and Goals

and Goals

Goal of the Workshop

Zhentang Zhao

SINAP, Shanghai Dec. 11,2008

Goal of the Workshop

Discuss about recent progress on FEL Schemes, especially

some novel/ emergent ideas, e.g.

on SASE side:

Enhancement Schemes (ESASE, OK Enhanced SASE......);

Single-spike operation, with low charge, ultra-short and lower emittance

electron beam

on HGHG side:

Cascaded HGHG scheme

Double Modulator Schemes, e.g. Modulator+Phase Shifter+Modulator,

EHGHG, and Echo;

HHG as HGHG Seed

Goal of the Workshop

Review of status of FEL facilities, in operation, under

construction and design;

Discuss the possibilities of doing some proof-of-principle

experiments at Shanghai SDUV-FEL ;

Discuss the impacts of recent ideas on Future XFEL design,

particularly on the possible compact XFEL facility at the

SSRF campus;

discuss the R&D needed to a major enhancement in the

performance of future XFELs

e.g. Injector, Diagnostics, IDs and etc

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