The Beacon December 2011 - Beacon Parish of Ditchling, Streat ...

The Beacon December 2011 - Beacon Parish of Ditchling, Streat ...





The Revd David Wallis

The Vicarage, 2 Charlton Gardens,

Lewes Road, Ditchling, BN6 8WA

Geoffrey Heath

Andrew Martin

St Margaret’s

(01273) 843165

(01273) 845134

(01273) 846123

Mike Sewell Streat Church (01273) 890366

Mark Moody-Stuart

Doreen Kallman

Richard Allen

Colyeen Blanchard

St Martin’s

(01273) 846525

(01273) 844743

(01273) 842919

01444 246186

Hon Treasurer: Mark Moody-Stuart (01273) 846525

Bookkeeper: Sue Sewell (01273) 890366

Hon Secretary: Margaret Bovill (01273) 845319

Stewardship Officer: Rodney Dodds 01444 250753

Organists and


Hon Organists:

Nick Hancock

John Sandford

Lynette Walker

Lynn Bond

St Margaret’s

Streat Church

St Martin’s

(01273) 841815

07855 957644

(01273) 891005

(01273) 842387

The Beacon

Editor: Graham Sharpless (01273) 845368



Sue & George Hancock (01273) 890298



Jenny Bell

Margaret Moore


(01273) 843194

(01273) 843805

Paul Charman Streat & Westmeston (01273) 844743

Full membership of the PCC can be found on the website at:

The Revd David Wallis’s day off is Friday

The Beacon Parish is a registered charity, number 1132488

Front cover: Some of the entries from St Margaret’s School for this year’s

Christmas Card

The Beacon Churches Calendar December 2011

Morning Prayer at Ditchling:

Monday to Friday at 9.00 am

3 Sat Wedding of Robin and Glenda Ditchling 2.00pm


Eucharist (BCP) Ditchling 8.00am

All Age Eucharist Ditchling 9.45am

Dedication Sunday Eucharist Westmeston 9.45am

6 Tue Ditchling Pre-School Crib Service Ditchling 10.00am

7 Wed Eucharist Ditchling 9.30am


Morning Prayer Ditchling 9.45am

Dedication Sunday Eucharist Streat 9.45am

14 Wed Eucharist Ditchling 9.30am


Eucharist (BCP) Ditchling 8.00am

Sung Eucharist Ditchling 9.45am

Morning Prayer Streat 9.45am

Carols by Candlelight (followed by mince

pies and mulled wine)



20 Tue Carol Singing The Vicarage 7.00pm

21 Wed Eucharist Ditchling 9.30am


Crib Service Ditchling 4.30pm

Midnight Mass Ditchling 11.30pm

Midnight Mass Streat 11.30pm


Christmas Celebration Ditchling 9.45am

Christmas Celebration Westmeston 9.45am

28 Wed Please note there is no Wednesday Communion


A Christmas message from

Bishop Mark of Horsham

Not just for Christmas...

Dear Friends,

The much publicised number of shopping days to Christmas is fast declining and

Christmas will soon be upon us. There are celebratory meals to plan, Christmas

trees to find and decorations to hang. There are also presents to buy.

The custom of giving presents at Christmas gives expression to one of human

beings’ best qualities - generosity. People give gifts that they think will be

appreciated, perhaps for their usefulness, perhaps because they represent a

treat, or perhaps a relief from some need or anxiety. One way or another they

say 'I love you’. Christmas gifts, whether to family, friends, colleagues, or via

charities to anonymous beneficiaries, are an expression of care - and of


“Levels of giving in the Diocese of Chichester

have been surprisingly low”

At Christmas we may remember all kinds of people with a gift, but it is all too

easy to miss out the one whose birth Christmas celebrates. Perhaps above all, at

Christmas, we should make a special gift to Christ through his church. This year,

many people's Christmas generosity will be set against a background of financial

stringency and so will be more sacrificial than usual.

The fashion, a while ago, for giving people a puppy for Christmas was much

criticised and concerned charities came up with the slogan 'a dog is for life, not

just for Christmas’. What is true of dogs is also true of generosity - it is for life

and not only for Christmas. If the Church, of which Christ is the head, is to have

what it needs for mission in the year ahead, then it must rely upon all its

members showing that generosity which is born of love and commitment. Levels

of giving in the Diocese of Chichester have been surprisingly low when compared

with other parts of the Church of England. Let us set this right with a generous

gift at Christmas and let us carry that generosity beyond the festive season into


Wishing you much joy in giving, both at Christmas and in the New Year,



Beacon Parish News

St Margaret's Church Flower Guild

We will be decorating the Church for Christmas on Saturday 24 th December

between 9 am and 11 am. There will be a plate at the back of the church

during services in December for contributions towards the purchase of flowers

and these will be very much appreciated.

Gwen Searle & Jenny Bell

Nine Lessons & Carols, Streat Church

Come and join us in Streat Church on 16 th December at 6.30pm for a service of

Nine Lessons & Carols and afterwards Mulled wine & mince pies.

St Patrick’s Trust

As usual, St Patrick’s will be welcoming homeless men and women over the

Christmas period and donations would be very helpful. Wrapped presents with

labels indicating what is inside, or gifts of non-perishable food are especially

useful. Suggested items are chocolate bars, sweets, biscuits, nuts, socks, gloves,

scarves, hats, shaving razors and foam, talcum powder, shower gel, soap,

toiletries etc.

Gifts can be left in Sylvia Bain’s porch (58 East End Lane, Ditchling) until Friday

December 16 th .

Sylvia Bain

The Beacon Churches “100 Club” 2011

The winners of the October Draw were Helen Firmin and Nan Crofton receiving

prizes of £20.

PCC Briefings

The PCC met on Tuesday 15th November. The meeting began with a

presentation at Clayton Village Hall. Fr Christopher and Fr David had invited the

Diocesan Youth Officer to speak to both PCC's and the topic was on Youth Work

and how in the future we can collaborate on this. After the presentation there

was an opportunity for some discussion. The PCC then continued with our own

meeting at the White Horse in Ditchling. This was a brief meeting and items

discussed were the Advent Course and Christmas Services. Sue Sewell reported


that our Parish contribution to the Diocese has been increased. The PCC gave

approval for the purchase of a laptop for use in the Admin Office. Following this

the discussion on Youth Work and a joint Youth Worker continued. Janet Cragg

offered to begin a feasibility study together with Colin Juniper and will report

back to the PCC in the New Year.

Margaret Bovill, PCC Secretary

Beacon Parish Christmas Card

The children at St Margaret's Church of England Primary School have once again

been asked to submit artwork for the Beacon Parish Christmas Card, which will

be distributed to all homes in the Beacon Parish in early December. This year’s

theme is ‘Christmas Trees’ but the children were asked to include some part of

the story of Jesus’ birth such as Jesus, Mary, Joseph, angels, shepherds, kings etc.

A large number of entries were submitted from children aged from 4 to 10 and

were of a high quality making it difficult to choose the one to be on the front of

the Christmas Card. The winner was submitted by Iris Slater, age 7. The runner

up was by Kira Showk, age 7.

Some of the entries are shown on the front cover of the magazine and more can

be seen on the website at The runner up is

the top left pictre on the front cover. To see the winner you will have to wait for

your Christmas Card to arrive.

The Beacon Churches Harvest Quiz

Thank you to everyone who took part in the Quiz. The winners are as follows:

1 st Pam Burr, 2 nd Sue Fawcett, 3 rd Sue Marshall, 4 th The Coombers. For those of

you who did not win this time - don't worry - there will be another one soon!

Here are the answers.

1 Written by Arnold Wesker (5,4,10) CHIPS WITH EVERYTHING

2 Relegated from Premiership (4,3,6) WEST HAM UNITED

3 A blow with the fist (7,8) KNUCKLE SANDWICH

4 Advertising placards (8,6) SANDWICH MAN

5 Played by Orson Wells (5,4) HARRY LIME

6 Deborah Kerr film (3,3,8) TEA AND SYMPATHY

7 Imperturbable (4,2,1,8) COOL AS A CUCUMBER

8 Late ITV Newsreader (7,6) LEONARD PARKIN

9 Intensely enthusiastic (4,2,7) KEEN AS MUSTARD

10 Friend of Larry Grayson (7,3) APRICOT LIL


11 Shelagh Delaney wrote this (1,5,2,5) A TASTE OF HONEY

12 Russian Church feature (5,4) ONION DOME

13 Road congestion (7,3) TRAFFIC JAM

14 Nothing at all (3,1,7) NOT A SAUSAGE

15 Andrew Lloyd Webber partner (3,4) TIM RICE

16 Sung by Max Bygraves (3,6,3) RUN RABBIT RUN

17 Serve a jail sentence (2,8) DO PORRIDGE

18 A controversial issue (3,6) HOT POTATO

19 Created by Annette Mills (6,3,4) MUFFIN THE MULE

20 Native language (6,6) MOTHER TONGUE

21 “Give em the money Barney” (7,7) WILFRED PICKLES

22 I should say so (1,6,5) I SHOULD COCOA

23 A fairground sideshow (7,3) COCONUT SHY

24 Mendips ravine (7,5) CHEDDAR GORGE

25 Shrove Tuesday (7,3) PANCAKE DAY

26 Obsolete (3,2,4) OUT OF DATE

27 Geg (9,3) SCRAMBLED EGG

28 Puppet Show (5,3,4) PUNCH AND JUDY

29 Avid Television viewer (5,6) COUCH POTATO

30 Flatter (6,2) BUTTER UP

31 In pawn (2,4) IN HOCK

32 Go to bed (3,3,4) HIT THE SACK

33 Former name of Hawaii(8,7) SANDWICH ISLANDS

34 Sung by Frankie Laine (4,5) COOL WATER

35 Aston Villa playing colours (6,3,4) CLARET AND BLUE

36 Creator of Tarzan (5,4,9) EDGAR RICE BURROUGHS

37 Defoliant containing Dioxin (5,6) AGENT ORANGE

38 Seek to ingratiate oneself (5,6) CURRY FAVOUR

39 Compton Mackenzie wrote this (6,6) WHISKY GALORE

40 Tough luck (4,6) HARD CHEESE

41 An experienced sailor (3,4) OLD SALT

42 Protruding stomach (4,5) BEER BELLY

43 Doris Day film (3,3,3) TEA FOR TWO

44 Something easy to do (1,5,2,4) A PIECE OF CAKE

45 Great Fire of London started here (7,4) PUDDING LANE

46 Idle enjoyment (4,3,8) BEER AND SKITTLES

47 Sung by New Edition (5,4) CANDY GIRL

48 The conclusion of a joke (5,4) PUNCH LINE

49 Mario Lanza film (3,5,2,3,7) THE TOAST OF NEW ORLEANS

50 He played ‘Soames’ on TV (4,6) ERIC PORTER




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Visit our website


For free advice and estimate

Call now 07961123054



Beacon Parish Wine and Cheese Thank You Parties

Some 90 people attended these parties on Friday and Saturday evenings

November 18 th and 19 th in Westmeston Parish Hall. Those invited had

responded positively to the 2009/10 TRIO (The Responsibility Is Ours) appeal for

Promised Giving funds. Support for Trio had come from a wide range of wellwishers,

often not church goers, all of whom recognise that our churches have a

value way beyond the churchyard walls.

The purpose of the parties was to say thank you for so much generous support

and to persuade our communities to extend the principles of Stewardship in

2012 beyond the offering of Treasure so as to encompass also the other 2 Ts:

Time and Talents.

Hon Treasurer Mark Moody-Stuart first answered questions about his financial

report in the October Beacon. He explained how the Parish finances had

improved in 2011 so as to be nearly in balance. Mark warned that for 2012 we

must stay on our toes because of the effect on future finances of a 5% inflation

rate, as well as of a steady natural flow of leavers. Contributors were asked,

where circumstances allowed, to increase their giving in 2012 to compensate for

those who could not afford an increase. He urged those not already doing so to

make full use of Gift Aid which produces a 25% lift to anything given.

Finally, Father David talked about some new areas of activity for 2012 that

needed volunteers to offer their services on the Talents Pledge form (especially

work with young people that is restarting and the new admin office).

He went on to remind everyone that being a member of the Christian family

meant by definition you were entering on a strong vocation. This meant the

giving of the whole self to the service of Christ in the family and in the

community. Everyone however old or frail had a contribution to make. For

example he said that those who did attend midweek Morning Prayer and

communion were providing a unique support to himself in his work as leader.

Parishes were now ranked by the Diocese in perceived order of excellence, a 1

for Excellent, 2 for Good ...down to 4 for "in danger of having to close". The

Beacon Parish has been ranked 1, though Fr David felt so much needed to be

done that we should not be higher than 2. We were being held up as an example

of how mergers of separate churches should be done. Not any of his doing, he

claimed, but the result of teamwork and outstanding leadership from the lay

readers. He was confident and full of hope for the future both of the Parish and

of the C of E as a whole. Last year had seen more C of E ordinands offering

themselves nationally than in any of the past 100 years. At local level there was a


new spirit of cooperation between neighbouring churches in the Deanery; we

were presently in conversation about cooperating in the hiring of youth work


To round off the Saturday party Nick Hancock led half an hour of communal

singing of old favourites as well as a few Flanders and Swann solo items sung by


Many thanks to Nicki Amas and Erica Trueman for the excellent catering, to Nick

Hancock for the music ,to Carole Ulph for the lovely overhead projection picture

show, to Penelope Bennett, Margaret Bovill and Alix Clarke for the endless

paperwork and to Doreen Kallman for the so fit for purpose parish hall.

Rodney Dodds, Parish Stewardship Coordinator

St Margaret’s Choir

In recent weeks, in consultation with Father David and the two organists, some

changes have been made to St Margaret’s choir in order to better meet the

current needs of our church.

The choir will continue to fulfil its two principal roles of upholding the

tradition of sacred choral music and of leading the congregation in its


Choir practices will in future be held on a Thursday evening instead of a

Friday and will take place only twice a month, with extra practices being held

where needed.

The choir will continue to participate in Deanery Evensongs, the Chichester

Choir Festival and other special services and events.

The Jubilee Choir will be invited to join with our choir for festival services or

occasions such as Christmas, Easter and Harvest.

There will be no robed choir at the All Age Eucharist in order to make the

service less formal for children and young people.

The choir is here to serve and will always be happy to receive suggestions or

requests from church members for hymns, anthems and such.

The choir will continue to encourage others to join the choir, particularly

now that the practice commitment has been reduced.

Forthcoming Beacon Parish Events

On February 4 th 2012 there will be a Race night. Details will follow in next

month’s Beacon.


Beacon Subscriptions

Subscriptions for The Beacon are due for renewal in December for 2012. The

subscription will remain at £6 per annum for 12 monthly issues, which, for those

living in Ditchling, Streat or Westmeston, will be delivered to your door.

Flowers in Streat and Westmeston

Streat 24 th December: All Flower Ladies.

Westmeston 4 th

- 11 th Doreen Kallman, 18 th Jo Wratten, 24 th All Flower Ladies.

Bible Notes

“Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men”.

Luke 2:14

Front-page adverts, placed by the Egyptian Bible Society in eight Egyptian

national newspapers, have been allowed to quote the Bible for the very first

time in the wake of the worst violence against Christians in decades.

The adverts, part of the Society’s campaign called ‘Rebuild Egypt’, quote the

prophet Jeremiah’s call to ‘seek the peace of the city and pray to the LORD for


‘This is the first time we have been allowed to quote a Bible verse in any of our

public advertising,’ said Bible Society of Egypt General Secretary Ramez Atallah.

‘Many people from all religious backgrounds have called the Bible Society to

thank us for the timely message and positive role.

‘One prominent political figure, the editor of a major newspaper, called to say

that he is grateful for all that we are doing to promote peace and unity in these

difficult days.’

Some five thousand Bible Society booklets highlighting Christian hope in the face

of death were also distributed at a mass funeral in Cairo’s Coptic cathedral.

John 14:27 “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as

the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.”

Philippians 4:6-7 “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by

prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the

peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and

your minds in Christ Jesus.”

Jill Veness


Beacon Parish Church Duties December 2011

Time Church Service Lessons Readers Sidesmen

4 2 nd Sunday of Advent

8am Ditchling Eucharist BCP

9.45am Ditchling


11 3 rd Sunday of Advent





9.45am Ditchling Morning Prayer





16 6.30pm Streat 9 Lessons & Carols

18 4 th Sunday of Advent

2 Peter 3: 815a

Markc 1: 1-8



1 Thessal’ns 5: 16-24

John 1: 6-8,19-28




Chris Richards



Doreen Kallman

Ian Berill

Vicky Brandon





Carl Belfield

Penny Tyas

Brenda Hall

Di Martin

Judy Essex

Mike Sewell

Romans 16: 25-end

8am Ditchling Eucharist BCP

Jenny Bell Jenny Bell

Luke 1: 26-38

Romans 16: 25-end

9.45am Ditchling Sung Eucharist


Joan Styles

Luke 1: 26-38

Jane Roberts

2 Samuel 7: 1-1,16 Derek Walker

9.45am Streat Morning Prayer

Sue Sewell

Luke 1: 1-8 Carol Burgon

6pm Ditchling Beacon Carol Service Tony Blanchard

24 Christmas Eve

4.30pm Ditchling Crib Service Tony Blanchard

Midnight Isaiah 9: 2-7

11.30pm Ditchling

Nick Upton


Eucharist Luke 2: 1-14


Midnight Isaiah 9: 2-7 Sallie Heine

11.30pm Streat

Sue Sewell

Eucharist Luke 2: 1-14 Myrtle Skelton


9.45am Ditchling








Isaiah 9: 2-7

Luke 2: 1-14

Isaiah 9: 2-7

Luke 2: 1-14

Mary Dodds

Mark Moody-


Doreen Kallman

Judy Essex




Advent Carol Service

St Margaret’s Church

27 th November, 6 pm

Advent Hymns and readings

Advent Course

Wednesdays at 7pm in St Margaret’s Church

To help us get ready for the true meaning of Christmas

as together we look for Christ’s coming

23 November: The Forerunner

(prophecies in the Old Testament)

30 November: Those who sit in darkness

7 December: Looking for the light

14 December: The King and his Kingdom

Dedication Services

Please bring your completed forms for Treasure, Talents

and Time to one of these services:

St Margaret's Church on Sunday 27 th November 2011 at 9.45 am

St Martin's Church Westmeston on Sunday December 4 th at 9.45 am

Streat Church on Sunday 11 th December at 9.45 am


The Beacon Parish Office

Open on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings

9.30 am to 12 noon

the place to direct any enquiries

01273 843165

Film Presentation of the Holy Land

Fridays 2 nd and 9 th December, 7.15 pm

Coum Cottage, The Sandrocks, Ditchling

All welcome


Tuesday 13 th December

Westmeston Parish Hall

starting at 7.15pm

Everyone is welcome to join the friendly team of players.

The first whist drive of 2012 will be held on Tuesday 31 st January 7.15pm

For more details contact Doreen Kallman on 844743

Streat Rectory Barn

is available for appropriate use by organisations and individuals

with connections to the Beacon Parish.

A heated room with capacity for 40 people.

A small kitchen and WC.

Parking for 10 cars.

Advance bookings can be made by telephone between 9.30 am and 5

pm on 01273 891005.


Prayer Diary – December 2011

Feast Days

Prayer for the world church

& Prayer for this diocese

1 World AIDS Day West Tennessee

Earnley with East Wittering & Almodington

2 West Texas

Lavant, St Mary

3 Western Izon (Nigeria)

North Mundham

4 ADVENT 2 Western Kansas

Bishop Wallace

5 Western Louisiana

Whyke, St George

6 Nicholas, bishop c 326 Western Massachusetts

Selsey, St Peter

7 Ambrose 397 Western Mexico

8 Conception of the BVM Western Michigan

Sidlesham, St Mary

9 Western New York

Tangmere & Oving

10 Western Newfoundland (Canada)

West Wittering & Birdham with Itchenor

11 ADVENT 3 Western North Carolina

Angela Sibson (Diocesan Secretary)

12 Wiawso (West Africa)

Rural Deanery of Hove

13 Willochra (South Australia)


14 Ember day. John of the Cross



Hangleton, St Helen

15 Windward Islands (West Indies)



Feast Days

Prayer for the world church

& Prayer for this diocese

16 Ember day Worcester

Hove, Bishop Hannington Memorial Church

17 O Sapienta Wusasa (Province of Kaduna, Nigeria)

Hove, St Barnabas and St Agnes


O Adonai

Wyoming (USA)

19 O Radix Yambio (Sudan)

20 O Clavis Bishop of Yei (Sudan)

21 O Oriens Yewa (Province of Lagos, Nigeria)

22 O Rex Yirol (Sudan)

23 O Emmanuel Yokohama (Japan)

24 Christmas Eve Yola (Province of Jos, Nigeria)

25 CHRISTMAS DAY York ABp John Sentamu

26 Stephen, Deacon and Martyr Ysabel (Melanesia)

27 John, Apostle and Evangelist Yukon (British Columbia & the Yukon,


28 The Holy Innocents Zaki-Biam (Nigeria)

29 Thomas Becket Zanzibar (Tanzania)

30 Zonkwa (Province of Abuja, Nigeria)

In Memoriam

In December we remember:

8 th Stanley Holmes 8 th Rosemary Berrisford

9 th George Holman 10 th Nancy McKinlay

12 th Mary Ann McRae Davidson Walker 13 th Hilda Mabbutt

22 nd Rachel Colette Sharp 27 th Ernest Timms

29 th Peter Jackson 30 th Christopher Victor David Tennant

31 st Alfred Stevens


1 Thu

2 Fri

3 Sat

What’s On in December 2011

Ditchling WI meeting, Ditchling Village Hall p 21 2.30 pm

Ditchling Film Society film Made in Dagenham,

Ditchling Village Hall

Funeral of Murray Paine, St Margaret’s, Ditchling

Film Presentation of the Holy Land, Coum

Cottage, The Sandrocks, Ditchling

Ditchling Village Association Older Resident's

Lunch, Ditchling Village Hall

Sussex Chorus Advent Concert, Hurstpierpoint

College Chapel

p 27

p 15

8 pm

12 pm

7.15 pm

p 22 12.45 pm

p 28

7.30 pm

Dedication Service, St Martin's Church

p 13 9.45 am

4 Sun


Ditchling Pre-School Christmas Fair, Ditchling p 30 10 am

Village Hall

5 Mon Ditchling Scouts Christmas Raffle p 25

6 Tue

Ditchling Downs WI annual social gathering, The

White Horse

p 21 8 pm

7 Wed Advent Course, St Margaret’s Church p 13 7 pm

9 Fri

Funeral of Peggy Edwards, St Margaret’s, Ditchling

Film Presentation of the Holy Land, Coum

Cottage, The Sandrocks, Ditchling

p 15

12 pm

7.15 pm

10 Sat

Chailey School Christmas Fayre

p 30 10:30 am

Burgess Hill Choral Society’s concert, St Andrew’s 7:30 pm

Church, Junction Road, Burgess Hill

11 Sun Dedication Service, Streat Church p 13 9.45 am

Newick Decorative and Fine Art Society lecture

12 Mon

‘Cooking for Kings’, Plumpton Village Hall

p 29 2.15 pm

13 Tue

Women’s Fellowship Christmas Party, home of p 22 7 pm

Eileen Keeling

Christmas Whist Drive, Westmeston Parish Hall p 15 7.15 pm

14 Wed Advent Course, St Margaret’s Church p 13 7 pm


What’s On in December 2011

Nine Lessons & Carols, Streat Church p 4 6.30 pm

16 Fri

Ditchling Museum Friends’ Association Christmas

Entertainment, the Old Meeting House, the

p 13 8 pm


Brighton Festival Chorus Christmas Concert,

18 Sun

Brighton Dome

p 23 4 pm

20 Tue Carol Singing, The Vicarage p 1 7 pm

24 Sat

26 Mon

St Margaret's Church Flower Guild decorating the

Church for Christmas

Ditchling Morris Mummers Play, the Bull Hotel,


p 4

p 27

What’s On in January 2012

9 am

1.00 pm

9 Mon Ditchling Players auditions, Ditchling Village Hall p 23 8 pm

Ditchling Film Society film In the Mood for Love,

12 Thu

Ditchling Village Hall

p 27 8.00pm

Women’s Fellowship meeting, Jonn Grinsted's

24 Tue


p 22 7 pm

31 Tue Whist Drive, Westmeston Parish Hall 7.15 pm

Carols by Candlelight

Sunday 18 th December, 6 pm

St Margaret’s Church

Christmas Carols and Readings

(followed by mince pies and mulled wine)


Ditchling Women’s Groups

Ditchling Downs WI

For our November meeting, members welcomed Derek Middlehurst from First

Response, an organization of volunteers who work with the Accident &

Emergency services, in many cases arriving at venues before the ambulance,

usually on their own. Trained by the Ambulance Service, First Response

volunteers are from all walks of life. They are not paid and rely heavily on fundraising

in order to buy their necessary equipment – for instance a defibrillator

costs £18,000 and each volunteer has one. His talk was amusing and serious by

turns, but always reassuring. He finished a lively question and answer session

promising to return to give an Up to date Basic First Aid talk in the near future.

Our annual social gathering with supper will be on Tuesday 6 th December in The

White Horse starting at 8 pm and will be followed by a quiz.

Barbara Dollings 01273 843892

Ditchling WI

We held our Annual Meeting on Thursday 3 rd November. After the WI news and

Annual reports we had our committee election. Our President is Jean Morley.

We had a raffle, flower of the month and a nice tea and biscuits.

Our next meeting, on Thursday December 1 st at 2.30 pm in the Village Hall, will

be our Christmas party when we will have a quiz, games and a small panto.

There will also be a competition for a handmade Christmas card. Following this

there will be a lovely Christmas tea. Visitors very welcome.

Joan Sayer, Tel 01273845255

Women’s Fellowship

In October we welcomed a speaker from WaterAid. We take for granted the

availability and accessibility of water. We turn on the tap, bathe, wash clothes,

flush the toilet and water plants but one in eight people in the world doesn’t

have safe water to drink and over two and a half billion live without somewhere

safe and clean to go to the toilet.

Jinanne, a volunteer speaker for WaterAid gave us an illuminating illustrated talk

on their work and then answered our Questions. WaterAid works in partnership

with local organizations to enable the world’s poorest people to gain access to


safe water, sanitation and hygiene education. At the end of the evening we gave

Jinanne a donation to WaterAid from our group.

Our meeting on Tuesday 15 th November was held at the home of Pam Gaskin for

the very popular Quiz which Pam and Alec prepare for us, and which has become

a much-looked-forward-to annual event. The "brains" team this year was

Belinda Brittain, Sally Willis and Judy Essex. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the

questions - who did write the Book of Acts? and how many colours of the

rainbow end in a vowel? - oh the relief of knowing the answer and the

frustration of searching for it!

Our Christmas Party will be at the home of Eileen Keeling on Tuesday 13 th

December at 7 pm. Please let Eileen know if you will be going (842070) and as

usual take along a plate of food and a bottle. We look forward to welcoming

husbands and partners to this event.

As advance notice, please would members note that the January 2012 meeting

will be held on Tuesday 24 th January (a week later than usual) at Jonn Grinsted's

home when the programme for the forthcoming year will be discussed.

Pam Burr and Jenny Bell

Village News

Ditchling Village Association Older Resident's Lunch

12.45 for 1pm Saturday 3 rd December 2011, Ditchling Village Hall

Booking list now available in the Ditchling Post Office. I look forward to seeing

you as a start to celebrating Christmas.

Catharine Robinson, Chairman

Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal

On behalf of the Royal British Legion Ditchling and District Branch and the

Women’s Section please accept our grateful thanks for all your support and

generosity during this year’s Poppy Appeal. Although we are only a very small

Branch it looks like we will have raised in the region of £4,000 which is fantastic.

It was wonderful to see so many people at the War Memorial last Sunday and in

addition there were at about forty people at the Memorial on Friday 11 th

November. Once the final total of our collection is known, which should be in

the next couple of weeks, we will publish this in the Beacon. Again, please


accept our heartfelt thanks to all our Collectors, Static Points and to all of you

who have given so generously.

Tom Jones, Chair Main Branch, Pauline Lee, Chair Women’s Section and

Margaret Bovill, Hon Poppy Organiser

The Christmas Entertainment

Ditchling Museum Friends’ Association will be presenting their annual evening of

festive music and readings by candlelight, in the Old Meeting House, the

Twitten, on Friday 16 th December at 8 pm.

Tickets (limited to a total of 80) at £8 each, to include mulled wine and a minced

pie, can be obtained from the Post Office or Martin Roberts (843890)

Ditchling Football Club

Ditchling Football Club is seeking a manager, coach and welfare officer for their

Junior Section 5-16 age group. If you are interested or wish to be involved in any

way please contact Michael Stratford Chairman 01273 845919

Michael Stratford

Ditchling Players

As you read this Sarah, Penelope and everyone involved in our autumn

production will be putting their feet up and taking a well earned rest from the

two one act plays – The Virtuous Burglar & Shop for Charity - which I’m pleased

to say, went very well.

I’m sure that they would all like me to thank those of you who came along to

give them your support and it was certainly good to hear the laughter coming

out of the hall during the evening. We are now looking forward to spring 2012

and I’m pleased to announce that Tom Dufty is hoping to produce the popular

‘When we are Married’ by J B Priestley. The dates for this production are 16 th to

19 th May and auditions will be taking place on Monday 9th January at Ditchling

Village Hall from 8.00 onwards.

If you would like to be involved in this production, in whatever capacity, but

can't make the audition please contact me on either 01273 844868 or by e-mail


In the meantime, on behalf of the Players, may I wish you all a very Happy

Christmas and a Healthy & Peaceful 2012.

David Tettersell


1 st Ditchling Scout Group

Beavers – Three “Guys” were constructed for the Scout Group’s Bonfire and

Fireworks display which was thoroughly enjoyed on an unusually fine evening

this year. We thank Sunil for the sourcing, setting up and lighting of the fireworks

and Andrew for the bonfire building. Thanks also to the team who provided the

eats and drinks. A cooking night was held making dough mixtures which was a lot

of fun. A marching practice was arranged ahead of the Remembrance Day

Parade. We have now formed a link with the 108th Pentland Beaver Colony

from Edinburgh. One of our Beavers, Hugh Middleton, attended one of their

meetings and brought back a scrapbook with postcards from all of their Beavers.

At the end of the month the Beavers plan to do some star-gazing through one of

the parent’s telescopes.

Cubs – The Cubs followed up an evening learning about the use of compasses

with a walk to put their skills to the test. A Halloween Party was held at the end

of October. Everyone joined in with the rest of the Scout Group in the Bonfire

and Fireworks Display. We thank Father David Wallis for his talk with the boys

about the forthcoming Remembrance Day in readiness for the Parade and

Service. An interesting evening was held at the end of November with a Junk

Night Challenge in which the boys had to build an animal of some sort out of

cardboard boxes and other materials. Curiously, on this occasion, penguins

seemed to be the most favoured animal.

Scouts – Further evenings have been devoted to practice in preparation for the

District Air Rifle Shooting Competition. Prior to Remembrance Day an evening

was devoted to understanding the effect of incapacity arising from the

disabilities endured by members of the Armed Forces and others in times of


Group – All members of the Group were pleased to take part in the annual

Remembrance Day Parade and Service and would like to thank those who

complimented them on their participation. As in the previous year, members of

the Group and the Brownies planted a cross for each person as his name was

read out from the Memorial during the Act of Remembrance.

Raffle – Once again the Group will be holding its annual Christmas Raffle on

Monday, 5 th December. The top prize will again be £200 with the second prize of

£100, plus other prizes. Tickets are available from members of the Scout Group,

the Brownies and at the Ditchling Post Office. We thank you for your valuable

support once again.

Alec Gaskin, Group Chairman


Ditchling Film Society

On Thursday, 1 December 2011 our Christmas offering will be Made in

Dagenham. In 1968 a group of female workers went on strike at the Ford

Dagenham car plant. Crammed into a rundown section of the factory the

women coped without complaint until the bosses re-graded the women’s pay to

“unskilled” and they went on strike. Their protest made national news and the

strike became a template for achieving equal rights for women which

successfully brought about the Sexual Discrimination Act of 1975. It is a

poignant reflection on British social reform with a breezy modern tone evoking

the Ealing style of humour. Hugely enjoyable, this fast paced film wonderfully

captures the spirit of the sixties and features a great cast including Sally Hawkins

as the feisty heroine, a brilliant portrayal of Barbara Castle by Miranda

Richardson together with a terrific performance from Rosamund Pike.

Director: Nigel Cole. UK2010. 113 mins.

Please note that before our December film, in accordance with tradition, we

will be serving our usual festive mulled wine and mince pies.

Our first film in the New Year on Thursday, 12 January 2012 will be In the Mood

for Love a beautifully tailored, low key but always dramatic story by Kar Wai

Wong. The film is set in Hong Kong in 1962 and tells the story of the developing

relationship between Chow, a newspaper editor, and Li-zhen, a secretary both of

whom are dismayed to learn that their respective spouses are cheating on them.

The main characters are gradually drawn together, initially by a pleasant, warm

formality and eventually by much deeper feelings. A beautiful film which

deservedly won a handful of awards at Cannes in 2000.

Director: Kar Wai Wong. Hong Kong 2000. 98 Mins

The films will be shown in Ditchling Village Hall. Films start at 8.00pm. Doors

open at 7.30 pm. Free coffee and biscuits beforehand and ample free parking

behind the hall. Guests and temporary members are welcome for a small charge

payable at the door.

Rowena Cager and Melanie Samuel

Ditchling Morris and Mummers Christmas 2011

Once again Ditchling Morris and Mummers will appear at the

Bull Hotel, Ditchling on Boxing Day. We shall be collecting for

the St Peter and St James Hospice.

Mumming plays and Morris are part of our heritage and one of

our principle aims and objectives is to promote this. We perform


Morris dances in the Cotswold and Border style and Mumming plays from Sussex

of which there are 17 in total.

This year’s play comes from the village of East Preston - a couple of miles west of

Worthing. Characters include Father Christmas, Jolly Jack, King George the

Turkish Knight, Valiant Soldier and Noble Captain, the Prince of Peace and of

course the Doctor.

It is a very popular event and attracts well over 300 people from all over Sussex.

Last year we raised over £1000 and our target this year is to exceed this figure.

Don’t miss this event on Monday 26 December, Boxing Day at the Bull Hotel,

Ditchling at 1.00pm. We will have carol singing followed by the mummers play

and morris dancing. The play will also take place in the Lewes Pedestrian

Precinct on Sunday 18 December between 11.00am and 1.00pm.

Please come and join us and help swell the funds for St Peter & St James.

Sussex Chorus Advent Concert

Saturday 3 rd December, 7.30 pm, Hurstpierpoint Chapel.

John Rutter: Birthday Madrigals; Vivaldi: Magnificat; Bach: Cantata ‘Wachet

auf’ plus Advent carols.

Sussex Chorus, Kent Sinfonia, conducted by Neil Jenkins. Tickets £15 (£12

concessions, children free) are available from the Ticket Manager 01444 412579

or 01273 273333, from Carousel Music and


A Festive Christmas Concert

Burgess Hill Choral Society’s concert on Saturday 10 th December, 7:30pm at St

Andrew’s Church, Junction Road, features two joyous works in honour of the

Virgin Mary. The Rutter Magnificat, described by its composer as ‘a canticle of

praise and trust and joy’ and the lovely Brahms Marienlieder (songs of Mary). An

intriguing version of The Twelve Days of Christmas complete the programme.

Tickets (£13, concessions £11, accompanied under-16s free) available from BHCS

members, the BHTC Help Point, 96 Church Walk, the ticket secretary (01444

831161), or at the door.

Brighton Festival Chorus Christmas Concert

Join Brighton Festival Chorus, Brighton Festival Youth Choir and London Gala

Orchestra for this annual festive highlight - a joyous Sunday afternoon

celebration of the very best of Christmas music.

London Gala Orchestra and Brighton Festival Youth Choir, James Morgan,

conductor and Juliette Pochin mezzo-soprano

Sun 18 Dec, 4pm, Brighton Dome, Concert Hall, tickets £12.50, £15, £20, £25

Book now at

Newick Decorative and Fine Art Society

Plumpton Village Hall, 2.15 December 12 th ‘Cooking for Kings’.

This lecture by Ian Kelly is on the superb master chef, Antonin Careme, the

creator of ‘haut cuisine.’ He began his career in the late 18 th Century working

for a Patisserie in Paris but his work, - he revelled in producing enormous

confections sometimes several feet high, soon came to the notice of Napoleon.

His cooking was so inventive that he could produce menus for a year without

repetition and only using the freshest of ingredients. After Napoleon’s fall he

moved to London where he used his culinary skills in the service of the Prince

Regent. This lecture will be accompanied by an excellent digital presentation

and you never know perhaps you might find some ideas for your own Christmas

menus this year! We look forward to welcoming you, £5 on the door for nonmembers,

tea and festive refreshments afterwards.

If any further information is required please ring Carole Burgon on 01273 890301

or Marjorie Blunden on 01825 723250. May we wish everybody a Merry

Christmas and a Happy New Year?

Annette Shelford


Ditchling Pre-School

Christmas Fair

Sunday 4 th December,

10am - 2pm

Ditchling Village Hall

Lots of stalls - prizes to be won

Raffle – Tombola - Name the Reindeer

Face Painting – Arts & Craft

Mulled Wine – Mince Pies

And much more not forgetting SANTA’S GROTTO

Admission £1 per family

Come and join the festive fun!

Chailey School Christmas Fayre

Saturday 10 th December 10:30 – 1pm

free admission

Our fabulous raffle this year includes prizes such as £100 cash from

Archer’s Specialist Treatments, £50 meat voucher from Choice Cuts

Butchers, meals out vouchers from local pubs, days out vouchers, hair and

beauty gifts and much more. Only 50p per ticket!

There will be stalls for everyone, young and old: why not try your luck at

the tombola, or tin can alley? You can browse the garden, jewellery and

gift stalls, or simply grab a book from our second hand book stall and sit in

the chailey café with a bacon butty and mince pie!

Come along and see for yourself you will be most welcome


Specialists in Landscape Planning

Garden Construction Waterscape Landscape

& Waterscape Maintenance Service



TEL: (01273) 843283, FAX: 842335

Directors: A L Standen & S M May

Company Reg. No. 814630 Registered at

Ashdown Cottage, Underhill Lane,

Ditchling, Sussex, BN6 8XE


Nature Notes

This has been a remarkable Autumn regarding the number of scarce and rare

birds seen around the country. It is easy to follow such movements by visiting

the websites of the Bird Observatories that are situated around the coast in

strategic localities. Many of the birds will have come to Britain on the quite

violent weather systems of the season. Some are North American species while

others bred in Arctic Russia and intended to head for their winter quarters in

Asia but were disorientated towards these shores. Though interesting and

exciting for many who like to follow rarities, it is unlikely that many of these

birds will ever find their way back to their usual range. It is said that “a rare bird

is a lost bird” which may well be true. A few have been ringed so the remote

possibility of a recovery could shed light on their movements or plight.

Back in June when we ringed the four Barn Owl chicks in the box on the college

estate we caught up the female with them. She was wearing a ring and now, in

the fullness of time I have received the information about her. She was ringed as

a nestling in 2005 at Scaynes Hill a distance of ten kilometres away and is now a

mature and experienced breeding bird. The longevity record for a Barn Owl, that

is time from ringing to recovery, is over fourteen years, another benefit of being

able to recognise a bird as an individual.

I had another go at the seemingly unending task of clearing the blanket weed

from the little pond at the Hospice. I was surprised to find not only tiny newts

but a full grown one still in the water. I expected that by now they would be

hibernating and torpid beneath a piece of wood or stone. There were also many

different sized Broad-bodied Chaser Dragonfly nymphs, terrifying looking

creatures and voracious feeders of anything small in the ponds.

Last month I wrote about Siskins at the garden feeders. There has also been an

influx of another small finch, the Redpoll to many parts of the county. They do

come to feeders but are most likely to be found on Birch or Alder trees,

particularly those growing beside water, seeking out the vast numbers of tiny

seeds carried in the cones. Those with younger hearing than I now have will

often locate them by the chattering feeding notes that keep the flock together.

Only two days ago I came across a large mixed flock in some streamside Alders.

Siskins, Redpolls were acrobatically feeding on the cones and with them a

number of Long=tailed Tits looking like flying lollipops.

Reg Lanaway


All I Want for Christmas is …..

The search for suitable Christmas presents is made a great deal easier these days

with internet shopping. But there is only so much space in a house to

accommodate “stuff”. Happily, a garden is an entirely different proposition. My

shoehorn is always on standby to assist in squeezing yet another plant into the

garden. Which is probably why my borders have middle age spread in sharp

contrast to my lawn that gets thinner and thinner!

Happily, Christmas coincides with bare-root season, whereby it is possible to

purchase trees and shrubs grown in the ground and not in pots. They are

generally supplied with their root balls in a hessian sack. Bare-rooted plants are

cheaper & have the added advantage of usually being tougher, having withstood

the elements rather having the pampered existence of potted plants.

Most large plant producers have a mail order service, which means that the

plants will generally arrive well packaged. Notable exceptions, however, are

plug plants which I have found problematic as they often seem to arrive broken

or damaged in some way. However, if you are old fashioned like me and prefer

to eyeball a plant prior to purchase to ensure the plant’s shape and condition,

then there is an excellent local supplier of bare rooted plants: Pure Plants in

Blackboys, contact them on for their full list of barerooted

trees & shrubs.

So if you really can’t face more handkerchiefs or socks, then what about a green

Christmas present? A friend asked for a hedge and received a couple of metre’s

worth from each gift-giver. What a useful and long lasting present.

Let’s hope 2012 is a kinder year meteorologically & horticulturally, than 2011 has

been. A very happy Christmas to you.

Haughty Culture Garden Design 07742 731967 Email:

Annual Christmas Show of beautiful Arts and Crafts

all made in the UK

Streat Place Barn, Streat. BN6 8RU

Opening weekend Saturday November 26 th 2pm - 8 pm,

Sunday November 27 th 10.30am - 5 pm

Then every Thursday Friday, Saturday and Sunday 10.30 - 5pm from Thursday

1 st December until Sunday 18 th December. Come and enjoy a glass of mulled

wine, a real fire and some gentle festive shopping

Jinks McGrath, 01273 890771 email:


The Beacon in the Past

Below are excerpts from previous issues of the Ditchling Beacon.

40 years ago

In December 1971 the Bishop of Horsham was due to come to St Margaret’s to

confirm nine candidates and to bless the “oak vestment chest *in the Vicar’s

vestry] which many parishioners will already have admired and which is making

life so much easier for our sacristan and verger. It is the gift of Mrs. Marjorie

Read and is a memorial to her late husband Leonard who was Churchwarden at

the time of his death in June 1969”.

The Vicar wrote that, following completion of the new vestry, we all owe “a

tremendous debt to Mr. Malcolm Payne for the splendid job he had made of the

new cupboard by the side of the organ console in the church, as well as making

notice boards and doing a number of finishing off jobs not carried out by the


The Vicar finished his letter by extending an invitation “to those members of the

Roman Catholic and Free Churches who normally attend their own churches

elsewhere, to join us at our Carol Service on Christmas Eve, if they possibly can”.

Two senior choir boys, “one Head Decani” the other “Head Cantoris” lost their

treble voices and would be missed, but they will be “continuing in their capacity

as Servers”.

20 years ago

In the December 1991 Ditchling Beacon the Vicar reported that the Christingle

Service would be moved from the second Sunday in December to early February.

There are several reasons for the change. Firstly we thought that there are

already many calls on the time of children and parents … Secondly, the service of

Christingle is not associated exclusively with Christmas … Thirdly, the children

are likely to derive more understanding of its theme from a service which occurs

at a time when it can ‘stand on its own feet’”. But “on Advent Sunday .. we shall

be having our customary Advent Carol Service in place of Evensong”.

In a report on a recent meeting of the Diocesan Synod, it was mentioned that a

vote on the ordination of women was as follows “Priests 64-42 against and Laity

58-47 for. As all Houses have to be in favour for it to be approved, the motion

was defeated”.

Graham Sharpless




Newsagents & Stationers

1 Lewes Road, Ditchling

Tel: 01273 842736


Newspapers Tobacco

Ice cream Postcards

Greetings cards Stationery

Maps Parking vouchers



For practical services

from friendly people

Wills & Estates

Property Sales & Purchases

Personal injury

Inheritance tax planning

Family matters

Services for businesses

32-34 Keymer Road, Hassocks

01273 843405

Regulated by the Solicitors

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If you would like to contribute to our magazine on church and village

community matters, or receive further copies, please get in touch with:

Graham Sharpless, 23 North Court, Hassocks, BN6 8JS

Tel: 01273 845368 E-mail:

Copy deadline for the January 2012 edition is

Wednesday 14 th December

Contributions should, where possible, be sent by email to the email

address above either in the body of the email or as a Microsoft Word

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such as title, venue, date, time, ticket prices and availability.

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