GFI Presentation Template - Osterman Research

GFI Presentation Template - Osterman Research

GFI WebMonitor

by Gill Langston

Manager, Sales Engineers



Corporate overview

» Offices located around the globe: USA (North Carolina, California &

Florida), UK (London & Dundee), Australia, Austria, Romania, and Malta

» Hundreds of thousands of installations worldwide

» Trusted by thousands of companies around the world

» GFI products are sold by a global network of thousands of partners


Why you need an IAUP – Internet Acceptable Use Policy (1/2)

» Research by IDC shows that up to 40% of employee Internet activity

is non work-related

» Social media costs UK economy up to £14 billion in lost work time; nearly

2,000,000 workers spend over an hour per day 'Facebooking' at work

» Survey by, August 2010

» Social networking sites are a hotbed for distributing malware via shared

links; e.g., Koobface, targeting millions of Facebook and Twitter users

» Social networking phishing attacks up by more than 240% in 2008

– MarkMonitor Brandjacking Report

» 80% of companies report that employees abuse Internet privileges by

downloading pornography or pirated software



Why you need an IAUP – Internet Acceptable Use Policy (2/2)

» Do you know your users’ web browsing habits?

» How much of their time is wasted on non work-related sites?

Or on sites that could leave you legally liable as an employer?

» Are you protected against infected or malicious downloads?

» Uncontrolled web browsing and downloading from the Internet can

result in security breaches, company-wide virus infections and

legal repercussions

» The increased use of social networking sites during office hours is

leading to lower productivity and increased risk of data theft through social


» Banning access to the Internet is not an option

The solution?



Enforce an effective IAUP with GFI WebMonitor (1/2)

» Enforce your Internet Acceptable Use Policy (IAUP) by monitoring and

managing your employees’ web browsing habits

» Maximize available bandwidth by controlling what type of sites

can be visited, setting time and bandwidth quotas

» Granular flexibility through categorization of websites in 70 categories and

web filtering coverage of over 250,000,000 websites

» Flexible policies per user/group/IP/site as necessary with inclusions and



Enforce an effective IAUP with GFI WebMonitor (2/2)

» Benefit from multiple antivirus engines to ensure that downloads

are free of viruses and other malware

» Prevent data leakage through socially-engineered websites

» Protect yourself against legal liability by controlling access to

certain websites


Monitoring reports (1/3)

Real-time monitoring is achieved through the dashboard, complete with graphs,

and drill-down interactive reporting, all available within the user interface


Monitoring reports (2/3)

GFI WebMonitor ReportPack –

Customizable reports that can also be scheduled to show the most frequently

accessed websites, categories, bandwidth usage and the number of viruses

that were blocked by GFI WebMonitor’s antivirus engines


Monitoring reports (3/3)

Interactive reports – Drill down into access and blocked activity monitoring

reports – by user, site category, domain, site and policies



» Thousands of customers worldwide use GFI WebMonitor

» GFI WebMonitor has earned numerous prestigious awards

which include the following:

SC Magazine – Four-star review, 2009 – Readers’ Choice Award 2009

Business Solutions Award – Best Channel Product 2010 Award


Ready to get started?

Download your

free 30-day trial today from:

You can also check out the

GFI WebMonitor SmartGuide,

which provides helpful tips

for successful deployment:




» There is now an increasing need to formulate and enforce and Internet

Acceptable Use Policy

» With GFI WebMonitor you can monitor and enforce your IAUP in order to

boost productivity as well as secure downloads to protect your network

from viruses, spyware, malware and phishing and other malware attacks,

and meet regulatory requirements

» GFI WebMonitor provides a flexible solution to fit all environments


For more information and

to download your free 30-day trial, visit

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