Issue 2 - July 12, 2013 - Gesher Summer Camp

Issue 2 - July 12, 2013 - Gesher Summer Camp

The Gesher Gazette

Happy Birthday

Hailey Raymond 7/11

Ava Katz 7/12

Benjamin Lewis 7/12

Gabriel Schaerf 7/13




July 15th

July 17th





July 16h


New York Liberty Trip

July 18th

Unit Spirit Day

Kinneret=Blue Madrichim=Purple

Negev=Camp Shirt Galil=Red

A Message From the Directors

The summer is now in full swing and our campers are truly having a blast! It was great to have a

full 5 day week of camp so we could really get Gesher ruach (spirit) going strong!

We kicked off this week with an incredible animal show! It was the first time Gesher was visited

by a python, a kookaburra, an armadillo, a porcupine and a leopard! Everyone had a great

time watching the animals and learning interesting facts about them. Chanukah in July was a fun

day full of latkes, dreidels and Chanukah songs. On Thursday our Negev campers enjoyed

their first Undernight of the summer with an extra swim, dinner and the Hollyrock Game Show

show. The show was a blast and all of our “contestants” and audience members had a terrific

time! Our Pre K thru 2 nd grade campers enjoyed a visit from the petting zoo on Friday (no

leopards this time, just a few ducklings, sheep and goats)!

The highlight of our week, however, was on Thursday, when campers took part in our annual

Swim-a-Thon for Chai Lifeline and Camp Simcha. Pledges and donations have already

started to trickle in and we are on our way to once again raising over $10,000; however, we can

only reach our goal with everyone’s help. The money raised goes directly to providing children

with cancer and terminal illnesses the opportunity to experience for a brief moment what it’s

like to be a “regular” kid and do regular kid activities. Camp Simcha is an oasis for these

children and has proven to be very therapeutic. With all of the financial strain placed on these

families to care for their children day to day, Camp Simcha does not charge to attend this

wonderful program. All funding is donated through Galil a variety Dorney Park of Trip charity fundraisers, such as our

and Overnight

Swim-a-Thon. We support this mitzvah, and will be collecting money for another two weeks.

You can make your donation on-line by logging onto Please encourage

your children to call relatives and friends and ask for sponsorships, even though the swimming

part has already been completed.

There’s so much to look forward to coming up next week! Wild Water Day, a camp favorite, is

on Wednesday and our Unit Wide Spirit Day is on

Friday! Our oldest campers – Galil, Madrichim and

LIT’s – will be going to the Prudential Center to see a

NY Liberty Game. Please remember that camp will be

closed next Tuesday, July 16, because of Tisha B’Av.

Shabbat Shalom and have a restful weekend. We can’t

wait to see everyone next week for more good times

and happy days!

Volume 12, Issue 2

July 12 2013

Av 5, 5773

Scott Lantzman, Director

(862) - 437-8111

All Star Staff

Director’s Choice

Adi Yodev


Noni Benisty

Ben Gersten

Sammi Grossman

Elliot Naphtali

Larissa Rosenberg


Julie Plotkin

Annie Rishty

Max Saltzman


Emily Beneroff

Ally Bramnick

Molly Gottlieb

Ronnie Herman


Bluma Acocella

Dani Rothenberg


Nick Archer

Alan Bromley


Lee Brot

Becca Carmel

Shira Newman

July 19th

Scott, Marla & Amy

Page 2

Gesher Gazette


We’re so excited for week 2

Here’s a look back at what all our campers do!

Monday we saw a special animal show

We celebrated Chanukah in July, minus the


What activities do Kinneret campers like to


Tennis, Shirah (music) and ropes just make our


That’s just the beginning, But that’s not all

Who could forget activities like pop stix and T-


Favorite Movie Character and Farm Dress up days

were great to see.

Lots of our friends dressed up so wonderfully.

During our swim-a-thon, our little guys and gals

showed lots of heart,

Swimming, raising money, and showing that we can all do our part.

Have a great weekend wherever you might be

And get ready for a fantastic week #3!

~ Michelle, Audra & Stacy

Division News!



The week started off with the fantastic show, the Wild

World of Animals. It was awesome to see all of the

different animals.

On Tuesday, all of Gesher celebrated Chanukah in July!

Negev campers loved eating latkes for lunch and singing

Chanuka songs during Boker Tov and Lehitraot.

Negev campers looked so great at Boker Tov, dressed up

as their favorite movie characters on Wednesday.

Thursday was a busy day for all of Negev because we had

Swim-a-Thon and the Undernight. Everyone did a great

job swimming as many laps as they could. We're so

proud of them! Having an extra swim is always

exciting. The counselors and campers played such

fun games in the water (Marco Polo being the most

enthusiastic!). The Hollyrock Game Show was a blast!

We loved the last game of boys vs. girls. It was so

great to see and hear the cheering, laughing and

great spirit of our unit!

Today was Farm Day here at camp. Ask your children

which of the farm animals were their favorite.

Looking forward to next week. Have a great


~ Sharon, & Lyndsey

Week 2 in Galil was fun, fun, fun! Especially swimming laps for the Swim-a-thon.

The campers enjoyed Chocolate-Making and Brain Candy just to name a few.

There are so many chugim to do! do! do!

Week 2 was hot and sunny and the wild animal show on Monday was so, so funny!

We celebrated Chanukah in July by eating latkes and playing lots of activities.

We are looking forward to Week 3, "Wild Water Day". It will be great you will see!

~ Karen and Shai

July 12 2013

Av 5, 5773

Staff Spotlight

Page 3

Gesher Gazette

Hebrew Word

Of The Day

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday


Dreidel=Sevivon Movie=Seret Swimming Pool=Brecha

July 12 2013

Av 5, 5773


Interviews by

The Newspaper


Interviews By:

Josh Brown

Sam Grodin

Elias Kishelev

Daniel Levin

Matt Sass

Nathan Scherzer

Aaron Scherzer


~ Ellen

Scott Lantzman (Director)

What is your favorite sport to watch on TV? The NFL (football)

What is your favorite team? Cincinnati Bengals

Who are your favorite players? Ickey Woods, T.J.

Houshmandzadeh, David Fulcher, Ken Anderson, AJ Green

What is your favorite camp activity? Welcoming the buses in

the morning!

This year’s musical is Willy Wonka which will be performed on

August 21 with one performance during the day for the campers and one in the

evening for cast families.

This is truly a special day where campers stay for dinner with a pizza party and

cake. The Galil children, who have selected drama as their chug for the entire

summer started on Day One of camp for a true theatrical experience. The

children had a very realistic audition where they sang and read lines from the

script in order to help me determine the best role for them in the play.

Rehearsals are underway as everyone is learning the

songs, dances, and their lines in the show.

Please remember to send your child’s script in their

backpack each day. Also-it’s very helpful to

highlight your child’s lines at home and review

difficult vocabulary with them. You will receive

letters home regarding costumes in a few weeks.

We will be asking for basic pieces of clothing that

you can find in your closet.

We look forward to a great show!

Tennis is off to a great start!

Jill Green (Cooking Specialist)

How long have you worked at Gesher? This is my fourth


Why did you want to work here? I thought it would be fun

to have a summer job at camp because I love camp

What is your favorite food to make? Challa

Why did you want to work at cooking? Because I like to

cook and I wanted to teach children how to cook.


Popcorn tennis has been a big hit with Kinneret. Popcorn Tennis is a

game where the campers line up and race to the center of the court

where they need to pick up a ball and run back. The only catch is that

each time they play there is one less ball. This helps campers build

speed and endurance on the tennis court.

Negev and Galil campers have been learning proper grips, strokes, and

terminology through games of Simon Says, King of the Court, and relay

races. We are excited to help the campers expand their tennis skills throughout the summer.

~ Cindy & Jenna


*Niar is Paper in Hebrew

This week in PAPERCRAFT has been super exciting

The Kinneret campers made streamers and special dinosaurs

using *Niar plates.

Negev started off the week by making stained glass using tissue

*Niar. We then moved to using *Niar plates to make dinosaurs

and paper chains.

Galil chug made baskets using *Niar bags.

Now for a PAPERCRAFT haiku:

Papercraft is fun.

We make cool things from paper.

What will we do next?

~ Dani

Page 4

Gesher Gazette

Jokes of the Day

From Deep Down in the

Archives of Jokedom!


What kind of key

opens a banana?


A Monkey


Why did the donut go to the


He needed a jelly filling


What do you get when you cross

the man of steel with chicken




Why don't traffic lights ever go


Because they take too long to change


What do you call a crate full of


A box of quackers

Lots of beautiful music is being made in


The campers love to sing along with Oren

as he plays his guitar and teaches them

new Hebrew songs.

Whether we are indoors or outdoors,

Oren's music fills the air!

Singing in Shirah is awesome at Gesher!!

~ Oren

Rabbi Rich

Candle Lighting: 8:11 pm

Torah Portion: Devorim

“Why is Gesher closed on Tisha B'av?"

Many people may be wondering why the camp is closed this coming Tuesday. In order to answer this

question, one needs to understand the significance and importance of this day.

In the Book of Numbers, the spies were sent to Israel and returned with an evil report. Instead of rejecting the

report, the Israelites reacted with much complaining and lack of gratitude. G-d decreed that because of their

complaining, they would wander the desert for forty years, and those living at that time would not enter the

Holy Land. The people cried and lamented all night. This decree was given on Tisha B'av. Yet most notable

was the desecration of both Temples on the Ninth of Av. Some of the laws that day include: prohibition from

eating/drinking, bathing, wearing of leather etc.

Gesher is a camp filled with many acts of chessed (kindness) on a daily basis. So many campers share with

me the amazing mitzvoth they perform! During those dark periods of Jewish history, it was the interpersonal

relations between people which were lacking. There was a breakdown in unity...People were

judgmental.... This coming Tuesday is the saddest day of the year. We not only mourn about events that

occurred 2000 years ago, but also reflect on what's going on in the world today. We realize that history

repeats itself and that the way to counter the negative forces is by doing good. Gesher is a place where our

campers rise to this challenge and make the world a better place to live in.

Wishing you all a Shabbat Shalom and a meaningful Tisha B'av!

~ Rabbi Rich

July 12 2013

Av 5, 5773

Week 2 Mitzvah Award Winners: PK2, G1C, G4

Shabbat Ends: 9:11 pm

Gesher Mitzvah of the Week: Chessed (Kindness)

Tisha B’av ( Fast begins Monday night 8:26 P.M. and concludes Tuesday night 8:56 P.M.)

Makoto is new and improved for fun

Racing the lights until your time is done.

Cheering for each other and showing support

Count this Game as another awesome sport!

From Low Ropes to High & the Zip Line too

The campers are scaling the walls with our


The Sports specialists are having a blast

Playing with our campers

The summer's flying by fast.

Sports Spectacular

Chugim with Ultimate Frisbee & Basketball

Only join the ropes Chug

If you want to climb the Hard Wall

The days may be HOT

But the Sports sessions are so cool

Thankfully our days involve

Lots of time in the pool!

Page 5

Gesher Gazette

July 12 2013

Av 5, 5773

Who can believe that 2 full weeks of Swimming Instruction have come to a close? We are very proud of so many of our campers who

have changed levels over the past two weeks!

Coming home with your child this week are the first of our bi-weekly swimming progress reports for your children. Please note their

progress and accomplishments this session. We have many campers getting over their fears and many more working hard on perfecting

their swimming skills.

This week we completed our “9 Days of Instruction” programming at the pool. Jewish law prohibits recreational swimming during the 9

Days of Av because of the predisposition of the Jewish people towards danger during this period. Our Kinneret campers, in lieu of free

swim got into the spirit of the 9 Days by “practicing what they learned.” Negev and Galil campers learned important rescue skills, life

jacket skills, and boating skills in lieu of their free swim.

We are continuing toward our $16,000 fundraising goal for the children of Chai Lifeline / Camp

Simcha. Please turn in your pledge money as soon as possible as we need to get the prizes

ordered. Every little bit counts – we would like to have full participation from the camp!

Until next week…


The countdown is over and the summer is

officially underway!! The Madrichim have

been having a blast on our two local trips

during the first two weeks. Last week we

ventured into the jungle at Safari Golf, and

this week we bowled to our hearts content at

Plaza Lanes in Madison. We also began

some fun teambuilding during our daily

Hadracha period and read stories to

Kinneret campers during our annual Chanukah in

July. Next week we will begin our babysitting course

and get ready to cheer on the NY Liberty!! We would

like to remind parents to dress the Madrichim in the

WHITE Gesher shirt and pack a pair of closed toe

shoes for days with trips. We can't wait for another

great week at GESHER!!!

~ Mike and Dani

Pool News

Cooking Corner

Beat together with a mixer:

1 3/4 cup of sugar

1 cup of oil

3 eggs

Stir in dry ingredients by hand.

Then add:

2 teaspoons of vanilla

4 apples pared and sliced as for pie

Jeff Reiss, Aquatics Director and Amy Ventura, Asst. Aquatics Director

Rosh Hashana Apple Squares

Bake in an ungreased pan at 325 degrees for 1 hour. Cool

and cut into squares. Sprinkle powdered sugar on top.

Sift together:

2 cups of flour

1 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon cinnamon


Page 6

Gesher Gazette


Help this camper swim through the pool.

July 12 2013

Av 5, 5773


Fill in letters in the boxes

and cross them out as

they go to solve the

phrase about Gesher.

Page 7

Gesher Gazette

Our camp photos are now online!

The website is: Password: ilovegesher

July 12 2013

Av 5, 5773

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