Issue SEven two





At the glitteringly snazzy

2014 Brewers’ Guild of New

Zealand Beer Awards held

in Wellington this August,

Richard Emerson, the

“Godfather of the Kiwi craft

beer scene” was named an

Honorary Fellow of the Guild.



Could we at Craftology think

of anyone more deserving?

Hell no!

From the opening of the

first Emerson’s Brewery in

1992, Richard Emerson has

always been an innovator,

a dreamer, a bit of a mad

scientist and thank god for

that; because this has led

him to ferment some of New

Zealand’s most iconic beers.

Richard says: “It seems

like yesterday that I was

making a mess in Mum’s

kitchen with my first brew

kit, this is a huge honour and

I am really humbled by it.”

Awww. Now we know it’s

been a while since Craftology

has been in contact with

you all but your patience

will be rewarded. We’re

chock full of news that’s

a blend of the sublime and

ridiculous and make sure you

check out our new brewer

interview videos shot at the

capital’s craft beer grotto

Hashigo Zake, by searching

CraftologyBeer on Youtube.





Massive Craftology congratulations must go out to

Nelson based Townshend Brewery, which was named

New Zealand’s Champion Brewery at the 2014 Brewers’

Guild of New Zealand Beer Awards.

Townshend’s beat stiff competition, with a record 670

beers entered from 84 breweries across 15 different

categories this year. In total, 74 New Zealand breweries

entered the awards. Phew!

Founder and brewer, Martin Townshend was more than

lost for words, he didn’t actually show up to the event!

Instead he’d hopped on a plane back home to Nelson

earlier that day not for a minute thinking that he’d be in

with a chance to win the big gong.

Founded in 2005, Townshend Brewery remains a oneman

operation, producing approximately 50,000 litres

of beer per year. The 650 litre brewery is located at the

Townshend family home in Rosedale, near Nelson.

Photograph by Jed Soane 1



We always thought craft brewers were

a peace & love bunch until coming

across these looking-for-trouble

beers at Beervana…

Knife Party APA


Double DeckYa IPA

Fiasco Brewing

So’phisticuffs IPA

Funk Estate

…Anger Management anyone?




Boozy Blues

The Egyptian’s have, for the last

3000 years enjoyed a beer brewed

from millet called ‘bousa’. It has been

hypothesized that this might have

been the origin for the word “booze.”

Other spellings used are boza, bouza,

and booza. Take your pick!



One of the few short

sentences in the English

language to include every

letter of the English alphabet

is: “Pack my box with five

dozen liquor jugs.”



Auckland beer connoisseurs now have a new spot

where they can enjoy tasty local brews carefully

selected by craft beer aficionados Andrew Ranum

and Matthew Kelly. Located in the waterfront locale of the

Wynyard Quarter, this new Free House is called 16 TUN in

homage to the vessel used in the early stages of brewing

as well as being a historical term for a large beer cask and

a measure of capacity. There you go – take that to your

next pub quiz. The 16 TUN kitchen (run by head chef James

Balakrishnan) whips out paua fritters, burgers, ribs and all

sorts of salubriousness in “half tun” and “full tun” portions.



What do Dunedin and

Perth have in common?

Bugger all – except they’re

both home to a couple of crazy-good cult



breweries. WA-based Little Creatures Brewery challenged

local lads at Emerson’s to create a ’Red Rye Ale’ with

Oz hops (something Emerson’s have never done) while

Emerson’s have challenged the Creatures to craft a ‘Saison’

(a style quite unfamiliar to the Aussie team). Check out

the full article at






Beervana was also the launch

platform for the kiwi chapter of the

Pink Boots Society – an organisation

designed to champion females in the

brewing business. Denise Ratfield,

from Stone Brewing Co in San

Diego came across to co-ordinate

the kick-off, alongside local chapter


‘Beer Baroness’

Ava Wilson

from Pomeroys.

Together with

Jayne Lewis

from Australian

Brewery ‘Two

Birds’, Denise

and Ava

brewed a batch

of ‘Unite’ Pale

Ale to raise

funds for Pink

Boots Society


here in


Jayne Lewis and

Denise Ratfield


Ok if you’re a squeamish sook then

look away now. Amos Chinaka,

49, from Bulawayo in Zimbabwe,

began vomiting and was later

taken ill with stomach and eye

problems after discovering a dead

lizard languishing at the bottom

of his beer container. Speaking to

local newspaper The Chronicle,

Chinaka said: “I could smell a

different reek from the container

but I ignored it. When I had almost

finished the beer, I felt that the

container was still a bit

heavy and I decided to

offload all its contents

into my mouth. I jumped

in shock when I found a

dead lizard in

my mouth which

came from the

container.” The

beer, known

as “Scud” is

reported to have

been produced by

Delta Beverages,

a Zimbabwebased


which has previously

hit the headlines after

items including used

condoms, sanitary pads

and rats were allegedly

found floating in their scud

containers. Blerk!


to keep an eye out for

1. Rocky Knob Brewing Company

Mount Maunganui

2. Wild and Woolly Brewing

Waiheke Island

3. Fiasco Brewing Company


4. Ghost Brewing Company


(From left) Jessie Stanners,

Denise Ratfield, Jayne Lewis,

Ava Wilson and baby Mako.


The good folk at Super Liquor have given their

website an augmentation, a nip, tuck and a bit of

a lift – go have a squizz at 3


Murica IPA

500ml 6.0% ABV

One sip of this amber awesomeness

is all it’ll take for you to realise why it

scored a gold medal at the Brewer’s

Guild Awards this year. Bright and

bronze in the glass, it boasts bold,

hoppy aromas and clean, precise

bitterness all the result of 100%

American hops being used in the

brew. That’s a big ten-four on the

citrus, pine and magic malty flavours.


7 Hop IPA

650ml 8.0% ABV

They grow their own hops at Rogue

Farm in Oregon, and seven of them

are stuffed into this fluffy, foamyheaded

brew. Bright orange and

bursting with grapefruit bitterness, big

tropical mango tones, splashes of pine

and grassiness which are followed by

gentle malty flavours on the finish.

She’s a nicely balanced beer indeed.


C!tra Double IPA

650ml 9.0% ABV

Saying that brewer Joseph Wood is

a tad fond of American hops is like

saying that you only watch cat videos

on the net ‘occasionally’. Obsessed is

more the word and C!tra is his most

renowned beer. It’s packed to bursting

with massive lemony, piney, resinlike

Citra hops on the nose, loads

of tropical tangy-ness and a solid,

biscuit-malt finish. Plus it has intense

bitter badassness on the finish.




Stone & Wood

Pacific Ale

500ml 4.5% ABV

Brewed using 100% Aussie-grown

barley and wheat and dry-hopped

with Galaxy hops. Un-filtered &

un-pasteurised, this is a super-fruity,

crisp and complex beer with a hint of

saltiness on the finish, that has

‘reward yourself after mowing the

lawns’ written all over it. The yeast

drops to the bottom of the bottle over

time so the brewers recommend you

give the bottle a gentle roll or tip it

upside down before opening it to

rouse the yeast and mix it up.

Garage Project

Garagista IPA

330ml 5.8% ABV

What started out as a thirty litre trial

brew in 2013, has now morphed into

a double dry-hopped harbinger of

hopnosis that will definitely clear

the nose and soothe the throat. Big

on tropical fruit, grapes, citrus, pine

and resin flavours, boldly bitter and

textural on the finish. Niceness in a can.


New American Style IPA

650ml 5.2% ABV

With it’s beautiful, creamy foam and

perfectly tuned, biscuity malt and

piney hop aromas, it’s hard to tear it

away from your nose for long enough

to sip! Smooth and velvety in the

mouth, it’s rich, yet cooling, crisp and

lipsmackingly bitter on the finish.

More please!

Range varies by store. 5



Here are two great beer-inspired recipes for you to try.

Beer Battered Onion



100ml milk

1 enormous onion or several small


170g self-raising flour

70ml beer (use a really good pilsner)

200ml water

10g salt

ground white pepper


Soak the rings of onion in milk for 10

minutes. Remove, dust lightly with

flour and add rings to batter mixture.

Using tongs, remove rings and allow

any excess batter to drip off then

deep fry until golden.

Hop Smoked Salmon


400g of hop pellets.*

1 side of salmon

3 cups brown sugar

1.5 cups table salt

1 litre cold water


Mix together brown sugar, salt

and cold water. Place salmon, skin

side up in a plastic container, pour

the brine over and chill overnight.

Remove from brine, wash and dry.

Place in smoker and smoke with a

mixture of wood chips and the hop

pellets for 15 minutes. Remove from

the smoker, remove the skin and

refrigerate before gulping it down

with gusto once it’s cooled.




What is a


Someone with a beer foam phobia

Someone obsessed with collecting

beer bottles

Someone with super-interesting

scrapbooks full of beer labels

answer: b



“Dangerously smashable” is the

description of Yeastie Boys two

new session beers White Noise

and Minimatta.

Minimatta is a 4.0% session

strength, fruity, floral, biscuit

bitter version of Gunnamatta -

their biggest selling beer. While

White Noise is their 4.4% take

on a Belgian-style wit, using

Egyptian chamomile instead of

the usual orange & coriander.

Expect elegance and hints of

vanilla and coconut. Brewer

Stu McKinlay got so excited

about releasing these beers, he

completely missed his mince

and cheese pie and squirted

sauce all over his face instead.



*Hop pellets are available from your

local home brew supplies store.


Since up-sticking from

Blenheim earlier this year,

Soren & Monique Eriksen of

8-Wired are brewing their little

hearts out at a million miles an

hour at their new premises in

Warkworth. We thought it was

timely we ask Soren some hardhitting


Q What are some of the challenges

in creating consistent supply of

good 8-Wired beer?

A Being a contract brewer (for

a few more months), brewing at

multiple breweries, it is always tricky

to arrange logistics and moving beer

and ingredients around the country.

Q Which one of your beers do you

always turn to in times of crisis?

A That depends on the type of

crisis! Lately, Superconductor has

been a go to.

Q Tell us your favourite beer and

food match - or recipe featuring beer

as an ingredient?

A iStout float (Vanilla icecream

floated in a glass of iStout). This is

both a food match and beer as an

ingredient I guess!

Q If you weren’t running a brewery

what do you think you’d be doing

with your life?

A We both started working for

others within different career paths;

me in Biochemistry and Monique

in Physiotherapy, but we were not

entirely satisfied. If we hadn’t have

leapt into the craft beer world, we

would probably have been running

some other kind of business. I think

the urge for independence would

have driven us to it sooner or later.

Q Which kiwi craft brewers do you

think are doing great things at the


A Honestly, the whole industry is

getting better at what we do. In the

last year I have probably been most

impressed with Panhead, Garage

Project and of course Champion

brewer Martin Townshend. It is

great to be a part of such an exciting


Q Is it a tricky business being a

husband and wife brewing team?

A It certainly has its pros and

cons...:) It can be hard to switch off at

times but it also provides flexibility.

We are pleased our two preschoolers

will have the experience of growing

up within a family business.

Q What’s the biggest selling

8-Wired beer?

A Hopwired IPA. People like hops

and this was one of the first, new

world New Zealand IPAs.

Q Do you have a famous customer

or celebrity fan?

A Not sure, but rumour has it

Queen Elizabeth enjoys a good

nightcap of iStout…

Q If you could visit a brewery

anywhere in the world where would

it be?

A Russian River in California, one of

my favorite places on earth. Unless

of course there is a brewery in

Antarctica, I have always wanted to

go there.

Q What’s the best thing about

moving to your new location?

A Getting space to make our

own mess and moving the whole

operation under one roof so we

have more control of all steps of the

process both in terms of brewing

and logistics. 7

ew business




It took 287 canny investors just 18

days and 7 hours to hit the funding

cap of $700,000 and secure their

own slice of Renaissance Brewing in

Blenheim via

They’re the first company in New

Zealand to crowdfund for equity

– and the offer has clearly been a

hit. This cash injection will mean

founders Brian Thiel and Andy

Deuchars will be able to do the things

they need to do to reach out and

touch people and grow their business

here and overseas.

PLUS kiwi CRAFT, (a Kickstarter

project to publish a definitive digital

and print guide to New Zealand craft

beer), reached its funding goal last

month and will now be a reality.

The book, written and published by

Jules van Cruysen, will feature every

craft brewery operating as of August

2014, profiling the beers made by

each one. It’ll also include cellar

Jules van Cruysen

doors, brewpubs,

craft beer bars, specialist craft beer

retailers and restaurants with strong

craft beer lists. Look for the 120-page

book in early 2015.

Tony Dapson

Tony Dapson is a brewer based in

Hawke’s Bay who wants to brew

Manuka Magic - an ale that uses

Manuka instead of traditional hops.

“Hops are becoming harder to

source due to high demand and the

increasing threat of climate change,”

he says. Manuka on the other hand,

thrives in wild, rugged parts of New

Zealand and it’s cropped much like

the tea plant, so it’s not destroyed

during harvest. It grows quickly, is

environmentally friendly, sustainable,

and climate hardy. “Manuka can

easily cope with world demand,”

says Tony, who adds it makes a good

case to develop Manuka as a parallel

ingredient to hops in beer brewing.

Help him give it a decent crack by

contributing to his crowd funding

campaign on

and FINALLY Yeastie Boys got in on

the crowdfunding caper by brewing

a teal-coloured beer specifically

for the launch of’s

equity crowdfunding arm. “It’s a great

business and one that I expect will

have a brewery or two raising money

through it in the next couple of years.

Ahem...” says Stu McKinlay





What is a


A device for measuring bad breath

The test they use to see if labour

contractions are real or a false alarm

The dance move they axed from MC

Hammer’s ‘U can’t Touch This’ video

The latin word for Brewmaster

answer: d

Yeastie Boys


ew business




Invercargill Brewery has officially fired

up its new 2500 litre plant in Leet

Street. Established by Steve Nally

and his father Gerry in 1999 in an old

dairy shed outskirts of Invercargill,

the brewery soon moved into the site

of the old Kiwi Bacon factory in 2006

before beginning the transition to

larger premises last December.

“It’s good to have the whole team

back in one building,” says Steve,

“there’s been lots of to-ing and froing,

and typically the thing that you

wanted was always at the

other site”. In addition to

twiddling their new

knobs and hoisting

their hoses for large

contracts, they’re

helping out local

craft brewers like

Dale Booth – an


who scooped

the home

A reflective moment

from the Invercargill

Brewery fermenter line.

brewer prize at last year’s

inaugural Dunedin Craft

Beer and Food Festival.

His prize included being

the official beer of the

2014 festival, which

called for a little more

oomph than his home

kit could provide.


Those who feel clothing isn’t

necessary for craft beer fun, should

contact their travel agent to book

their seats at Sunny Rest Nudist

Resort in Palmerton, Pennsylvania.

Why? For its Annual Beer Festival,

the Bare Beach Beer Bash in 2015 of

course! Let it all hang loose while

enjoying live music, DJ’s, pool

parties, food and all sorts of jolly

japing for the naked and foamy.

Lab Testing

Christchurch’s Twisted Hop coowners

Martin and Lisa Bennett

are building an experimental

brew house, bar and restaurant at

West Belt in Lincoln. Called The

Laboratory, it’ll be a funky gathering

place that the Bennett’s hope will

become a favourite haunt of the

local community to enjoy rousing

conversation, awesome real ales,

craft beers and creative kai. Hoorah!



Forbidden Cider have let loose

Lucifer’s Revenge, a mango and chili

cider that’ll put hairs on your chest

and curl your toenails. “We didn’t

sterile-filter the cider as we wanted

to retain as much of the chili flavour

as we could,” says Alan Spinks “so you

have to store it in the fridge. If you’re

lucky you’ll even see very small flakes

of chili in the bottle”.

Bottom’s Up

Not that we at Craftology take any

pleasure in ridiculing our French

wine chums, but naming your vino

“Chateau d’Arse” – seriously?

This example is described as having

a, “chunky frame and weight,

with rounded tannins and a rich,

persistent finish”. 9

STRONG BEER Tasting Panel

They’re not the kind of beers you get in a six pack but higher alcohol brews have been gaining in popularity.

Check out some of the top picks from the Dish tasting panel

As seen in


Ben Middlemiss


‘Hodgson’ Double


8.8% ABV, 330ml

This is a beer designed

to develop in the bottle

according to Ben, and if the

2012 version which the judges

tasted was anything to go by,

then he’s right on the money.

Boasting beautiful toffee,

caramel and creamy biscuit

characters, it is also holding

its freshness well and the rich

malt profile masks the alcohol

nicely. Smooth and saucy.

Epic Brewing


Hop Zombie

Double IPA

8.5% ABV, 500ml

If you’re looking for an ultrazesty,

citrus-laden brew with

staying power then this is it.

Aromatically over-the-top but

beautifully balanced in the

mouth in terms of fresh hops

and finely tuned malt, this

IPA has it all going on. All the

components are in harmony

yet it leaves a powerful


Panhead Custom


Black Sabbath

11.0% ABV, 500ml


This is an oak-aged black rye

and barley wine with real heft

and bitterness behind it. Our

judges all believed this beer

would be a prime contender

to age well as it appeared very

youthful now. With chocolate

and toffee on the nose, a

nutty, bourbon-like layer

in the mouth and a rich,

biscuity finish.

Liberty Brewing

Yakima Scarlet

Red Ale

6.9% ABV, 500ml


Straight away the russet red

colour is gorgeous. With

a big spruce nose, precise

bitterness and lovely clean

merging of hops and malts

this is a lip-smackingly good,

ultimately drinkable beer.

The Judges

Yvonne Lorkin

Dish Magazine, Drinks Writer

Ben Middlemiss

brewer/owner Ben Middlemiss Brewing

Joseph Wood

brewer/owner Liberty Brewing

Hugh Grierson

(Associate Judge)

owner Hopscotch Beer Company




Everywhere you turn right now

there’s someone doing something

nifty with ginger. Wigram Brewing

in Christchurch have added

to their seasonal range the

Ginger Jerry a wheat beer (or

Wit Bier) infused with ginger,

honey and lemon – it’ll clear the nose

and soothe the throat.

Hawke’s Bay Independent Breweries

are fizzing over their Ginger Fusion,

an alcoholic ginger beer tweaked with

fresh mandarin, which is splashed

with spice. The talented team at

Harrington’s Brewery have embraced

their inner Royal with the Prince

Harry, a ginger beer given a 4.8% ABV

tickle-up worthy of any polo match

or spa-pool skinny-dip. And Speight’s

have also just released their very own

pimped-up ginger beer in a 330ml

bottle, which is super-tasty if you drink

it, but also the business as a marinade

for pork shoulder or sticky ribs on the

BBQ. Crafty Trout Brewery in Taupo

has just released a zero-alcohol ginger

beer called SMOKEY “We’ve smoked

the ginger with Pohutukawa and

Cherrywood and also added honey

and lemons” says Rebecca Romirer.

“It’s great on its own, or with bourbon”.

East Imperial, (the people who bought

us a new take on tonic) have just

released a beer inspired by stories of

the original Mombosa Ginger Beer

plant that’s brewed naturally using

a blend of gingers from East Africa

and Asia. Mix with 30ml vodka and a

squeeze of lime for a magic Moscow

Mule. So there you go.

“I got ninety nine problems

but a beer ain’t one…”

A Texas brewery has eschewed

the traditional six-pack of beer

and released a mighty, seven foot

long 99-pack for a simple US$99.

Austin Beerworks released 20 of

the monster packs as part of a

social media campaign for its new

Peacemaker Anytime Ale but it has

proved so popular that the brewery

is going to produce more to ensure

they last for the duration of the


Brewery founder, Michael Graham,

explained that the idea behind the

99-pack started out as a joke with

the design company – “waiting in

line for a BBQ”, “when the fish aren’t

biting” etc – but realised there were

so many instances that maybe it

wasn’t a bad idea

after all.

“This inspired

us to create the

world’s first and

only 99-pack,”

said Graham.

“What started out

as a joke became

very real when

we realized how

much people

love the idea of 99 beers for $99.99.”

Yet the level of enthusiasm for the

brew has surprised even Graham. He

told CBS: “It’s really impractical. We

conceived it just to be silly.

“I guess we underestimated the

power of a stupid idea.”

It’s lucky that most cars are big in

the US, because as at seven feet long

and weighing 82 pounds, it’s not

the sort of slab one can fit into your

average Suzuki Swift. 11

your hoposcope

On the financial front,

Mars’ muscle and

Saturn’s sensitivity

suggests you avoid

carrying a heavy box of beers while

sucking on a Chupa Chup. If you trip

over, you might smash the beers.

Your month will be full

of fun and sunshine and

unicorns. Think of this

period as the start of the

rest of your obnoxious, disgusting,

malodorously grim life and celebrate

with Liberty’s Yakima Monster APA.

The best way to fool a

man into giving away a

beer is to let him know

that you know where

it’s been. Don’t give any details; just

casually let him know that you “know

where it’s been”. Watch and wait.

Since the dawn of


time, Gemini’s were

the sign that everyone

else blamed for their

collective misfortunes. In fact,

Sagittarians singled out Gemini’s as

the single reason they were an utter

failure. Sadly this isn’t due to change

until the moon enters Uranus.

Command the respect

and favours you

deserve by trying to

make people address you

as “Master”, sign off your emails with

the words “Your Chief and Overlord”

and take Deep Creek’s ‘Dominatrix’

IPA to your next scrapbooking class.


The constellation

Virgo has seen you

gazing at her in silent

supplication from your

office cubicle Leo, and she has this

message for you: Her eyes are up


While it is true that

all-knowing, all-seeing

God notices every

sparrow that falls

from the sky, he actually finds it a

lot funnier watching you stumble

down the stairs every time you visit

Hashigo Zake bar.

It’s common knowledge

that Libras are pushy

and overbearing. They

pick fights with small

children and brown-eye people at

weddings. Break the mold and step

over to the balanced, elegant side by

bathing in milk stout and changing

your name to Lake or Leaf.

With a clearer sense of

what you’re fighting for

professionally, don’t let

that dick from IT take

your Goal Defense bib at indoor

netball this month. Ensure your

position by shouting the team a

round of pilsner as soon as possible.

In a month where home

and family matters are

likely to demand your

attention, make sure

you don’t front up at parent-teacher

interviews after consuming a pint

of Yeastie Boys, Rex Attitude. Why?

Because you will reek of peat and

embarrass your child.

There’s a need to take

Mondayitis seriously if

personal or relationship

tension is present. If it’s

not actually Monday, then feel free

to race off down to your local Super

Liquor to leap and dance around the

craft beer shelves like the free spirit

you are.


Looking for love in

all the wrong places?

Staying home in your

socks watching Police

Ten 7 is hardly putting yourself

out there. Put on your sandals

and slide on down to the street

corner, download Tinder on your

smartphone and let the stars align.



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