Rules & Regulations - Chinese Swimming Club

Rules & Regulations - Chinese Swimming Club

Entry Form0

Name (Player 1): ________________________________________

(As in NRIC)

NRIC No: __________________ Date of Birth: _________________

Parent Name: Relationship: ______

Date of Birth: Occupation: ______

NRIC: Contact No.: ______

Address: ______

For further enquiries, please contact:

Chinese Swimming Club

21/34 Amber Road Singapore 439870

Sports Desk 68850677

Jim Chee Xian 68850676

Map of Chinese Swimming Club

Chinese Swimming Club – Li-Ning

Age Group Badminton

(Invitational) Tournament 2014

Email: ______

Name (Player 2): ________________________________________

(As in NRIC) -For Doubles Event Only

NRIC No: __________________ Date of Birth: _________________

Parent Name: Relationship: ______






Bus Stops:

31, 36, 43, 48, 76,

135, 196, 197


Date of Birth: Occupation: ______

NRIC: Contact No.: ______

Address: ______



Amber Rd



Email: ______

School represented: ______________________________________

Please tick the event(s) you are participating:(Max: 1 Singles & 1 Doubles)

Boys’ Singles 9 & Under ($35) Girls’ Singles 9 & Under ($35)

Boys’ Singles 11 & Under ($35) Girls’ Singles 11 & Under ($35)

Boys’ Singles 14 & Under ($35) Girls’ Singles 14 & Under ($35)

Boys’ Singles 17 & Under ($35) Girls’ Singles 17 & Under ($35)

Boys’ Doubles 9 & Under ($70) Girls’ Doubles 9 & Under ($70)

Boys’ Doubles 11 & Under ($70) Girls Doubles 11 & Under ($70)

Boys’ Doubles 14 & Under ($70) Girls Doubles 14 & Under ($70)

Boys’ Doubles 17 & Under ($70) Girls Doubles 17 & Under ($70)

I understand that the registration form will be discarded without prior notification

given if it is incomplete or the handwriting is illegible or the information given is

incorrect or payment is not settled before the closing date (13 Aug 2014).


To be completed by parent/ guardian of the applicant

I declare that I am the parent/ guardian of the applicant and certify that his/ her

particulars given are true and correct, and give my full consent for his/ her

participation. In this declaration, I hereby agree that I will not hold Chinese Swimming

Club, their appointed staff or officials responsible in any way for any mishaps, injuries

or loss of life or for loss of or damage to any property howsoever arising out of or in

the course of or in connection with the above activities; and I shall indemnify Chinese

Swimming Club, their appointed staff and officials from and against any actions,

proceedings, liabilities, claims, damages, cost and expenses which may be brought

by or asserted against them by any person in connection with the same.


Signature of Parent/ Guardian



Sports Complex

(Badminton Hall

and Carpark)


Main Sponsor:

Official Use Only



No. of entries: _________________ Amount Collected:________________

Receipt No.: ___________________Collected by: ____________________

Date: 7-14

September 2014

Venue: CSC

Badminton Hall

(Level 2, Sports


Rules & Regulations


7 September (Sunday) to 14 September 2014 (Sunday)


8.00am to 10.00pm (Daily schedule-Tentative)


Chinese Swimming Club – Badminton Hall, Sports Complex Level 2

21 Amber Road, Singapore 439870



Entry Fee

Include 7% GST

Singles 9 & Under Boys Girls $35

Singles 11 & Under Boys Girls $35

Singles 14 & Under Boys Girls $35

Singles 17 & Under Boys Girls $35

Doubles 9 & Under Boys Girls $70

Doubles 11 & Under Boys Girls $70

Doubles 14 & Under Boys Girls $70

Doubles 17 & Under Boys Girls $70


2.1 Registration forms are available at Chinese Swimming Club

(CSC) Arrival Pavilion Front Office 9:30am – 9:30pm (Monday

– Sunday).

2.2 Registration forms (Photocopy is allowed), together with CASH

PAYMENTS may be submitted to CSC Front Office during the

above stated hours.

2.3 Registration forms, together with CHEQUE PAYMENTS

(Payable to Chinese Swimming Club) may be submitted by

post to Sports & Lifestyle Department, Chinese Swimming

Club, 21/34 Amber Road, Singapore 439870.

2.4 Registration by email, telephone and fax will not be accepted.

2.5 The closing date for registration is 13 August 2014,

Wednesday at 12:00noon.

2.6 Late, unclear and incomplete forms will not be entertained.

2.7 A maximum of 64 entries for Boys’ Singles and 32 entries

for Girls’ Singles and Doubles event will be accepted on a

first-come-first serve basis. The Organising Committee

reserves the right to conduct qualifying rounds if it decides to

accept more than maximum entries received by closing date.

2.8 If there are less than 16 entries in any of the events, the prize

money for that event shall be reduced by half.

2.9 Unless the Organising Committee cancels any event, there will

be no refund of the entry fees for whatever reasons.


3.1 The 9 & Under Categories are open to students who are born

on or after 1 January 2005.

3.2 The 11 & Under Categories are open to students who are born

on or after 1 January 2003.

3.3 The 14 & Under Categories are open to students who are born

on or after 1 January 2000.

3.4 The 17 & Under Categories are open to students who are born

on or after 1 January 1997.

3.5 A player can ONLY participate in One (1) Singles category

and/or One (1) Doubles category.

3.6 A player can only participate in his/her age group category OR

a higher age group category but NOT in a lower age group


E.g. A boy/girl born on or after 1 st January 2005 can participate

in the 9 & Under category for Singles and the 11 & Under

category for Doubles if he/she pairs up with a boy/girl born on

or after 1 st January 2003. But the boy/girl born on or after 1 st

January 2003 is not allowed to participate in the 9 & Under

category for either Singles or Doubles.

3.7 Full-time national players (2014) shall not be eligible to

participate in this tournament.

3.8 The Organising Committee will ask for evidence of eligibility

during the tournament. Any one found ineligible will NOT be

allowed to play and the player/double pair will have to concede

walkover for that match when the ineligibility is discovered and

there will NOT be any refund of the entry fee.


4.1 All the events will be played on a Single Knockout system.

4.2 Any event with less than EIGHT (8) entries will be scratched.

Registration fees will be refunded.


5.1 Unless otherwise notified, the tournament shall run in

accordance with the rules and regulations of the Badminton

World Federation.

5.2 The competition format will be based on the best of 3 sets of

21 points (new point system) for all categories.

5.3 All players are requested to bring along their identification

documents for verification on their eligibility on days of their

matches, failing which they might NOT be allowed to play.

5.4 Once entries have been accepted, no replacement/substitution

of players will be entertained. However, the Organising

Committee, at its discretion, reserves the right to accept such

changes if necessary and with valid reasons, so long as no

match has been played by the player/s.

5.5 All matches will be played in accordance with the schedule of

play. Postponement of any matches will be at the Organising

Committee’s discretion.

5.6 All players must report to the Official Registration Table at least

30 minutes before the scheduled time of their matches.

5.7 Players will be given a grace period of a maximum of 5

minutes for all matches, failing which the player will be

conceded a walkover for that particular match.

5.8 In the event of both players failing to turn up, the tie will be


5.9 Players shall wear non-marking court shoes during the


5.10 From quarter-finals onwards, all double pairs are required to

wear attire of at least the same colour, if not exactly the same

design and colour.

5.11 The decision of the umpires and officials shall be deemed as


5.12 Players are required to stay on the court AFTER their match

has ended, to act as line judges for the following match.

Players who fail to do so shall be disqualified from the

competition. Players may also be called randomly to act as

line judges for the 1 st round of matches for the session.


6.1 An open draw of tournament fixtures will be conducted on 20

August 2014, Wednesday at Arrival Pavilion, Conference

Room, Level 2 from 10:00 am onwards. All are welcome to

witness the draw.

6.2 Fixtures will NOT be mailed to the participants. It will be

displayed from 27 August 2014, Wednesday onwards on the

CSC Badminton Notice Board (outside the Badminton Hall) and

CSC website

6.3 Any discrepancy or omission of entries must be brought up to

the attention of CSC by 1 September 2014, Monday.


7.1 Prizes in the form of prize money, Printers & Badminton

products will be given to the winners. The cost of organizing

this tournament adds up to more than $80,000.

Singles Events

Champion: $70 cash + 1 Printer + $500 worth of Badminton


1 st Runner up: $50 cash + $350 worth of Badminton product

Joint 2 nd Runners up: $250 worth of Badminton product

Doubles Events

Champion: $100 cash + 2 Printers + $1000 worth of

Badminton product

1 st Runner up: $80 cash + $700 worth of Badminton product

Joint 2 nd Runners up: $500 worth of Badminton product

7.2 In addition, medals will be awarded to all winners.

7.3 Each participant will be entitled to ONE goodie bag, and a

commemorative T-shirt, which will be given during the first

round of matches for each entries registered.


8.1 The Prize Presentation Ceremony will be held on 14

September 2014, Sunday about 12.00 pm in the Badminton

Hall after the finals of the all events. All prizewinners must

attend the ceremony in neat attire (no singlets, slippers and


8.2 There will also be certificate presented to the overall best

training centre based on the following point criteria:

Champion – 4 points

1 st Runners-up – 2 points

2 nd Runners-up – 1 point

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