Download the brochure and discussion questions (pdf) - WQED

Download the brochure and discussion questions (pdf) - WQED


Complete this page after the video has ended.

Name _______________________________________________________________________________

There are many opportunities for people of different genders and backgrounds in science,

technology, engineering and math careers.

1. The high school students travel to Pittsburgh to visit the Solar Decathlon home. They meet up

with some of the original team that designed and built the home. Why was it important for

the students to meet the Decathlon team? What did they gain from this experience?

2. There are diverse professionals on the Solar Decathlon team--some are college Master’s and

Ph.D students, as well as engineers working in industry. Are these people different than what

you expect engineers to be? If so, explain.

3. What lessons about teamwork can be gained from observing how the high school team and

Solar Decathlon team accomplished their goals?

4. Having adequate energy resources is an important concern for the planet. What do you think

engineers, technologists and scientists will accomplish in the next decade regarding energy

efficiency and alternative energy?

5. Think of a career that you are interested in pursuing. How are science, technology,

engineering and math related to that field?

Dear Educator, INNOVATE:


is a unique ten-minute video intended to introduce

students to exciting careers in science, technology,

engineering and math. The video follows a group of high

school students as they address the need to use existing energy

sources efficiently and explore alternative energy resources by

converting French-fry grease into bio-fuel. The students also have the

opportunity to visit a group of engineers that were members

of the 2009 Penn State Solar Decathlon team.

Key concepts of the video include:

STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) careers are cool,

fun, and offer lots of opportunities in a variety of industries.

People in these careers make the world a

better place and improve our quality of life.

All sorts of men and women are involved in these professions.

Suggested questions are included to generate discussion after viewing the video.

The first group of questions helps students report what they saw in the video. The

second set helps students to process the video’s underlying meaning. The

questions may be used as a discussion guide or duplicated and handed out for

students to complete while viewing the video.

To help us in developing future videos, we would greatly appreciate your feedback

concerning the effectiveness of INNOVATE: FUELING CHANGE.

After viewing the video with your students, please visit

between February 28 and April 30, 2011 to complete a short questionnaire.

Survey respondents will be placed in a drawing to win a $200 Gift Card.

Three prizes will be awarded.

Thank you in advance for participating in the survey

and for your interest in this important video.

Sponsors of the video: Lockheed Martin, The SME Education Foundation,

The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, and Verizon.

Executive Producer Helene Lerner, Creative Expansions, Inc.


Complete this page while watching the video.

Name _______________________________________________________________________________

Write down several activities that you see the high school bio-fuel team engaged in.

________________ ________________ ________________

________________ ________________ ________________

Write down interesting features of the Solar Decathlon home and describe how they were

environmentally friendly or energy efficient (i.e., recycled chalk boards used as flooring).

________________ ________________ ________________

________________ ________________ ________________

Being passionate about what you are undertaking makes all the difference in achieving

your goals. What characteristics of the men and women in the video showed you that they

were passionate about the project they were working on?


In the video, we see people on both teams with different talents in a variety of jobs.

What are three skills you saw being used?




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