Happy 4th of July! - Contrails.us


Happy 4th of July! - Contrails.us

Hello and Happy 4th of


Wing Leader

I would

like to

thank all

our veterans


made freedom


for all


Their sacrifice

is not


Col. Steve Bennett The news

on the PT-17 is good. The

engine came to Lancaster

courtesy of Colonel Russ

Coonley and Colonel Jim

Breitenstine. They went to

Oklahoma to bring the engine

home. The engine

mount has been powder

coated and is in the process

of being placed back on the


Recruit and Re-

Happy 4th of July!

Colonel Robert Collier and

Colonel Howard Webb have

been working to get the

Stearman ready to hang the


We should have paratroop

re-enactors at the hangar on

July the 28th. If you have

never seen them jump from

our R4D, then you have

missed an amazing sight.

Our next wing meeting will

be Saturday, July 14th

starting at 1:30 pm. Please

attend, I am sure we will be

discussing “Warbirds on Parade”.

That event is Saturday,

September 1. The hours

will be from 10a.m. to 4p.m.

Please volunteer this day, we

will need all the help we can


Colonel Marty Case and

Colonel Ray Jeffcoat went up

last Saturday to do a photo

shoot of the BT-15. The BT

photos will be in an article of

the AOPA magazine. Not

sure of the issue. Colonel

Russ Coonley and Colonel

Matt Breitenstine were in the

BT-15 that day. Colonel

Jeffcoat took some great


Please come out to the

hangar on Saturdays, you

never know when one of the

planes will fly and we are

always looking for members

that haven't flown in a while.

See you at the hangar,



Schedule of Events Page 2

Museum Article Page 3

Warbird Updates Pages 4/5

Hangar Happenings Page 6

WOP Jobs Page 7

New Members


We did not have any new members join

our wing in the month of June.

We need everyone to talk to at least one

person and mention the DFW Wing

and all that the CAF represents.

Whether it is emailing someone the link

to the website so they can check it out

themselves or printing out the Propwash

when you get it and hand it to someone

with your name and phone number

written on there so they can contact you

once they have read it. However you feel

comfortable in getting the word out

there, we need your help.

Schedule of Events


Saturday, September 1

Warbirds on Parade will take place this week

end. Please try to come out and help out with

this big event!

October 13-14

CAF’s Airsho

WOP Website

Be sure to check out the Warbirds On Parade

website created by Mike Horner. It has tons of

information and graphics that are not included

on the poster.



Published monthly by

the DFW Wing of the CAF

Drum Liners

Hangar Needs


CDT. Matthew Case

Please email me any other items that may be of

use at the hangar.

Send comments, questions, or articles to



Thanks for all your kind donations.

Tora Tora Tora

When is a tee-shirt not just a

tee-shirt? When it's a piece of

history! CAF Col. George "Patch

Man" Lodge has donated such a

shirt emblazoned with A6M Zero

designs and the signatures of

the WWII leading U.S. Marine

ace, Joe Foss,

Wing Historian and Japanese

pilots who

bombed Pearl


George was

wearing the

shirt 7 December

1991 at


Midland, Texas

at an event

Col. Elaine Webb

commemorating the 50th anniversary

of the bombing of Pearl

Harbor. The task now is to determine

who the signatures belong

to and how to best preserve

and display this remarkable artifact.

The DFW Wing thanks

Col. Lodge for entrusting the teeshirt

to our care.

Captain Joe Foss, C.O. VMF-

121 was awarded the Medal of

Honor; his citation reads:

was extremely probable. In

addition, during this period, he

successfully led a large number

of escort missions, skillfully

covering reconnaissance, bombing,

and photographic planes as

well as surface craft. On 15 January

1943, he added 3 more enemy

planes to his already

brilliant successes for a record of

aerial combat achievement

unsurpassed in this war. Boldly

searching out an approaching

enemy force on 25 January,

Capt. Foss led his 8 F-4F Marine

planes and 4 Army P-38s into

action and undaunted by tremendously

superior numbers,

intercepted and struck with such

force that 4 Japanese fighters

were shot down and the bombers

were turned back without

releasing a single bomb. His

remarkable flying skill, inspiring

leadership, and indomitable

fighting spirit were distinctive

factors in the defense of strategic

American positions on Guadalcanal."

After WWII Joe Foss was

commissioned in the South Dakota

Air National Guard, served

in the South Dakota House of

Representatives, returned to

active duty as an Air Force

Colonel during the Korean War,

and as Brigadier General he

served as chief of staff of the

South Dakota Air National

Guard. Joe Foss was elected

Governor of South Dakota in

1954 and served two terms. He

was elected the first commissioner

of the American Football

League and served until 1966.

He was president of the National

Rifle Association from 1988 to

1990. He passed away on 1 January


"For outstanding heroism and

courage above and beyond the

call of duty as Executive Officer

of Marine Fighting Squadron

121, 1st Marine Aircraft Wing,

at Guadalcanal. Engaging in

almost daily combat with the

enemy from 9 October to 19 November

1942, Capt. Foss personally

shot down 23 Japanese

planes and damaged others so

severely that their destruction


R4D Roost

After watching the R4D very

closely, she has failed to move an

inch! This is because of the attention

the Stearman has been hogging.

Rather than view this as inactivity

entirely unbefitting a proud

Warbird, we like to think of her as

enjoying a brief but well-earned

rest...and sunbathing.

BT Corner

The BT did not fly to any shows this

month, but it did have a few paid

rides. Also Col. Chris Volpe was

requalified on the airplane.

On the last day of the month, a couple

of members went up and did a

photo flight for a possible article in

the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association

membership magazine AOPA



Stearman Space

As most of you have heard by now,

the Stearman is undergoing an engine

replacement due to a catastrophic oil

system failure.

Great progress was made on the replacement

effort this month. A fresh,

overhauled engine has been purchased

and brought to the hangar. Cols.

Collier and Webb have done much of

the work in terms of removing, locating

and acquiring replacement parts. (oil

tank, oil filter kit, air filler kit, and

many other small parts.)

Once completed we will have a new

airplane from the firewall forward!

L-5 Lair

The L-5 has been busy giving member

rides on most Saturdays. A conscious

effort is being made by her

pilots to reward “Miss Ziggy’s” years

of low maintenance with a more active

flight schedule, so members are

encouraged to come down to the

hangar over the next few months

and catch a ride in a little plane

with a big heart. Also, courtesy of

Col. Elaine Webb, “Miss Ziggy” now

has a slick new static display banner

that highlights some of the many duties

of L-5s in the war. Thank you,



Happenings at the Hangar

In addition to the grueling

work of trying to get the Stearman

back in the air, something

interesting happened at the

hangar this past month. On

June 30, Cols. Jeffcoat, Coonley,

Case, and Breitenstine

went flying in hopes of capturing

good air to air shots of the

BT. This was all done for a possible

article that would feature

the wing’s very own BT and be

published in the well known

AOPA magazine, AOPA Pilot.

So, with Cols. Matt Breitenstine

and Russ Coonley

strapped into the BT, master

photographer Col. Jeff Jeffcoat

hopped into Col. Marty Case’s

SNJ in hopes of snapping beautiful

photos. I have to say that

he did an incredible job!

The duo of airplanes flew up to

around six thousand feet where

the plethora of large fluffy

white clouds provided the perfect

backdrop for the photos.

Using the swiveling gunnery

seat in the back of SNJ, Col.

Jeffcoat persisted through the

heat and vibration to snap remarkable

high resolution pictures

as Col. Case guided the

SNJ around the BT.

Here is a sample of the photographs.

You can zoom in on the

pictures to really appreciate

how well they turned out.


WOP Jobs

WOP is fast approaching, and

many of the jobs have been

filled; however,

WOP Chairman

several remain,

so please come

to our July

Col. Russ Coonley

m e e t i n g t o

choose your job

or I will advise

you of your assignment

by E-

mail (just kidding),

but please

come out to the meeting, and

while you are there have a look

at the Stearman’s progress.

DFW Wing Staff 2012

Wing Leader Col. Steve Bennett fortworthbennett@charter.com 817 269 4081

Executive Officer

Position Open

Operations Officer Col. Tom Travis TomTravis@aol.com 972 241 8102

Maintenance Officer Col. Robert Collier R4DMEC@hotmail.com 972 641 4595

Finance Officer Col. Jim Breitenstine Jbreitens@gmail.com 817 294 2936

Adjutant Col. Curtis Green curtisgreen30@tx.rr.com 469 964 0572

Public Info. Officer Col. Tom Manley tmanley55@gmail.com 612 817 0665

PX Officer Col. Steve Bennett See wing leader 817 269 4081

Wing Museum Curator Col. Elaine Webb torare1@earthlink.com 817 478 0105

Wing Chaplain Col. John Crane 4dmandfw@att.net 469 261 2314

Hangar Deck Officer Col. Dan Bunch bsboomer@juno.com 972 270 0461

Propwash Editor Cdt. Matthew Case mjcase12@gmail.com 972 837 5171


Dallas/Fort Worth Wing

of the Commemorative Air Force

738 Smith Lane

Seagoville, Texas


Next Meeting is

Saturday, July 14

Wing Staff Meeting at 1:30

Take time to thank the following sponsors for their ongoing support of the DFW Wing

Texas Loan

Texas First Cash Financial Services

Southwest Airlines

Ellis County Press

Charles Schwab

Awards To Go

Back Country BBQ

Lancaster Regional Airport

Hickory House BBQ

Davis Jewelers

Coyote Roofing

Antique Heritage Tractor Club

Lancaster Machine Shop

24 Hour Wrecker Service

Lancaster K Auto Parts

Business Tech Applications

Select Aircraft Services

Fritts Car Shows and Awards To Go

PDG Services

Dallas Air Salvage

Jim & Mary Jane Goad Farms


Admiral Level:

Neils Agather, Steve Bennett, Michael Gaston, Bruce

Stringfellow, Jim Jackson, John and Donna Sweat, Russ Coonley.

Captain Level:

Tom Travis, Thomas McCoy, Donald Barton, Jean Paryl,

Shirley Wood, Dan Bunch, David Pasahow, Ken Linton, Russell

Hicks, Jim Goad.

Commander Level:

Russ Coonley, Bonnie Coonley, Dr. Michael Jez, Kathleen

Chitwood, Phil Moroneso, Harold Savoy, Dan Bunch, Jack


Anchor Level:

Richard Betham, Robert Martin, Jay Hauteman, George

Lodge, W.N. Bentson, Edward Sharum, Jason Railsback, Ken

Norvell, Doris Goad, Ray Kinney, Tad Foran, Jim Wells, Candis

Wells, Marty Case, Ed Halter, John Curry,Howard Webb,

Elaine Webb, Stephan Brown, Richard Warner, Richard

Brown, Arine Knecht, Alfred “Lucky” Louque, Ben Saladino,

Jim Davis, Christine Poyer, Diane Darrah, Debbie Chitwood,

Ainsley Chitwood, Paul Chitwood, William Mcguire, Larry

Gollaher, Patricia Harvard, Curtis Green, Barbara Hair, Aubrey

Hair, Wyley “Coyote” Smith, Ken Taylor, Phil Moroneso,

Dan Bunch, Robert Martin, David Pasahow, Jan Collmer, Jack

Bradshaw, David Siegert, Steve Bennett, Charles Waldrop, Julian

Banks, Maureen Wood, Matthew Chitwood, Leigha

McBride, Richard Stuntz.

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