Fun Fun Olympics - AE.AE

Fun Fun Olympics - AE.AE

Volume 6 Issue 5 April 2011


Fun Fun Olympics

The Team


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Abigail Blazado

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Taking One day at a time

Most of us are in those positions which demand us

to do more, to push, to scream, to yell and to run.

May be you are reminded that “YOU have to do it

and you have to do it NOW”. In trying to juggle as

many roles as we can, we are failing to understand

that there are so many people and processes that we

have taken for granted. We have lost the luster and

the quality that we once possessed. Our priorities

list has become so full that we don’t check them

anymore because we know we cannot accomplish

all of them.

Take time for yourself today. Take time to breathe in

life, all of it: its gifts, color, splendor, smells, tastes,

and sounds. From the smallest most insignificant

event to the things you have taken for granted.

Today is a gift of life and so live it with gratitude

and don't let the sun set today without seeing it,

embracing it, and enjoying it.

Let’s rearrange, reschedule, restore, reload and

recognize what is most important in our lives. Let’s

celebrate what it is we do each day! Tomorrow will

be here before you know it. Today will be history

before you realize it. We create our futures and

memories in the present. Go through life today,

conscious of your surroundings and people

around you.

- Robbinson Matthew, AE


-Ahmed Al Bawardi

Indeed, planning the future

strategic direction of our

portfolio of companies has

been a challenge, but one that

we feel will certainly pay off as

we transition in becoming more

focused and disciplined. During

the past year the Al Bawardi

Enterprises’ executive team

has been working diligently to

reposition some of the portfolio companies: spinning out

Litwin, a company that we felt no longer served our core focus,

while honing its resources preserved on our other businesses,

which we feel are more true to our ethos. In addition, we are also

exploring new business opportunities exceptionally synergistic

to our current portfolio. In April we will be announcing our

joint venture agreement with Mercuria Energy Group Ltd,

one of the fifth largest commodity trading platforms in the

world. Mercuria is a privately-owned international group

of companies active over a wide spectrum of global energy

markets including crude oil and refined petroleum products,

natural gas (including LNG), power, coal, biodiesel, vegetable

oils and carbon emissions. We are also currently exploring

opportunities in the shipping and logistics business for

the region. These new initiatives should not only generate

significant growth for the total collective portfolio in their

own rights, but also create synergistic business opportunities

with companies already under management.

I envision a number of very exciting and engaging months

and years ahead, as the Al Bawardi Enterprises enters--what

I like to call--its next phase of development. Our standard

operating modalities may be challenged in the process, but

certainly it will ultimately inure to the good of our companies

collective growth. We should all take pride in what we have

built over the last 30 years. We are currently managing some of

the leading companies in the oilfield services and IT industries

in the region. Without your participation none of this would

have been a reality. You are entirely credited for everything we

have achieved.

-Ahmed Al Bawardi


- Mansour Al Alami

Nine months of FY 10-11 are

behind us …time fly. At this

stage we should be able to see

the finish line and have rough

estimates on how our fiscal

year results will look like. Like

any race, the last lap is most

challenging and requires one’s

best efforts and focus to make

up the shortfalls to ensure that

the objective(s) is(are) met and or exceeded.

As a group we have seen mixed results from our business

entities and interest but we are confident that we will finish

the year sailing in calm waters and strategically planning our

move into new ventures and strategic direction for AE and

each BU in general.

In my message of July 2010, I had listed down some guidelines

for each one of us. These guidelines are key to our overall

success. It is an indicator on how well connected you are with

the Business Unit’s mission and vision. As we are in the final lap

of the FY progress I want you to explore, once again on how it

relates to you and what is your role / contribution in achieving

the measurable objectives by the company at the start of the

Financial Year. In simpler terms apply the following list to do

a reality check on how connected you are:

Understand the BU’s Quality Policy, Mission and Vision and

how it relates to me / my position. Revisit your goals and how

well you are monitoring their progress.

Are you exceeding client’s perceptions (internal or external);

understanding their needs and being proactive in executing

required tasks.

Are you acting as good peer with positive attitude. Knowledge

and experience broadens when you lead teams and provide

solutions. The more popular and supportive you become


among your team, the more opportunities for you to grow.

Time Management is vital in personal and business life.

Make a change in your lifestyle and see how organized and

light hearted you will feel

Approach service departments like HR, Finance and PR to

better understand their role in supporting your business


Go that extra mile, that extra stretch and that extra effort

in ensuring you are unique. Work hard to an extent that

your efforts are recognized. When there is a work challenge

approach your line manager with possible solution(s).

With the above in mind, I would like to share with you

some of the key achievements in the last quarter:

In Western Region, Rulers Representative Court has

entrusted ITQAN in developing a full solution involving

a brand new product line from vendor CISCO. ITQAN’s

eLearning solution through Sumtotal continues to prove its

worth and its popularity continuous to increase. The recent

deal for Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi with IBM is one such

example. ITQAN has also received an Appreciation letter

from the Ministry of Health for its value add services.

EMDAD and TATWEER partnered together in delivering

its hallmark project – Coding

Green Gene ( A unique

Environment project which not only provides knowledge

to teenagers on ISO 14001 standard but provides them

skills and forum to pass this to the younger generation


FURNICON won Batch 3 of ADMA OPCO H/Q renovation

project. Time and again it has proved its value to the client

and successfully servicing high level of deliverables. The

latest win adds more than AED6 M in revenues.

group by garnering the coveted Feigebaum Leadership

Excellence Award for his accomplishments and feats

witnessed throughout his tenure in ITQAN. The award is

commissioned from the Virtual Executive Club, an entity

dedicated to enhancing leadership and professional skills

in the Dubai professional community, and is under the

patronage of Hamdan bin Mohammed e-University.

The Feigenbaum Leadership Excellence Award is essentially

dedicated to honor men and women in the Arab World for

their exemplary leadership in driving their organizations

to fulfill their role in business and society, for their

uncompromising style to instigate a quality approach and

culture to work and for acting as role model to all.

EMJEL continued successfully executing its current

contract with ADCO and that was acknowledge by ADCO

requesting a fourth package which will be added to the

existing contract. Serious potentials are currently being

explored with ADMA and ZADCO.

GI, continues its focus in further developing exhibition

stream. Like yester years, this year GI added value to IGG

stand at IDEX which was acknowledged by various industry

leaders as one of the best stands in the exhibition..

There are many other success stories to document but

the above is only to give a glimpse of your achievements

and how we, as a team, are delivering while aiming even


Finally, I would like you to remember that “The only limits

are, as always, those of vision” by James Broughton and

“We can never be certain about the future and therefore we

must continue to be flexible and adaptable so that we can

react quickly to the needs of our clients and our market

place”. By Talal Abu-Ghazaleh.

- Mansour Al Alami

Feras Al-Jabi, GM Of ITQAN brought pride to the





Al Bawardi Enterprises has recently partnered with one of the

leading company in infrastructures, renewable energy, wáter

and services – Acciona Infraestructures.

It was created in 1997 following the merger of Entrecanales

y Távora and Cubiertas y MZOV, ACCIONA inherited from

the original companies a philosophy based on the quality,

profitability and technical rigour of its work. Present in more

than 30 countries spread over five continents with a Branch

office in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates; it currently has

more than 35,000 employees.

ACCIONA is an international company which develops and

manages activities focussed on contributing to social welfare

and sustainable development, principally renewable energies,

infrastructures, water and services. The companies belonging

to the group share a philosophy for project management

aimed at maximising profitability and contributing profits

to sustainable development. This permits the extraction of

synergies between the different businesses which, together with

highly professional management, has enabled the achievement

of excellent returns in strategic businesses.

ACCIONA Infrastructure is a consistent contributor of new

and innovative techniques in the planning and execution of

works. Already by the 60s and 70s the company’s predecessors

were among the sector leaders in Spain, working on an

extensive range of projects and taking on the challenges of


ACCIONA Infrastructure is the heir to those original

companies that provided more than 100 years of experience

in the construction industry, and a philosophy based on

sustainability, quality, technology and experience. The

company is now a leader in R&D and innovation and is

ranked among the leading construction companies in the

world recognised for its practice of implementing the most

advanced and innovative techniques and technology, selectively

incorporating those most suitable for each individual project.

ACCIONA Infrastructure covers all aspects of construction,

from engineering to project execution and maintenance. This

includes the management of public works awards, especially

in the area of transport (roads, motorways) and building

construction, among which the most significant projects have

been concessions awarded for hospital services and education


The company works along two main lines of business: civil

works and construction. Additionally, its organisational

structure has special support units for construction, among

which the most important units are the Metal Structures

workshops, the Machinery service, the Infrastructure

Maintenance area, the Facilities area and the Engineering area,

as well as various specialised auxiliary companies.

All projects are carried out with careful consideration given to

environmental, social and economic issues. And, all projects

are executed in accordance with international sustainability

regulations and with permanent action for improving

construction processes thus improving sustainability, with

new innovations and with the application of measures for the

protection of the environment.

ACCIONA Infrastructure is well established in strategic

international markets such as Poland, Mexico, Brazil, Chile

and Canada. Thus, it has developed and participated in some

of the most important sector projects of the last 50 years


-Contributed by Ayreen Quiambao


Differing to what we habitually listen to and teach, there is good

news to be found on the environmental front. The success story

of different business organizations around the world proves

us not only that sustainability is possible, but also how they

have achieved it through the ISO 14001:2004 Environmental

Management System Standard. We can tell these stories and their

lessons accessible to all students with help from the Coding Green

Gene Project, which has collected environmental success stories

through ISO 14001:2004 from around the world.

The project is the part of the Tatweer’s corporate philosophy and

vision to state the importance of this aspect and under its deep

commitment to the environment, EMDAD was one of the first

companies that showed interest in sponsoring and supporting

this project.

As the fundamental theory within the sphere of school

education, Coding Green Gene Project focuses on the proven

factor of social networking through the school students. This

is applicable with the component of Educational philosophy

which is the appreciation towards the practical education such

as environmental awareness and best practices, since the purpose

of education is not exclusively based on the development and the

wellness of individual itself, but also includes the enhancement

and well being of the whole society, nation as well as the protection

of the environment we live in.

If a person wants to think on environmental aspect it is possible

only through the practical knowledge, clear understanding, and

the change of attitude by each individual. Coding Green Gene

Project is the process to resolve the setback which is need to be

communicated among the students in their school curriculum,

as it is able to offer them with the practical tools and technique in

dealing with the environmental issues within their daily life.

As part of training program, students had the opportunity to

demonstrate what they have learned over the course period by

presenting to younger students an environmental topic of their

interest. Moreover, EMDAD QHSE manager was invited over to

the school in order for the students to audit EMDAD’s ISO 14001

management system to ensure its compliance with ISO 14000


To conclude, the practical knowledge of the sustainability through

ISO 14001:2004 management standards that have been put on by

these students is very useful and constructive in every walks of

their life.

-Sumesh, Tatweer and Abir, Emdad.



Abu Dhabi, March 2010 – Leading

systems integrator ITQAN Al-

Bawardi Computers has attained

the certification for its compliance

with the ISO 27001 Information Security Management System

standard, signifying the implementation of a set of information

security controls in accordance to criterions set forth by this

quality certification.

This feat marks the third ISO certification in ITQAN’s resume.

ITQAN is ISO 9001:2008 certified, as well as ISO 20000-1

certified, and was the first IT Company in the region to achieve

the latter three years ago.

“An integral and indispensable component of ITQAN’s edge and

appeal is the stringent quality standards it enforces across all its

processes. We vehemently believe that the ultimate winner out

of a process-defined mode of operations is the customer, who is

undoubtedly guaranteed a superior level of service,” said Feras

Al-Jabi, ITQAN’s General Manager.

Al-Jabi adds that this certification serves to accentuate ITQAN’s

proficiency in implementing the best IT infrastructure security

practices to organizations across the UAE. “We have engraved

our name in the market as a software solutions provider, but

this certification also reaffirms our position as an infrastructure

security expert.”

“ITQAN’s culture and philosophy is strongly centered on quality,

where we perceive it as a lifestyle and general work ethic, and not

just a requirement that needs to be fulfilled during audits. I want

to thank all team members for their great effort in making this

venture a success, and I look forward to ITQAN attaining more

certifications of the same nature in the future,” said Rola Satari,

Accreditation, Quality and Communications Manager.

“We very much admire ITQAN’s dedication and insistence in

making quality assurance an area of utmost importance, and

not merely a secondary requirement, evidenced by how ITQAN

regularly conducts internal audits as well as external audits.” said

Dipti Ranade, Lead Auditor at TUV Nord, who helmed the audit

for this standard.

Abu Dhabi,

February 1st 2011

– The General

Manager of leading

systems integrator

ITQAN Al-Bawardi

Computers, Mr.

Feras Al-Jabi,

has garnered

the coveted Feigebaum Leadership Excellence Award for his

accomplishments and feats witnessed throughout his tenure

in ITQAN. The award is commissioned from the Virtual

Executive Club, an entity dedicated to enhancing leadership and

professional skills in the Dubai professional community, and is

under the patronage of Hamdan bin Mohammed e-University.

The Feigenbaum Leadership Excellence Award is essentially

dedicated to honor men and women in the Arab World for their

exemplary leadership in driving their organizations to fulfill their

role in business and society, for their uncompromising style to

instigate a quality approach and culture to work and for acting

as role model to all.

Al-Jabi received the award in a ceremony held alongside the

Annual Congress 2011, in Atlantis, Palm Jumeirah Hotel on

January 31st, 2011. The ceremony was attended by leading



figures in the fields of technology and education, most notably

H.E. Mansoor Al-Awar, Chancellor of Hamdan bin Mohammed


“This recognition today is a tribute and a testimony to all those

who have always inspired and enlightened me with their guidance

and knowledge, through their accomplishments, dedication and

loyalty towards their community and nation. The responsibility

that I have taken upon myself and the responsibility bestowed

upon me from my organization is fundamentally to pave the way

for a brighter future, and drive current successes and milestones

attested by this award into even bigger accomplishments and

groundbreaking leaps, and also inspire young leaders to excel

on what they set themselves out to achieve,” said Al-Jabi in his

acceptance speech.

Al-Jabi has led ITQAN to become a leading IT solutions provider,

with groundbreaking achievements and numerous recognitions

being attached to its name. Under his guidance, ITQAN

implemented remarkable IT projects for principal organizations

across the region, and expanded to cities within and outside the

UAE. ITQAN also became the first systems integrator in the

region to win the prestigious Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award,

as well as the first to attain the ISO 20000 certification during

his era.



Furnicon has been awarded the next

phase of replacement of furniture,

floor carpet and associated civil

works in ADMA-OPCO H.Q.

This project involves 5 floors and the work will be completed in

6-7 weekends. As always, Adma project involves careful planning,

timely execution and availability of resources to complete the

floors through the weekends. We are strengthened by the Client’s

confidence in our Project Management capabilities.

Furnicon has also successfully completed and handed over the

“Design & Build” contract for “General Secretariat of Executive

Council of Abu Dhabi” offices. The project involved, Design,

Civil. MEP and FFE works in 3 floors of the GSEC building.

-Boban Titus, Furnicon.


ASPgulf is a ISO 9001: 2008 certified

company. ASPGulf in its relentless

pursuit for improvement, have got

the entire business and Data Centre

processes certified for ISO-IEC-27001:2005 and ISO-IEC

20000-1:2005. From an early stage, ASPGulf had most of its

processes defined and over the period they were optimized for

enhanced and measurable results. It was indeed seamless to get

certified as all we needed to do was to align our already practiced


International Golden Group L.L.C has successfully

closed their five days participation at the 10th

International Defense Exhibition (IDEX 2011) at

ADNEC Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

IGG is a prominent defense contractor within

the Middle East specializing in development and

distribution of state-of-the-art equipment for military and

first responder applications. IGG is known globally for its

ability to conduct broad military project objectives for the UAE

internal processes with that of the established international

standards. With these certifications, ASPGulf will be able to

achieve superior Customer satisfaction levels, address Business

Continuity areas, and achieve Legal Compliance, improved Risk

Management and consequently more business.

ASPGulf now is Triple Certified ISO 9001: 2008, ISO-

IEC-27001:2005 and ISO-IEC 20000-1:2005


-Harish Krishnan, ASP Gulf

With a space of more than 1000 square meters. gi managed to

deliver a stunning and special exhibition stand made of steel &

glass with the latest world technology LED 3D cubical screens.

We are proud that during the exhibition IGG announced their

new branding that the gi team has worked on for the past 2


-Rami Hazboun, gi



Funny, witty and straight-forward; these are the impressions

that the AE Magazine Committee has received during an

interview with the newest member of AE Management,

Michael Latefi. Michael joined the AE Group last October as

Chief Financial Officer.

Charged with many responsibilities including helping

to plan the future of the various businesses under the Al

Bawardi Group, Michael told us that he is currently exploring

opportunities to create a large investment fund in shipping

with one of the biggest names in the business and a number

of the sovereign funds. AE is also considering opportunities

in the commodities trading business with one of the largest

global trading companies from Switzerland. Michael is also

assisting the current management with growth of EMDAD

and ITQAN, by way of strategic mergers and acquisitions and

organic growth.

Michael completed his undergrad studies and MBA from

Columbia University in New York. Prior to joining the AE

Group, for more than 12 years Michael was a General Patner at

BNP Paribas private equity division and a few years as Senior

Vice President of private equity at Bank of America Securities.

Aside from being part of AE Group, Michael also holds a large

stakes in IPP Solar/MX USA, a renewal energy manufacturing,

EPC and development company in the US.

When asked how he would like to be perceived by AE Team

Members, he replied as hardworking, communicative and a

team player. Other than being passionate about his career, he

also aspires to be “a philosopher and a poet” during his offtime.

The AE Magazine Committee asked a number of random

questions, including with whom he would trade places? Initially,

he found it difficult

to answer, saying that

he prefers his own

“mundane” life more

than anyone else’s. But

after some persistence

he said he would like

to take the place of

President Hamid Karzai

of Afghanistan. His

reasoning was that

he thinks he can do

a better job “improving the lives of the destitute people of


As a new US expatriate working in the country, he says that he

has the highest admiration for Abu Dhabi. It baffles him how

the UAE government and it’s people establish a country with

one of the most “progressive economies” among the Arab

nations in a short period of only 39 years. He applauds the

government for working for the people. On the other hand,

he is very critical of the traffic rules and parking cluttering in

Abu Dhabi.

He considered his family, his wife and son, as his most treasured

assets. He enjoys the quite weekends with his family, though

he says that they are rare. He has tremendous admiration for

Mr. Warren Buffet for being very humble and supporting

important not-for-profit causes.

Surprisingly, this businessman and a father of a 2 years old

son likes classical music along with rap. His favorite rap artist

is Li’l Wayne.

- Abie Blazado and Annie Dizon, AE




Unique patterns created by nature

Email your answers to

The first correct answer wins a cash prize of AED 50/-

Contributed by: Iftikhar Abbasi



Being a newbie in UAE, I have never known Al Bawardi Enterprises

or AE until I received a telephone interview from AE-HR, Ms. Rekha

Dayalal. Rekha was the first person I have talked and met from this


11 years, 10 months and 12 days this was the time, Mr. Fernando

Cempron stayed in Furnicon before he bid goodbye to the company

and the United Arab Emirates. Fernando joined as Designer in 3

April 1999 when the company was still under the name of Royal

Interiors. After 7 years of service in the company he was then leveled

up to the position of Design Manager in 2006, where he managed a

group of designers. Fernando’s undeniable efforts together with the

leadership of Mr. Ashraf Al Khateeb was one of the key contributors

for Furnicon success and their achievement of the 2010 AE’s Best

Company Award.

Fernando has gone to Canada to be with his wife and their

forthcoming baby. Before he left Furnicon and UAE last 17th of

February 2011, the staff of Furnicon had prepared a special sendoff

party for him. The gathering was emotional for most of the

staff as they find it difficult to say their goodbyes. The Furnicon

Team Members have been working each other for a long time

and the unquestionable tight bondage they have with other Team


In his farewell speech, teary-eyed Fernando has said goodbye for

now and Hasta La Vista…. A Spanish term for See you later! not

only to his colleagues but friends he has left behind in Furnicon.

-Abie Blazado, AE

company. She was the first one to introduced me with the rest of my

colleagues and she later on became part of my set friends here in AE.

Rekha was part of the first batch of HR Team Members who joined AE

after the HR restructuring to cater to the growing needs and population

of AE Group. She was assigned as the HR Executive supporting the

Business Units of gi and Furnicon from 2008 until September 2010.

She was later re-assigned to EMDAD LLC in July 2010. Rekha has not

only worked as an HR Executive but has also headed the AE Magazine

Committee in July 2010 January 2011 producing great issues of AE

Connect Magazine.

Cliché it may seems but “some good things never last”, last January 15,

2011, Rekha has decided to bid farewell to AE and venture to another

country. AE has organized a special gathering intended to give the

company’s heartfelt appreciation for the contribution she have made

in the more than 2 years stay in the company. As a gesture of gratitude

to Rekha, AE has prepared a presentation of the activities where she

have participated and send-off gifts that she will bringing in her travel

to the US. AE Team Members and members of AE Management team

such as Managing Director, Mansour Alami, Director Group Services,

Iftikhar Abbasi and Finance Director Rajinder Bandaranayake have

imparted thank you and farewell messages to our dear Rekha.

After a short while, being miles away from AE and her family was not

easy. Rekha had decided to rejoin the AE family last 5 April 2011. She

was warmly welcomed by all as she came back as an HR Executive

supporting EMDAD, ACF and Outsourced companies.

-Abie Blazado, AE



The AE Fun Fun Olympics which took place on the 10th

March 2011 was a success. The event brings together AE Team

Members and their family for a two hour activity at the Formal

Park, Corniche, Abu Dhabi.

Team Members from AE, Tatweer, Emdad, gi, Furnicon, Marcap

and Itqan came in their team colors. They joined in the games

such as the Fun Run, Tug-O-War and Lemon Race. The event

which was organized by the AE Social Committee also showcased

face painting for kids and henna tattoo for the AE ladies.

Ali Keblawi of Marcap was the first one to finished the fun

run followed by Afsal Mohmed of AE. While Giri of Emdad

has successfully reached the finish line during the Lemon Race

– Adults game. While Khalifa (son of Tareq Lufti of Furnicon)

successfully completed the Lemon Race for the kids division

amidst the sobbing children wanting to be the winner of the

said game.

The Tug-O-War was the most anticipated game of the AE Fun

Fun Olympics wherein team members strategically chosen their

members for their team. Four teams composed of AE, Tatweer,

Marcap and EMDAD

competed for the

Tug-O-War. AE and

Emdad Team emerged

to fight at the finals of

the Tug-O-War. At

the end of the game,

Team Red which is

Fun Fun


EMDAD grabbed

the winner for the

toughest team in AE

and leaving the AE

Team as the runner-up winner. AE’s Managing Director

Mr. Mansour Alami has presented the prizes and the certificates

to the winning individuals and teams of the AE Fun Olympics.

This fun activity ended with socialization among team members

and the traditional snacks which was fully enjoyed by the


-Abie Blazado, AE



Have you ever realized how difficult it would be if we were to work without

them? They are always on the move, trying to reach on time to the next

office/ destination to deliver valuable documents that they are entrusted

with. Some of them ensure that you reach for your meeting with clients

or customers on time. Sometimes in our rush, we forget to understand the

value add that they bring in our every day work.

Shawkath Ali hailing from India has been working

in ACF for almost 2 years. He is married and he

loves to play cricket. Apart from this, he also loves

to develop his muscles and spends considerable

amount of time in the


AE Magazine committee took some time to speak and to know more of

them and we would like to introduce them to all of you.

Next on the list is Abdurahman Thaniveppil or

AR to his colleagues. AR hails from India and has

been working in ITQAN as Delivery Assistant for

almost 15 years since November 1996. Watching

TV and listening to music are among his hobbies.

He has three kids namely Fousiya, Naseera and

Mohd Faris to his wife Khandeeja.

Romel Avellana Aguilos has been associated

with Marcap since 28 Aug 2010. He hails from

Philippines and is celebrates his birthday on

13 March. His hobbies include Bowling and


Abdul Majeed hailing from India has been in ACF

since 01 Feb 2010. His hobbies include playing

football and cricked and bike riding. He is married

and celebrates his birthday on 05 May.

Mohamed Ashraf Kadapurath Veetil is working

in ITQAN Albawardi Computers as Delivery

Assistant. Ashraf joined the Company on 01

April 1997 which happens to be his birthday

at the same day. He is from India and happily

married to Safeena with whom he has 2 kids.

During his free time, he loves to play football and


Muhammad Areef, hailing from India has been

working in Marcap ever since 21 June 2003. He

celebrates his birthday on 13 September. He is

married to Nusaiba Areef and has 2 children,

Muhammad Naseef & Muhammad Nasif. In his

free time, he loves to watch movies and drive

around the city.

Colin Edward joined

Marcap recently (02 Jan 2011). He hails from

India and celebrates his birthday on 18 January.

He is married to Asha Colin and they have a

child, Ashlin Colin. His

hobbies include driving

his car and watching


Sharafudeen hailing

from India has been

associated with Emdad from 01 Sept 2005. He

is married and celebrates his birthday on 25

May. His hobbies include watching movies and

playing cricket.

Sajeevan N.M hails

from India and is working in Emdad since 25

November 1999. He is married and celebrates his

birthday on 02 April. Apart from watching movies

in his spare time, he loves to also play cricket.

Mohammad Ashraf is one of the three Telematics

Drivers who celebrates his birthday every 12 of

April. He joined the Company on Feb. 1999.

Ashraf is happily married and hails from India. His

hobbies includes reading books and watching tv.

Last but not the least is Sadik Batcha. Sadik

has been in Telematics for four years now. He is

married and hails from India. He loves to watch

tv and he celebrate his birthday every 15 of May.

John Varghese, hailing from India has been in

Emdad for almost 20 years – since 18 November

1991. He is married with two kids and celebrates

his birthday on 16 March. His loves to help others

who are less privileged

and in need of help.

Hamza has been working in Grafik International

since 13 July 1998. He is married to Thahira

Hamza and is blessed with 3 children - Thasneem,

Asig Ali, Afila. He is from India and celebrates his

birthday on 01 April. In his free time, he loves

to listen to music and

watch movies.

Next on the list is Mohammed Sulthan.

Mohammed has been working in Telematics

since July 2001. He is from India and happily

married. During his free time, he loves to play

hockey. He cuts cake

and blow the candles

every 15 of April.



When I was informed to go for HP training in Berlin

(Germany), I decided to make this a business with pleasure

visit and so took my family (my wife & son) with me. Since

this was our first visit as a family to Germany, I knew we would

have a good time. The scenic natural beauty, the breathtaking

landscapes, old sculptures and beautiful & romantic night

life makes Germany attractive for the tourists. In this city,

you will find the famous Berlin Wall which once divided the

East Germany & West Germany. They say that the best way

to explore Europe is to walk through narrow beautiful roads

where each road & each building tells you some story about

its history.

Unfortunately we did not had enough time in our hand so we

decided to explore Berlin using local metro (It is known as U

Bahn) and Boat tour. We had to start early mornings so as to

enjoy the cool mornings & scenic sun rise. The beauty of the

boat tour is that it almost covers the whole city. One of the

other economical way of transportation is the underground

Metro (Taxi’s in Berlin is quite expensive). You may face

problem communicating with people because people prefer

to speak in German.

would love to visit again

would be the Golden

Purry, Berlin TV tower,

Berlin Wall, Gardens,

Boat tour, Parliament

house; Churches Etc.

etc…The list is never


Berlin is one of the best

places we had visited in

our life and I sincerely

hope to visit again one


-Vishal Sengar, ITQAN

City Maps and Guides are easily available at the hotels and

this will help you to navigate through the city. One of the best

place which has itched in our mind is Berlin TV tower which

got a rotating hotel on the top of the radio tower and this is

one of the highest point in the town. So you can see the almost

whole city from the height of 368 Mtrs and due to the fact it is

rotating, it will give a full view of the city sitting at one place.

Amazing was the word. Alas, my training leave was only for few

days and I had to rejoin for work soon. Few places which we



My wife name is Darin Atallah. Currently

she is not working and looks after the

kids. Her hobby is cooking and she is very

much interested in trying new dishes. We

are blessed with 3 children. Danya, being

the eldest is in grade 5 and her hobbies are

swimming, reading, fashion design, skiing.

Hamza my second child is in grade 3 and his

hobbies include swimming, reading, playing

football and skiing. Leen, being the youngest

is really fond of annoying her parents. She is

only 3 and ½ years old and so she gets our

maximum attention. What they enjoy the

most is to play video games together.

-Mumen EL Draimly, ITQAN

My wife Emmanuelle and I are blessed

with two kids- Kassim (10 years old) and

Lily (6 years old). Both our children goes

to Lycee Louis Massignon. After Lily

arrived, my wife Emma stopped working

and is happy to be a home maker ever

since. Lily loves to play with her barbies

and does not mind playing with it hours

on end. As far as Kassim is concerned,

he is more interested to play his PS3 and

Xbox. He also loves to play football. I

love to spend my weekends training kids

how to play football and I going to the

movies along with my wife.

-Aly Abdel Malak, EMDAD

I am working in ASP Gulf since 2002, and

live with my family in Dubai for the past

many years. My wife is Anjana Nair and

she loves to do glass painting and craftwork

whenever she gets spare time. We are blessed

with 2 children - Atul Harish (1st Grade)

and Anandita Harish (9 months). Atul loves

to draw and watch cartoons while Anandita

on the other hand is a bit destructive at the

moment as she is fond of snatching and

pulling everything in her visibility. As a

family, we love to travel and last time that

I can remember is we had visited a water

theme park back in India.

-Harish Krishnan, ASPGulf

I work as the

Operations Manager

in Grafik International.

My wife Suha works in

Health Authority Abu

Dhabi – HAAD as

Executive Assistance

in the Strategic &

Planning Department.

Our child Sima is 5

years old and is in KG2.

Sima loves Ice Skating.

As a family, we love to

go for swimming and


-Rami Hazboun,

Grafik International

I am currently working in Maritine as the PRO Manager. My

wife Samar Mohammed Fawzi is a home maker and I live

with my kids Samah Al Shiekh, Mowafak and Nasrallah. My

wife and I would love to read a lot during our spare time. My

kids are more interested in playing internet games and also

drawing. We love to BBQ but only when the weather is nice.

-Nibal Al Shiekh Saeed, Marcap L.L.C




Here are some tips to help you keep laptop in the best shape

possible even after a long time:

1. Vent Cleaning: The vents on your laptop need to be looked

at every week to make sure there is nothing blocking them or

impeding their performance. You can buy a can of air at a local

store and use this to clean them out, as it is best not to poke

anything in them.

2. Fan Functioning: A malfunction in the fan can lead to your

laptop overheating, so make sure that your fan is working

properly. Check the website of the company that made the laptop

and look for software that will help you determine if the fan is

working correctly.

3. Surface: Try and use a hard surface to keep your laptop on, and

avoid both your lap and pillows as this will reduce the airflow to

the fans and vents, causing the laptop to heat up.

4. Storage: Buy a good quality laptop bag or sleeve and store the

laptop in this every time you turn it off. This will stop dust from

getting into the laptop, as well as protect it from spills, or bumps.

Make sure you only store the laptop when it is completely

shut down, as putting it in a bag when it is on could make it


5. Liquids: Keep all liquids away from your laptop at all times. If

you are in the habit of drinking water while working, make sure

the bottle is covered at all times. If possible keep the water bottle

on a different table to avoid mishaps.

6. Shocks: Make sure the laptop is well protected when you

move it around, and always move it gently to avoid jarring it and

breaking something.

7. Humidity: Protect your laptop from humidity at all times. It

can cause damage to the motherboard and the screen. Don't use

your laptop when at the beach, or outside when the weather is


8. Dust: Always protect your laptop from dust. Keep it away from

open windows, put it in a storage sleeve when not in use, and

every week clean the screen and keyboard with a soft cloth to

remove dust.

9. Floor: Never put your laptop on the floor for storage, as

someone is undoubtedly going to step on it or put something on

it, damaging it permanently.

10. Surge Protectors: Always use a surge protector when charging

your laptop to protect the battery.

-Aliulla Shariff, ASP Gulf



Last 27th February

2011 until 3 March

2011, AE-HR

has organized an

orientation on the

Benefits and Policy

of our current

medical insurance

provider, Oman Insurance. The orientation aims to assist

employees to know about the medical insurance procedures, the

benefits of each category plan as well as the exclusions of our

medical insurance.

Mr. Muhammad Poyil, (Branch Manager- Abu Dhabi) conducted

the orientation in the Abu Dhabi based Business Unit Offices.

While Ms. Nikhat Fatima was the resource speaker for the Itqan

– Dubai and ASP Gulf Offices.

-Abie Blazado, AE




Ferdinand Raul Paredes, ITQAN

My watch which was gifted by my parents for my graduation.

Abdulghafor Al Saeed, ITQAN


Vishal Sood, ITQAN

My mobile – Sony Xperia (Android Applications

The most cherished material purchased is Belkin Gigabit

Power Line HD Starter Kit for Hassel free network with data

traversing over the existing power at home/work.

-Kishore Krishnamoorthy, ITQAN


Give me a break/give him a break - make allowance,

tolerate, overlook a mistake - 'Give me/him a break' is an

interesting expression, since it combines the sense of two

specific figurative meanings of the word break - first the

sense of respite and relaxation, and second the sense of luck

or advantage.

Pass the buck/passing the buck - delegate or avoid

responsibility by passing a problem or blame to another


Checkmate - the final winning move in a game of chess

when the king is beaten, also meaning any winning move

against an opponent

Eat humble pie - acknowledge one's own mistake or adopt

a subordinate position, particularly giving rise to personal


Whatever floats your boat - if it makes you happy/it's your

decision/it's your choice.

-Contributed by Abie Blazado, AE



Pain travels faster than 3000 feet per second

About 10,000,000 people have the same birthday as you

The Coca-Cola company is the biggest consumer of sugar in

the world

Yahoo the complex internet organization has complicated

name, "Yahoo" is shortcut for "Yet Another Hierarchical

Officious Oracle". It was coined by PhD candidates at Stanford

University: David Filo and Jerry Yang.

Hyperpolysyllabicomania is a fondness for big words.

The life of an eyelash is about 6 weeks.

A cubic mile of ordinary fog contains less than a gallon of


A Boeing 767 airliner contains 3,100,000 parts.

Over a 12 day period your body generates a whole new set of

taste buds. (This process continues until you are in your 70's.)

There are 336 dimples on a regulation golf ball

The name of Canada is believed to come from the Iroquois

Indian word "Kanata", meaning "village" or "community". The

word Canada was first used in a 1534 text written by Jacques

Cartier describing the Indian village of Stadacona.

-Compiled from Internet by Magazine Committee



WORK” Contest


Winner -Abdulghafor Al Saeed, ITQAN

There is many many many times in this company that we laughed

together and had very funny and successful times together. But

the one thing that I think it will keep ITQAN name with me as

long as I live is that in this company, it was the first time I saw

the lady who later on became my spouse! I don’t think anybody

else had that in ITQAN and this is not captured by pictures, it’s

captured by life.


Winner -Greta D Silva-Christmas Celebration

First runner up -Vishal Sood, ITQAN

Sharing one of the one of my Best Memorable Moments at Work,

I don’t have the picture of the same as of now but am sharing

couple depicting the similar flair. Almost 8 years back one day

my mentor & boss in my previous organization came up to me

with an opportunity to move from Project implementation/

delivery role to Pre-Sales.

First runner up -Jomy

After initial reluctance I decided & moved on with new role

only to explore more penetration & growth in my professional

graph now but then there was this moment which I always

remember. My “First unplanned Solution Presentation/Demo”

in my new role at an event specifically meant for CXO’s from

all India.

I was forced to present in lieu of my boss who withdrew his

name at the last moment. It was actually a deliberate act to

pump in confidence & test me (don’t know what).

Believe me initial few minutes standing in front of such

prestigious audience left me cold for initial 30-40 seconds but

then there was no looking back. The Presentation ended up

with a huge round of applause & appreciation.

Second runner up -Shameer

Today I thank my ex-boss & cherish this moment as one of the

best memorable moment at work that brought me so near to my

passion, my strength i.e. Pre-Sales & inculcated ever increasing

confidence to present myself & my solutions in front of all my


Cheers…..look at me with my most recent flair I am in while

presenting my solution in from of a 60 odd people at Oman

HR event.



Success and failure go hand in hand. One has to learn to deal

with them. Even young children are falling prey to the so called

rat race. It is very important to teach them about dealing with

success and failure. A child who can deal with these is successful

at every stage of life. Here are some tips on handling success

and failure.

The rat race

The rat race these days begins at a very junior level with children.

Children are put on the treadmill even before they begin school.

In the past, children attended school in order to learn. Now,

they are expected to be learned in order to get into school. In

this scenario, children are constantly driven to achieve; they

encounter a test around every corner. Their self-esteem becomes

a barometer of their successes and failures. Parents should have

the ability to guide their children so that both their successes as

well as their failures are positive learning experiences.

To deal with success and failure in a healthy manner, it is

important that children develop the right attitude towards

learning. They must realize the importance of learning in itself,

as well as the necessity to do well. Once they have realized what it

means to do well, they begin to set their own goals and standards

of achievement and judge how close their performance comes

to matching their set goals. Children soon learn how to look

outwards and become aware of others' expectations of them.

This leads them to entertain certain beliefs about their abilities.

As their horizons widen, they come to understand that their

achievements affect others beside themselves and thus take on a

social value.


School can be quite stressful for children with constant

examinations and competitions. While some children thrive

in such an environment, it can sometimes have the opposite

effect of killing initiative and the desire to achieve. Children

feel that they are being pressured to prove their abilities. They

would rather retire from the competition and play it safe than

stay in the game and see if they can win. Parents can help their

children by making them perceive tests or projects as interesting

or challenging activities, rather than a test of their abilities. Thus

instead of saying, "Let's see how quickly you can solve these

problems", parents could say, "Why don't you try to solve these


Parents should try to avoid categorizing their children's

intellectual abilities. If you express the opinion that your child

is a 'poor speller' or that 'mathematics is not his strong point',

it is almost as if you are giving your child permission to give up

and not attempt to improve his performance. Instead you should

try saying, "This is a difficult problem" or "That is a complicated

word." The child gets the message that the problem lies with the

task and not with his ability. He must be made to feel that his

intelligence is flexible and can be applied to any task. He must

understand that it requires effort and hard work to reach his


Overdoing praise

While some parents discourage their children's achievements by

being excessively critical, other parents achieve the same effect

with excessive praise. Parents who gush over everything their

children do are well-intentioned, but unrealistic. Protecting their

children from criticism all the time can backfire. If children get

the message that everything they do is 'brilliant' or 'the best', it

demotivates them. They cease to feel the need to make any efforts

to improve their performance. This also inhibits their ability

to develop their own standards of performance. They become

confused, not knowing what is really good. Parents should keep

in mind that they are not the only judges of their children's

performance and ability. Children have to be taught to live in

the real world. In school, their teachers and peers constantly


evaluate children. Children are also perceptive enough to judge

their performance against that of their peers. In such a situation,

constant and indiscriminate praise from parents can have an

adverse effect. Such parents disappoint their children because

the children feel that while they are striving to better themselves,

their parents are content with the status quo.

Accurate assessment of children's abilities and giving constructive

criticism is the best approach. Do not discourage children from

setting high standards for themselves. But be around to encourage

them if they are dissatisfied with their achievements. Help them

to identify ways in which they can improve their performance

while reminding them that they have still achieved something.

In control of success and failure

Success and failure are not simplistic concepts. Success and

failure are not automatically 'good' and 'bad' respectively. Success

and failure are the result of the interplay between ability, effort,

luck, help and a host of other circumstances. For instance, a child

may come first in races on several occasions and may not place

at all on others. The child must be able to ascribe the correct

reasons for his success or failure. Success or failure is not always

a reflection of one's ability. The child may be a good athlete, but

on the day he loses a race it may be because his competitors are

better, or that he just did not try hard enough, or that he was

tired, etc. It is important that the child comprehend that all these

factors do not lessen his athletic ability in any way. However, if

after losing a couple of races, a child ascribes his successes to luck

or a 'fluke', he will approach every race with a feeling of anxiety

and uncertainty because he does not know what to expect from

himself. He will lack confidence in his abilities.

Children must feel that they have a measure of control over their

successes and failures. Parents can help their children understand

this by discussing with them why they fared well or poorly. For

instance, parents can tell their child that he did well in his English

test because he was so well prepared or that he did poorly because

he did not bother to learn his spellings. Even bright children can

do badly because overconfidence in their natural ability makes

them think that they do not need to put in any extra effort. These

children need to be made aware that their natural ability needs to

be nurtured by consistent hard work and preparation. If a child is

faring badly at school, his parents can discuss with him ways and

means by which he can improve his performance. This will make

the child feel that he is capable of doing well. It's just that he has

not gone about it the right way.

Source: Internet, Compiled by Geetika Chopra, ASP Gulf






What exactly makes an employee great? These top things are

guides to line manager looking for greatness in a new hire and

for employees trying to get noticed in the workplace and be

the kind of employee who has the potential to move up in the

company chain.

The first thing that makes an employee great is that they

are always dependable. Great employees do the job they are

supposed to do every time, and no one has to worry that they

don't deliver the goods. A great employee can be counted to

always have their work done right, when it is supposed to be

done - it is a forgone conclusion that they will, and no one else

has to spend any time worrying about it.

The second thing to look for in a great employee is that they

are a team player. A great employee isn't one who is constantly

looking for attention or hogs the spotlight. Instead, a great

employee works with everyone else to make sure that the

things that need to get done do get done, for the good of the


The third mark of employee greatness is that they know how

to take direction. Great employees know how to take criticism,

direction and advice gracefully and make it work for them

when doing their job.

Fourthly, a great employee can be trusted. They don't spread

office gossip and they don't dish company dirt. Likewise, they

always tell the truth to their employer, even if it lands them in

hot water. The fifth sign of greatness in employees is linked to

the fourth - a great employee always guards the confidential

nature of their business dealings and protects everyone's


The fifth thing that makes an employee great is that they

participate in the day to day life of the office. They don't bow

out of meetings or skip the office birthday celebrations. These

things may not be a fun part of working life, and everyone

involved knows that everyone else has some place they would

rather be - but a great employee wouldn't be any place else.

In sixth place comes the fact that a great employee gets along

with other employees. Every office has one person that is in

everyone else's business and talks to loud on the phone and

generally stirs things up and gets under everyone's skin. This

kind of employee zaps office morale - a great employee is a

good co-worker to everyone.

The seventh thing a great employee has is good working skills.

It may sound obvious, but a great employee has the abilities

needed to do their job, and they constantly seek ways to

improve, like going to training seminars or seeking further

education. Great workers have great skills.

The eight thing that leads to employee greatness is tact and

decorum. If there is a problem in the office, a great employee

doesn't make a scene in front of everyone else. A great employee

will deal with such issues with privacy and diplomacy. Further,

a great employee doesn't tell tasteless, political or religious

jokes, nor do they send emails that tell these kinds of jokes.

Last but not least, a great employee has a great attitude. Bad

attitudes bring everyone down. A great employee helps make

work great for everyone else by having a good spirit about

their job.

Abstracts from article written by Richard Rutherford

Forwarded by Iftikhar Abbasi


Winner of Guess & Win Picture-

January 2011 edition is Tanveer Pasha, EMDAD

The answer is - “Car Plate # 1 of Abu Dhabi series 5, belongs to

Businessman Saeed Al Khouri, a resident of Abu Dhabi who paid

$14 million (52.2 million dirham) for a license plate during a

bidding process organized by Abu Dhabi Police. Proceeds from the

auction will fund construction of a specialized emergency hospital

in the seven-member United Arab Emirates”




Most of us get defensive and angry when our goals are frustrated

or when we feel attacked by other people. Anger is normal, and

it should be expressed: failing to express anger, and bottling it

up, can build feelings of intense frustration and eventually lead

to depression. However, if in your case being angry regularly

turns into “losing your temper”, and if this is the only way you

know how to deal with criticism and problems, it will not only

damage your reputation and personal relationships but also

cause stress-related diseases.

Aggression is not the same as assertiveness

Working with, or living with, someone who regularly loses their

temper is extremely unpleasant and demoralizing: it’s hard

to trust a person when you are constantly worrying that they

will turn on you and unleash their anger, often unpredictably.

Don’t make the mistake of confusing fear with genuine feelings

of respect: your employees are almost certainly looking for

another job. And if you are looking for promotion, it is unlikely

to happen: a good manager is assertive but not aggressive; a

good listener and not a shouter.

However, the good news is that there are ways to help control

anger and even channel it into a positive force, helping you

explore problems more effectively and find real solutions. So

next time you feel your temper rising, try the following:

Stop. Don’t say anything. Breathe deeply, then silently count to

ten. This will really help calm you down and relax. And it means

you won’t just say the first thing that comes into your head –

something you may regret later.

You’re in control. Losing your temper may feel good at the

time, but it won’t help in the long run – in fact, it will probably

weaken your position and make you feel bad about yourself.

Remember that you will command more respect if you stay

calm, and that assertiveness and authority have nothing to do

with loud aggressiveness.

Take a break. If possible, say that you need some time to consider

what has just been said, and arrange to meet again later. This

will give you time to calm down, collect your thoughts and

respond rationally. During this “time out”, try to do something

physical to release your anger and frustration – for example, go

for a short walk around the block. Repeat a calming phrase to

yourself, like, “Keep calm,” or “Take it easy,” “Relax,” or “This

too will pass.” When you come back, you will feel calmer and

more positive.

Win time. If you can’t go for a walk, reduce the tension by

saying, “I’m not quite sure I’ve understood what you’re saying,”

or, “Could you explain to me again what you mean?” This

delaying tactic puts the ball in their court and stops you going

on the offensive. Remember, staying calm and listening does not

mean you aren’t in control.

Don’t take it personally. Other people are not necessarily trying

to annoy you on purpose. Difficult situations are simply part of

the complex fabric of our lives, so approach them objectively.

For example, it’s possible that your work was criticised because

it simply wasn’t good enough; it was probably not intended as

an attack on you personally or your ability in general.

Remember. Different people have different standards, values

and goals in life. Is there a good reason why they should conform

to your standards? If so, tell them. Do you have unreasonable

expectations? Maybe you should modify them. People who have

strict standards for themselves tend to impose them on other

people and then tend to react angrily when they don’t conform.

Maybe you need to reassess your expectations for yourself.

Sometimes you just have to accept the world the way it is.

Think. Choose your words carefully. We often come to

regret words spoken in anger, and in a professional situation

particularly this is not going to help your reputation.

Move on. Yes, you’re angry, but instead of wallowing in selfpity

and anger, try to find a solution to the problem. Have your

employees missed yet another deadline? Think before you shout.

Is it really because they are lazy? Or are there real problems in

the workflow? Are they unmotivated? Underpaid? Working

weekends without any bonus or time off? Instead of working

yourself into a rage, try to consider how you could help the

situation, perhaps by praising their efforts more, or taking them

out for lunch or a drink when a rushed job is complete. Take

your angry feelings and channel the energy into solutions which

benefit everyone. Similarly, if you are an employee, don’t bottle

up your frustrations until you explode and shout at your boss

– which could jeopardise your job. Instead, as soon as you start

feeling angry, ask your boss for a private meeting and explain

what you are feeling. If your boss is consistently unsympathetic

and unhelpful, don’t waste time in negative thoughts: either

accept the situation and try to make the best of it, or take action

and start looking for another job. Either way, remember: losing

your temper is only going to make it worse.

See it with a sense of humour. Though this may not always be

appropriate, a laugh will often help defuse tension.

Source – Internet, Forwarded by Feras Al Jabi, ITQAN.



Certain instructions

encourage obedience,

while others do just the

opposite. Here's how

to ensure you raise an

obedient, well-behaved


Give clear instructions

One of the most common mistakes parents often make is

to give their children instructions that are not very clear or

succinct. So when the child fails to follow the instructions, the

parents resort to punitive or other disciplinary methods.

When parents give their children instructions, they should

make sure that they are very clear with what exactly they

want their child to do. If they are vague, then their children

too may not pay much attention to the instructions. In this

manner parents themselves are sowing the seeds for further

disobedience. Telling your child that he must go to bed after

dinner every night is vague. In addition, your child may be

tempted to eat later or slowly in order to stay up later. Giving

your child a certain time for bed is more specific.

Give instructions that are less likely to be disobeyed

If you want your child to finish off his homework by a certain

time, let your child know by exactly what time he should start

it. If you say you want it done by 7:30, chances are he may start

his homework by 7:25 and it will not be done by the deadline

specified. You have just sowed the first seeds of disobedience

in your child. Instead, if you tell your child that he should start

his homework at 6:30 without specifying the time he should

complete it, there is less scope for disobedience.

Give choices

Give your child a choice at every step. So taking the above

example, your child may want to watch his favourite show at

6:30 that day. Ask him if he wants to do his homework now

and then watch his favourite show on television later, or if he

wants to play now and skip the show. You need to be in tune

with what your child likes to do at what time, so you can help

him plan his schedule. He may not realize that the show is

coming on today, and if you don't remind him, the temptation

to disobey will be very strong when he realizes that his show is

going on, and he may beg and then fight with you if you don't

let him do his homework 'just a little later' after the show.

On the other hand, if you give in, he may stop taking your

deadlines seriously. Hey, parenting isn't easy! But a little bit

of beforehand research will save a lot of future heartache and


Go step-by-step

When giving your child instructions, pay attention to what

you hope to achieve, and what will cause him to achieve this.

For example, your child is late to school everyday and you

want him to reach school on time. You have tried waking him

up every morning, but your commands fall on deaf ears. Now

you decide to try the rewards strategy. Should you tell him

that if he reaches school on time everyday for 10 consecutive

days, you will buy him the toy he wants? No! A better strategy

would be to tell him that if he wakes up at a certain time every

morning for 10 consecutive days, you will buy him the toy he


Use gimmicks

Get him a calendar so he can mark the days he wakes up on

time. This way he can see for himself how many days are left!

These few gimmicks will make your child take your challenges

more seriously

Forwarded by Geetika Chopra, ASP Gulf.


A young executive was leaving the office late one evening

when he found his manager standing in front of a shredder

with a piece of paper in his hand.

"Listen," said the Manager, "this is a very sensitive and

important document here, and my secretary has gone for the

night. Can you make this thing work?"

"Certainly," said the young executive. He turned the machine

on, inserted the paper, and pressed the start button.

"Excellent, excellent!" said the Manager as his paper

disappeared inside the machine. "I just need one copy."



compliance to Road Safety Management System.

We had frozen all the activities involving driving and called

back all drivers between 10 and 12 pm on 15th Feb 2011

and an awareness session was conducted in all our direct

operations. The drivers were taught the lessons learned from

the accidents, road safety plan and the journey management

system to ensure the greater safety.

Safe driving practices get a disproportionate amount of

attention, and deservedly so, only because it is the single most

dangerous thing we do every day. Oil industry in Abu Dhabi

is in high alert due to the recent trend, which is very worrying.

ADCO Roads witnessed 3 vehicle accidents within the first

two months of 2011. Winters are always threat to drivers in the

region; Sand storms, Heavy winds, Fogs and dark environment

all contribute to hazardous road conditions. The combination

of all the above factors leads to many road accidents every


Companies can no longer take the risk of ignoring the

responsibilities with regards to managing the risks associated

with 'driving at work'.

ADCO recently issued a series of guidelines covering the

procedural, behavioral and engineering controls required

in Road Safety Management in view of the Recent Trend in

ADCO Road. This included the recommendation that every

company should have a Road Safety Plan. Emdad developed

a road safety plan to Implement, monitor and report the

All CP Project Field/Operational vehicles including heavy

vehicles are now equipped with In-vehicle Online Monitoring

system (IVMS), Rollover Bars, other safety accessories like

Desert Safety Kit, Flag pole etc. As a second phase all other

vehicles operating under Emdad services will be installed at

the same time.

The investigation on the recent accidents in ADCO field

revealed that all the three vehicles which were involved in

the accident were equipped with IVMS, Rollover Bars and

driven by experienced drivers within the allowed speed limit.

It is worth pointing out that these safety devices itself will

not prevent the accident whereas it can protect you after an

accident as a reactive measure.

It is now high time to concentrate on behavioral safety to

protect you and your vehicle from accident. Using mobile

phone, poor judgment on bad weather conditions and wrong

assessment on road conditions are some of the major reasons

for accidents. Tackling this area by continual awareness

training and safety cultural development among the employees

will help us to bring down the road crashes considerably.

-Faisal Ismail, Emdad


A resident in a posh hotel breakfast room called over the head waiter one morning and read from the menu. "I'd like one

under-cooked egg so that it's runny, and one over-cooked egg so that it's tough and hard to eat. I'd also like grilled bacon

which is a bit on the cold side, burnt toast, butter straight from the freezer so that it's impossible to spread, and a pot of

very weak, lukewarm coffee." "That's a complicated order sir," said the bewildered waiter. "It might be quite difficult." The

guest replied sarcastically, "It can't be that difficult because that's exactly what you brought me yesterday!"



CONNECT greets all new Team Members to the

AE community and wishes them a long and successful innings!

Avinash Chandran

Sr. QHSE Engineer


Shakeel Ahmed

CP/ Project Engineer


Ammar Faris

QA/ AC Engineer


Jahafar Alukkal

JP - Electrical


Virendra Pathak

Skilled Helper/ Electrical


Santosh Kumar

Skilled Helper/ Electrical


Ranjay Kumar

Skilled Helper/ Mason


Dinesh Mahato

Skilled Helper/ Mason


Michael Varghese

Safety Engineer


Arafa Mamdouh

PTW Coordinator


Ramesh Ennazhiyil






Abdul Aziz



Sukhdeep Singh

JCB Operator


Mohammad Amraiz

JCB Operator


Hashim M.



Kiran K. Simon



Veerankutty N



Jaffar Vattath



Muhammed Faizal



Rosh Ratnakaran



Sreekumaran P.C



Shaju N.K.



Devnanda C.













Sukhvinder Singh



Dasan Mechery



Vineeth Thuruthy



Kuldip Kaur




HVAC Technician





Nidhin Thomas



Vijaya Prasanna Kumar

CP Engineer


Nixon Lagat

Welder - Whipstock


Ubaidulla Madakath



Abhay Kumar

Sr. Systems Engineer


Duraid Sami Abbas

Support Engineer


KV Ameen

Procurement Executive


Maher Al Khodr

PR Coordinator


Rohan Dalvi

Support Engineer


Sukumar Venigalla

Application Specialist


Syed Muhammad Raza

Sales Engineer


Thaer Odeh-Commercial

Coordinator and Project

Site Supervisor-Furnicon

Vishal Sengar

PreSales Consultant


Yousef Ghaleb Afaneh

Network Engineer





Dipen J Uchil, AE with Ms. Priyanka Harish

on their Wedding day on

29 December 2010 in Mumbai India.




Ejaz Munir of Itqan and his wife Aimon Ejaz

on their wedding day on

12 February 2011




Mrs. Rola Satari, (Itqan),

on the birth of her baby girl Selina

on 09th December 2010

Sharan Giri (s/o T. R Giri, Emdad) receiving the Academic

Excellence Award '09 -'10 for the 6th consecutive year for

Grade 4 at Our Own English High School, Abu Dhabi




Hamza V.V. gi 1-Apr

Mohamad Ashraf .K.P. ITQAN 1-Apr

Aftab Ul Haq ITQAN 1-Apr

Ibrahim Mohamed Zakaria Mohamed Elsayed MARCAP 1-Apr

Subair Thdttiyl EMDAD 1-Apr

Sajeevan Nellikathara M EMDAD 2-Apr

Skaria K Sebastian gi 2-Apr

Syed Musthafa Abdul Rahman ITQAN 2-Apr

Mohamed Naseer Mohamed Rishan MARCAP 2-Apr

Mohamed Hashaf EMJEL 3-Apr

Mohammed Gazar MARCAP 4-Apr

Thomas Urdas MARCAP 5-Apr

Arnold Rosales MARCAP 5-Apr

Chandrabose Subash EMDAD 6-Apr


Rankoth Gedara MARCAP 7-Apr

Mujeeb Abdul Rahman AE 10-Apr

Julaju T.P gi 10-Apr

Syed Naseem Ahmad ITQAN 10-Apr

Abdul Majeed Asaraf Ali


Alameen Abdul Azees


Ahmad Mohammad Alabbadi ITQAN 12-Apr

Mohammed Saithalavi EMDAD 12-Apr

Anil Varghese EMDAD 13-Apr

Ismail Thaniveppil ITQAN 13-Apr

Zaibar Ali Azam Khan EMDAD 14-Apr

Lorlito Cardinosa


Mohamed Suthan Noor Mohamed TELEMATICS 15-Apr

ShoukathAli Saythammadakath ACF 16-Apr

Jamal Bochor EMDAD 17-Apr

Kuthirummal Dineshan EMDAD 17-Apr

Ram Bahadur Bhujel EMDAD 17-Apr

Luai George Chamieh EMJEL 18-Apr

Shajeer MT gi 18-Apr

Jamshad Kanjeera ITQAN 18-Apr

Rami S A Khader ITQAN 18-Apr

Walid Ibrahim Fayoumi MARCAP 18-Apr

Riyaz Thekke Koleth


Muzammil Saif EMDAD 21-Apr

Romeo Angelo Nolido MARCAP 21-Apr

Pathayathingal Prasanna MARCAP 22-Apr

Egbert Savio Correia ITQAN 23-Apr

Bhaskar Miryala ITQAN 23-Apr

Maximino Caringal MARCAP 23-Apr

Abdullah Adam Ponnen AE 23-Apr

Sathar Mohammed EMJEL 24-Apr

Nishad Plakuttahil Muhammad EMDAD 25-Apr

Sunil Kumar ITQAN 25-Apr

Wilson T K gi 29-Apr

Reylan Lanzar MARCAP 29-Apr

Anniever Abreu


Viyjayan Kurup EMDAD 30-Apr


Tanveer Pasha EMDAD 1-May

Feras A. Suleiman ITQAN 1-May

Qaim Haider ITQAN 1-May

Ayyappa Das TELEMATICS 1-May

Hussein Yahya AE 2-May

Ahmed Tayel WELLTECH 2-May

Anilesh P Veedu EMDAD 2-May

Richard Claudel MARCAP 2-May

Abdullah Hussam Sulaiman MARCAP 3-May

Vinodan Chettivalappil EMDAD 3-May

Abdul Majeed Puthan Peediyekkal ACF 3-May

Rajesh Krishnan TELEMATICS 3-May

Taj Mohd Ali Fawzi Alfar ITQAN 4-May

Adish Dilip Phalle EMDAD 5-May

Musthafa MP ITQAN 5-May

Sadek Moustafa Eid Shatta MARCAP 5-May

Jamal Ahmed Sobhan MARCAP 5-May

Asif Shehzad EMDAD 5-May

Biju Bhaskaran EMDAD 5-May

Olga Yegorova MARCAP 6-May

Alaa Aldin Youssef Nejem MARCAP 6-May

Rogelio Bagos Reyes Jr. MARCAP 6-May

Ragu Stalin Antonydhason TELEMATICS 6-May

Pavithran .P.V. EMDAD 7-May

Peter Netto Andre MARCAP 7-May

Roula El Fenj EP Nasser Farah ITQAN 8-May

Moh›d Raed Muhyealdeen Damyasi ITQAN 8-May

Jayantha K Lingoji EMDAD 10-May

Mohammed Rafi .KP ITQAN 10-May

Isthifan Puthalath ITQAN 10-May

Krishann Babu A EMDAD 10-May

Suvas Panayil Sreenivasan EMDAD 11-May

Rajesh G Pannicker ITQAN 11-May

Hrishikesh Ghorpade ITQAN 13-May

Eltigani Sabor Abdelhadi MARCAP 13-May

Manuel Subin TELEMATICS 13-May

Saravanan Thiraviyam TELEMATICS 13-May

Suneesh Kodiyath EMDAD 13-May

Ejaz Munir ITQAN 14-May

Rajesh Kumar Kurup EMDAD 15-May

Mahmoud Zakaria TECWEL 15-May

M. Saddik Batcha TELEMATICS 15-May

Mohd Ashraf Meer Veetil TELEMATICS 15-May

Bassem Ibrahim Majbour MARCAP 15-May

Showkath Ali FURNICON 15-May

Maria Jyothi Lewis ITQAN 17-May

Jeeva Rajendran EMDAD 17-May

Tariq Mohammad Jammel M Massarwah ITQAN 18-May


Manish Nawani TELEMATICS 18-May

Baby Chakkungal Mathai EMDAD 19-May

Ana Bella Mendalla EMDAD 20-May



Abdussalam K V EMDAD 20-May

Raju Thazhath EMDAD 20-May

Satheesan Padinhare EMDAD 20-May

Ramachandran Nair Sukumara Pillai TELEMATICS 20-May

Sudeesh Kumar Susheela MARCAP 20-May

Duraid Sami Abbas ITQAN 20-May

Senthil K.G ITQAN 21-May

Samir Raid Abdul Rahman MARCAP 21-May

Jorge Dalisay De Chavez MARCAP 21-May

Arokiasamy Loorudusamy EMDAD 21-May

Abdulkarim Abdulla Kizab EMDAD 21-May

Abdurahim Vaza Valappil gi 22-May

Suresh Pillai ITQAN 23-May

Reji Raghavan TELEMATICS 23-May

Sukumar Venigalla ITQAN 23-May

Bachar Al Moukayad EMDAD -ADMA 24-May

Praveen Shenoy TELEMATICS 24-May

Prasana Kumar TELEMATICS 25-May

Shaji Varghese AE 25-May

Sharafudheen A EMDAD 25-May

Jibu Jacob EMDAD 25-May

Abdurahiman Kannanthodi Vakkel EMDAD 25-May

Latha Ranjit ITQAN 25-May

Vishal Sood ITQAN 26-May

Baha Allawa Radwan ITQAN 26-May

Shahid Kakkunnath Koyantavida TELEMATICS 27-May

Sameera Mahesh Achargie MARCAP 27-May

Suresh Sankaran EMJEL 27-May

Nishad Hydrose MARCAP 28-May

Seethi Azilan TELEMATICS 28-May

Aliulla Shariff ASPGulf 28-May

Hydrose Rahim ITQAN 28-May

Chandresh Ellathuvalappil EMDAD 29-May

Jayatha Volthaje EMDAD 29-May

Nourhan Khaled Ibrahim MARCAP 29-May

Rasha Subido AE 29-May

Harish Krishnan ASPGulf 30-May

Benoi T.P gi 30-May

Sreekumar Sreedharan gi 30-May

Mohd Said Atieh Zaghal ITQAN 30-May

Ilyas Papali EMDAD 30-May

Muhammad Iqbal TECWEL 30-May

Mohamed Nizam TECWEL 30-May

Abdul Arif C.M TELEMATICS 30-May

Vidhyadharan Vattoli TELEMATICS 30-May

Paneer Selvam Balakrishnan TELEMATICS 30-May

Murad Shalib M AE 31-May

Shibu George ITQAN 31-May

Mike Atkinson TELEMATICS 31-May


Mohammed Farooque AE 1-Jun

Iyad Sameir EMJEL 1-Jun

Assaad Kaddoura ITQAN 1-Jun

Mohamed Abdul Jaleel EMDAD 1-Jun

Mohammed Asheed Kalathil MARCAP 1-Jun

Mohammed Ibrahim Zaky Osman MARCAP 1-Jun

Sarwar Hussain ITQAN 1-Jun

Edwin Sanno Fernandez ASPGulf 2-Jun

Venkata Krishnanjaneyulu TELEMATICS 2-Jun

Abhay Kumar ITQAN 2-Jun

Ilyas Haider EMDAD 3-Jun

Rey Mark Duque Bernal MARCAP 3-Jun

Bhupesh Mehta ASPGulf 4-Jun

Bashyam Sampson ASPGulf 5-Jun

Khaled Abdullah MARCAP 5-Jun

Tareq Khorsheed gi 6-Jun

Rola Satari ITQAN 6-Jun

Ahmed Mohamed Salama Khalil Ibrahim MARCAP 7-Jun

Tharayil Hamza V.Kutty EMDAD 8-Jun

Irfan Khan EMDAD 8-Jun

Dani Al Kadi EMJEL 8-Jun

Gaith H. Abu Hammour gi 9-Jun

Iqbal Muhammad ASPGulf 10-Jun

Fady Abbas Saady Mohd Saleh EMDAD 10-Jun

Rizwi Mohiuddin FURNICON 12-Jun

Usama Ramadan Mohammad Elhabashi MARCAP 12-Jun

Sheak Dawood Bagardeen ITQAN 14-Jun

Syed Metawally Hassan WELLTECH 15-Jun

Satheesh .P. ITQAN 15-Jun

Mustapha Ahmad Youses EMDAD 16-Jun

Jeemon Joseph FURNICON 16-Jun

Riman Jihoad Bou Hussein AE 17-Jun

Abir Mahmoud EMDAD 18-Jun

Sanjeeva Jayasinghe


Krishna Pandey


Malcolm Thorburn EMJEL 18-Jun

Mohammed Shameer ASPGulf 19-Jun

Lidetu Asrat Beyene MARCAP 19-Jun

Shamika Nushan MARCAP 20-Jun

Rajendran Valappil MARCAP 20-Jun

Rohan Rajaram Dalvi ITQAN 20-Jun

Abdullah Chehab MARCAP 20-Jun

Roy Mathew gi 22-Jun

Greg Hansen EMJEL 22-Jun

Mamdouh Arafa El Raggal FURNICON 24-Jun

Laith Azmi Mahmoud Mubarak ITQAN 27-Jun

Dilusha Gedara MARCAP 27-Jun

Ibrahim Sherif EMJEL 27-Jun

Thirupathy Puniyakodi


Mansour Al Alami EMDAD 30-Jun

Nazma Aga ITQAN 30-Jun

Ahmed Ali Ahmed Rashed Ali MARCAP 30-Jun

Joseph Fernandez MARCAP 30-Jun

Dinesh Chauhan MARCAP 30-Jun


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