May 2010 (pdf) - Hampden Community Council

May 2010 (pdf) - Hampden Community Council




hampden community council | since 1972 | | may 2010

2 historic hampden happenings • May 2010

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HCC Officers

President: Everett Noe

Vice President: Position Vacant

Secretary: Bridget Sampson

Treasurer: Adam Feuerstein

Board Members

John Bosley

Betty Callahan

Genny Dill

Adam Feuerstein

Kat Feuerstein

Jay Lazar


Everett Noe, President

HCC, PO Box 19957

Hampden, MD 21211


The next HCC meeting is on

Monday, May 24th.

Plan to join us at 7 p.m. at the Roosevelt Park

Recreation Center on West 36th Street.

The agenda will include committee updates

and discussions of the most important issues

of the day for business owners and residents

of Hampden.

Committee updates: 7:00-7:20 pm

Board Elections: 7:20-7:45 pm

Open slot: 7:45-8:00 pm

New business: 8:00-8:15 pm

Historic Hampden Happenings is distributed

to residents, organizations and businesses

throughout Greater Hampden.

Circulation: 2,200, Readers: 10,000+

©2010 All rights reserved.

The HCC is a 501 (c) (3)

nonprofit organization. • Since 1972

Cover photo by Nick Hall

Everett Noe

Erin Nueslein

George L Peters Jr

Bridget Sampson

David Sugar

4 9

Shop at Sevi and Earth Alley and

you’re patronizing more than the local

economy—your support is global.

president’s letter

Thank you to everyone who came out to Zissimo’s

for the Happiest Hampden Hour! And thank

you Zissimo’s for being such a great host. The

music was fun, and the newly renovated bar is an

amazing space. Keep your eye open for news of

our next happy hour.

We tried our best, but the neighborhood of

Radnor-Winston took the prize in the city’s

RecycleMore neighborhood recycling contest.

Hampden came in 3rd, though less than 100lbs

from the winner. Thank you to all who worked

hard and recycled as much as they could for the

contest. Even though the contest is over and we

didn’t win, please keep up the good work and

keep that recycling going!

A special thank you to everyone for

the support the Family Center has

received these past 15 years. We could

not have done it without you.

HCC Board Elections to be Held at May Meeting

By Everett Noe

News from the Roosevelt Park Rec Council

By Lisa Meyers

We are looking for people to join our council.

You do not have to be athletic—you just have

to be willing to share your time, energy, or

ideas. We are looking to add more activities for

children and adults. With the budget cuts that

Baltimore City is facing, we need people to help

us keep our rec center open. If you’re willing to

give some of your time please consider coming

to our next rec council meeting on Thrusday,

May 20 @ 6:30pm at the Rec Center. Call the

Rec for futher information @ 410-396-6050.

Quarter Auction: May 7, 2010. Doors open

at 6pm and the auction starts at 7pm. We will

have Hearts for Mom Jewelry, D & T chocolates,

Tastefully Simple, Pampered Chef, Baskets by

Jenny, Mary Kay, Party Lite, Custom Design

Flowers, Slumber Party & Tupperware. Paddles

Elections for the Hampden Community

Council’s board of directors will be held at our

General Membership Meeting in May. A list of

nominees will be sent out via email (and posted

on our Facebook page) prior to the election. To

be eligible to vote, you have to be a paid member

in good standing, have attended a minimum of 5

meetings in the most recent 12 months, and be

present at the meeting to cast your vote. Newly

elected board members will take office effective

June 1st, 2010.

Because our usual HCC meeting day falls on

Memorial Day this year, we will be meeting on

Monday, May 24th instead.

will be $3.00 each and 2 for $5.00. Please bring

your friends and neighbors with you.

Our Annual Spring Fling Festival & Flea

Market will be held May 15, 2010 with a

raindate of May 22, 2010 from 9am-3pm.

Spaces are available for $15.00. Please contact

Judi Atkinson @ 410-243-0668.

The Rec is accepting applications for the 2010

Summer Camp Program. Campers will enjoy

swimming, arts & crafts, day trips & other fun

activities. Please call the Rec Center for more

info @ 410-396-6050.



clean & green team

All of us are creatures of habit. We have daily

rituals that we do not think much about, nor

do we recognize their connections to the larger

community around us. As I walked Jasper along

Stony Run this morning, the restoration project

just below University Drive Bridge was getting

planted with native trees and shrubs. This was

a perfect reminder that as we have built up our

communities, we have removed much of the

canopy that provided cooling from shade; excess

water from going directly into storm drains;

compost from leaf litter; oxygen from carbon

dioxide and habitat for fauna. Applications

for Street Trees have trickled in, but so many

existing tree wells are without a tree. If you

have a tree well, or know of one that a neighbor

would like to have filled, please contact me at or send in

the tree application available on our website

( or

on the back page of this newsletter, and we will

do all we can to get the right tree for your space.

Also on this morning’s walk, I was reminded

by a friend that for everything we do, we should

strive to be productive while minimizing

the stress and maximizing the fun. This was

the direction she felt the Clean & Green

Committee was moving in. With productivity

in mind, I would like to thank all the volunteers

of the Mayor’s Spring Clean Up and especially

those who organized the work on or around

your particular blocks. So much trash was

removed from our streets, alleys and gutters.

I would like to thank all of you who helped

make our run at the RecycleMore Competition

podium finish. We may not have won the party,

but we have succeeded in raising awareness

within our community. While doing so, we

have increased trash pickups on the Avenue

Clean & Green Committee Moving in the Right Direction

By Jay Lazar, Clean & Green Committee Chair

corner cans along the way. I would like to

extend a special thank you to Tonya Simmons,

the City recycling coordinator, for seeing the

increased pickups through.

The final thing my friend reminded me was that

no one person can do it all, that it truly takes a

village to reach the collective’s goals. We have a

great core group of neighbors who are working

on various projects from creating a Hampden

Green Map ( to raising fish

and vegetables in an aquaponic structure in a

backyard ( Several other

members are keeping the Clean and Green

foundational projects going, like Get Trashed On

Tuesdays (May 25) and Street Tree Planting. Our

next C&G Committee meeting is Tuesday, May

4 at 7pm (location is 3506 Ash Street). If you

have a project you would like to get started, or are

interested in supporting ongoing work, please

stop by because our next meeting is open to the

general community. It’s up to all of us to make

Hampden a more livable place for everyone.

In addition to what’s happening in Hampden,

there are several items that I want to mention

that are the epitome of a sustainable city.

First, there’s the B’more Streets for People

( which is

a proposed closure of roads for the sole use of

pedestrians to bike, run, walk, rollerblade, or

generally enjoy without the concern of cars.

Volunteers are needed and contact information

is on the web site. Second, the Jones Falls

Watershed Association has several upcoming

events including tree plantings, tree giveaways

and an Adopt-A-Stream workshop scheduled

for May. More information is online (jonesfalls.




4800 Roland Avenue

Suite B-1

Baltimore, MD 21210

Office: 410-889-9800

Fax: 410-889-9815

Cell: 410-419-2615


Photo by Marla O’Neill

The spring clean up piled up some significant trash

from our alleys, streets, nooks and crannies.

The City Office of Sustainability has released

its first annual report, an accountability tool for

the many initiatives under the seven themes

of sustainability. The report can be viewed and

downloaded online (

Finally, for those gardeners who are interested

in attracting pollinators, there’s a workshop in

May through Parks and People (parksandpeople.


Thanks, and enjoy the spring.

Meet. Mingle. Pray. Play.

In Nearby Mount Vernon Cultural District

Emmanuel Episcopal Church

The Great Hall & The Undercroft


Classes. Opera. Weddings. Art. Speakers. Book Group. Music. More.

Sundays: 8:30AM Eucharist (Chapel)

10:30AM Choral Morning Prayer (Eucharist, 1st Sundays)

6PM Evensong (with cantor)

Wednesdays: 6PM Eucharist (Chapel)

CATHEDRAL & READ STS. (JFX Exit 5/Maryland Ave)


Free Sunday Morning Parking - Adjacent PMI Lot

4 historic hampden happenings • May 2010

historic hampden happenings • May 2010 5

Feel Good about Shopping

at Sevi and Earth Alley

By Carrie Stickel

It’s not every day that you find a shop with a

mission, but shops in Hampden offer much more

than the everyday experience. Shop at Sevi and

Earth Alley and you’re patronizing more than the

local economy—your support is global.


“Some people are born in their homes; it just

took me 18 years to find mine,” says Sevi Kay

of her journey from Turkey to Sweden and,

finally, America. When Sevi, owner of Sevi, an

organic, vegan, and all-natural skin care, body

care and cosmetics shop at 813 36th Street,

moved to America in 1987, she said that she

never felt foreign and never took for granted

the kindness and sincere curiosity of her new

American friends.

Sevi started out making animal products: her

German shepherd, Mundo, had skin problems

that confounded the veterinarians and was

never alleviated by prescription medications

and creams. When Sevi saw Mundo suffering

through side effects and more skin problems, she

started researching ingredients to make a salve

that would give relief to her pup. She created an

ointment that soothed Mundo’s aggravated skin,

and her friends and neighbors took note. Not

only did Sevi tell them about the ointment she

created, she gave them the recipe! She quickly

discovered, however, that they didn’t want to

make their own ointments—they wanted to buy

hers. Thus, an entrepreneur was born.

When I mentioned to Sevi that her story started

out very similarly to Robin McDonald’s of Howl,

she mentioned that Robin was one of her early

customers. At the time, Sevi was living in New

York and selling her wares to wholesalers; Robin

found her online, loved her products, and started

Photos by Whitney Cecil

selling Sevi’s products to Baltimore pet owners.

As customers realized how wonderfully Sevi’s

products worked on their dogs, they couldn’t

help but want products they could use on

themselves. One woman treated her dog with

Sevi’s paw ointment and noticed that her

fingernail fungus went away too. Another woman

happened to have the paw ointment on-hand on

a ski trip. When she couldn’t find her lip balm,

she and her skiing companions used Sevi’s

ointment instead. Another woman was really

adventurous: she tried Sevi’s dog shampoo on

her own hair! She loved it, and told Sevi that for

the first time she could feel her scalp breathing!

These women were among the first to encourage

Sevi to begin making products for people. Thus,

the skin care and body care lotions, ointments,

and washes were created. From there, people

started to ask Sevi to add color to the lip balm,

and Sevi’s cosmetic line took shape.

Sevi’s business started out as wholesale: she

created the products, put it in bottles, and

shipped it to her clients (mainly salons and spas).

When Sevi and her network-administrator

husband Steve moved to Baltimore, Sevi worked

out of a 200 year-old tobacco warehouse in East

Baltimore. After four years there, she decided

she needed new digs because she was having

a baby and the warehouse would not be a safe

environment for her child.

Sevi started looking around and toyed with the

thought of having a storefront; a gregarious

woman, Sevi craved regular interaction with

clients. She had never heard of Hampden, but

when she was introduced to the neighborhood,

she knew it was the right spot. She moved in and

opened her doors last May. She named the store

“Sevi” because people connected her work with

her name. Also, “sevi” is the Turkish word for

love, and love goes into all of Sevi’s work. This

keeps her Turkish heritage alive, as does her

daughter’s name, Ayla, Turkish for light around

the moon.

When you talk to Sevi about her research and

philosophies on natural products, she’ll tell

you as much as you want to know. If you come

into her shop with specific questions or skin

issues, she’ll tell you about her research and

give you some ideas about where you can find

information for yourself. The one piece of

advice she has for everyone is to stay away

from perfumes—too many harmful synthetic

materials go into the making of perfumes simply

to make the scent last. She suggests looking

for natural perfumers and protecting your

body against these unnecessary and harmful

elements. She also recommends keeping a

daily journal to track your health. Track what

you eat, how it makes you feel, and any unusual

occurrences in your body. In other words, be the

expert on your own health.

Sevi keeps retail hours on Saturdays from

noon to 5 pm. Stop in to try out her handmade

products and see if you don’t leave with a

handful of samples. If you can’t stop by on a

Saturday, check out her website and blog: www. and

Earth Alley

In the mid-80s, Eva Khoury was an exchange

student in Denmark and made a decision that

would shape the rest of her life: she became

an environmentalist. Deeply affected by the

careful way the Danes lived so as not to waste

anything, Eva decided to take a closer look

at her own lifestyle. Twenty years later, Eva

has put her passion for the environment and

her appreciation for other cultures to work

in Baltimore by opening the eco- and worldfriendly

gift shop, Earth Alley.

Eva didn’t set out to run her own business: she

received a bachelor’s degree in international

studies at the School of International Training

and a master’s degree in community planning

at the University of New Mexico. In 2000, she

was recruited to Baltimore to work on inner-city

crime reduction, so she moved here with her

husband, Rick Packie. About three and a half

years later, Rick was offered a job in Seattle, so

they moved to the west coast. Even though the

couple loved Seattle, they always felt drawn to

Baltimore and Eva knew she would come back.

Though Eva grew up in New England and has

lived all over the globe, she says that Baltimore

is the only east coast city for her. She developed a

passion for world travel and a global perspective

years before her time abroad in Denmark: when

she was 13 years old, a family friend took her

to Jamaica. They stayed away from the touristy

areas and, for the first time, Eva saw real poverty.

Her experiences traveling have opened her eyes

to other ways of life and other cultures, and Eva

continues to travel whenever she can.

In 2007, Eva returned to her adopted hometown

to become Baltimore’s first bike coordinator.

She was ideally suited for the job: when the

city started replacing parking meters with pay

stations, Eva was able to think like a community

planner and an environmentalist, and collected

the metal poles. If you look carefully, you can

see the poles have reappeared on The Avenue—

they serve as the central piece for the whimsical

new bike racks that line the streets. All told,

Eva is responsible for putting up 75 bike racks

throughout the city.

When Eva moved back to Baltimore she knew

she wanted to open a store. She and Rick decided

to move to Hampden and open their business

here because they love the neighborhood, and

because they feel it’s important to live and work

in the same community. Eva has always had an

affinity for jewelry and pretty things, so she

knew a store like Earth Alley, with an earthfriendly

mission, could be the perfect venue for

lovely and sustainable merchandise. She has

always been aware of the disconnect between the

stereotype of ‘environmentalist’ and the actual

people who choose to bear the name, and has

worked to find goods that are not only beautiful,

but also practical. In Earth Alley, you will find

journals made out of recycled paper that are

lined and easy to write on; jewelry made from

recycled computer and sewing machine parts



Roland Park

4800 Roland Avenue

Baltimore, MD 21211

Office: (410) 889-9800

Cell: (410) 615-5855

Fax: (410) 889-9815



that go with any outfit; and telephone wire bowls

from South Africa boasting amazing colors and

the earthy, warm smell of the leaves they are

packed in for shipping.

A local designer created the logo for Earth

Alley, and Eva chose the name: “earth” for

the environmental connections, and “alley”

because she’s always been able to find good stuff

in alleys—all over the world. There are items

from around the globe in the store, and Eva

knows the stories behind each of her wares. In

pointing out woven handbags from Mexico, for

example, Eva can tell you about the women’s coop

that makes them and explain how important

it is to help people who are employed in

handicrafts stay in business. Her best-selling

items are cards made out of elephant dung. You

might not believe it, and you would never guess

it. (Don’t worry—if your card tastes run a little

more on the conservative side, you can also

find tree-friendly cards that come with various

greetings.) Don’t forget to bring your own bag

when you come—Eva has saved 3,000 plastic

bags since she opened in September 2007.

Stop by 3602 Elm Street to discover what

treasures you can find. If you stop by on the

first Friday of any month, you will be in for a

special treat. On Friday, May 7th, enjoy “mama’s

mojitos” in celebration of Mother’s Day.

Visit Earth Alley online (

and learn more about the causes, missions, and

people you are supporting when you make a

purchase. While you’re online, check out Good

Morning Maryland’s feature on Earth Alley from

April 9th.

Leslie Miller

Branch Manager

821 W. 36th Street, Baltimore, MD 21211

Phone: 410-366-3100 Fax: 410-366-3377

6 historic hampden happenings • May 2010

historic hampden happenings • May 2010 7

education committee

April began with Hampden’s schools on Spring

Break. Students returned to school during a short

but intense heat wave that felt more like midsummer

than early spring! Spring is definitely

here: the 3rd quarter is coming to an end and

schools are busy with typical spring activities.

The students at Learning Inc. are preparing

for the annual Presidential Fitness Test with

daily “phys ed.” They are fortunate to have lots

of space for outdoor games and workouts from

football to Frisbee in Hampden’s own Roosevelt

Park, just across the street. Inside Learning Inc.

the staff is using lots of incentives to encourage

students to demonstrate such success-oriented

behaviors as regular school attendance,

following directions and completing their

homework assignments. Naturally, gift cards

or certificates for purchases at Rita’s and other

restaurants are popular rewards, as are the MP3

players they can earn.

Looking forward to the end of the term, Learning

Inc’s Second Portfolio Night will be held on the

last day of school in early June. Portfolio Night

is an “open school” affair for which students will

Schools Keep Busy with Annual Spring Activities

By John Bosley

create posters and other display materials that

describe what they have learned during the year.

The school’s Hampden neighbors are warmly

invited to join parents and school operators for

this celebration of student achievement.

At Hampden’s two charter high schools, spring

also is the season for lots of activity and several

notable events. A Health Fair at ACCE on March

26, just before the eagerly-awaited Spring

Break, went off splendidly. In April, ACCE’s

second annual Blacks in Wax presentation was

scheduled for Friday the 16th, along with several

youth service projects of which a highlight is a

large support group joining in the MS Walk on

April 24th.

On May 13th ACCE students who served

internships in the community as required

by ACCE’s Internship course will report on

their experiences at an Internship Showcase

(10-1pm.) These presentations count toward

the final grade in that class. This event will

be followed (2-4pm) by the Young Audiences

presentations by members of the Extended

Day Program, a program known at ACCE

as their “Eighth Period Class.” These final

presentations by class members include dance,

ceramics, theater, digital film-making, African

drumming and other creative productions and

performances. ACCE cordially invites Hampden

residents to drop by for both these events.

ACCE’s social calendar this term includes a

Sophomore Ball on April 24th, the Junior/Senior

Prom on May 15th, and Senior Graduation on

June 5th, 2010!

We join Independence School’s faculty and staff

in congratulating students Kayla Gosnell, Lisa

Cianferano, Franz Virtudes, Tamara Simms

and Dezmond Brown for their participation

in the Morgan State Science-Mathematics-

Engineering Fair, held at the university on March

20. Kayla, Lisa and Franz received 3rd place

award. Dezmond and Tamara each received an

outstanding achievement award. These student

successes demonstrate that Independence

School’s commitment to preparing graduates

to pursue careers in science, technology,

engineering and math (STEM)—in other words,

21st century careers!

We also applaud Ms. Jocelyn Virtudes, the

school’s 9th grade advisor, for receiving a

scholarship to attend a weeklong seminar at the

Space Academy at the Space and Rocket Center

on the grounds of NASA’s Marshall Space Flight

Center in Huntsville, Alabama. (http://www. Congratulations, Ms. V!

Everyone is very proud of you.

The last day of school for Independence students

is June 16th and students will be released at

12 noon. SENIORS last day is May 21st. Senior

Commencement is May 29th at 1pm at the

Roosevelt Recreation Center. Good luck in the

future, Seniors, and we hope every student has

a great summer vacation!

Independence School Local 1, Hampden’s

charter high school operated by the Baltimore

Teacher Network (BTN), continues to reach out

to the community for new board members. If

you’re interested in learning more about how

joining the BTN board could help the school

serve our community’s families and students

more effectively, Principal Christopher French

at Independence will be glad to provide more

information. You may call Christopher at 410-

467-1090 during school hours. BTN’s website is

Hampden Elementary/Middle School started

off the spring season with Stanford 10 testing

in grades 1 and 2 from April 12-16, 2010. The

school’s National Academic League (NAL) team

placed 2nd in the citywide Novice Section.

Congratulations to all team members and Coach

Claudia Robinson and Timekeeper Ditas Flores.

The JHU-sponsored Afterschool Science Club

began its 2nd semester with experiments about

pressure and force, including sucking an egg

into a soda bottle. Experiments in physics are

coming next.

We have finalized our 120th Birthday Bash

Celebration. It is to take place all day on

Friday, May 28, 2010. The kick-off begins

with a student focused program with invited

dignitaries at 9:30a.m. Following the program

is our ‘Open School House’ where visitors are

invited to see all that great work that our boys

and girls have done. Beginning at 12 noon,

we are having Student Fun Day with a festival

theme on the playground. Family members

may join their students after dismissal time. All

Hampden students must be accompanied by an

adult after 2:35 p.m. To cater to our adult alumni

over the age of 25, we are hosting an Alumni

Sock-Hop Dance Party from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m.

in the gymnasium. We are featuring D.J. Kenny

McDaniels, refreshments and the opportunity

to reconnect with old friends.

To keep the memory of this day alive, the

planning team is preparing a Celebration

Booklet. You or your business or organization

may place an advertisement or personal message

in the booklet for a very reasonable cost of $15

(quarter-page) to $50 (full page.) Alumni and

Parents receive a discount and can purchase a

quarter-page space for only $10! We are actively

seeking a select number of vendors to offer their

services and products to our families at the

Student Fun Day. If you are able to help recruit

suitable vendors (games, food and drink, etc.)

contact the school at 410.396.6004.

Hampden is proud to announce that we

have joined with the MD Food Bank to offer

fresh produce and non-perishable items

to the surrounding communities. The first

distribution date is Tuesday, April 20, 2010.

We have enough food to feed 300 families.

Thanks to our School Social Worker, Lillie

Cottingham, as well as the Social Worker

Interns, Gretchen Reif and Dorcas Lyons for

helping to get this wonderful initiative started.




agent assist you with your sale.

Call today for your

free market analysis.

loving living in Hampden since 1999!

Long and Foster Canton

2400 Boston Street Suite 124

Baltimore, Maryland 21224

Joy Sushinsky

410.675.1244 office

443.622.7323 cell


the students, faculty, and staff of hampden

elementary / middle school #55, the school

family council, and the hampden school p.t.o.

request the honor of your presence

when we celebrate our

120 th

friday, the twenty-eighth of may

two thousand ten, nine o’clock am

3608 chestnut avenue

baltimore, maryland 21211

D & J Auto Care, Inc.

1100 West 41st Street

Baltimore, Maryland 21211

Baltimore Magazine’s Best Auto Body 2000, 2002, 2003

Baltimore City Paper’s Best Auto Repair,

Four Years (1998-2001)


Collision Repairs & Suspension and

Four-Wheel Alignment Specialists

r.s.v.p. by may 20, 2010


phone: 410.396.6004 (ms. dianne robinson)

Event Schedule

9:30 am: opening ceremony, 11:00 am: open school house

12:00-4:00 pm: kid’s fun day (rain date june 4)

7:00-11:00 pm: adult alumni sock hop

You bend


We mend


Call 410-889-6536 (Fax 410-889-4564)

8 historic hampden happenings • May 2010

historic hampden happenings • May 2010 9

Announcements from the Hampden Family Center

By Elisa Ghinger

On June 10, 2010, Hampden Family Center will

celebrate 15 years working in the community!

It is hard to believe it has been that long. Many

people in the community have often asked how

the Family Center began so it is only fitting to

mark this anniversary with a little history.

The Hampden Family Center began as a joint

project of the Greater Hampden Coalition

comprised of the Hampden Community Council,

Hampden Midtown Kiwanis, and Hampden

Village Merchants Association, and the Junior

League of Baltimore, Inc. Members of the

Greater Hampden Coalition were particularly

concerned about children without sufficient

after-school programs and activities and the

high school dropout rate to name a few.

In September 1992, the Greater Hampden

Coalition began working to form a family

support center. The next year the Junior

League of Baltimore, Inc. began researching

neighborhoods throughout Baltimore where they

could launch a major initiative that would impact

a neighborhood in need. In September 1994,

these groups joined forces to form a powerful

partnership. Six months later they signed a lease

for space at 1104 West 36th Street. Volunteers

from the community, Greater Hampden Coalition

and Junior League of Baltimore, Inc., refurbished

the 8,000 square foot facility donating countless

volunteer hours. The Greater Hampden Coalition

generously gave its expertise: professional

support, extensive in-kind services funds and

volunteer hours. The Junior League of Baltimore,

Inc., donated $250,000 over three years and

made a five-year volunteer commitment in

addition to committing volunteer hours to

develop and support the services of the Hampden

Family Center.

On June 10, 1995, the Hampden Family Center

became fully operational, providing services

to any Hampden resident. Join us as we begin

celebrating these 15 years.

Festivities will begin with a celebratory

fundraiser on Saturday, May 8th from 6-10pm

at the Mansion House at the Maryland Zoo

featuring music by The Swingin Swamis, food

by Sascha’s Catering, and libations from The

Wine Source. In addition there will be a silent

and live auction. For more information visit our

website or call


We will celebrate with cake at the center on June

10th! More details will follow. If you attended

the Mommy & Me Group, after school program,

GED or computer classes or any other program

please stop by we’d love to see you.

A special thank you to everyone for the support

the Family Center has received these past 15

years. We could not have done it without you.

Hampdenfest is offering a 10% discount for

any HCC members that would like to have a

booth this year. Hampdenfest will take place

on 9/11/10. Email

for an exhibit application.



MAY 25











If you or a loved one are looking for

affordable housing for seniors (62+),

St. Mary’s Roland View Towers

at 3838 Roland Avenue offers efficiency,

1-bedroom and 2-bedroom apartments.

Reasonable Prices: from $433 to $728 - utilities included!

Convenient to Giant, Superfresh, RiteAid and area shops.

GRAND-VIEW Restaurant on the roof.

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10 historic hampden happenings • May 2010

historic hampden happenings • May 2010 11

The Best Kept Secret from Seniors: St. Mary’s Outreach Center

By Fran Brown

On a cold January day, senior citizens gather

at St. Mary’s Outreach Center at 3900 Roland

Avenue to learn if they qualify for food stamps.

Sandra Simmons, executive director, had

arranged for representatives from the Maryland

Food Bank to come to the Hampden location to

make it easier for neighborhood senior citizens,

something that Sandy, as she is known, spends

most of her time doing: making lives easier,

warmer, healthier for seniors in the Hampden

neighborhood and surrounding communities.

Among those waiting, a group of women form a

small circle and share stories of frustrating visits

to agencies and perplexing paperwork. Diane

explains that many seniors aren’t able to take the

two or three buses or afford the cab that could

take them to social services. So Sandy makes the

calls, follows through on the details, fills out the

paperwork with them, and assures the paperwork

is mailed. “Sandy is marvelous,” offers a man

waiting with his wife. He has learned only

recently of Sandy and St. Mary’s Outreach Center,

and she helped the couple apply for the Qualified

Medicare Beneficiary program.

Sandy’s passion and dedication to serving

seniors stems from her own experience taking

care of elderly parents. Finding assistance was

difficult; where and how to apply more difficult.

She found the system frustrating. When her

parents died, Sandy launched her career serving

seniors as an assistant director of a fairly large

senior center in Baltimore. Her journey carried

her to St. Mary’s Outreach Center where she has

served thousands of citizens: 4,913 in 2009.

Over the past two years, the outreach center

has returned almost $800,000.00 to the

community. Some of the areas include

$118,190.00 for energy assistance; Medicare

ABC/supplemental, $1,378; Medicare D/SPDAP

and extra help, $114,543; renters/homeowners

tax credit, $100,000; water bills, $9,424.

The outreach center is housed in the church

building that was formerly St. Mary’s Episcopal

Church. In partnership with AIM (Action in

Maturity) the Resource and Referral Service

at the Outreach Center provides free and

confidential services to men and women (ages

62+) who are in need of assistance. Sandy’s

goal is to spread the word that friendly, caring

people provide help with energy bills counseling

services, legal aid, prescriptions and drug

coverage, eviction notices, food pantries,

Medicare/Medicaid, benefit packages, taxes

and tax related issues, homeowners’/renters’

tax credits, access to housing, transportation.

Mary is among the small circle of women waiting

and hoping to qualify for food stamps. If she

qualifies, she many not have to decide between

food and heat. “St. Mary’s is a blessing for the

seniors of Hampden,” Mary says quietly.

The Episcopal Diocese of Maryland (

is a Christian community of 22,000 households in 117

congregations covering 10 counties and Baltimore City.

The Episcopal Church is a community of 2.4 million

members in 100 nationwide dioceses, 10 overseas

dioceses and six extra-provincial territories; (www. The Anglican Communion (www. is a global community of 77

million Anglicans in 38 member churches/provinces,

including The Episcopal Church.

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IF YOU’RE INTERESTED IN THE FUTURE OF HAMPDEN, please consider joining the

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Hampden–homeowners, businesses, teenagers, seniors, new-comers

and old-timers. The more members we have the farther your voice can

reach. Your membership fee supports our newsletter and improves our

community through education, clean & green and zoning committees,

to name a few. Help Hampden continue to thrive. BE HEARD, JOIN NOW!

Hampden Community Council SERVING THE COMMUNITY SINCE 1976 Baltimore, Maryland



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street trees for hampden

The Clean & Green Team of the Hampden Community Council wants to help you get a tree in front

of your home! We are working with organizations that provide technical assistance and funding for

community greening projects. We have planted many street trees in Hampden since 2005 and want to

plant more!

We still need to hear from as many residents as possible who would like to have a tree, so that we can

organize future plantings. Fill out the form below if you would like to be on the list for a tree, and ask

your neighbors to sign up, too! Trees are not guaranteed to everyne who applies...your site must first

be inspected by Miss Uility to ensure you have a safe and proper space for a tree.

Note: If you are a renter, your landlord must sign the tree request form.

street tree request form

I, the undersigned, agree to help create a tree pit (if needed), plant, water, mulch, and maintain my

neighborhood Street Tree. I understand that some locations may not be suitable for Street Trees due

to utilities, signs, handicap ramps, or width of sidewalk. The Forestry Division of the Baltimore City

Department of Recreation & Parks shall make final determinations of suitable Street Tree locations

and species. The Street Trees, once planted, will be the property of the City of Baltimore in

accordance with City Code 1879, Article 47.

Do you have an exiting Tree Pit? Yes No

Name ________________________________________________________

Street Address _________________________________________________

Phone _________________________ Email__________________________

Signature_______________________________ Date _____/______/_____

Mail to: Street Trees for Hampden, PO Box 19957, Baltimore, MD 21211

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