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Quick Reference

Easy Access to Valuable Information

Signing On to lexis.com sm

You can access lexis.com with an Internet browser and a

lexis.com ID and password – no software is needed.

Follow the steps below to gain access to lexis.com:

1. Establish an Internet connection and enter the

URL address: http://www.lexis.com.

2. The screen you see is the Home Page.

To start your research session, click “Login Now”.

3. When prompted, enter your lexis.com ID

and password.

4. Click the check box to save your ID and

password for future access to lexis.com.

5. Click “Sign On”.

NOTE: Each user’s Internet Service Provider (ISP) can affect the quality of the

connection and transmission speed in lexis.com. In addition, some of the

features and functionality will differ depending on the browser you are using.

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Selecting A Source

You have three options for selecting a source:

• Choose from Last 20 Sources: Select a source

that you have used in the past; then click “Go”.

• Find a Source: Enter the name of the source you

are looking for; then, click “Find”. For example,

enter supreme court briefs.

• Explore Sources: Browse the source directory’s

hierarchical levels and search for sources listed

under particular topics.


After you have selected a source, the search template

will appear on your screen:

1. Click Terms and Connectors or

Natural Language.

2. Enter your search request. For assistance,

click “more”.

3. Add suggested words or concepts that relate

to the terms you have entered (optional).

4. Incorporate segments into your Terms and

Connectors search request (optional).

5. Choose a date range from the pull-down menu

OR enter your own date range in the spaces

provided (optional).

6. Click “Search” to process your search request.

for the way you practice law today

Tips for using Terms and

Connectors or Natural Language


Terms and Connectors use words and connectors to

create phrases and concepts based on specific rules of search

logic. You can find every mention of a specific name, use

a full range of connectors and use universal characters.

Natural Language is useful when you are researching

conceptual issues or you are not sure where to begin

your research.

Natural Language is a supplement, not a replacement for

Terms and Connectors searching. There are times when it

is more appropriate to use one method and other times

when both methods may be used together.

Connectors & Universal Characters

Use UNIVERSAL CHARACTERS in your search terms

! litigat! = litigate, litigator, litigation, litigating, etc.

* wom*n = woman, women

bank*** = bank, banking, banker ( not bankrupt)

Use CONNECTORS to link search terms together

OR Finds one or both terms.

doctor OR physician

w/n Finds two terms within a specified number of words.

market w/5 share

w/s Finds two terms within the same sentence.

sanction w/s frivolous

w/p Finds two terms within the same paragraph.

rule 11 w/p sanction

AND Finds two terms in the same document.

bank AND deregulate

Pre/n Finds two terms – first term must precede second

by a specified number.

cable PRE/2 television

The Search Advisor Feature

Search Advisor is a finding tool for legal materials based on a

classification system of areas of law and related legal topics.

Choose a Legal Topic

from the most recent 20 topics you have used. Select by

highlighting a topic in the drop-down menu and click “Go”.

Find a Legal Topic

Type a legal topic in the field and click “Find”.

Explore Legal Topics

Point and click through the topics and subtopics to explore

and select the topic you want.

To complete your search, type and

select the appropriate information

in the fields of the Search Advisor


Click “Search” to process your

search request.

Select a jurisdiction from the dropdown

menu by clicking on the down

arrow to the right of the field.

Click inside the open circle beside

Terms and Connectors or Natural

Language to select the type of

research format you want to use.

Restrict the search by specifying

applicable segments (optional).

Specify no date restriction, or enter a date restriction by

clicking on the drop-down list and selecting, or specify

your own restriction by typing your beginning date and

ending date in the From and To fields.

Or, search related

analytical materials–

Matthew Bender

treatises, law reviews, or

legal news articles.

Type your search terms

in the open field.

Add suggested words

and concepts for your

selected subtopic.


Add suggested words

and concepts for the

terms you entered in the

open field (optional).

Viewing Results

Choose a viewing format:

• Cite List – Displays a numbered list of citations for your documents.

• KWIC – Shows your search terms surrounded by 25-word

window of text (15 words for NEXIS).

• Full Text – Displays the complete text of the

documents your search found.

Narrow your existing search results.

Automatically save and rerun

searches for updates.

Find documents with similar citation

patterns or language patterns.

Create customized answer sets based

on highlighted passages you choose.

Print, Download, Fax or E-Mail.

Get A Document

Enter a citation

Click to retrieve a case, administrative

decision, law review article, etc.

Click to retrieve a code or CFR section.

Click “Get”.


Click “Check a Citation” from the menu near the top of your screen.

The SHEPARD’S ® template will appear:

Enter a citation.

Select an option for SHEPARDIZING

this citation.

Click “Check”.

Deliver Documents

Click “All Documents” to deliver all

the documents in your results set.

Specify the documents you

want delivered.

Choose a document format.

Select print options.

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