LEGACY - Arbonne


LEGACY - Arbonne

e y e o n a r b o n n e



I always wanted to be responsible for my own income, but I never found

anything worth doing enough to give up time with my husband and growing

family. I always chose family over a career. Arbonne is the business that

gives me both!

I first heard of Arbonne in the spring of 2005, when I tried a lotion and

cleansing gel to clear up my son, Preston’s eczema. It did the job in two

weeks that prescription creams had failed to do for a year. Then I went to

my sponsor’s first Presentation, and heard more about the skin care and the

Mercedes-Benz, but still did not dream about selling skin care products!

Then my sponsor, ERVP Misty Trinidad, met with me in February of 2006

and asked me to give her contacts she might share Arbonne with. I was

more than happy to help. When she sat across from me and said “I believe

with all my heart” Arbonne is the place to be, and I listed all these terrific

people, I thought I might consider this business, I knew Arbonne was what I

was looking for. I had never felt like I was at just the right place at the right

time than at that very moment!

Misty says she did not think of prospecting me because it did not seem like I

needed the money. She was right in a way. I am blessed with two wonderful

parents. My dad is a very successful doctor and my mother managed

a reputable stable business for 30 years. They both have built wonderful

legacies of generosity and they keep working hard so they can continue

to give to others.

My husband works in a family business that has built a legacy of success

from hard work and determination, which gave me the blessing to stay home

and raise our two boys and be a full time volunteer around their activities. I

am surrounded by hard working people who make a difference in the world

by the work they do.

What I was looking for was a way to create my own legacy. When I was

PTA President, I became aware of the homeless children in our town and

s a r a m c c o n n e l l

Independent Consultant, Regional Vice President

Sara McConnell Region; Liberty, MO

it became a dream to help give them birthday parties. However, I did not

know where the money would come from.

I also have the passion for competing and riding horses in dressage and

hunter/jumper disciplines. My mother was selling her stable after 30 years,

and it was time for me to support my own hobby and not depend on my

mother’s business to do so.

Most importantly, I was looking for another mountain to climb. I wanted

to make money, not for money’s sake but for the sake of being passionate

continued ...

Sara’s two boys, Andy and Preston.

Sara and AM Kylin Coulter Meyer.

Sara and her husband, Scott in Victoria, British Columbia.

success strategy:

Share the story of Arbonne

with everybody, because it is a gift!

and challenged. I wanted my kids to see their mother could get paid for her

time as well as volunteer her time, I still wanted to design my day around

their needs.

So when Misty met with me that day she explained how, with Arbonne, you

do not stock products or deliver products. She told of how Arbonne had

just opened in Canada and as getting ready to open to more international

markets. I knew this was the answer to my prayers.

I believe with all my heart there is not any career I could have done out of

college, or another business my husband and I could invest in, that gives me

the flexibility and income potential Arbonne does right now.

I jumped in with a feeling of excitement and urgency and have not looked

back since. I learned from horseback riding, if you visualize it and work for

it, you will reach your goal. I simply followed the system that was taught

me, reaching District Manager in two weeks and Regional Vice President

in eight months.

I jumped in to Arbonne to help myself, but what I did not expect is just being

involved in Arbonne helps others. I love the feeling that when I succeed,

others succeed. The support is real, our wonderful products are real and

the opportunity is real. If you can visualize your dreams, you can achieve

them with Arbonne!

To my amazing husband, Scott: Thank you for seeing in me the need to find

that mountain to climb, and for supporting me as I go for the top. I would

not want do this journey, or anything else, without you. Thank you for always

being at base camp so I know where my bearings are!

To my parents, Tony and Linda Landers: Thank you for showing me the gift

of giving. I only hope I am able to bring half of the joy and generosity into

the world that both of you do. District Manager Linda Landers, you have

always been the wind beneath my wings!

To my sponsor, ERVP Misty Trinidad: Your passion, belief and commitment

to my team and me is contagious. It has been so fun to be on this journey

with you! Thank you for facing your fears and going through the fire to help

this team grow.

I would not be here if it was not for all the wonderful people who joined

my team!

To my Canada team: What can I say but thank you for taking a leap of faith?

Area Manager Carmie Flaherty, thank you for saying “yes” and believing in

Mom and I. You have a servant’s heart and I know I will see you at the top!

Sara and her Vancouver, British Columbia Team.

Sara’s “State Side Team” at her Mercedes-Benz car presentation in Kansas

City, Missouri

Thank you to my Canadian District Managers, Kathy Smith, Sue Dornblut,

Barb Hinse, Marci Leighton, Jayne Essig, Lorna Beecroft, Karley Smith, Lisa

Webber, Avery Dejong, Lida Lore and Norma Neudoerffer! It has been such

a blessing to get to know all of you and your beautiful country.

To my “State Side Team”: Area Manager Kylin Coulter Meyer, you bring a

new meaning to working hard and activity. I know we will get to the top

together. Thank you to District Managers Kim Harrison, Debra Fieth, Paula

Bennett, Naomi Goodnight, the B-Vogue team, Darlene Carpenter and

Tammy Parsons, Krista Noone, Loriel Cook, Kim Deyoung, Jessica Lankford,

Jennifer Shovlin, Kim Borgen, Deanna Stockman, Renee Lenkart and Linda

Coulter. I will always believe in you!

To my amazing upline: Thank you to ENVP Cecilia Stoll for your integrity, faith

and commitment to this company and your teams. You make me incredibly

proud to be part of this company! Thank you to NVP Mary Stansbury, for

bringing the gift of Arbonne to Liberty and giving this team a place to grow

our business: Thank you to ENVP Becki Barnes and ENVP Susan Kilborn,

whose praises made me want to be a better leader.

To Chairman & CEO Bob Henry and President Rita Davenport, your integrity,

passion and leadership makes me feel so secure with this company.

I want to thank all of my Consultants who purchase at a discount in Canada

and the United States. Thank you for loving these products, and for allowing

my team and me to pamper you in the convenience of your own home.

To my wonderful boys, Andy and Preston: Thanks for supporting me as I reach

for my goals. I know you will be able to reach whatever goal you desire! God

truly gave your father and me a remarkable gift when He gave you to us.

Above: Sara with her

sponsor, ERVP Misty Trinidad

and mother, DM Linda


Left: Sara and

AM Carmie Flaherty.

Regional Vice President

The testimonials in this story reflect the actual experience of an individual, are anecdotal only, and may be atypical.

E Y E O N A R B O N N E | october 2007

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