Company Profile in PDF - Fidelity

Company Profile in PDF - Fidelity


Company Profile

MAiS Informacijski sistemi d.d.

1. About MAiS


MAiS Information Systems Inc. is an international consulting and software solution

provider specialized in the hospitality and leisure industry with offices in Slovenia,

Germany and China.

MAiS team consists of hotel management specialists and consultants with more than

15 years of world-wide experience in hospitality industry, as well as with technical and

technological know-how. We are dedicated to provide our customers with the latest

technology infrastructure, adapting it to their ever-changing needs.

Our main business is based on continuing development of our flagship productadvanced

and fully integrated hospitality solution "Fidelity". Fidelity Hotel Information

System is tailored for various aspects of hotel management: Hotel Management

System, Restaurant Management System, Banquet & Conference Management,

Wellness & Spa Management, Online Reservations and Guest Loyalty Management.

Our clients include independent hotels, hotel groups, conference venues, spa and

health resorts, individual wellness centers and restaurants. Our Fidelity system has also

been used as a learning tool for students of several educational facilities.


Company Background

The company originally started out as a distributor of Siemens Nixdorf IT components.

In the beginning company’s main business activities were to implement proven

information systems to retail business, followed by hotel and restaurant industry.

However since the foundation in 1989 the company’s founder had emphasized the

importance of company’s own research and development of innovative solutions. As

a result of many hotel/resort/restaurant information systems projects, MAiS team has

gained rich experience in hospitality sphere as well as technical and technological

know-how for continuing development of new systems.

In 1997 Mais developed and introduced a hotel management system “Fidelity

distinguished from other solutions with its outstanding features. In 1998, we delivered

first installations of our hotel management system "Fidelity".

Since then, Fidelity has proven to be a highly functional and intelligent business

software, supporting business processes of hotel and other hospitality companies for

a number of business organizations worldwide.


2. Why MAiS Hospitality Solution

Specialization/ We are specialized in providing integrated solutions for the hospitality

industry and for development, implementation, support and maintenance of Fidelity

property management system.

Know-how/ We design our Fidelity solutions from the effective hospitality

management standpoint. We find industry knowledge extremely important in order to

design functional and intelligent business software that offers long-term and

integrated support for hotel business.

Experience/ Fidelity team has an extensive experience in the hotel industry with more

than 15 years of developing and implementing a number of systems and training

people world-wide. Beside fruitful cooperation with users and other hospitality

experts, many complex and successfully realized projects gained us rich experience in

the hospitality sphere.

Flexibility/ Our solutions are flexible to meet the needs of varied hotel management


High Level of Integration/ All our solutions and modules can be integrated to more

than 300 other subsystems – more than any other competitive solutions are able to!

Client Oriented Philosophy/ Our software design philosophy has always been client

oriented. Our approach is to work with users in a partnership atmosphere and provide

them with best suitable and effective end-to end solutions. We constantly strive to

please our many satisfied clients. Our solutions are highly reliable and easily scalable

through a modular architecture designed to meet hotel's highest performance

requirements and to enable best hotel practice.

History of Success/ Over the years we have co-created a number of business success

stories. We designed and provided a number of effective solutions and installations



3. Business Idea

Vision/ Our vision is to create innovative models of hotel business processes and

advanced models of organization for hospitality companies that understand the value

and the use of information systems for their business success.

Mission/ Our mission is to develop and provide advanced Fidelity software solutions

for hotel and other hospitality businesses to improve their efficiency and promote best

practices for their business. Dedicated to serve our client's needs and willing to work

with them in a partnership style atmosphere, we ensure our clients and business

partners the highest quality of products and services.

Goals/ We strive to become one of the leading international PMS solutions providers

for a hotel and hospitality business. Our goal is to expand our sale in the world-wide

market through certified dealers.

Basic company's objectives:

• »Turn-key« projects

• Research & development of the own PMS integrated system Fidelity – HMS

• First class support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

• Consulting & educating

• Selling through certified dealers, trained in contents, technological performance

and support of Fidelity solutions in the world-wide market

• Gathering strenght through strategic partnerships

• Advanced technology


4. Business Activity

MAiS offers superior, impressive services achieved by combining the strength of our

people and advanced information technology to ensure the complete project of

business process renovation and continuously support and improve the business

processes of customers. Every Fidelity solution comes with a comprehensive

consulting, installation, training and support service.

CONSULTING/ As a part of the long-term strategy of developing and introducing

advanced information systems to business practice, all Fidelity users are shared in

continuous consulting. As specialists in the field of hotel industry our consultants

keep up with all new theoretical knowledge as well as with experience gained from

product developers and its users.

HOSPITALITY PROJECT MANAGEMENT/ MAiS guides and helps organizations

through the entire project of applying Fidelity solutions - new business and

organization models with outstanding information technology for their better

business performance, from design, implementation to management.

SYSTEM DESIGNING & MODELING/ As a result of many successfully realized projects

of information support of hotel businesses, Fidelity team has gained rich experience in

hospitality sphere as well as technical and technological know-how, all of which

enable our team to design and model new information systems. Thereby it is an

important role of - to many business practices customized - Fidelity software.

IMPLEMENTATION/ Designed and offered projects are implemented, in cooperation

with the customer, by our team of experienced Fidelity information system

parameterization experts and/or by for implementation qualified and trained

distributors worldwide.

CUSTOMER TRAINING & WORKSHOPS/ Fidelity training programs are based on

special programs adapted to user’s range of activities, for example: receptionist,

marketer, organizer, management, etc.

24 x 7 ON- LINE SUPPORT/ A special team of Fidelity experts provide the first and

second level of support for our clients locally and for our distributors worldwide.


PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT AND MAINTENANCE/ Fidelity is standardized software

with continuous development, resulting in new software versions and new releases.

During license-determined upgrade advantage coverage period, all software is

maintained with software versions that are eventually substituted with new releases,

in accordance with the right upon contracted maintenance and license-fee agreement.

LOCAL INSTALLATIONS AND SAAS/ Software installation and parameterization is

provided by Fidelity team, locally, and/or by for installation qualified and trained

distributors worldwide. Fidelity SaaS (Software as a service) is a total information

service for mid-sized and small end users which runs as web-application on MAiS



5. Business Partnerships

Our strategic relationships with industry-leading technology, reseller partners and

academic partners enhance the value of our solutions and ensure that we properly

address our customers’ business needs.

Here are some of our partners:

Learn more:


6. Our Solutions Portfolio

Fidelity Hotel Management System

Fidelity HMS offers effective solutions for hotel

managers, sales and reservation office with agency and

group handling, reception desk with easy check-in and

check-out functions, cashier with currency exchange

office, for housekeeping and back office.

Fidelity Online booking & Portal Solution

Fidelity WebRes enables on-line reservations in real time.

Reservations made via hotel website are directly

transferred and saved to reservation-reception system.

Banquet & Event Management System

Fidelity Banquet & Event Management System offers an

efficient, fast and complete solution for congress

centres and hotels with congress capacities. It enables

automation and management of events, such as

conferences, banquets, entertainment events,

weddings, meetings, etc.

Fidelity Wellness & Leisure

An ideal management tool that offers effective, fast,

and complete solution for wellness, spa, sports and

beauty centres, and other businesses running

functions that need all aspects of availability planning,

reservations, and service accounting.


Fidelity Medical Management System

Fidelity Medical Management System is an effective information

support for modernized and simplified management of demanding

process of patient's rehabilitation and medical service accounting.

Fidelity Restaurant Management System

Fidelity RMS is a state-of-the-art system that provides a fully

automated operation and control of a restaurant and food &

beverage management/ activities.

Fidelity Guest Loyalty Management System

Loyalty Card Management System offers a perfect solution for

enhancing customer loyalty: managing of club cards, loyalty cards

and destination credit cards.

Learn more at

Hotelinco PMS Service

Hotelinco is an innovative, powerful and affordable cloud

based property management system, especially designed

for small properties, such as pensions, motels, B&B's, small

hotel franchisees, apartment complexes and small hotel



7. Fidelity PMS strength:

• Customized to fit the needs of different types of hotels, especially resort hotels

• Customizable, Scalable and Modular

• Real Windows application open to MS Office Standards, working on stable

RDBMS, which enables a large comfort by additional reports and information,

together with standard reports

• Integration with peripheral equipment so that it includes permanent control

over the environment (POS, PBX)

• No down time night audit

• Comfortable remote support

• Real-time room plan

• Interface to accounting system

• Multicurrency accounting system

• Multilingual features

• Enhanced easy-to use and flexible report generator

• Carefully prepared for dealer's concept (variety of customizing tools)


8. References

Neuschwanstein Hotels, Germany - Hotels Around

Castle Neuschwanstein, high in the Bavarian Alps, live up to

their fairytale reputation. Neuschwainstein hotels include:

Schlosshotel Lisl, Villa Jägerhaus, Hotel Schwangauer Hof,

Hotel Garni Schlossblick


Solution: Fidelity PMS

and up to 1,900 in the garden.

Käfer Wies’n Schänke – Käfer Oktoberfest Tavern,

Germany- first opened at Munich Oktoberfest in 1971.

In the meantime they have become as much a part of the

celebrations as the statue of Bavaria which presides over the

proceedings is a part of Munich. Originally with a humble 40

seats, their hall now seats a total of 3,000 guests: 1,164 in

Käfer Wies‘n-Schänke, 200 in the covered outdoor Freisitz


Solution: Fidelity RMS

Debeli rtič Youth Health & Summer Resort, Slovenia -

Situated in the midst of a wonderful Mediterranean park near

the seaside in Debeli rtič, Slovenia, this holiday centre consists

of 3 hotel bulidings (Hotel Bor, Hotel Arija and Youth Centre).

It features a health and wellness centre with a medical and

psyhiotherapy treatment, business centre and offers

experience and animation programms for young and elderly

in their vast offer .


Solution: Fidelity PMS, Fidelity RMS, Fidelity Wellness & Leisure, Fidelity Medical

Management System


Thermana Hotels & Resorts, Slovenia - Thermana is one

of the most sophisticated spa & wellness centre in Slovenia.

Thermana hotels, spas and restaurants are situated in

Laško, cosy little town which, because of its unique

location, represents an ideal starting point for excursions

throughout Slovenia.The Health Tourism Centre offers

preventive and curative programmes; the Laško Wellness

Centre in an outstanding location right above the river is a

paradise for recreation, rest and relaxation in a state-of-the

art swimming pool and sauna complex.


Solution: Fidelity PMS, Fidelity WebRes, Fidelity

RMS, Fidelity Wellness & Leisure, Fidelity Medical

Management System, Fidelity Banquet & Event, Guest

Loyalty Module

Grand Hotel Union Group, Slovenia - High-quality hotels

which also incorporates the 4*Grand Hotel Union and 4*

Grand Hotel Union Garni. The Grand Hotel Union features

217 rooms, 4 conference halls and 11 meeting rooms. The

Grand Hotel Union Group offers a total of 574 hotel rooms

and 29 meeting rooms.

Solution: Fidelity PMS, Fidelity RMS, Fidelity Banquet &

Event System

For a complete reference list please contact us at



MAiS Informacijski sistemi d.d., Leskoškova cesta 10, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia, EU

Tel: +3861 500 2100, Fax : +3861 500 2130, E-mail:


MAiS Information Systems AG, Endorferstr. 9, D-81549 München, Germany, EU

Tel. +49-89-687400, Fax +49-89-68002892, E-mail:


Sales representative - Asia & Pacific:

MAiS Information Systems Inc., Shapingba Tianchenlu 1, Ronghui Xinshidai 18-22, 400030

Chongqing, People's Republic of China, Tel.: +86 23 6531 2131


Fidelity® is a registered trademark of MAiS Information Systems, Inc. All product and company

names are property of their respective owners. © Copyright 1998- 2013 MAiS Information

Systems, Inc. All rights reserved.


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