list qty. 1000. Offer exp. 5-31-10.

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How to Double Your Direct Mail

Response Rates

Few mediums provide

the direct, personalized

approach of a well

administered direct

mail campaign.

But while direct

mail has repeatedly

proven itself, many

business professionals

have ventured away from

the practice

after disappointing


These businesses are

missing out on valuable

opportunities, as their direct mail

woes are likely the result of a miscue

in execution. Direct mail is a misunderstood

medium, and taking the time to clear up common

misperceptions is well worth the effort.

Many business people feel that direct mail is a medium for

the masses, and sending out thousands of pieces to every

name you can buy will deliver results. This theory is poorly

guided, as it generally wastes lots of time and money.

Communicating a specific, targeted message to one

hundred prospects will always beat sending a general,

all-encompassing message to thousands. Therefore,

developing an effective direct mail campaign involves:

1. Defining your target, being very specific.

2. Cleaning your list to only those prospects that meet

demographic, geographic, and lifestyle criteria.

Cut as many entries as possible to form a

concentrated audience.

3. Creating your direct mail piece with your specific

target in mind. Cater your graphics, copy and

call-to-action to the target you have identified.

Consider variable-data or variable graphic printing

for the ultimate customization.

4. Following-up with a call or e-mail. Since your list is

now much smaller, you can afford to give personal

attention to each name. If needed, break large

mailings into parts to allow for follow up work.

Integrate these four techniques into your direct mail

campaign, and you will discover the power of a direct,

personalized mail campaign.

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