June 2013 (pdf) - Hampden Community Council


June 2013 (pdf) - Hampden Community Council




hampden community council | since 1972 | www.hampdenhappenings.org | june 2013


historic hampden happenings • June 2013

historic hampden happenings • June 2013 3




HCC Officers

President: Adam Feuerstein

Vice President: Elizabeth Carney

Secretary: Genny Dill

Treasurer: Barbara Harrington

Board Members

Ed Nueslein

George L Peters Jr

Jay Lazar

Jennie Beckman


Adam Feuerstein, President

HCC, PO Box 19957

Hampden, Maryland 21211




Stephanie Murdock

Robert Arena

Christopher Binnie

Tina Carroll

The next HCC meeting is on

Monday, June 24th, 2013.

Plan to join us at 7 pm at the Roosevelt Park

Recreation Center on West 36th Street. The

agenda will include committee updates and

discussions of the most important issues of

the day for business owners and residents

of Hampden.

7:00-7:05 pm: Welcome

7:05-7:30 pm: Committee updates

7:30-7:45 pm: New business

Historic Hampden Happenings is distributed

to residents, organizations and businesses

throughout Greater Hampden.

Circulation: 2,200, Readers: 10,000+

©2013 All rights reserved.

The HCC is a 501 (c) (3)

nonprofit organization.

president’s letter

HCC Accepting Nominations for All Board Positions

By Adam Feuerstein

The HCC is officially accepting nominations

for all Board positions. One of the big

changes in our 2011 bylaws was moving the

annual election of officers and directors to

July instead of the May meeting. As a result,

we will begin taking nominations from the

floor for board and officer positions at the

May community meeting. If you can not

make it to the community meeting, you can

still be nominated for a position on our

board. Just let us know by emailing me at

hccnominations@gmail.com. If you let us

know by June 17th, your name will be listed

with other candidates in next month’s

newsletter. If you decide after June 17th,

you can still run for a position, but we will

not be able to include your information in

the newsletter. We still plan on providing

a list of candidates through email and our

Facebook page.

To run for a Board or an Officer position,

you must have paid your annual dues and

attended two meetings in the previous

twelve months from the July 29th meeting.

So if you attend the July 29th meeting

then you only have had to attend one other

meeting in the last 12 months. In order to

vote in these elections, you will have had

to attend three meetings in the past 12

months, including the July 29th meeting.

If you can not make the July 29th meeting,

we will be providing absentee ballots this

year! We know summers are hard and some

people will not be able to make the July 30th

meeting. We want to make sure you can still

vote. If you want an absentee ballot, email

me at hccpresident@gmail.com.

Our bylaws ask us to try and make this a

competitive election. We would love to

have at least two nominees for each of

the executive positions; President, Vice-

President, Treasurer, and Secretary. If you

want to help your community, throw your hat

in the ring and help the HCC meet its goals

and make Hampden the best place possible.

This is your community and we are always

looking for new members for the Board.

Over the past year we have had great

contributions from our Board and we are

seeing some exciting involvement from our

general members. We are always looking for

more assistance and we welcome new Board

members to help make sure we are meeting

the expectations of the community. It is

our goal to have a well-diversified Board

that has the best interest of the ENTIRE

neighborhood. We need your help to ensure

that the voices of all community members

are heard.

We were thrilled to add six new board

members for 2012-13 and we would love

to have some new faces help guide our

community. If you have an issue that you

are passionate about, the HCC board would

be a great place for you. We are looking

for board members who are interested in

education and fundraising specifically, but

if you have other areas we know we can find

a place for you.

education news

ACCE Achieves “Green School” Status,

Celebrates Earth Week

By Jean Mellott and Victoria S. Mathew

The Green Team and Administrators at the

Academy for College and Career Exploration

(ACCE) proudly announce another

achievement for the “Great ACCE!” The

Maryland Association for Environmental

and Outdoor Education (http://www.

maeoe.org/) selected our school as one of

its new Green Schools for 2013. This makes

ACCE one of only three public Baltimore

City high schools earn this honor. It now is

one of only about 450 out of 2000 schools

in Maryland that have earned the “Green

School” designation. The title recognizes and

rewards student and faculty collaboration

that creates green spaces, enhance habitat,

and puts an emphasis on the environment

in as well as in out of the classroom.

Two “green teams,” one in the high

school and one in the middle school,

News Updates from Hampden Schools

By various authors credited throughout article / Photos by Victoria S. Mathew

devoted hundreds of service hours

to environmental action in order to

earn Green School recognition. These

activities include creating native plant

and vegetable gardens, planting a rooftop

rain garden, conducting sustainability

studies, starting a recycling program, and

raising organic vegetables to be sold or

given to local businesses and individuals.

Faculty members have led student trips

away from ACCE for stream and field

studies, Chesapeake Bay field trips, and for

neighborhood clean-up days. They have

also made a focus on understanding and

caring for the environment a central theme

in ACCE’s general curriculum.

One project that had a huge environmental

impact was removal of three-quarters of an

acre of asphalt at the back of the school to

allow precipitation to soak into the ground

there. This reclaimed area of permeable

soil retains and cleans an estimated 25,000

gallons of stormwater from running into

the Jones Falls for every inch of rainfall at

the school. That stormwater, unfiltered and

dirty, formerly ran into the Jones Fall when

the asphalt was in place. The rain garden

also cleans the rainwater that falls on a part

of the roof, further reducing dirty drainage

from the school property.

ACCE’s “Green School” award is not only

a reason for celebration by ACCE, but a

source of pride for the entire Hampden

community. We appreciate all the

(continued on page 4)

Hampdenfest has been scheduled

for Saturday, September 14th,

and it’s going to be awesome!

We’ll post updates on events and event

registrations as we get closer, so keep

your eyes peeled for more info. If you are

interested in being a vendor, musician,

volunteer, or participating in some

other way, contact event organizers at


www.hampdenhappenings.org • Since 1972

Cover photos by Victoria S. Mathew


historic hampden happenings • June 2013

historic hampden happenings • June 2013 5

(continued from page 3)

(continued from previous page)

Hampden residents who have supported

us in this work and look forward to keeping

Hampden residents abreast of our future

greening endeavors.

On a final environmental note, ACCE

celebrated Earth Day 2013 with a week-long

program of activities April 22-26. Students

planted the vegetable garden, mulched

existing flower gardens, and planted

more butterfly-friendly plants around the

campus. By the end of the week, over 150

new plants had been planted and 4 cubic

yards of mulch had been spread. The art

classes created kites from their own designs

and flew them in the new open space behind

the school. The final activity was a plant

sale open to the community, which earned

over $100 for the garden program. Thanks

to our “next-door” neighbors on Berry

Street, merchants from the Avenue, and

members of the Baltimore Free Farm who

took time to stop by and purchase plants. It

was a wonderful event and we cannot wait

to have more opportunities like this one to

be engaged with the Hampden community.

Bravo, Eagles!

Independence School Makes Its 5th

Western Maryland Bike Trip

By Kelly Casswell, Independence School Director

The eleventh grade advisory at Independence

School Local #1 completed their yearly

wilderness trip during the last week of

April 2013. This marked the 5th time that

Independence students have engaged in a

history-driven, biking/camping expedition

along the C & O Canal (http://www.nps.gov/


This year’s advisory group was so large that

it was split in two, with each half supported

by a team of instructors that included Ben

Ahlswede, Marissa Engelman, Tim Cakouros,

Amanda August, and Evan Blom from

Outward Bound Baltimore, along with the

class’ faculty advisors Erik Sunday and Kezia

Black. (www.outwardboundbaltimore.

org). Outward Bound provided leadership

training and made sure that both groups

learned the skills needed to complete such a

trip successfully.

After traveling west by van to begin

their trips, one group was dropped off at

Cumberland, the western terminus of the

C&O. Over the course of four days this group

covered 80 miles, towing their gear in trailers

that hooked to their bikes. The second group

began its bike journey about 45 miles east of

Cumberland in Little Orleans. This group

(continued on next page)

traveled over 70 miles to their rendezvous

point near Williamsport, just west of

Hagerstown. The travelers broke their trips

for the night at several campgrounds along

the C&O Trail—Iron Mountain, Sorrel Ridge,

Indigo Neck, McCoy’s Ferry.

During this adventure, both groups

weathered a severe thunderstorm as they

rode along a trail that was slowly awakening

to Spring. The fragrant blossoms of earlyblooming

Virginia Bluebells lent their

beauty to the travelers’ path down the

Potomac. Countless turtles could be seen

sunning themselves on moss-covered logs

half submerged in the algae-rich green and

black water that was standing here and there

in spots where the bed of the 19th Century

canal still traps and holds pools of water.

Wild turkeys, deer, and even a beaver paused

to observe the meandering bike caravan.

By the last day the students were leading the

adults as a team for the final 25 miles. The

memories of these days and nights together

along the Potomac will stay vivid forever,

and all will find many opportunities to use

the skills and knowledge gained from this

experience in the future.

Hampden’s Independence High School

hosts its first Career Day

By Patrice Benjamin

Independence School hosted its first

school-wide Career Day on Thursday, April

25th. There was strong community support

for this event, with volunteers representing

15 widely varying careers present at the

school. These presenters included women

and men from ecology, the United States

Marine Corps, engineering, medicine,

construction, law, mechanical service

and repair, sales, and cosmetology. Some

were employees while others owned and

operated independent small businesses.

Participating Independence students chose

four career fields in advance and took an

active role in career-related activities after

listening to the guests describe their fields,

the education it required, and how students

can begin to make choices now to ensure a

successful future.

Our students were excited to participate in

this event and have already begun to help

plan for next year by contributing ideas

and nominating presenters. Many of the

students remarked that having career day

helped them to think about what they want

to do with their future, with some even

changing their minds about what career

paths they were expecting to follow.

“I liked it because it was nice to have so many

people come and share with us. It helped me feel

like I can achieve anything.” —Christina Fox

(10th grade).

Our 2013 Career Day proved to be a much

needed opportunity for our students. We

look forward to making this an annual event

that involves students, parents, and the

community at large. If you would like more

information about career counseling and

guidance at Independence School, please

contact the school at (443) 642-2504.

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dreams and if you want to sell, I

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Baltimore, MD 21230

M 410.350.9864

O 410.547.1116



Preserving and Improving Baltimore’s




Check out the website or call me directly at


St. Mary’s Roland View Towers


3838 and 3939 Roland Avenue offers efficiency,

1-bedroom and 2-bedroom apartments.

Reasonable Prices: from $443 to $744, including utilities

Convenient to Giant, RiteAid and area shops.


Call 410-889-8255 for information.


MON-FRI 8 am-6 pm • SAT 8 am-5 pm


historic hampden happenings • June 2013

historic hampden happenings • June 2013 7

community news

News from the Hampden Library

By Devon Ellis / Photo by Whitney Cecil

St. Mary’s Outreach Center: Upcoming Events

By Sandy Simmons, Executive Director / Photo by Whitney Cecil

The Pratt Library presents three Summer

Reading programs for readers of all ages

this summer :

“DIG INTO READING” for kids up to age

12, starting on Saturday, June 1, at 2:00pm,

with a kick-off featuring stories, songs and

a cave painting. Meet a real caver who will

tell us of her adventures exploring caves!

On Wednesday June 19 at 2:00pm, the

Hampden Library presents “HAMPDEN

ROCKS: Rock on with rocks,” for kids ages

6-12. You’ll really dig these stories, games,

and a pet rock craft.

“BENEATH THE SURFACE” for teens, also

starting on Saturday, June 1; register for the

program and get a free book to keep (while

supplies last); and:


starting on Saturday, June 8, at 2:00pm, with

an hour-long, read-aloud, “read-in”. Call

for more info and to participate as a reader.

Do you have a summer reading list from

school? We can help find the books you

need. Let us locate and reserve the books

you need and call you when they arrive.

The Library’s hours:

Sun & Mon: closed

Tues: 12 – 8

Wed: 10 – 5:30

Thurs: 12 – 8

Fri: 12 – 5

Sat: 10 – 5

Hampden Library

3641 Falls Road

Baltimore, MD 21211

(410) 396-6043

Father’s Day Luncheon and Baseball Game

DATE: Wednesday, June 12th

TIME: 12:30 pm

WHERE: St. Mary’s Community Outreach


Come and join us for a Father’s Day

Celebration. Watch the Orioles game and

enjoy some ballpark fare.

Reservations required: Call 410-889-7915

to reserve your space and/or if you would

like transportation.

Sponsored by AIM and SMOC.

Summer Picnic

DATE: Wednesday, June 26th

TIME: Noon

WHERE: St. Mary’s Community Outreach


Join us for a wonderful Summer Picnic

outside (weather permitting).

Sponsored by St. Mary’s Outreach Center,

Action In Maturity, Keswick Multi-Care

Center and the youth group from Matthews

UMC in Matthews, NC.

Call 410-889-7915 to make your

reservations and/or if you would like


Homeowner’s/Renter’s Tax Credits

It’s not too late to apply for your

Homeowner’s Tax Credit or Renter’s Tax

Credit. Deadline is September 1st.

Call 410-366-3106 if you would like some


Sandra G. Simmons, Executive Director

St. Mary’s Outreach Center

3900 Roland Avenue

Baltimore, MD 21211


D & J Auto Care, Inc.

1100 West 41st Street

Baltimore, Maryland 21211

Baltimore Magazine’s Best Auto Body 2000, 2002, 2003

Baltimore City Paper’s Best Auto Repair,

Four Years (1998-2001)


Collision Repairs & Suspension and

Four-Wheel Alignment Specialists

You bend


We mend


Call 410-889-6536 (Fax 410-889-4564)


historic hampden happenings • June 2013

historic hampden happenings • June 2013 9

Copy of Letter Opposing Crittenton Easement Amendment to Permit New Construction

By Crittenton Neighbors Steering Committee, c/o Sharon Price

(continued from previous page)

BFF and JHU Clean Up Lot

By Reagan Hooton

Mr. Rodney Little, State Historic Preservation

Officer; Mr. Michael Day, Deputy State Historic

Preservation Officer

Maryland Historic Trust

100 Community Place

Crownsville, Maryland 21032

Dear Mr. Little and Mr. Day,

Crittenton Neighbors Steering Committee

and the community it represents oppose any

amendment to the Maryland Historic Trust’s

easement prohibiting new construction on

the historic Crittenton site.

After several meetings and discussions

with the current proposed developer, the

community has concluded that whatever

challenges the current site presents are

outweighed by the problems involved in

removing the easement’s prohibition

against new construction. We urge that the

prohibition remain in effect.

The Crittenton site is historic in its own

right. The 19th century Carroll Mansion

and its attendant buildings command a

central and singular position at the crest

of a rolling hillside overlooking the Mill

Centre below, one of the renovated and

repurposed mill buildings the Carroll

family owned and watched over from the

mansion’s now-historic vantage point.

This site was clearly designed to “stand

alone” in its modest majesty and should be

preserved to reflect its original integration

of building design and placement with the

rolling parkland which so aptly complements

the mansion’s prominence. Parkland of every

kind is fast disappearing throughout all of

Hampden. A gem like the Crittenton site is a

legacy we prize for its graceful greenspace as

well as its historic significance.

We love this site but fear that, along with

the loss of precious greenspace, new

development will permanently harm

the fragile quality of our lives in the

Crittenton community.

The northern and eastern perimeters of

the Crittenton site, West 32nd Street and

Crittenton Place, are blocks totaling more

than 50 two-story rowhouses on streets so

narrow that the current traffic and parking

are already at the tipping point.

On Elm Avenue, along the site’s western

perimeter, are several industrial businesses

where approximately 15 large trucks arrive

every weekday, congesting Elm and nearby

streets with their deliveries — unloading,

reversing, turning, and blocking local

traffic. Two concrete turnaround pads for

these trucks are already installed along the

Crittenton site’s Elm Avenue perimeter,

as permitted by the former Florence

Crittenton owners.

(continued on next page)

The addition of new townhouses — a few

along Elm Avenue — is actually impractical

if these industries are to function. In any

event, even 19 new townhouses will add to

the complexity and hazards of the traffic

situation on Elm Avenue and throughout

the Crittenton neighborhood.

We are already boxed-in with significant

nearby development. Two short blocks

south of the Crittenton site, at Falls Road

and Chestnut Avenue, the Tufaro family’s

extensive Mill One redevelopment is set to

begin leasing its 84 new apartment units.

Added to these will be 50,000 square feet

of office space and two restaurants. The

project’s traffic mitigation plans include

a new one-way traffic pattern on Chestnut

Avenue, one block east of the Crittenton

site, and additional traffic through our

narrow streets.

We are proud that our immediate

neighborhood is home to the quality

restoration of two historic mills, Mill Centre

and Mill One, but we are already squeezed

by their pressures on our quality of life. In

this Crittenton site instance, we urge that

restoration retain the “breathing space” its

original owners intended and we residents

regard as Crittenton’s appropriate legacy.

We are confident that, with our dedicated

help, the owners will identify developers

who value the Crittenton site enough

to restore its historic properties to

appropriate reuse within its historic

parkland setting.

We cordially invite you and other MHT staff

to be our guests for an onsite visit of the

Crittenton site. Being there affords a whole

new perspective.

Thank you for your consideration of our

most urgent opposition to any amendment

permitting new construction, and please

advise us of any pending MHT actions to

consider such an amendment.

On April 6th Baltimore Free Farm along

with a team of students from Johns Hopkins

descended upon the wooded lot and

meadow between Cox st./Conduit Ave and

Edgehill Ave to clean up trash. We removed

over 60 bags of garbage, in 3 loads to the

dump! This area is a rare gem in the city

and neighborhood and is host to a lovely

meadow, various trails that local residents

use, and wildlife too!

The site is currently being used as an

illegal dumping spot. Please help BFF work

with the city in getting the bulk trash and

construction waste hauled away by calling

311 to report the illegal dumping. Send

comments or questions to collective@


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historic hampden happenings • June 2013

historic hampden happenings • June 2013 11

Hampden Woodberry Medfield Livable Neighborhoods Grant

By the Hampden Woodberry Medfield Livable Neighborhoods Organization / Photo by Baltimore Free Farm

(continued from previous page)

Through a collaborative effort, the

communities of Hampden, Woodberry, and

Medfield have obtained a $5,000 grant. We

are currently seeking applicants to request

to utilize these funds. Below is a copy of the

application that can be utilized to make a

request. Please note that submissions must

be received by July 1, 2013.

Cover Letter (1 page)

Include a cover letter that contains the

following information:

1. The purpose of the project and the exact

dollar amount requested (up to $5,000).

2. How the proposal fits with the goals of

Hampden, Woodberry, and Medfield to

improve the livability of and contribute

to the betterment of our communities.

3. Contact Information: name, title,

telephone number, E-mail address,

fax number, and mailing address of the

organization or individual.

4. Title and physical address of the project.

Proposal Narrative (1-2 pages)

1. Applicant Background

• Provide one to two paragraphs that

succinctly describe the organization’s

history, mission, and goals. If you are

an individual, please describe your

background and motivations for applying.

2. Project Purpose and Anticipated Results

• Explain the community need that will

be addressed.

• Describe the project. How will the money

be used?

• What are the anticipated results of

the project? Relate how the project

directly and/or indirectly addresses the

community need.

• How will you measure and demonstrate

the success of the project?

• Provide a budget and timeline for

implementing the project.

• If there is a web site, facebook page,

twitter handle or other social media

accounts associated with the project or

organization, please list those urls.


1. Applications should be mailed to the:

Hampden Community Council, P.O. Box

19957, Baltimore, MD 21211

2. Applications should include 5 copies.

3. Each of the 5 copies should be submitted

on standard, white, letter size paper and

fastened with one staple in the upper left

hand corner.

Rules & Agreement

By submitting an application, applicant

agrees to the following conditions:

1. Grants will only be awarded for projects

located in Hampden, Woodberry or Medfield.

2. All applications may be made public.

3. Applicants must provide an itemized

budget with two quotes for the project

with their application.

4. Successful Applicants must provide

receipts once the project is completed

no more then 6 months after receiving

their funding.

5. Successful Applicants must provide

photos of the completed project with a

1000-word narrative describing said

project., no more then 6 months after

receiving their funding.

(continued on next page)




agent assist you with your sale.

Call today for your

free market analysis.

loving living in Hampden since 1999!

Long and Foster Canton

2400 Boston Street Suite 124

Baltimore, Maryland 21224

Joy Sushinsky

410.675.1244 office

443.622.7323 cell



Summer Jump Summer Learning 2013

In Baltimore City Schools, learning doesn't stop on the last

day of the school year. For summer 2013, City Schools will be

offering programs at all grade levels, to meet every student's

interests and abilities. Programs are specially designed for

learning...and fun!

Find brief descriptions of the range of programs offered

in Summer Jump 2013 at www.baltimorecityschools.org/

summer. General registration opens in late April; ask at

your school for more information.

821 W. 36th Street, Baltimore, MD 21211

Phone: 410-366-3100 Fax: 410-366-3377


John Soos



IF YOU’RE INTERESTED IN THE FUTURE OF HAMPDEN, please consider joining the

Hampden Community Council. The HCC is a voice for everyone in

Hampden–homeowners, businesses, teenagers, seniors, new-comers

and old-timers. The more members we have the farther your voice can

reach. Your membership fee supports our newsletter and improves our

community through education, clean & green and zoning committees,

to name a few. Help Hampden continue to thrive. BE HEARD, JOIN NOW!

Hampden Community Council SERVING THE COMMUNITY SINCE 1976 Baltimore, Maryland



Street Address


Phone Fax Email

Business Name (if registering for a business membership)

In addition to my HCC membership, I would like to serve on/learn about the following committee(s): (OPTIONAL)



Clean & Green

Religious Outreach

Hampden Home Office

Fund Raising


Newsletter Distribution

Please fill out this application and mail it, along with your check to:

Hampden Community Council


PO Box 19957

Baltimore, MD 21211

Student/Senior ($5)

$ Additional Donation

Individual ($10)

Family ($15) Business ($25)

Add a one year mailed subscription to my membership for an additional $25!

Newsletter will be mailed to the address listed above, unless otherwise noted.

Please make checks payable to Hampden Community Council.

The HCC is a non-profit 501(c)3 Organization. All dues and additional donations are 100% tax deductible.


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