November 2009 (pdf) - Hampden Community Council

November 2009 (pdf) - Hampden Community Council




Cafe Hon removed their iconic

pink flamingo in the early hours

of October 20 due to a permit

issue with the city.

hampden community council | since 1972 | | november 2009

historic hampden happenings • November 2009

historic hampden happenings • November 2009




HCC Officers

President: Everett Noe

Vice President: Position Vacant

Secretary: Bridget Sampson

Treasurer: Adam Feuerstein

Board Members

John Bosley

Betty Callahan

Genny Dill

Adam Feuerstein

Kat Feuerstein

Jay Lazar

Everett Noe

Erin Nueslein

George L. Peters Jr.

Bridget Sampson

David Sugar


Everett Noe, President

HCC, PO Box 19957

Hampden, MD 21211


The next HCC meeting is on

Monday, November 30.

Plan to join us at 7 p.m. at the Roosevelt Park

Recreation Center on West 36th Street.

The agenda will include committee updates

and discussions of the most important issues

of the day for business owners and residents

of Hampden.

Historic Hampden Happenings is distributed

to residents, organizations and businesses

throughout Greater Hampden.

Circulation: 4,000, Readers: 10,000+

© 2009 All rights reserved.

The HCC is a 501 (c) (3)

nonprofit organization. • Since 1972

Cover photo by Cecily7 of

HCC candidates Night Out in July 2007.

Photo by George L Peters Jr

4 11

Did you know that the Frazier’s

building originally housed an

establishment called Ye Eat Shoppe?

president’s letter

Everett Noe Returns to Board

By Everett Noe

Give the GHTTF ideas on how

transporation-related issues in and

around Hampden can be solved.

Due to the unexpected illness of my colleague and current Vice President of HCC, John Bosley, the

board of HCC has asked that I reconsider my previous resignation. Out of respect for John, and for

the community, I have agreed and I look forward to serving the remainder of my term as President.

The position of Vice President shall remain open for the remainder of his term, awaiting John’s

recovery and return.

Four Baltimore City Neighborhood Ambassadors Chosen

By Kat Feuerstein, Clean & Green Team President

Join Our Email List!

If you’d like to receive event reminders

and Clean & Green updates, please email with “Hampden Clean &

Green” in the subject line and “Subscribe me!”

in the body.

Clean & Green Blog

You can also stay in the loop by checking

in with Hampden’s Clean & Green Blog!

Baltimore City Neighborhood

Ambassador Program

Baltimore City has asked each neighborhood to

appoint four ambassadors to help disseminate

information in the following categories:

Clean, Green, Safe and Healthy. The Hampden

ambassadors are: Marla O’Neill (Clean), Kat

Feuerstein (Green), Jessie Watrous (Safe),

Lauren Levy (Healthy). We have set up a blog

where we will share the information the city

passes on to us. Subscribe to the blog here:




Get Trashed On Fridays

A great big thanks goes out to Jennie Beckman

for all of her help in heading up the Get Trashed

on Fridays clean ups this year! Also, big thanks

goes out to all of our sponsors this year: Holy

Frijoles, Frazier’s, Rocket to Venus, Golden

West & The Dogwood. All of the local places took

great care of the clean up teams! Thanks also to

SPUR Design for donating awesome buttons to

our cleaner-uppers!

Tidy Up Your Turf!

Many thanks to The Village Church, Bruce

Swihart, Jenn Lauder & Johanna Bachman for

taking the helm on the family oriented Tidy Up

Your Turf clean ups this year. This was a great

new program this year, so stay tuned for a second

season in the spring!

Clean & Green Bi-monthly Meeting

Come out and hear what’s happening with

Hampden’s Clean & Green efforts. Our next

meeting will be held on November 19 at 6:30PM

at 3506 Ash Street. Come with your ideas on how

8 am – 11 am Friday Breakfast

8 am – 2 pm Sat & Sun Breakfast

10 am – 11 pm Sun-Thurs Lunch/Dinner

10 am – Midnight Fri-Sat Lunch/Dinner


300 West 30th Street

Baltimore, MD 21211

Call 443-869-5864

We are doing a

Holiday Tree

lighting on

December 6th

for everyone!

clean & green team

Photo by George L Peters Jr

we can improve our neighborhood, and to get

involved in our efforts!


50 cent Wings & $1.50 Domestic Bottles

Wings are eat-in only. Minimum wing order of 10!

Come in & join our Open Mic night!

historic hampden happenings • November 2009

historic hampden happenings • November 2009

Photo by Whitney Cecil



Roland Park

4800 Roland Avenue

Baltimore, MD 21211

Office: (410) 889-9800

Cell: (410) 615-5855

Fax: (410) 889-9815




Frazier’s Still

a Happening

Watering Hole

By Carrie Stickel

Barbara and Norman Greenspun met in high

school. He grew up in Pimlico, and she in Roland

Park. But life took them in different directions-

-she became a school teacher at Boy’s Latin

and he got into the vending machine business.

Twenty years later, they married, and are now

the proud owners of Frazier’s On the Avenue,

one of Hampden’s most beloved bars.

Frazier’s On the Avenue is the second Frazier’s

to be owned by Barbara and Norman Greenspun.

When Barbara and Norm heard that Shirley

Smith, original owner of Frazier’s Taproom

on 33rd Street, was selling her established

restaurant, they bought it on a lark. Norm

called Shirley, who arranged for him to speak to

her son. On New Year’s Day 1988, the two men

met and, shortly thereafter, Frazier’s Taproom

reopened under new management.

Nearly ten years later, the Greenspuns purchased

the building at 919 West 36th Street, known

as Ye Eat Shoppe, to open the Frazier’s On the

Avenue we all know and love now. The former

owner of Ye Eat Shoppe was Mike LeVanis, a

well-known and influential man in Hampden

who owned the restaurant until his death. Ye Eat

Shoppe closed until the LeVanis family sold it to

the Greenspuns, and in 1997, Frazier’s On the

Avenue opened its doors. Eventually Frazier’s

Taproom on 33rd Street closed, and some of the

Greenspuns’ faithful customer found themselves

heading over to Hampden to the new Frazier’s.

Initially, Frazier’s On the Avenue was only

located on the smaller side of the restaurant

as it exists today. They served food, beer, and

wine. Norm took steps to get a liquor license

that would allow him to expand and eventually

opened up the other half of the restaurant. As

a new watering hole on The Avenue, Frazier’s

developed an eclectic clientele. As with many

It is just the kind of place

where you will always find

a familiar face, welcome

greeting, and delicious fare.

places in Hampden today, Frazier’s was a

melting pot of all types of Baltimoreans, though

this made Frazier’s unique in the late 90s.

Barbara’s family has an established history

of restauranteering in Baltimore; her family

relocated here from Massachusetts because her

father, Orin Kenney, ran the Howard Johnson

franchise in Maryland. You may have visited

the McDonalds downtown on the corner of

Washington Boulevard and Caton Avenue—

the building was one of Barbara’s father’s

restaurants. Another family business is Day’s

Inn, which Barbara’s brother David Kenney and

his business partner Cecil Day started.

Norm still fondly recalls many of his favorite

customers over the years, including Sam

Boltansky who would bring Norm a bag of

Vidalia onions from Georgia every year. Norm

describes Mr. Boltansky as a “prince of a man”

and remembers the grand parties that he would

throw at Frazier’s. Sadly, Mr. Boltansky died a

few years ago.

Among Frazier’s other regulars are the owners

of Link Gear, a manufacturing company. These

businessmen were originally customers at

Frazier’s Taproom, and when it closed they

moved their patronage to the new Frazier’s On

the Avenue, often using it as their unofficial

conference room. Norm also notes that there

are many others who stop by regularly—whether

for dinner or breakfast on Sundays. It is just the

kind of place where you will always find a familiar

face, welcome greeting, and delicious fare.

Stop by Frazier’s for good, affordable food and

drink and weekly specials. You can visit Frazier’s

online at to learn

more about their menu and upcoming events.

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Home Or Rental


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Pine Tree, LLC

Call 410-258-2629 or 443-690-1581

Oldest and largest cash buyers of real estate in Baltimore

historic hampden happenings • November 2009

historic hampden happenings • November 2009

treasurer’s chest

Deduct the Tax On Your New Automobile Purchase

By Adam Feuerstein, CPA

Announcements From the Family Center

By Elisa Ghinger

Photo by George L Peters Jr

Don’t miss out on valuable tax deductions

that will be ending at the close of 2009. The

American Recovery & Reinvestment Act of 2009

provided a number of benefits to many American

taxpayers and many of these benefits are set to

expire at the end of 2009. One of those benefits

is the ability to write off the sales and excise tax

on your new car purchases between February 16,

2009 and December 31, 2009.

The deduction is limited to the sales and excise

taxes and similar fees paid on up to $49,500 of the

purchase price of a new vehicle. The deduction

is reduced for joint filers with modified adjusted

gross incomes (MAGI) between $250,000

and $260,000 and other taxpayers with MAGI

between $125,000 and $135,000. Taxpayers with

higher incomes do not qualify.

One of the key facts to note is that the special

deduction is available regardless of whether or

not you itemize deductions on their returns.

Taxpayers who do not itemize will add this

additional amount to the standard deduction on

their 2009 tax return. This is different from a

large number of other tax deductions and should

not be missed when preparing your tax return.

There are still a few rules that should be noted

to help you in your decision making process.

A qualified motor vehicle is a new passenger

automobile, light truck or motorcycle which has

a gross vehicle weight rating of 8,500 pounds or

less. A motor home is also considered a qualified

motor vehicle. Used vehicle purchases do not

qualify. There is no limit on the number of cars

for which you can claim the deduction, provided

each car is a qualified vehicle under the law.

For more information go to http://www.irs.


Please see your tax advisor for full details

concerning this deduction.

Photo by Nathalie Cone

Flu shots have been canceled for November

5th. Unfortunately our flu shot sponsor did not

receive the requested amount of the flu vaccine

and is unable to provide for the Family Center

and other outreach sites with the vaccine. Please

contact your doctor, or call your local pharmacy

or grocery store to find out when flu shots may

be available.

Seniors begin the holiday season with a luncheon

held on Friday, November 13th from 11:00 am

– 12:30 pm. Please call Family Center to reserve

a spot.

Be an angel this holiday season and adopt a

Hampden child for Christmas. The Family

Center sponsors the Christmas Angel Program

for needy children ages 0-12. Call or stop by the

center and speak with Pam Viel.

Save the Date!

Annual Hampden Family Christmas Party

on December 12th from 11:00 am – 1:00 pm.

Enjoy holiday carols, craft activities and yummy

treats while visiting with Santa! Families must

preregister their children 12 and under to

receive a small gift. If you are planning to attend

please call Pam at 410-467-8710 to register and

receive your ticket. Space is limited.

The Family Center would like to announce that

it has been challenged by an anonymous donor

to raise $18,000 through a dollar to dollar match

by December 31, 2009. Help us reach our goal!!

The Family Center would like to thank everyone

for their support and wish everyone a Happy




1023 West 36th Street in Hampden

Call 410-467-4707

A Hampden Tradition for More Than 50 Years

Newly Renovated 2nd Floor!

Now Open Fri. & Sat. Nights!


Monday thru Thursday 4 pm to midnight

Friday & Saturday 8 pm to midnight

Sunday 1 pm to midnight

5 Domestics for $9 • 5 Imports for $11

$1 off Frozen Drinks Saturday & Sunday


Selling in Hampden for 26+ years!

Over 10 homes listed in your community in 2009!

Call today for a FREE Market Analysis

on the value of your home or

for information on our current listings!

Alex Smith, Paul DiBari & Leslie Zink

Direct: 410-616-1741

Alex: 410-446-1180

Paul: 443-610-8633

Office: 410-823-2323

Visit us online at!


Where Your Business Matters Most

Joann Shorb

Branch Manager

821 W. 36th Street, Baltimore, MD 21211

Phone: 410-366-3100 Fax: 410-366-3377

Meet. Mingle. Pray. Play.

In Nearby Mount Vernon Cultural District

Emmanuel Episcopal Church

The Great Hall & The Undercroft


Classes. Opera. Weddings. Art. Speakers. Book Group. Music. More.

Sundays: 8:30AM Eucharist (Chapel)

10:30AM Choral Morning Prayer (Eucharist, 1st Sundays)

6PM Evensong (with cantor)

Wednesdays: 6PM Eucharist (Chapel)

CATHEDRAL & READ STS. (JFX Exit 5/Maryland Ave)


Free Sunday Morning Parking - Adjacent PMI Lot

historic hampden happenings • November 2009

historic hampden happenings • November 2009

Greater Hampden Transportation Task Force Initiated

By Jay Lazar


D & J Auto Care, Inc.

Photo by Whitney Cecil

Are you tired of being nearly hit in the

pedestrian crosswalk on the Avenue? Is parking

a nightmare on your street? Do you have ideas

to improve the Hampden Shuttlebug or other

transportation option?

The Greater Hampden Transportation Task

Force (GHTTF) would like to hear from you.

The GHTTF convened its first meeting

September 22 to discuss transportation-related

issues with neighboring community leaders,

city officials and developers. The objectives

of the task force are to identify pre-existing

issues, avoid foreseeable problems, and plan

for improvements under the five key areas of

automobile traffic, public transportation, bicycle

traffic, pedestrians, and parking. The task force

centers on Hampden and includes Remington,

JHU/Homewood, Wyman Park, Keswick, Hoes

Heights, Medfield and Woodberry.

This initiative, spearheaded by HCC Zoning &

Land Use Committee Chair George L Peters Jr.,

is an opportunity for members of the community

to provide input and ideas, large and small,

that will address immediate concerns on your

block and provide suggestions for big picture

transportation alternatives that can improve

future movement through our community.

The initial meeting was hosted by Seawall

Development Corporation at the recently

renovated Miller’s Court building on North

Howard Street. The meeting was attended by

the HCC, Mary Pat Clarke, the communities

of Hoes Heights, Medfield, and Wyman Park,

JHU, Seawall Development Corporation and

Hekemian. The goal of our first gathering was to

introduce the initiative, discuss the scope, and

request input from each of the communities.

Complaints are welcome, ideas are preferred.

Please email the HCC Zoning & Land Use

Committee at with

GHTTF in the subject line or submit ideas in

writing to HCC c/o GHTTF, P.O. Box 19957,

Hampden, MD 21211. The next GHTTF meeting,

scheduled for November 9, will prioritize the

community provided input.

Baltimore, MD 21217


Appliance Repairs

Commercial and Residential

Over 40 years experience

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Air Conditioners

Beer Coolers


Deli Boxes

Ice Machines

1100 West 41st Street

Baltimore, Maryland 21211

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Four Years (1998-2001)


Collision Repairs & Suspension and

Four-Wheel Alignment Specialists

You bend


We mend


Call 410-889-6536 (Fax 410-889-4564)

report illegal dumping.



4800 Roland Avenue

Suite B-1

Baltimore, MD 21210

Office: 410-889-9800

Fax: 410-889-9815

Cell: 410-419-2615

38 Years of Experience

Ricky LaRicci

Home Services Roofing

Photo by George L Peters Jr

please call


Limited Time Offer:


Pays for

First 30 Days

With this coupon.

Offer valid through 12/31/09.

Charles Village

2600 N. Charles Street

Baltimore, MD 21218



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Gutters & Downspouts

Also: New Decks

Painting & Drywall

Siding & Replacement Windows

MHIC No. 98703

Reliable Service

Free Estimates

Phone: 410-404-0162

10 historic hampden happenings • November 2009

historic hampden happenings • November 2009 11


Dimitri’s Tavern

David’s Restaurant & Deli

3626-A Falls Road in Hampden

Call 410-662-7779





Delivery hours: Monday through Friday 11 am - 3 pm

Catering available (up to 200 people). Food plates made and delivered. Call for details.

Email David’s online at




IF YOU’RE INTERESTED IN THE FUTURE OF HAMPDEN, please consider joining the

Hampden Community Council. The HCC is a voice for everyone in

Hampden–homeowners, businesses, teenagers, seniors, new-comers

and old-timers. The more members we have the farther your voice can

reach. Your membership fee supports our newsletter and improves our

community through education, clean & green and zoning committees,

to name a few. Help Hampden continue to thrive. BE HEARD, JOIN NOW!

Hampden Community Council SERVING THE COMMUNITY SINCE 1976 Baltimore, Maryland


Street Address Zip

Phone Fax Email

Business Name (if registering for a business membership)

• Friendly tavern


In addition to my HCC membership, I would like to serve on/learn about the following committee(s): (OPTIONAL)

• Voted No. 1

karaoke bar in

Baltimore by the

City Paper



Clean & Green

Religious Outreach

Hampden Home Office

Fund Raising


Newsletter Distribution

• Package goods

Dimitri’s Tavern

3820 Falls Road

Baltimore 21211

Call 410-889-9545

“Where Good Friends Meet”

Since 1973

• Open seven days

Please fill out this application and mail it, along with your check to:

Hampden Community Council


PO Box 19957

Baltimore, MD 21211

Individual ($10)

Family ($15) Business ($25) $ Additional Donation

Please make checks payable to Hampden Community Council.

The HCC is a non-profit 501(c)3 Organization. All dues and additional donations are 100% tax deductible.


historic hampden happenings • November 2009

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