May 2012 (pdf) - Hampden Community Council

May 2012 (pdf) - Hampden Community Council




hampden community council | since 1972 | | may 2012


historic hampden happenings • May 2012

historic hampden happenings • May 2012 3




HCC Officers

President: Adam Feuerstein

Vice President: Gary Figurelle

Secretary: Genny Dill

Treasurer: Erin Nueslein

Board Members

Ed Nueslein

George L Peters Jr

Jay Lazar


Adam Feuerstein, President

HCC, PO Box 19957

Hampden, Maryland 21211


Ken Gelbard

Kerry Vayda

Stephanie Murdock

The next HCC meeting is on

May 21, 2012.

Plan to join us at 7 p.m. at the Roosevelt

Park Recreation Center on West 36th Street.

The agenda will include committee updates

and discussions of the most important

issues of the day for business owners and

residents of Hampden.

7:00-7:05 pm: Welcome

7:05-7:30 pm: Committee updates

7:30-7:45 pm: New business

Historic Hampden Happenings is distributed

to residents, organizations and businesses

throughout Greater Hampden.

Circulation: 2,200, Readers: 10,000+

©2010 All rights reserved.

The HCC is a 501 (c) (3)

nonprofit organization. • Since 1972


Learning Inc. students engage in a

wide variety of learning activities

that focus on applying what they’re

learning in school in their daily lives.

president’s letter

Skatepark of Baltimore

By Adam Feuerstein

On Thursday April 19th, I, along with George

Peters and Jay Lazar, board members, had

the pleasure of attending the Skatepark

of Baltimore 7th year anniversary benefit

party at Golden West Café. For those of you

that don’t know, Skatepark of Baltimore, a

501(C)(3), has been working for a number

of years to obtain fundraising to build a state

of the art skatepark at Roosevelt Recreation

Center. Throughout the entire process,

Stephanie Murdock, president, has attended

countless HCC meetings to make sure that

the community was thoroughly involved in

the process. We appreciate her efforts as it

led to honest and open discussions about

the Skatepark and Roosevelt Park. They have

made tremendous progress.

To date, they have secured the Roosevelt

Recreation Center site per an agreement

with the City, completed the park designs

after community discussions, and have

begun securing fundraising for the cost

of construction. They obtained a $25,000

grant through the Tony Hawk Foundation

and have raised a total of $50,000 towards

construction costs. They are currently in

the midst of a matching campaign with the

Department of Recreation and Parks where

they will match up to $75,000 in fundraising.

They have until May 31, 2012 to raise the

additional $25,000 to receive the full benefit

of the match from Parks and Rec.


Read the results of meetings, a

survey, email exchanges and many

hours of research for the proposed

“3400 Roland” development.

You may recall that during 2011, the

HCC entered into a Community Benefits

Agreement with Seawall Development,

the Concerned Citizens of Woodberry and

the Medfield Community Association.

Depending on certain criteria, the

endowment will pay $5,000 per year for

projects and or programs that improve

the livability of and or contribute to the

betterment of the Communities. We have

received this year’s $5,000 endowment

and I am pleased to announce that the

Endowment Board, as defined in the

agreement, has pledged the entire $5,000

to Skatepark of Baltimore. We feel that

these funds are a perfect fit for the goals of

the Community Benefits Agreement and

are especially well timed with the matching

campaign. This endowment has pushed

Skatepark of Baltimore that much closer to

their goal and will add another great feature

to our neighborhood.

Needless to say, the crowd was thrilled

when we handed out the oversized novelty

check to Stephanie on Thursday night. It

was great to see so much excitement for

this project. I wish the Skatepark much

success as they move forward in this

endeavor. For more information and to

make a personal donation, visit them at

education news

It will be a busy and exciting May for

students and staff at Hampden Elementary-

Middle School, according to Principal Judith

Thomas. But first, here’s a report on some

recently-concluded events at the school.

From September 2011 through most of

March 2011, four middle-schoolers and

their teacher from Hamilton Middle

School on Old Harford Road in northeast

Baltimore came to Hampden Elementary-

Middle School each Thursday evening to

offer free math tutoring to Hampden’s third

graders (plus one 5th grader who asked to

be included.) The goal of this collaboration

was to get School #55’s third grade in tiptop

competitive form to take the recent

MSA test. The participants concluded this

year’s series of after-school work sessions

with a fun pizza party held March 29 in the

ultra-exclusive Café 55 at the school. The

schools are planning to do this again next

term. (By the way, a big round of applause

Busy Month at Hampden Elementary-Middle School

By Dr. Judith Thomas and Various Contributors / Photo by Whitney Cecil

for the Hamilton teacher, who transported

the students and led the tutorials without

any compensation!)

The school’s PTO held its 8th annual

fundraising “Read-A-Thon” in mid-April.

Students solicited $3.00 donations from

family members and neighbors. Recruiting

multiple sponsors made the student eligible

to compete for increasingly valuable prizes.

Once sponsored, the student kept a log of the

books she or he read during the two-week

Read-A-Thon and turned in those lists on

April 24 to enter a Read-A-Thon contest. All

of the entrants, regardless of the money they

had managed to raise, received certificates,

a bookmark and a book of their choice.

Students who had recruited more sponsors

were eligible for additional prizes, with the

names of those whose sponsors had donated

totals of $31.00 or more placed in a drawing

to receive eight Fun Day Tickets.

Looking to the future, Dr. Thomas proudly

announces that Baltimore’s Mariposa Child

Success Programs (formerly the Institute

for Family Education) is offering a series of

workshops at the school titled “Promoting

Social-Emotional Competence: Managing

Behaviors and Improving Performance”.

The series began on Wednesday, April 18

and will continue every Wednesday for six

weeks from 3-5 p.m. On Mariposa’s website

(, the purpose

of these workshops is to jointly train

parents and childrearing adults in bringing

consistency and teamwork to children’s

development in schools, at centers, and

at home. As more and more adults learn

the “best practices” in child development,

Mariposa believes there will be fewer school

suspensions, less child abuse and neglect,

better school readiness, less bullying, more

cooperative learning, less delinquency,

more confident and healthier children. Not

only staff and parents but any interested

(continued on page 4)

Cover photo by Gordon Ednie


historic hampden happenings • May 2012

historic hampden happenings • May 2012 5

(continued from page 3)

Spring Happenings at St. Thomas Aquinas School

By Bonnie Russo, Director

community member is welcome to attend

these valuable workshops, which are free

of charge to all. Free textbooks are also

provided. Call the school at 410-396-6004

for information, or just come to the next

workshop and start taking part.

Another exciting activity that’s underway

at School #55 is preparing for a live

performance of the play “Bottom’s Dream,”

based on William Shakespeare’s fanciful

“Midsummer Night’s Dream.” Middle

school students (Grades 5-8) and school staff

members will have acting and supporting

roles in the production. Auditions for roles

began March 29, and rehearsals are now

underway. Ms. Joan Weber, Director of

the Education Division for Westminster,

MD-based Creativity & Associates (http:// and

herself an accomplished actor, is organizing

and directing this project to use theater

to increase critical thinking and creativity

among the players’ and supporting staff.

Bottom’s Dream will be performed at

Baltimore’s CenterStage sometime in May.

Keep an eye out for the date, which the

school will publicize as soon as it is definite.

The WHAM! parent volunteer organization



organizing a Career Day for middle school

students, to be held on May 11. WHAM has

recruited numerous volunteers in traditional

as well as non-traditional careers to participate

and help our kids get a better idea of the choices

available for them when they finish their

education. There’s still time to register to tell

your career story by visiting http://editbarry. and

registering. And don’t forget the gala Map It!

map painting party on the school playground

(blacktop) on May 5th!

WHAM invites everyone to put on your old

clothes and come prepared to cover most of

the blacktop with a huge map of the United

States! For more information contact WHAM

at or call the school

at 410-396-6004. See you all there!

We have much to celebrate this spring

at St. Thomas Aquinas School! Our 8th

grade students have received high school

acceptance letters to the following schools:

Archbishop Curley High School, The

Catholic High School of Baltimore, Mercy

High School, Calvert Hall College High

School, Seton Keough High School, Dulaney

High School, and Mt. St. Joseph High

School. We congratulate our students in the

Class of 2012 for their achievements and we

wish them continued academic success.

We are also very proud of 4th grader, Tainia

Cunion, whose poem about her dog, Toby,

won first place in the national American Pet

Products Association Contest! Taina’s poem

was judged to be the best on her grade level.

She received $250 worth of pet supplies and

her class will receive $1,000 to spend on petrelated

education. We also congratulate Sr.

Patricia Hogan, S.S.N.D., who celebrates her

Jubilee Year this spring! Sister Pat has been a

School Sister of Notre Dame for 50 years and

was a member of our faculty for many years.

Sister left STA in 2011 to work with novitiates

at the S.S.N.D. Mother House in Missouri.

A special Mass was offered in her honor on

April 14 at St. Thomas Aquinas Church.

Spring has been a busy time for us with our

education partners from Notre Dame of

Maryland University and Loyola University

Maryland. College interns from these two

institutions have been working with STA

elementary students in the areas of reading,

writing, math and science. The Reading Club,

sponsored by Loyola University Maryland, is

held after school, once a week for an hour,

for interested students in Grades 1-4.

Many of our students are involved in special

projects. Our students in the 4th grade held

a “Maryland Day” on April 4 to celebrate

everything “Maryland” with great food and

music! Our 4th and 5th graders have been

invited to visit Notre Dame of Maryland

University’s planetarium on May 9. On May

16, our art teacher, Mrs. Kristina Anderson,

will be taking students in grades 4 and 5 to

the Museum of Art.

We are all working hard on our major spring

events. Students in Grade 2 will make their

First Holy Communion on Saturday, May

5, at 11 a.m. in our church. We congratulate

these students who have worked so hard to

prepare for the Sacrament of the Eucharist.

Our monthly Family Night at Mamma’s

Cucina Restaurant will be held on Thursday,

May 10, from 3-9 p.m. Join us for a good

meal and family fun. We thank Mamma’s

Cucina for supporting our school. Our

Spring Show will take place on Thursday,

May 17, and Friday, May 18. Middle school

students will be performing and singing.

One of our biggest events of the year takes

place on Friday, May 11—our 7th Annual

(continued on page 7)


If you or a loved one are looking for

affordable housing for seniors (62+),

St. Mary’s Roland View Towers

at 3838 Roland Avenue offers efficiency,

1-bedroom and 2-bedroom apartments.

Reasonable Prices: from $443 to $744, including utilities

Convenient to Giant, RiteAid and area shops.


Call 410-889-8255 for information.


historic hampden happenings • May 2012

historic hampden happenings • May 2012 7

Computer Games, “March Madness,” and “Babying” Eggs at Learning Inc.

By Mike Mason, Director of Extended Day Program and Community Outreach / Photo by Paige Ackerman

(continued from previous page)

St. Thomas Aquinas School

(continued from page 5)

Learning Inc. students engage in a wide

variety of learning activities that focus on

applying what they’re learning in school

outside the classroom, in their daily lives and

careers. Three recent projects illustrate this

emphasis on linking academics to living.

Computer Games: One group of LI students

used their analytical math skills to design

and build basic computer games based on

imaginary rooms the students created on a

geometric coordinate plane. For example, in

the first video game students outlined a simple

room with a border. They then wrote a program

that caused several different fruit shapes to

move and allowed players to earn points by

clicking successfully on these moving shapes.

Students then added background music that

contained a timing program that would insert

moving images of bombs into the game. If a

user accidently clicked on a bomb instead of a

fruit: game over!

The students then designed a more complex

game based on the geometric diagram of a

“house” with 3-5 different “rooms.” Like

many games, these rooms enabled players to

progress from one level to another. Students

created a program that allowed players

to “move” from room to room through a

maze. Levels were introduced by adding

various obstacles to make the maze harder

to follow, and “enemies” capable of blocking

progress were introduced. To beat each level

the players had to safely find a way to get to

the “exit” of each room. Students needed

math and geometry knowledge to think of

ways to create more complex games and

make sure the game worked properly. When

they found a flaw in the game by testing

it, the class engaged in “lateral thinking”

problem-solving in order to come up with

a creative solution to the problem. (See how

lateral thinking works by solving the puzzles at

March Madness: Students learned about

problem solving and statistics by researching

teams in the “Sweet 16” round of the 2012

NCAA college basketball tournament. Their

research required them find fractions, set

up and solve equations, and making graphs

of the results. They looked at “the numbers”

for all 16 of the teams in the final rounds

of the tournament, and brought the world

of math to life by calculating fractions,

decimals, and percents, computing the

probability of winning based on past

performance, looking for patterns in the

results and making predictions about who

would survive in the competition. All this

work paid off by showing the students

how to relate a wide variety of math facts

to the NCAA tournament outcomes and

understand the importance of math to a

deeper understanding of basketball or

any competitive sport. Learning Inc.’s

staff enjoyed watching students go from

being puzzled about how math had any

relationship to basketball, to seeing a clear

connection between them. They went from

making comments such as “There is no

math in this stuff!” or “Math is not used

to determine standings,” to statements

like “Hey, these teams are divided!” or “I

like Kentucky because if you look at the

statistics and average them in, they may

have a good chance to win,” as the project

continued. (And we hope they also learned

that probability and chance really do work—

so don’t bet your allowance on your favorite,

there could be an upset!)

The Egg Project: During the third academic

quarter, many students participated in an Egg

Project that was designed to educate them on

teen pregnancy and make them more aware

of the duties and responsibilities that come

with being a parent. Each student was given

an ordinary egg that represented their baby

to care for, for an extended period of time.

The students named their eggs, made safe

beds for them, found blankets and other

necessities, decorated the “cradles/cribs,”

and practiced other aspects of child care

for their eggs. During the project, students

were encouraged to have open discussions

about what they were learning about being

a single parent, based on being completely

responsible for caring for their eggs.

Students participated in several discussions

with single parents from the community and

collaborated to develop a list of reasons why

it might be beneficial to think twice before

engaging in risky behavior that might lead to

becoming a single parent “for real.”

Race for Education! Our entire school

will walk one mile through our Hampden

neighborhood, raising money for our school

with their pledges. After walking, students

are treated to lunch and ice cream, and can

play on a climbing wall and in a Moon Bounce.

In the past, we’ve had “celebrity walkers”

including members of the Baltimore Blast

team and Councilwoman Mary Pat Clarke.

Our goal is to raise over $30,000 which

will help to fund tuition assistance, defray

the cost of high utility bills, and purchase

essential educational materials. If you would

like to sponsor a student or faculty member,

please contact the school at 410-889-3710.

We thank all our sponsors and participants!

If you or someone you know is interested

in enrolling a child in our school (Pre-K

through Grade 8), please contact Sr. Marie

Rose at 410-889-3710. We are currently

accepting applications for the 2012-13

school year.

(continued on next page)

D & J Auto Care, Inc.

1100 West 41st Street

Baltimore, Maryland 21211


Four-Wheel Alignment Specialists


You bend


We mend


Serving your community for 40 years


Call 410-889-6536 (Fax 410-889-4564)

MAY 29



AUG. 28

SEPT. 25

holy frijoles

clean-up 7pm

happy hour 8pm


clean-up 7pm

happy hour 8pm

13.5% wine bar

clean-up 7pm

happy hour 8pm

rocket to venus

clean-up 7pm

happy hour 8pm

golden west cafe

clean-up 6pm

happy hour 7pm


join your friends and neighbors for a little light street cleaning on

the last tuesday evening of each month followed by happy hour

specials sponsored by our local watering holes. meet us in front of

the royal farms on the corner of 36th & roland to join in the fun!

thank you to the dogwood for sponsoring our april clean-up.

Leslie Delcid

Branch Manager

821 W. 36th Street, Baltimore, MD 21211

Phone: 410-366-3100 Fax: 410-366-3377




agent assist you with your sale.

Call today for your

free market analysis.

loving living in Hampden since 1999!

Long and Foster Canton

2400 Boston Street Suite 124

Baltimore, Maryland 21224

Joy Sushinsky

410.675.1244 office

443.622.7323 cell


Pro Bono Day: Free Legal Advice!

Saturday, May 12 from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Legal Aid Bureau, 500 E. Lexington Street

Discuss your civil legal problems one-on-one with

volunteer attorneys at a legal clinic. Issues include:

· Landlord-tenant

· Bankruptcy

· Expungements

· Government benefits

· Criminal law

· Consumer issues

· Divorce, custody &

child support

· Wills & advance directives

Please bring any relevant documents with you.

This event is free and no registration is required.

For more information, call 410-539-5936 ext. 102

or email

Sponsored by: Bar Association of Baltimore City


historic hampden happenings • May 2012

historic hampden happenings • May 2012 9

What Is SquashWise?

By Clinton Cook, Maleik Grier and Colleen Haggerty / Photo by Benoit Mouren

community news

Hampden Family Center: Upcoming Programs and Events

By Lisa Ghinger, Executive Director

SquashWise is a program at Meadow Mill

Athletic Club where students come to

play the sport squash and do academics,

their homework, and class-work. We go to

have fun, but also to do school-work and

things like vocabulary and book club. It is a

program that molds us into great studentathletes.

SquashWise has students in 6th

grade to 10th grade, and moving up. We all go

to school at ACCE, the Academy for College

and Career Exploration.

Squash is a sport that is all over Baltimore

and is very different. A sport that it could

relate to is tennis, or racquetball. It is played

indoors on a closed-in court with a racquet

and a ball. You hit the ball against the wall.

You go back and forth trying to get people

to miss and lose the point. Note that if you

have been to Meadow Mill Athletic Club, you

might have seen some of the courts.

SquashWise is not all about playing squash.

The “Wise” part is really for the academics.

They have great volunteers that help us

with our homework. We go three days a

week, possibly four. We are divided into two

groups. One group does academics first and

the other half plays squash. After an hour

or so, we switch. At the end we give “shoutouts”

to each other. We also get nutritious

snacks to stay healthy.

SquashWise is one team in the National

Urban Squash and Education Association

(NUSEA). Kids compete in squash and

participate in essay contests. NUSEA is in

several different cities in the U.S.A. such as

New York, Philadelphia, San Diego, Boston,

Chicago, and our very own Baltimore.

Some of the opportunities we’ve had

with SquashWise are going to compete in

tournaments in New Jersey, Philadelphia,

New York, and Massachusetts. We also get to

go to sleep-away camps over the summer to

play squash and see new cities.

For more information about SquashWise,

visit or call

the Meadow Mill office at 443.682.7126.

We are always looking for great tutors (no

squash experience necessary to tutor). You

can also get more information by calling

ACCE at 410-396-7607 or 410-962-1908.

The authors are in the 6th and 7th grades at ACCE,

the Academy for College and Career Exploration.

The Family Center extends a heartfelt

thank you to all merchants, businesses and

individuals who generously donated to our

fundraiser Hats Off To Hampden Family

Center. The event was a huge success and

would have been impossible without your

generous support!

Join us Friday, May 18th from 4:30 pm –

6:00 pm for refreshments as we say good bye

and thank you to expectant Mother Brianne

Phillips for all her hard work and celebrate

her contribution to the community!

Blood Drive: Wednesday, May 2nd 3:45 pm

– 6:30 pm. Donate blood and give back to

your community! The goal is to collect 11

units that day – help us to reach the goal.

The Family Center works in partnership

with MedStar Union Memorial Hospital –

all blood donated that day will stay in the

local community.

Blood Pressure Screening: Offered the 1st

& 3rd Fridays of the month from 11:00 am –

12:00 pm.

Senior Luncheon: Friday, May 18th from

11:00 am – 1:00 pm. Join us for a hot lunch

and fun activity. Space is limited; please call

the center to reserve your place.

Benefit Assistance: If you need help with

your gas or electric bill, call or stop by the

Family Center to make an appointment to

speak with Walter Jackson who can help you

apply for energy assistance. Walter is on site

Wednesday 9 am – 11 am.

Seedco Earn Benefits: Need assistance

in attaining such benefits as: food stamps,

healthcare, utilities support and tax credits?

Call or stop by and speak with Brianne Phillips.

Summer is fast approaching with it a roster

of activities at the Family Center.

Summer Enrichment Program: Children

ages 6 through 12 will enjoy a fun filled summer

with art and crafts, recreational activities

and fieldtrips to local landmarks throughout

Baltimore. This eight week program begins

June 18th and ends August 10th.

Hours of operation are 9 am – 5 pm. Space

is limited. Stop by the center to register or

call 410-467-8710 and speak with Meghan

Collins for more information.

Hampden Family Center

1104 West 36th Street

Baltimore, MD 21211-2409

(410) 467-8710

May the 4th Be With You

Come celebrate National Star Wars Day like true...


Friday, May 4th | Roosevelt Rec Center

1221 W. 36th Street | Baltimore, Maryland

Photos with Characters from 6-7pm

Movie “Fanboys” Starts at 7pm

Admission is $3 (Republic credits are

no good here!) or FREE if you come in a

Star Wars costume! For more info call


Hampden Library Book Discussion Group

By Devon Ellis / Photo by Whitney Cecil

The Hampden Library has started a new

book discussion group that meets monthly

Tuesday evenings from 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm.

The books can be reserved by calling the

Hampden Library at 410.396.6043, 3641

Falls Road, and are available in print and

audio formats.

Some titles may also be available in the new

e-formats and can be downloaded from the

Pratt Library’s catalog, to read on a Kindle,

a Nook, or other device, or to listen to on an

iPod, an MP3 player or other device.

Everyone is welcome to attend any of the

book discussions. The list of dates and titles

is as follows:

Tuesday, April 3, 2012: The Hunger Games by

Suzanne Collins, c2008 (fiction)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012: The Devil in the White

City: Murder, Magic and Madness at the Fair

that Changed America by Erik Larson, c2003


Tuesday, June 12, 2012: Galileo’s Daughter: A

Historical Memoir of Science, Faith and Love by

Dava Sobel, c1999 (non-fiction)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012: Emma by Jane

Austen, first published in 1815 (fiction)

Tuesday, August 7, 2012: In the Garden of

Beasts: Love, Terror and an American family

in Hitler’s Berlin by Erik Larson, c2011


Thursday, September 20, 2012: The

Cellist of Sarajevo by Steven Galloway,

c2008 (fiction): selected by the Maryland

Humanities Council for their One Maryland

One Book reading program. Dinner will

be served at the book discussion, and

reservations are requested.

Hampden Library

3641 Falls Road

Baltimore, MD 21211

(410) 396-6043


historic hampden happenings • May 2012

historic hampden happenings • May 2012 11

Results Regarding Development at 3400 Roland Avenue

By Gary Figurelle / Rendering by Guerrilla Architecture and Jeremy Kargon

Oldest Plumbing Company

in Hampden… over 30 years

NPR: Neighborhood Price Reductions

• Up Front Pricing, no SURPRISES

• Night, Weekend, and Holiday Savings

• Discounts on Equipment and Parts

Below, please find the results of three formal

meetings, a neighborhood survey, hundreds

of email exchanges and many hours of

research by more than 40 individuals from

the immediate area of the proposed “3400

Roland” development. This effort has been

organized with the assistance and guidance

of Councilman Nick Mosby (the project lies

within his district) and Councilwoman Mary

Pat Clarke (the project adjoins her district).

Note that the HCC has NOT taken a formal

position on this project.

The results of this effort accurately reflect

who we are as neighbors. We are economically

diverse and socially welcoming but most of

all easily called to action when a neighbor

needs a warm blanket, a couple bucks (plus

generous tip) to “cut the front”, or instant

assistance if someone has an emergency.

Above all, we expect any development to

respect and reflect this sense of place and

pride. We are a historic village that lacks

most of the amenities that are the hallmark

of any successful high-density urban area.

The Hampden Community Council, through

its Zoning and Land Use Committee, and

our City Council Representatives strongly

recommended that we identify our concerns

and expectations and present the following

expectations to the developer of 3400

Roland Ave.

1. CORRECT AND REVERSE “inside out”

design to promote contextual typology

and blending with neighborhood design

and aesthetics.

i. Most homes have a front porch. This

element defines who we are as neighbors

and encourages personal interaction.

ii. The development, as planned, has its

focus to the interior courtyard, the exact

opposite of the nature and feel of the


iii. The development, as planned, would put

a “break” in the continuity of the porchfront

style housing.

iv. A parking control device (gate or roll-up

door) further isolates the development

from the rest of the community.

2. REDUCE overall density and parking

congestion. Developing to the maximum

allowed by code would further overburden

existing parking availability.

i. The community will lose a minimum of 2

curb parking spaces due to a new curb cut.

ii. Existing home density is greater than

and does not comply with modern R7

regulations resulting in traffic and acute

parking challenges.

iii. The development needs to create a

realistic parking plan, 1.8 parking spaces

per 1,000 sq.ft. living space. Additional

overnight parking is not available.

iv. Move proposed Roland Ave. entrance to

34th St. to reduce congestion on Roland

and provide better sight lines with

minimal curb cut width.

v. Crosswalks at 34th and Roland with 4-way stop.

vi. The developer is attempting to attract

residents that will rely on public

transportation that fails to meet smart

growth standards for: convenience, easeof-use

and frequency.

vii. We will be additionally impacted by the

traffic from the Mill No.1 (Mt. Vernon

Mill) redevelopment; this project is


3. REDESIGN site in response to

neighborhood concerns about public

safety requiring efficient and clear access

by fire and police to site and neighboring


i. Access to alley from southern end for EMT/

police/fire/water from Roland Avenue fire

hydrant, as resident experience has shown

is necessary for safety of the 3400/3500

blocks of Roland/Hickory.

ii. Storm water mitigation

4. AGREE to construction phase requests.

i. Tree Preservation - Take all reasonable

measures to save the mature street tree

on Hickory near the north end of the


ii. Rat Eradication - Have an exterminator

certify the area is rat free prior to and

throughout construction.

iii. Construction Parking - All contractors

and materials are to stay on site and not

reduce existing curb parking.

• Experts at working on Older Homes


410-243-0058 3678 Falls Road

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street tree for hampden

The HCC Clean and Green Team wants to help you get a tree in

front of your home! We are working with organizations that provide

technical assistance and funding for community greening projects.

We have planted many street trees in Hampden since 2005 and

want to plant more!

We still need to hear from as many residents as possible who

would like to have a tree so that we can organize future plantings.

Fill out the form below if you would like to be on the list for a tree,

and ask your neighbors to sign up, too! Trees

are not guaranteed to everyone who applies...

your site must first be inspected by Miss Utility

to ensure you have a safe and proper space

for a tree.

Note: If you are a renter, your landlord

must sign the tree request form.

street tree request form

I, the undersigned, agree to help create a tree pit (if needed), plant,

water, mulch, and maintain my neighborhood Street Tree. I understand

that some locations may not be suitable for Street Trees due to utilities,

signs, handicap ramps, or width of sidewalk. The Forestry Division of the

Baltimore City Department of Recreation and Parks shall make final

determinations of suitable Street Tree locations and species. The Street

Trees, once planted, will be the property of the City of Baltimore in

accordance with City Code 1879, Article 47.

Do you have an existing Tree Pit? Yes No

Name _______________________________________________

Street Address _________________________________________

Phone ____________________ Email ______________________

Signature _________________________ Date ____ / ____ / ____

Mail to: Street Trees for Hampden, PO Box 19957, Baltimore, MD 21211

or email to


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