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If you had told me a few months ago that I would build a business

with Arbonne, I would not have believed you. I had a successful

career as a pharmaceutical sales representative at a highly-respected

company. I enjoyed my job and felt lucky to work for a top-notch

company and terrific boss. However, after the birth of my son,

David, my idea of my dream job changed. I desired to spend more

time at home with my son, yet knew that staying home full-time

probably was not the ideal scenario, since I liked having an income

and something of my own.

In May 2004, my friend, ERVP Jody Holsinger, introduced me to the

Arbonne opportunity. Jody discovered a way to build a business

without Presentations. Her method featured a “try it before you buy

it” approach, combined with leading with the opportunity. I was

intrigued, yet decided to wait and see if her method would work. In

August 2004, I bought the NutriMinC ® RE 9 skin care line from Jody

and became a Consultant to buy products at a discount. I loved the

products, but had no intention of building a business.

I believe everything happens for a reason. At the end of March

2005, my husband came home and told me that Jody was doing

well and just put in an order for her white Mercedes-Benz. I said,

“Hold everything!” I decided that if she could get to RVP in under a

year, I needed to take another look at this business. I called Jody and

said, “I want to talk to you about this Arbonne thing, but I need you

to know I have two issues: First, I do not have time; and second, I

j u l i a n n e l a g e r s t r o m

Independent Consultant, Regional Vice President

J. Lagerstrom Region; Shawnee Mission, KS

refuse to harass my family and friends. I will not be the person whose

phone calls everyone screens out.” Jody understood my issues and

invited me to listen to her business plan. Before I decided to jump in,

I evaluated my worst-case scenario, which was: I purchase some

products to demonstrate, which I already loved, and invest some time

and energy. If after six months of giving this 100 percent, the business

was not working, at least I would have plenty of skin care and

no regrets. The best-case scenario was: I would quit my job, help my

continued ...

Julianne with husband, Cory and son, David.

Julianne with members of the team at a holiday party.

Julianne with ERVP Jody Holsinger.

success strategy:

Be patient and know that

the seeds you plant may

not sprout until months later.

friends reach their goals and potentially secure my family’s financial

future. After that assessment, the decision was a no-brainer: Arbonne.

The morning following our meeting, I called her and said, “I could not

sleep all night. I have got to do this business!”

I started building my Arbonne business in April 2005 and am so

grateful. Thinking about these past seven short months takes my

breath away. I quit my job and became an Arbonne RVP in

November 2005. I walked away from a position many people

would consider the ideal job, but my Arbonne business is my real

dream job. Now, I have the option to work when I want to, and with

whom I want, too.

The best thing about building an Arbonne business is that you do

not have to be an RVP before you can reap the benefits. My life

started changing the day I decided to build my business. Suddenly,

I had hope again. I had a lucrative corporate job that was difficult

to walk away from, but Arbonne quickly changed this.

For the first time in my life, I was doing something where the more

effort I put into it, the more I would benefit by it. In my previous job,

I worked beyond the call of duty and got the same results as those

who put in minimal effort. It made me bitter because it did not seem

to matter how hard I worked. With Arbonne, my time is equivalent

to my efforts, and the old friendships I have re-kindled and the new

ones I have forged, are precious to me.

If you are contemplating building a business with Arbonne, ask

yourself, “What do I have to lose?” I try to remind myself, if I do not

go for things, I will always be saying, “What if?” I knew after hearing

Jody present the Arbonne opportunity that if I chose not to build

Julianne with team members at a Nation meeting.

a business in Arbonne, I would always ask myself, “What if I had?

And what if it had worked?” What is your worst-case scenario? Can

you live with it? Can you live with not trying?

First, I want to thank my husband, Cory: Without your belief in me,

I could not have done this. You are an amazing man and wonderful

father. I love you.

To our “little guy,” David: You are my Why. It brings tears to my

eyes to know I do not have to miss special moments because of work

anymore. You are my pride and joy. I love you so much.

I especially want to thank my incredible team: You guys are wonderful.

I am extremely honored that you have chosen to build this

business with me. You all have tremendously enriched my life. I

would not be here without you and cannot wait for all of you to

reach the top, too.

I am so grateful that Jody was so patient with me. She knew

Arbonne was what I was looking for to fulfill my dreams, though I

could not see it right away. To all who are trying to paint a picture

of their ideal career: Arbonne is it, if you are patient and wait for

the seeds you plant to sprout months later. I now regret the eight

months of just being a Consultant who purchased product. Do not

wait. If you are not where you want to be in life, hold everything

and take another look. This business is amazing and it is for real.

What have you got to lose?

NVP Debbie Miller, Julianne and ERVP Jody Holsinger.


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