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Issue 029

Lubcloud Dairy

Situated within picturesque

Leicestershire countryside, Lubcloud

Dairy produces delicious and organic

dairy products the natural way. For

more info, turn to page 11 or visit


Pumpkin Pie

We show you how to turn this

nutritious autumn vegetable

into a tasty Halloween treat...

The Kit-Car


If you’ve a need for speed and

long to drive a car made by

your own fare hands, head

along to this fantastic event to

find out how to get started...

The Festive

Gift Fair

With just ten weeks to go

the countdown to Christmas

really has begun, so head

along to Birmingham’s NEC for

inspiring festive ideas...

Reflect Magazine: sponsored by

02 A Nation of Animal Lovers

Lubcloud Dairy 01509 505055

Equestrian 03

A Life-Long


Arena UK

The Best Equestrian Venue

It’s approaching that time of year again

when presents are exchanged and faces

light up. If you’re thinking of getting a pet

this Christmas, make sure you know what

you’re letting yourself in for; owning a

pet is a big responsibility. Did you know

that towards the end of 2006, the RSPCA

took in 50 unwanted cats and dogs

EVERY DAY over the festive period?!

Owning a pet is often too much for

some, which is why Reflect would like to

encourage all of our readers considering

getting a pet for Christmas to do their

research first before they make such a big


Make your home a safe environment -

Unfortunately, making your home safe

is often a job that is overlooked. Pet

proofing your home can lower the risk

of a serious accident occurring. Poisons

in the home that can kill or seriously

injure your pet include some kinds of

house plants (dieffenbachia, philodendron,

hyacinth, and mistletoe), pesticides, and


Make sure your pet receives a complete

check-up - Most people only take their

We all know the joy a pet can bring us

so whether you’re looking for man’s best

friend or a cute cat to add to your family,

Reflect would like to recommend the British

Shorthairs and Bengals from Evacats and the

Great Danes from Evadogs; all lovingly bred

by experienced breeder, Jayne Evans.

Jayne started her feline breeding career with

British Shorthair Tipped, which are so easy

to fall in love with thanks to their laid back,

cuddly nature. Jayne then moved onto Bengals:

“Shortly after breeding British Shorthairs, my

friend introduced me to Bengals. They’re stunning

and not like any other cat; they’re highly intelligent

and very inquisitive. However, they do require

lots of attention. They’re not the kind of cat that

can be left home alone all day – they need a


Jayne currently has a number of Bengals and

British Shorthairs, all of which are vaccinated

and registered, for sale. As well as breeding

British Shorthairs and Bengals, Jayne also

pet to a veterinarian when a health

problem already exists or for routine

vaccinations. Vaccinations are used

to prevent often fatal diseases, such

as parvovirus and distemper in dogs,

leukaemia in cats, myxomatosis and viral

haemorrhagic disease in rabbits, plus

many more.

Design a diet and exercise plan to meet

your pet’s specific needs - Obesity

leads to serious health problems such

as heart disease. Exercise is important,

but a pet will only exercise if there is an

incentive to do so. Your veterinarian will

consider what stage of life your pet is in,

the amount of activity your pet enjoys,

and the time of year before outlining a

specific plan. The right kind of food and

physical activity can add to the quality of

your pet’s life.

Instead of buying your pet from a pet

shop, Reflect would like to suggest going

to a reputable breeder or going to an

animal shelter to adopt a rescued animal.

The countless rescue centres across the

region, sadly, always have plenty of pets

for you to choose from, whether you’re

looking for a dog, cat or even a rabbit.

Quality Breeds Courtesy of

EvaCats & EvaDogs

shows her cats at the GCCF Shows across

the country.

As well as her cats, Jayne also has four adult

Great Danes living with her, as well as a

number of puppies looking for new homes.

Jayne said: “Once you’ve had a Great Dane, you’ll

never want any other dog. I strictly vet the people

that come to me wanting a Great Dane puppy –

they’re required to spend some time in my living

room with two of the four adults I have before

they’re even allowed to see the puppies. This is to

ensure people can cope with the size and nature

of an adult before they commit to a puppy.”

Reflect have awarded Jayne with a Platinum

Certificate of Recognition for Animal

Well-being, for all her hard work promoting

and maintaining the breeds she loves.


Tel: 01952 619855



Often referred to as Archangel cats,

Russian Blues make excellent pets.

Hobby breeder and enthusiast, Debbie

Mckno, a member of The Russian Blue

Breeders Association, has a handful of

Russian Blue kittens looking for new


Debbie said: “I have five kittens

at home at the moment, four of

which are available for re-homing

in November. All my kittens are

registered with the GCCF and have

been raised indoors, in a loving family

environment. This means that kittens

will have been well handled and are

used to domestic noises from an early

age. I’m happy for people to come

and see the kittens, as I pride myself

on finding the right homes for them

all. I’m are happy to allow visits from

nine weeks and am always on hand

to answer questions and provide

guidance or support.”

Debbie stumbled upon the Russian

Blue breed less than four years

ago, when she bought her first cat,

Westbridge Dogs

Miniature and Standard

Schnauzers, Miniature long-haired

Dachshunds and Tibetan Terriers

Puppies are Kennel Club reg first vacc

micro-chipped and vet checked before

leaving. We have both Miniature and

Standard puppies due in October.

Tel: 01777 705325


Beautiful Russian Blues From Love Blues

Kessa. “I fell in love with this breed

at first sight, and as my husband is a

farmer, it was a natural step to begin

breeding,” Debbie explained.

As owning a kitten is a big

responsibility, and because all Debbie’s

kittens are pure-bred Russian Blues,

she charges £450 per kitten. “I’ve

had a handful of people enquire

about kittens from me for the wrong

reasons, but there are so many crossbreeds

out there that in order to set

myself apart as a responsible breeder

of pure-bred kittens, all my kittens

are registered and my prices will put

off anyone who wants to make money

quickly through irresponsible breeding.

We provide paperwork, a fivegeneration

pedigree and a kitten pack

which includes food. It’s important

to me to maintain the quality of the

Russian Blue breed, as well as their

loving, affectionate and gentle nature.”

For more information on Debbie’s

kittens, please call 01254 245185

or visit

With thrilling events taking place

throughout the year, top facilities

and a 560-acre site, Arena UK was

Reflect’s number one choice for our

Certificate of Recognition for Best

Equestrian Venue. As Lincolnshire’s

biggest and most exciting equestrian

arena, Arena UK offers visitors an

unrivalled opportunity to see the very

best in show jumping, dressage and

cross country.

Based in Grantham, this wellestablished

events venue was taken

over by Lauren Humphries in 2005,

who strives to offer visitors an exciting

and unique equestrian experience.

Lauren was delighted to receive

the Certificate of Recognition,

she says: “We guarantee a good

day out and extend a warm and

friendly welcome to all of our visitors.

Arena UK promises great value for

money, as we don’t charge an entry

fee, and we boast an unrivalled

opportunity to see some of the UK’s

top show jumpers.”

Sales Executive, Rochelle Taylor-

Smith, says: “Arena UK boasts firstclass

equestrian facilities, is within

easy reach of the Reflect region and

promises to deliver visitors of all ages

an enjoyable and memorable day

out. It’s certainly well-deserving of

the title Best Equestrian Venue and

I am thrilled that they have won this


Arena UK features a championship

indoor arena with 60 by 38 metre

ring, an all-weather outdoor arena

with 120 by 90 metre ring and three

additional all-weather outdoor

arenas, allowing events to take

place throughout the year. Arena UK

is the host to a number of prestigious

championships each year, including

the Major Grand Prix Festival of Show

Jumping and the Miniature Horse

Show, as well as Arena UK Riding

Club, Mounted Games Camps,

Unaffiliated Dressage, Unaffiliated

Showing and Unaffiliated Show

Jumping, and Polo Crosse will be

introduced shortly.

Equestrianism shines within this

championship show ground, which

is proud to host the British Show

Jumping Association’s Regional and

National Amateur Championships.

Coupled with the British Show Pony

Society’s National Championships it

also offers other prestigious societies

a home to their premier annual

events with unrivalled facilities.

Riding for the disabled is also actively

encouraged at Arena UK.

Arena UK has an exciting programme

of events lined up for the remainder

of 2010:

• 16th – 17th October – Horseball

• 23rd – 24th October – BSPS Heritage

• 29th – 31st October – Senior BS

• 7th November – Junior BS

• 11th November – Oliver Townend


• 14th November – Senior BS

• 25th November – Pippa and William

Funnell Demonstration

• 28th November – Indoor XC

• 1st December – British Dressage

• 3rd – 5th December – Senior BC

• 12th December – Indoor XC

• 29th December – British


Livery facilities, ranging from DIY,

part livery, full livery and full livery

plus exercise, are available on-site

at Arena UK and include: happy,

safe hacking in over 500 acres of

countryside, 24-hour security over

stables and grazing, individual

paddock grazing, all stable duties

catered for and secure parking for

trailers and horseboxes.

When it comes to refreshments

there’s plenty of choice as Arena UK

also incorporates, a conservatory

restaurant, a bistro restaurant

and a VIP restaurant, all boasting

delicious cuisine, which ranges from

traditional English favourites

to Italian classics. For all

your conference needs

there is also exhibition and

conference marquees

with private bar facilities

and projection screens.

Ample car parking space is

available on-site and Arena

UK is home to 60 permanent

stables, 2000 temporary

stables, licensed bars and

grand stand seating for up

to 1,000 visitors.

To discover more about

the first-class facilities and

exciting events taking place

at Arena UK, visit

Alternatively, contact Arena

UK directly on 01476 591569

or email arenauk@hotmail.


Arena UK




NG32 2EF

Situated within picturesque

Leicestershire countryside,

Lubcloud Dairy produces delicious

dairy products the natural way.

For more info, turn to page ?? or



We show you how to turn this

nutritious autumn vegetable

into a tasty Halloween treat...

If you’ve a need for speed and

long to drive a car made by

your own fare hands, head

along to this fantastic event to

find out how to get started...

With just ten weeks to go

the countdown to Christmas

really has begun, so head

along to Birmingham’s NEC for

inspiring festive ideas...


Issue 029

Lubcloud Dairy


Pumpkin Pie

The Kit Car


The Festive

Gift Fair

Front cover image courtesy of

Lubcloud Dairy


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Reflect Magazine: sponsored by

Lubcloud Dairy 01509 505055

06 Wedding Guide


The Final Countdown

If you’ve recently taken the plunge and got

engaged, Reflect would like to offer our

‘Congratulations’ to the happy couple.

However, once the initial glow has died down

and your face no longer aches from smiling 24

hours a day, it’s time to get planning. Organising

your big day may seem more like a logistical

nightmare than an exciting experience, but don’t

panic, forward planning is the key to success…

18 Months to Go

Finalise the important details such as date, budget and

whether you want to get married in a church or register

office. Start searching for your wedding reception venue.

12 Months to Go

With a year left, it’s time to think about your dress, plain

or elaborate, off the peg or designer, the earlier you make

a decision the better. Book the wedding reception and

organise all the trimmings including musicians, DJs, caterers,

photographers, transport and florist.

9 Months to Go

Book the honeymoon and choose bridesmaids’ dresses and

outfits for the ushers.

6 Months to Go

Book the toastmaster and decide on the best man –

speeches take time! Order wedding stationery, choose

bride & groom’s wedding rings and decide on your shoes

& accessories.

3 Months to Go

Visit the hairdresser and beautician to have a run-though of

what you’d like on the big day. Issue guests with a wedding

list and don’t forget to buy the wedding licence.

1 Month to Go

Reconfirm everything! (in writing if possible) Arrange

wedding rehearsal and organise hen and stag nights

1 Week to Go

Wear in your wedding shoes and double check everyone

knows their role in the big day!

1 Day to Go

Relax, it’s too late to worry now!

The summer months are the most popular time of year

for couples tying the knot. However, this can cause you

to compromise your chosen date or even venue as you

compete with other couples for the perfect place and time

to become husband and wife. If you want to avoid this kind

of thing and want your pick of dates and venues, why not

enjoy a winter wedding.

Winter is the perfect time of year to get married if you

want to create a warm, cosy atmosphere, especially if you

choose the festive month of December. Imagine walking

up the aisle, towards your future husband, and being

surrounded by Christmas decorations, festive lights and the

smell of delicious mulled wine welcoming guest to your

reception. Sounds like heaven, doesn’t it?

Alternatively, the month of November is perfect if you want

to start married life with a bang! Fireworks are becoming

a popular wedding reception feature, but can be difficult

to see against a summer night’s sky. By getting married in

November, you can truly light up the sky with your chosen

display, as the dark, smoky air is the perfect backdrop.

If you can’t quite bring yourself to get married in the winter,

October is the perfect choice. It is on the cusp of autumn

and winter, so if you tie the knot before the clocks go back,

you can still enjoy relatively light nights, gorgeous carpets of

fallen gold and brown leaves outside, and moderately mild

weather. If you want an unusual/unconventional wedding

day, you could even theme your day around Halloween!

February is officially the most depressing month of the

year, so why not give your friends, family and loved ones

something to look forward to by having a February

wedding – you could even tie the knot on St Valentine’s


January is the perfect time to beat those post-Christmas

blues. Why not buy lots of Christmas lights in the sales and

transport your guests into a magical and romantic fairyland.

If you dread the thought of walking down the aisle during

the winter but still want your pick of venues and dates, why

not consider the month of March. You’ll avoid the darker,

shorter days while still enjoying the pleasure of unique and

original nuptials.

Weddings are most popular at the weekends, to avoid any

clashes with guests work or school commitments, so if you

want to share the day with all of your friends and family, it’s

probably best to get married at the weekend, and give your

guests plenty of notice!

Reflections Classic

Car Hire - York

We offer a choice of outstanding quality classic

cars for self-drive hire by the day – perfect for a

special occasion

• Dare to be different and drive the

bride to the wedding in style – you will

remember it forever

• Our gift vouchers provide the perfect

“thank you” for mum and dad, best man,

bridesmaids or groom – allowing them to

experience the thrill of driving an iconic classic

car at a time to suit them

• Take a short break away in Yorkshire with

one of our beautiful classic sports cars –

perfect for your honeymoon

To see the cars and find out more including our

Christmas gift offers visit our website at

or call us on 01347 811908

Nikki Whitehouse

Wedding and Events Organiser

I can organise as much or as little as you would like

Weddings in Cyprus

Tel: 07880 586476

An Eye For Detail At Treasured Favours

Every bride dreams of the perfect

wedding day and it’s the details

that pull all your dreams and ideas

together. If you’re in the process of

planning your big day and need some

help with the finer details, Reflect

would like to recommend Treasured


Established online (www. in 2005

by Sylvia Fisher, Treasured Favours

have recently opened a shop in

Southgate, London. Sylvia told us why

she created the business five years

ago: “I wanted to offer brides-to-be

something different, something unique

and bespoke, something that they

couldn’t get elsewhere. I started the

business from home and Treasured

Favours became a Limited company in

2007, but demand grew and we’d soon

outgrown my home, so earlier this

year, I opened the Treasured Favours

shop and my sister, Liz, came on

board. I appreciate how much planning

goes into making a bride’s big day

special so we aim to create something

totally unique and refreshing for each

individual bride’s special day.”

Stocking everything from favours to

table crystals, and from tiaras and

garters to candles and centrepieces,

Treasured Favours is an Aladdin’s cave

just waiting to be discovered.

Sylvia added: “We offer a bespoke

personal service, creating items

exclusively for each individual bride’s

wedding day. We don’t mass produce

anything so you know that whatever

you buy from us, will have been

made especially for your big day,

giving it that personal touch. We want

everything for a bride’s big day to be

perfect and we achieve it. Also, we

specialise in Greek weddings, so if

you’re looking for something specific,

we can help.”

Opening Times:

Tuesday to Friday, 9:30am until


Saturday, 9:30am until 6pm

Closed Sundays & Mondays

Tel: 0208 8866 331



“Keeping the memories alive”

Capture your special day on film and keep

the memories alive for years to come.

Our videographers can be there to film

everything from the rehearsal through to

the last waltz.

Call us now to discuss

your requirements.

We work with you to plan the filming

of your special day.

Our wedding packages can be

tailored to meet your requirements

and all packages include three copies

of your wedding DVD.

Cold Harbour Films, The Barn, Cold Harbour, Grantham, Lincs, NG31 7TX

t: 01476 576800 m: 07528 276369 e:


Keeping The

Memories Alive With

Cold Harbour Films

Capture precious memories of your

perfect day or special event with the

help of Cold Harbour Films. Offering

a personalised service, tailored to

your specific needs, the event filming

specialists will ensure you can relive

those treasured moments again and


With 12 years of film experience, Gordon

and Parnel Seabrook established CHF in

2008 to offer high quality and affordable

event filming and media transfer services.

Covering everything from weddings

to christenings, live performances to

promotional films for companies and

schools, CHF’s documentary style event

filming will capture all of the action.

Among CHF’s most popular services are

their wedding packages, Gordon says:

“We will film everything, starting with

the bridal preparations right through to

the last waltz, but we offer packages to

suit all needs and budgets. For no extra

charge we will also attend the rehearsals

so our clients can feel confident that

everything will run smoothly on the day.”

CHF pride themselves on making sure

your finished film is perfect, which is why

they will consult with you throughout the

editing process, as Parnel explains: “We

spend a lot of time and effort getting the

final edit right, and ‘right’ is defined by

the customer working with CHF. That’s

what our reputation is based on.”

CHF also offer a full range of media

transfer services which allows the familyrun

company to digitise a wide variety of

media formats and includes a personal

delivery and collection service. Cine

films of days gone by, VHS of a little one’s

first steps and much loved vinyl can all

be converted to DVD, CD or digital files,

allowing them to be enjoyed time after

time and keeping the memories alive.

For a free, no obligation quote contact

Cold Harbour Films today.

Matchmaker of Stamford Everything for the discerning bride

Matchmaker of Stamford Everything for the discerning bride

Reflect Magazine: sponsored by

Lubcloud Dairy 01509 505055

08 21st Century Toastmasters

Health and Well-being 09

‘A Toast…

Weddings are a happy occasion, usually

shared by the whole family. If you want

just the right amount of class and

formality to your big day, Reflect would

like to recommend hiring a Professional


The Professional Toastmaster has been

part of the social and banqueting for

centuries and it is, perhaps, at weddings

when one can really see him involved

close up and obtain a good impression

of his character, his passion for his work

and the way he ‘manages’ the event,

liaising with key personnel so that it flows

smoothly and to perfection.

He will have seen the bride and groom

weeks before the wedding, going through

the day in its entirety, advising how

long each aspect of the day will take,

running through the format and covering

everything so that everyone will have a

clear idea of the day; indeed, a fair amount

of pressure is lifted from the couple when

they realise just how the Toastmaster

is involved and the immense amount of

work he does and the support he gives.

He really does take over the worries

and responsibilities of the day, allowing

the bridal party to relax and enjoy the


Another very important part of the

whole day is who is making a speech.

Traditionally, it is the bride’s father (or

close member of the family), followed

by the groom, then the best man. A

Professional Toastmaster is always

prepared and happy to give advice on

method of delivery, content and length

of speech if required, and when the time

comes, always there to give support on

the day if things get emotional!

So much of a Toastmaster’s time is ‘behind

the scenes’, liaising with the photographer,

the caterers, and the entertainment in

the evening, all helping to make sure of a

great success. So much could go wrong,

but by being one step ahead all the time,

he takes care of all eventualities, quietly

and efficiently.

For more information on Toastmasters,



George Phillips :

Style with a smile; when

it comes to looking after

that important reception,

dinner or banquet, a wedding

reception, private or civic

function, my 15 years service

in the Royal Marines coupled

to my time as a Toastmaster

has given me the skill set to

take the pressure away from

you, the host. Sit back and

enjoy the occasion and let

me find the balance between

formality and flexibility.

Contact Details:


Tel/Fax: 01253 358887

Mobile: 07748 933930



...To The



The Northern Guild of


Rod Gibson:

A wedding where fun is the

order of the day?

A dinner requiring formality?

A function where firmness or

flexibility is needed?

Ex-serviceman, ex-bobby Rod can adapt

to your needs adding his many years as a

Toastmaster to his life experiences.

Contact Details:

Mobile: 07712 457 838

Tel: 01772 716 615


John Dawson:

Toastmaster and Master of Ceremonies

The Professional Toastmaster has been a

traditional part of the British banqueting

scene for over 300 years. His presence at a

function brings style and professionalism while

his expertise ensures that the running order

is adhered to and runs smoothly fulfilling the

highest expectations of the event organisers.

He will have been briefed in advance by the

function client and will take responsibilty on

the day, ensuring that the hosts are free to

relax and enjoy the occasion every bit as much

as their guests.

Civic, corporate and professional functions

can rely on John Dawson’s specialised

knowledge as a toastmaster of the correct

etiquette, procedure and protocol, to ensure

that the occasion runs with the precision of

a Swiss watch. He will announce speakers

and VIPs with dignity and introduces them

To add that special touch to occasions

such as

• Corporate and annual dinners

• Civic events

• Award ceremonies

• Charity & gala balls

• Company promotions

• Conference & seminars

• Product launches

• Receptions

• Rotary & round table

• Wedding receptions

in a complementary professional manner.

For those organisations engaged in charity

and fundraising events, his experience as a

commentator is invaluable when in the role

as a compere, auctioneer and organiser of

fundraising games, that will generally result in

increased revenue far in excess of the fee.

Engaging John Dawson,, as

your toastmaster, he is a person who has poise

and presence to command the attention of

an audience. He has trained with the London

Guild of Toastmasters, renowned for their high

standards, and so is fully conversant with the

necessary protocol and etiquette applicable to

any occasion. He is meticulous to detail and

will continually liaise with all concerned to

guarantee that every aspect of the occasion is

covered and to ensure that the event is one to


Glendene, Brough, Kirkby Stephen, CA17 4DU

Mobile: 07713 228693 Tel: 01768 341077

Email: Web:

With the prospect of our children’s

generation dying younger than our

own, due to obesity related diseases, it’s

more important than ever to keep the

entire family healthy.

A good diet is central to overall good

health, but keeping up the motivation

can be hard. Chocolate, cakes and crisps

tempt us everyday but by choosing to

snack on fruit, yoghurt and nuts instead

you can lose those excess pounds

without even trying.

Regular exercise as well as a healthy,

balanced diet helps prevent numerous

diseases, most notably heart disease.

The UK has one of the highest rates of

death from heart disease in the world -

one British adult dies from the disease

every three minutes (

shtml), so it’s vital to keep everything

in working order. Regular trips to the

doctors, dentist, and opticians enable

you to monitor any changes in your

family’s health closely and professionally.

Stress caused by work is the second

biggest occupational health problem in

the UK, so you’re not alone if you’re

beginning to feel the effects. There are

numerous ways you can tackle your

stress head on…

• Meditation - Helping you discover

some inner peace, meditation is

designed to clear the mind, make you

calmer and leave you more focused.


Poor Servants of the

Mother of God

We are an international group of Catholic women

who share a life commitment to Jesus Christ, the

Incarnate God. In the spirit of Frances Taylor, our

Foundress we commit ourselves to actively listening

to the Gospel in the realities of our time. We

combine prayer and community life, which supports

our response and our service with the poor and


There are many facets to the work of the SMG

Sisters and the wider “family” which embraces

the Associates and Staff who work with us. The

underpinning purpose of our existence is to be of

service to people in need and play our part in the

development of social justice.


The Sisters, who make up the Congregation of

the Poor Servants of the Mother of God (often

referred to as SMGs), take specific lifelong vows

and live together in community. The Associates

are lay people from all walks of life who share the

same passionate love for Jesus Christ, who wish

to be associated with the spirit and charism of the

Congregation but who do not take vows and do not

live in community with the Sisters.

If you would like to explore joining us or require

further information please contact Sr Mary Forrest.

SMG, St. Philomena’s Convent,

70 Euston Square, London, NW1 1DJ

Telephone: 0207 387 5855

Mobile: 07770 378890



Meditation exercises can vary in length,

but taking time out of your day for

a simple ten minute meditation can

transform your outlook on life, your

mood and your motivation.

• Yoga - Incorporating postures and

meditation techniques, yoga can help the

body to develop strength and flexibility

through various stretching exercises.

This ancient practice, which originates

from India, aims to bring the body into

balance by creating a union between the

mind, body and spirit, and can help you

to keep in shape whilst also taking care

of your spiritual well-being.

• Spiritual Journeys and Retreats -

If you want to test out or fully embrace

a full range of therapies, or simply

discover new ways to relax, why not

escape for a day, a weekend or even a

week to a spiritual retreat. Whether

you’re looking for a break away from

the hustle and bustle of city living or

crave some real ‘me’ time, a retreat can

offer a wide range of classes, workshops,

lectures and exercises in a peaceful


It’s not just the stress of our working

life that gets us down; our children

can be a source of worry and stress,

especially if they suffer with long term

issues, such as autism or learning

difficulties. You don’t need to worry

alone; there are numerous organisations

out there that can not only offer advice,

but also support and a friendly ear to

listen to your woes and worries.

journeying together

in hope



and Happy

Anna Kennedy Autism Band Design Competition

MedicAlert is working

with Reflect regular Anna

Kennedy to design two

fashionable wristbands for

people affected by Autism.

These new additions to the

range will be known as the

AK Autism Band.

Competition entries are

being distributed in schools

in the Hillcrest family but

if you want to have a go,

an entry form can also be

downloaded from http://


Entries need to be returned

to MedicAlert by Monday

November 29th 2010 at

the following address: AK

Autism Band Competition,

c/o The MedicAlert

Foundation, 1 Bridge

Wharf, 156 Caledonian

Road, London N1 9UU ,

United Kingdom.

Hollyoaks star Carley

Stenson will judge the

entries and select two

overall winners that will go

on sale with MedicAlert.

The winners will also

receive their own AK Autism

Band as a prize!

The new AK Autism Bands

will launch on 2nd April

2011 to coincide with

World Autism Day. If you’ve

any further queries about

this competition please

email Roisin at robrien@ or call

our freephone helpline on

0800 581 420.

Reflect Magazine: sponsored by

Lubcloud Dairy 01509 505055

10 The Yoga Show

Good Food 11

Visit The Yoga Show

Come and spend three days in yoga

bliss, the total yoga experience under

one roof. The seventh annual Yoga

Show will once again be held in the

prestigious National Hall at Olympia

in London.

There is plenty to do at this year’s

show including free yoga and pilates

classes, pilates reformer and one-toone

equipment sessions, children’s

yoga, demonstrations and lectures.

With over 200 exhibitors, you will

also find everything you need for your

yoga and pilates practice together

with inspirational products for a

healthy lifestyle.

Show highlights include…

Free Open Classes

Sample a wide range of yoga and

pilates. Open sessions are for all levels

of experience including beginners, and

are the ideal way to try something

new. Sessions are held with some of

the country’s leading teachers and

professional organisations.


Take a longer class and experience the

teaching styles of talented inspirational

teachers. A chance to try a different

style of yoga including popular fusions

influenced by yoga, pilates, dance and


29th - 31st October

Children’s yoga

Give your child the gift of yoga, all

sessions are free of charge.

The Yoga Show is also a host to over

200 exhibitors show casing yoga,

pilates, complementary therapies plus

a fantastic range of yoga accessories,

clothing, jewellery, super foods, holidays

plus lots more. Further details

are available online at

Opening Times:

11am – 6pm Friday

10am – 6pm Saturday & Sunday


One-Day Pass (Fri): Adult £9,

Concession £6

One-Day Pass (Sat/Sun) Adult £12,

Concession £10

Two-Day Pass Adult £20, Concession


Three-Day Pass Adult £27,

Concession £22

Under 16s go free, but must be

accompanied by an adult

BOOK online at and SAVE


Tantalise Your

Taste Buds

Great Britain is a great nation, especially

when it comes to food. Our taste buds

have developed over the years and we’re

now enjoying a wide range of cuisines right

on our doorstep. Indian, Italian, Mexican,

Spanish, French, Turkish, Greek and Chinese

dishes are no longer delicacies; they’re an

essential part of modern-day British diets.

Before these mouth-watering foods hit

our shores, we still had a fantastic taste for

food. Melt-in-the-mouth fish and chunky

chips, succulent roast beef and tantalising

trifle and custard are traditional British

foods that have been enjoyed for centuries.

The home of Cadbury’s and Walkers

Crisps, the Midlands produce a diverse


our front


In recent years, we’ve taken an increasing

interest in our food: where it comes

from, how it’s produced and what’s in it.

Lubcloud Dairy was established five years

ago to cater for milk, and cream, lovers

who crave locally produced, organic dairy

products that don’t just taste delicious

but also take in account the welfare and

well-being of the cows.

Surrounded by beautiful Leicestershire

countryside, Lubcloud Dairy and Lubcloud

Organic Farm are owned and run by Phil

Newcombe. He told Reflect: “We started

off in 2005 producing 300 litres of milk, and

we’re now producing 12,000 litres per week.

Our cows graze on pastures that don’t use

any artificial fertiliser, pesticides or herbicides,

meaning or grasses have high levels of

trace elements, vitamins and no harmful

chemical residues. After milking our cows, we

pasteurise their milk and almost immediately

range of foods due to the diversity of the

land. Fertile fields, rural grasslands and

fantastic road links all contribute towards

the excellence of the produce from the

heart of Britain. Also there are a variety of

cheeses produced in the Midlands including

Derby Cheese, Shropshire Blue, Red

Leicester and Stilton.

The best way to experience food is to get

cooking. Cooking from scratch is not only

fun, it’s cheaper than buying ready-made

meals. It’s also healthier, as you can use

fresh, seasonal ingredients, steamed or

grilled to perfection. If you’re not sure what

to cook, pick up a cook book from any

good book store and get cooking!

bottle it in our modern diary, ensuring we can

supplier our milk faster and fresher.”

Lubcloud Dairy produce a range of

products including:

• Whole milk

• Semi-Skimmed milk

• Skimmed milk

• Pourable cream

• Extra Thick cream

Phil added: “Our semi-skimmed milk is

our best selling milk, but our cream range

sells the best, especially our Extra Thick

Cream, which is similar to clotted cream.

We’re hoping to launch a range of yoghurts

before Christmas, and have just launched

a range of sausages. The sausages came

about because we were wasting a lot of milk

in order to meet our cream demands, so

Tasty Treats From

Galloway Lodge Preserves







have been

cooking up

their delicious

products for

nearly 40 years. From yummy jams to

tangy chutneys, fiery chilli relish to zingy

marmalades, Galloway Lodge have a

wide selection of flavours to get your

taste buds tingling.

Located in Gatehouse-of-Fleet, in

the heart of Galloway, this family-run

business is owned by Fiona Hesketh,

who is extremely proud of Galloway

Lodge’s famous reputation and the

family’s much-loved products. To

guarantee quality in every jar and

ensure each product retains that

home-made feel, all of Galloway

Lodge’s preserves are made in small

batches from Scottish fruit, as Fiona

explains: “We make all of our products

by hand and no more than 18 jars are

made from each batch, this ensures

that they are all made with a great

deal of love and attention.”

By far Galloway Lodge’s most popular

product is its Poacher’s Pickle®, a

delicious blend of apple, tomato and

Doing The Body

Good, Naturally

instead of throwing it away, we decided to

get some pigs and feed them on the leftover

milk. Our sausage range features four/five

different varieties of sausage: a plain sausage,

a Cumberland-style sausage and a pork and

stilton sausage to name a few.”

Lubcloud milk and cream can be

purchased directly from Lubcloud Dairy

and Lubcloud Organic Farm, as well as a

number of retailers in the Reflect region,


• Croots Farm Shop, Duffield

• Manor Farm Shop, Long Whatton

• CE Bradley, Quorn

• Scaddows Farm Shop, Ticknall

• Trinity Farm Organics, Cossall

• Local Not Global Deli, Beeston

• No 11 Deli, Castle Donnington

Visit to

onion, and winner of the Gold Great

Taste Award 2005. It’s not the only

accolade the preserve specialists have

picked up, in the last five years Fiona

and her team have also scooped

Gold Great Taste Awards for their

Original Galloway Mustard, Gooseberry

and Strawberry Jam, Raspberry and

Redcurrent Jam, Bramley Apple

Chutney, Beetroot Chutney and

Rhubarb and Elderflower Jam.

The special mix of traditional recipes

with brand new flavours means that all

of Galloway Lodge’s preserves are truly

unique. The company are also keen

to develop new products, with brand

new lines currently being cooked up

for 2011.

For those looking for a special

Christmas treat, gift packs and

hampers make the ideal festive gift

and can be made to order by Fiona.

For more details or to order one today,

call 01557 814007 or email

All of these tasty preserves are

available to buy online, simply log onto

find other stockists.

Finally Phil added: “Our milk and cream is

healthier than standardised milk because

we don’t homogenise our milk and cream.

Homogenisation started in the 1930s, and

involves an aggressive, mechanical process

that involves passing milk through pipes and

fine filters at high pressures, which breaks

down the fat portion of the milk in to very

small globules. These tiny fat globules remain

in suspension and do not rise to the top of

the milk. There’s a link between a rise in

cholesterol levels and the homogenisation

process, so as an organic and natural dairy

farm, we ensure our milk and cream is as

close as it can be to how nature intended.”

For more information on Lubcloud Dairy

or their products, please visit or call the

dairy directly on 01509 505055

Reflect Magazine: sponsored by

Lubcloud Dairy 01509 505055

12 Apple Day Recipe

The Baby Show 13

Next Thursday – October 21st – is National Apple Day. It celebrates

the amazing array of apple varieties grown right here in Great Britain

and to celebrate, Reflect asked our resident chef, Neil Walker, to

come up with a delicious recipe to mark this crunchy occasion…

It’s been one year since I took on the restaurant (Appetite) here at

Abbey Sports and Leisure, and over the past 12 months, I’ve built up

a clientele who understand the importance of fresh, healthy food. As

a chef, I can’t think of anything better than walking into your kitchen

in the morning and finding a box of overgrown courgettes, loads of

misshapen pumpkins or a basket of apples, happily given to me by

one of my customers, happy for me to turn them into a soup, or to

conjure up something to put on my weekly specials board. I thank you

all, and so do my profit margins!

Today, I find myself armed with a huge bag of cooking apples from

good customers of mine, Pete and Sylvia, and I want to put them to

the best possible use. Some of the apples I have peeled, cored and

lightly cooked, then froze down for the coming winter months ahead.

The rest I have turned into this delicious twist on that old faithful -

the apple crumble. Sweetening the apples with apple cordial really

brings out the fruitiness, whilst the cous cous sprinkled on top gives a

great crispy texture and adding a touch of syrup to the oaty crumble

creates lovely chewy clusters.


1.1kg (2 1/2lb) cooking apples

3 tbsp apricot jam

3 tbsp apple cordial

For the crumble:

140g (5oz) porridge oats

100g (4oz) Plain flour

100g (4oz) butter

100g (4oz) brown sugar

1 tbsp dry cous cous

1 tbsp golden syrup


1. Heat the oven to 190°c/gas mark 5. Peel, core and

roughly slice the apples and mix with the apricot jam

and cordial. Place in a saucepan and bring to the boil

then remove from the heat.

2. Mix the oats, flour and sugar in a large bowl then rub

in the butter.

3. Pour the apples into a 1.5 litre ovenproof dish,

sprinkle over the flour then the cous cous, then drizzle

over the syrup, mixing with a knife so it forms small


4. Place in the oven and cook for 30 - 35 minutes until

the juices from the apples start to bubble up the sides.

5. Leave to cool for 10 minutes then serve with a big

jug of custard.


If you’re impressed with this recipe from Neil, why

not pop along to Appetite within Abbey Sports &

Leisure Club at 70 Slater Street (off Frog Island),

Leicester, LE3 5AS to try his delicious, healthy

and seasonal menu for yourselves. If you’ve got

any feedback on this recipe, nutrition questions,

or ideas you’d like to share, why not email Neil at

The Baby Show with Prima Baby

sponsored by Fisher-Price

The Biggest And Most Comprehensive Show

Dedicated To Pregnancy,

Birth And Baby In The UK From 22nd – 24th

October At Earls Court, London

The Baby Show with Prima Baby, sponsored by Fisher-Price returns to

London’s Earls Court to offer an unrivalled shopping experience, parenting

advice and great entertainment, as the ultimate day out for new parents

and parents-to-be.

This October, The Baby Show with Prima Baby, sponsored by Fisher-Price

is the biggest event in the UK dedicated to babies, birth and pregnancy

and returns to Earls Court this October. TV presenter, model and mother

Myleene Klass will be appearing on the Friday of The Show to share her

experiences of motherhood and provide useful tips on how she coped with

the various stages of pregnancy. She is joined by leading experts Annabel

Karmel, Clare Byam-Cook and Jo Tantum who will be returning to give their

comprehensive advice on nutrition, breast feeding and sleep for babies.

The Earls Court Show will not only cement The Baby Show’s reputation as an

essential part of having a baby, it will also continue to be a great day out

for new and expectant parents. The Show features thousands of must-have

products for both parents and babies from UK’s leading brands Fisher Price,

Pampers, Britax, Mothercare, Tommee Tippee and others; expert advice on

pregnancy; birth and parenting skills and entertainment for all the family.

Since 2002, The Show has grown from strength to strength to become

a series of hugely successful national events. May’s Baby Show at

Birmingham’s NEC attracted over 25,000 visitors and, building on this

success, The Baby Show is once again returning to London’s Earls Court this


An Apple a Day...

Unbeatable Shopping Offers

Parents can get the best deals on those essential products with exclusive

show offers and a number of free samples to take back home. The Baby

Show is the perfect opportunity to speak face-to-face with brand experts,

test drive the latest products and see the latest innovations – helping to take

the stress out of parenting.

Expectant parents can receive one-to-one consultations at The Show with

fully trained midwifes to help put their minds at ease. Not only is The Show

the perfect place to hear from the experts, but it also a unique opportunity

to meet and exchange advice with fellow mums and dads-to-be.

For more information, or to book tickets, please visit

Reflect Magazine: sponsored by

Lubcloud Dairy 01509 505055

14 Halloween Pumpkin Pie


Halloween is often considered to

be an American holiday, but it’s

becoming increasingly celebrated

and marked here in Britain. But

do you know where the day comes

from? It is said that Halloween

was first celebrated 2000 years

ago by the Celtics to mark the end

of summer. It falls on the eve of

a Catholic festival (All Saints) as

well as the pagan Celtic festival of

Samhain, both on November 1st.



From 1066 until the 19th century,

there is no evidence to suggest that

October 31st was anything more

than the eve of All Saints Day.

However, from sometime in the

19th century, October 31st gained

a reputation as the night ghosts,

witches etc were especially active,

wandering the streets freely with us


Halloween Customs

The custom of Trick or Treating began sometime in

the 20th century in America, when children donned

costumes and went from door to door. The tradition

started a little later in Britain but is believed to have

originated with children exchanging for fruit or nuts.

Pumpkins, or Jack-O-Lanterns, are believed to ward off

evil spirits. According to Irish legend, Jack-O-Lanterns

are named after a miser named Jack who couldn’t enter

heaven, nor could he enter hell, as he’d played tricks on

the devil; instead, he was forced to wander the Earth

with his lantern until Judgement Day.

The tradition of dressing up on Halloween has both

European and Celtic origins. People believed if they

wore masks when leaving their home after dark on

Halloween, they’d be mistaken for a spirit if they

encountered a ghost.

Info taken from http://www.woodlands-junior.kent.sch.


Halloween Fun At Home

If you’re throwing a fancy dress party for your young

ones this Halloween and want to really make it special

and get their imagination working overdrive, we’ve got

some gruesome food ideas with ghastly names that are

sure to have them excitedly spooked…


• Vampire Broth – add a scoop of ice cream to

a glass of cola (two thirds full) and watch it froth

• Eyeballs and Blood – place two scoops of

ice cream next to one another, drop a jelly sweet in the

middle of each scoop and smother in strawberry sauce

• Witches Fingers – use your usual dough

recipe and roll into a sausage-shape and add a flaked

almond in the end for the witch’s finger nail

• Bogey Blobs – sounds horrible but it’s actually

just green and yellow jelly

• Eyeball Ice Cubes – place half a grape into

each section of an ice cube tray and fill with greencoloured


• Crack ‘n’ Crunch Bones – simple

meringue fingers with a gruesome name

Trick or Treating Tips

Halloween is an exciting time for your

young ones, but their safety has to

come first:

• Always make sure your child is

accompanied by a responsible adult

• Visit homes of friends, family and


• Keep to well lit streets and homes

• Add reflective tape to your child’s


• A torch and whistle will help them

attract attention if they become lost

• Warn your child not to talk to

strangers in cars offering treats

If you’re planning on making a Jack-O-Lantern this Halloween,

we’d like to present you with the perfect solution for your

unwanted insides – this delicious pumpkin pie recipe from our

resident chef, Neil Walker, of Appetite within Abbey Sports &

Leisure Club in Leicester.

Pumpkins, a member of the squash family, are believed to have

originated about 7000 years ago in Central America. Native

Americans used pumpkin as a staple in their diets’ centuries

before the pilgrims landed. When the white settlers arrived,

they saw the pumpkins grown by the Native Americans and

it soon became a regular staple in their diets too. They also

brought seeds back to Europe, where they quickly became

popular. Just like today, early settlers used pumpkins in a variety

of recipes, from desserts to stews and soups. In addition to

cooking with pumpkins, they also dried out the shells and cut

into strips to weave into mats!

After receiving four massive pumpkins this week from Maria,

a good customer of mine here at the restaurant, I wanted to

put them to the best possible use. Ninety nine per cent of the

pumpkins marketed here in the UK have an ornamental use

over Halloween, and as a chef, I was determined that the flesh

Pumpkin Pie

of these four golden orange globes would most definitely not

be put to waste. This pumpkin pie is absolutely delicious and so

easy to make (especially if you use a shop-bought sweet pastry

case!) and it’s sure to cheer up the dampest of October nights.


1 shop brought sweet pastry case measuring

about nine inches in diameter

1 lb (450g) pumpkin flesh diced

3 large eggs

1 can evaporated milk

Zest of one orange

1/2 tsp nutmeg

1 tsp allspice

1 tsp cocoa powder

Pinch of salt

1. Pre heat oven to 180°C or Gas Mark 4.

2. Begin by steaming the pumpkin flesh until soft. Place in a

sieve and push out any excess water then puree in a food


3. Place the evaporated milk and the spices into a pan and

bring to simmering point - set aside.

4. Whisk the eggs lightly with the cocoa powder, salt and

vanilla then pour the hot milk onto the eggs, whisking

continually, then add the pumpkin and combine thoroughly.

5. Pour the filling into the pastry case and bake for 35 - 40

minutes then remove from the oven and leave to cool. Can

be served at room temperature or chilled with a big dollop of

crème fraîche.


If you’re impressed with this recipe from Neil, why not pop

along to Appetite within Abbey Sports & Leisure Club at 70

Slater Street (off Frog Island), Leicester, LE3 5AS to try his

delicious, healthy and seasonal menu for yourselves. If you’ve

got any feedback on this recipe, nutrition questions, or ideas

you’d like to share, why not email Neil at

Reflect Magazine: sponsored by

Lubcloud Dairy 01509 505055

16 Jersey Spotlight


Experience Island Life

Image courtesy of The Dolphin Hotel

Love food, Love life, Love Jersey

Covering an area of just 45 square miles,

Jersey’s compact size makes this island very

misleading, for every inch of its lush valleys

and unspoilt coastline offer something for

visitors to explore and admire.

The best way to discover the very best

the island has to offer, whilst saving money,

is to pick yourself up a Jersey Pass, which

will allow you entry into a whole host

of attractions. The Jersey Pass has been

designed to offer something for everyone

and includes 16 historical sites, museums and

family activities across the island.

This year’s pass includes entry to aMaizein!

Adventure Park, which is one of Jersey’s

most popular family attractions and features

a go-cart track and crazy golf, alongside its

famous maize maze. The ideal way to keep

kids entertained on rainy days, Aquasplash

boasts a leisure pool with wave machine, two

flumes, one tyre ride and boogie board and

snorkelling sessions, plus a spa area for mum

and dad.

More fun-filled days out can be had at Jersey

Bowl, the island’s 18-lane ten-pin bowling

centre, and the Living Legend Village, which

is equipped with two 18-hole adventure

golf courses and a multi-media recreation of

Jersey through the ages.

Jersey is unrivalled when it comes to history

and heritage and a trip to Elizabeth Castle is

highly recommended. Built on a rocky inlet

of St Austin Bay in the 1500s, the castle is a

grand sight and offers plenty of opportunities

for exploring. The artefacts and stories at

the Jersey Museum date back 250,000 years,

when people first settled on the island, and

cover everything from Neolithic times to the

modern day.

The Jersey War Tunnels should also be added

to your list of places to visit as they provide

a fascinating glimpse of life in times gone by

and an understanding of what life might have

been like for islanders during World War II.

After German forces invaded the Channel

Islands in 1940, they set about constructing

a network of tunnels beneath Jersey, creating

a bombproof ammunition store and artillery

barracks. These islands were the only part of

Great Britain the German army successfully

invaded, and shortly after the occupation,

Adolf Hitler ordered it to be turned into

an ‘impregnable fortress’. Hidden away

underneath the beautiful landscape, Ho8

(Höhlgangsanlage 8) - as it was named – is a

kilometre in length and runs deep into the

heart of the island. Although initially used by

Nazi soldiers to service the heavy weapons

of the German army, as D-Day approached,

it was converted into a casualty clearing

station, with operating theatres and wards,

which can still be seen by visitors today.

If you’re looking to relax and unwind then

the beautiful gardens of Jersey Lavender Farm

are the ideal place to visit. Here, lavender

is grown, harvested and distilled to create

pure essential oils, which form the base of

the farm’s toiletry and perfume products, all

of which are available to buy at the onsite

gift shop.

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a wine

connoisseur, or just fancy a little tipple,

then while away an afternoon at La Mare

Wine Estate. As well as being given a guided

tour of the estate, you can also sample the

wine, learn all about the traditional distilling

process used to create the island’s famous

Jersey Apple Brandy and also see La Mare’s

chocolateire at work.

For more ideas or to get your hands on a

Jersey Pass, visit




Maison des

Landes Hotel,

a registered

charity, caters


for guests

with special

needs and their carers in purpose-built

accommodation. The Hotel caters for up to

49 guests in single, double and family rooms

variably suited to their needs. Guest enjoy

beautiful gardens, an indoor heated swimming

pool with ramps and hoists, games room and a

comfortable licensed lounge.

The tariff includes transfers from airport/port

to hotel and return, full board accommodation

(breakfast, packed lunch and evening meal), day

excursions by specially-equipped minibuses to

places of interest, shopping and evening outings.

The hotel is open for April to October and

all enquiries should be made to the Manager,

Maison des Landes Hotel, St Ouen, Jersey

JE3 2AA.

Tel: 01534 481683 or



The Dolphin Hotel

The Dolphin is

a small friendly

hotel that sits

beneath the 12th

Century Mont

Orgueil Castle.

Set within the


fishing harbour of

Gorey, with views

across to the

French Coast, the

Hotel overlooks

the wide golden

expanse of

Grouville Bay,

which offers

safe bathing and

various water


The popular restaurant has Good Food Guide

recommendations, offers a wide selection of

local produce. The management recommends

that you try cooking on ‘hot rocks’ or our

delicious Plateau Fruit de Mer, for all shellfish


Tel: 01534 853370

Fax: 01534 855343



St Aubin’s Harbour

Despite being just nine miles by five miles

in size, Jersey is an excellent destination

for a holiday, or weekend break. Whether

it’s for all the family, or yourself and a

partner, you will find something to suit all.

St Aubin’s village being its pride and joy,

with a picturesque harbour and quaint little

streets, you’d be mad not to visit!

The Sabots D’or B&B is situated at the heart

of St Aubin’s village on the High Street and

is the ideal accommodation when visiting

Jersey (some would quote the High Street

as being the Gem of Jersey). Owned by

Oliver and Clare and managed by Elke,

Sabots D’or is a family-run B&B and quite

simply home-from-home. It is also ideally

situated for enjoying all of Jersey’s outdoors

activity. With breathtaking walks, country

lanes perfect for cyclists and horse riders,

water-skiing and sailing schools being only

a stone’s throw away.

Elke told Reflect: “We’re the perfect base

for exploring all that our beautiful Island

has to offer. With white sandy beaches and

stunning coves that are ideal for swimming

on your doorstep. The Village also has a

superb selection of

restaurants and bars

to suit every palate

and every budget.

On top of which,

we’re just three

minutes walk from

the nearest bus stop

which leads to all of

Jersey’s attractions.

St Aubin is second to


The Sabots D’or pride themselves on their

breakfasts and warm, welcoming and

friendly atmosphere. Breakfast consists

of tea, herbal teas, filter coffee or hot

chocolate, fresh juice, fresh fruit, yoghurt,

honey and cereals. Followed by a full

English, or if you prefer, yummy scrambled

eggs on toast; cheese/mushroom omelette,

or even kippers are available upon request.

The Sabots D’or are more than happy to

provide guests with anything that will

ensure that their stay is more enjoyable.

Guests may enjoy a leisurely breakfast in the

courtyard with daily papers and magazines

supplied. For guests that have special

dietary requirements,

advance notice is


Also, for £7.75

traditional picnic

hampers filled

with delicious local

produce complete

with blankets and

cushions must be

Picnic at Dusk

experienced. The weekly BBQ is one not

to be missed either, as the homemade

lamb, mint and mozzarella burgers are

exceedingly good. Boogie boards and

kayaks are on offer too if you wish.

With 12 bedrooms, Sabots D’or welcomes

guests young and old and pets too. Also

included WiFi, Sky TV a DVD player and

a good selection of movies for those cold

winter days or long summer evenings.

Elke added: “We’re planning a major

refurbishment over the winter. With new

beds, mattresses and bedding that you will

not want to leave! Also we are hoping to

be able to accommodate disabled guests,

however this is yet to be confirmed.”

A stay at the Sabots D’or is great value for

money, with prices ranging from £32 to £38

per person, per night inclusive of breakfast.

The building itself dates back to 1600 and is

therefore full of character. Where possible

Sabots D’or aim green, buy

local and make their own.

Finally Elke said: “Jersey,

especially St Aubin, really

is worth a visit. People

would not be disappointed

of that I am sure. Also

coming from Jersey, I have

superb local knowledge of

the Island, know all of its

best kept secrets and beauty

spots, some of which are a

must see! Generally people

arrive as guests but leave as

Secret Beauty Spot

The High Street

friends, looking forward to their return stay

with us. Dining alongside the harbour at high

tide on a warm summer evening, with only

a two minute stroll back your place of rest,

what more could you ask for?”

Jersey offers stunning sightseeing, great

places of interest and its capital town, St

Helier, has all the bars and night clubs - you

will be spoilt for choice - and a fantastic

new shopping centre. Jersey’s good

living and fine food gives it an excellent

reputation, ranging from Michelin-star

restaurants, beachside cafes and bistros to

quaint country pubs; all offering a friendly


Please visit for more

information on the Island, or, for more

information, or to book your stay at the

Sabots D’or, please call 01534 743732.

Alternatively, visit or


Reflect Magazine: sponsored by

Lubcloud Dairy 01509 505055

18 Holidays

Holidays Abroad 19

Enjoy Summer 2011

In Great Britain

All Abroad!

Although record numbers of Brits enjoyed a ‘staycation’

this summer, and even more look set to next

summer, if you want a sun-soaked break, away from the

doom and gloom of everyday life where you can truly

recharge your batteries, there’s nothing better than a

break abroad.

A holiday that allows you to truly relax and unwind

with the sun on your back and the stresses ands strains

of everyday life long forgotten, is just what we all need.

Rising unemployment, falling wages and the general

cost of living is making us an increasingly depressed

nation – the answer seems to be a well-earned break

to somewhere hot, sunny and far away.

France attracts around 75 million tourists each year,

and it’s not hard to see why, with attractions like The

Eiffel Tower and Palace of Versailles, as well as the

stunning scenery of Aquitaine, and the wonderful wines

of Burgundy. This amazing country is now even easier

to get to thanks to the new Eurostar terminal at St

Pancras International!

Spain is another Brit holiday hotspot that shows no sign

of losing its charm, despite the recession. The country’s

beautiful beaches are only the beginning of the

wonderful sights to be seen; from street entertainers

on La Rambla, to the ancient tradition of bull fighting,

Spain has something for everyone.

However, recharging your batteries doesn’t have to

cost an arm and a leg; due to the recession, many

travel agents have had to renegotiate various costs,

such as hotel tariffs, meaning a holiday abroad might

just cost you less than you think. If there’s a particular

destination that you want to visit this year and you’re

not too fussed about where you stay or what time you

fly out, you can pick up some amazing bargains – all you

have to do is get online and search.

If you’re after a holiday destination that’ll entertain the

whole family, why not visit the sunshine state; Florida

has everything a family could ever need for a holiday

including theme parks, beaches and golf courses. First

time visitors to the Sunshine State should prepare

themselves for an irresistible charm offensive, whether

riding the latest attraction at Disney World or sipping

a cocktail on a panoramic sunset cruise. For those that

are returning, there’s always something new to discover.

We all love a good holiday, but it seems more

and more of us are choosing the delights of

good ol’ Blighty over the sun-soaked pool

sides of Europe. Figures from the Association

of British Travel Agents show that over the

last two years, the number of holidaymakers

booking domestic breaks and staying in

Great Britain for their summer holiday has

hugely increased.

A holiday event held by Tourism South East

and the Group Travel Organiser publication

in January discovered that most of the show’s

200 holiday exhibitors had enjoyed a very

successful 2009 and were anticipating 2010

to be just as busy. The increase in business

is thought to be the result of the recession,

as more British holiday-makers opted for a

‘stay-cation’ last year over their usual foreign

break. Figures from VisitBritain, Britain’s

national tourism agency, also demonstrate

how the UK enjoyed 20% more visitors in

July 2009 than the previous year.

Also, a poll by popular holiday pack, Butlins,

discovered that 63% of people believe

their British holidays prove to be the most

memorable. However, a survey conducted

last year by Vauxhall found that British

holidaymakers, on average, have only visited

2% of this country’s 1,200 towns and cities.

Out of all these wonderful places, most of

us will only ever visit 28 of Britain’s towns

and cities in our lifetime! We’re all guilty of

choosing the safe option and deciding to

revisit places that we know and love, but

you don’t have to go abroad for a brand

new experience, country houses, coves and

beaches, watersports, rock climbing and

museums, the UK is bursting with something

for everyone to enjoy.

Research by Towergate Bakers Insurance

has listed the five most popular holidays for

Brits this year, with the traditional holiday

on the coast topping the list. The survey of

2000 people found that most families are

looking for a nostalgic break, with many

looking to relive childhood seaside holidays,

rekindling fond memories of donkey rides

and amusement arcades.

The country cottage holiday came in second

place, suggesting many holiday-makers simply

want to escape from it all. As rural retreats

offer the unique chance to relax in peace and

quiet, whilst soaking up the beautiful British

scenery, who can blame them.

The budget caravan break is also seeing a

revival this year as families, as well as young

couples, choose a self-catering, no-frills

holiday. Offering the best of both worlds,

caravanning guarantees to keep you dry

whilst keeping your finances in check. In

fourth place, camping seems to be an ideal

choice, as holidaying on a shoestring can save

you enough cash to be able to splash out a

little while you’re there. After all, what’s a

holiday for if you can’t afford to have any fun?

The survey also saw a surprising choice

creep into fifth place, as canal narrowboat

holidays make an unusual appearance.

However, with this type of holiday being

described as ‘the fastest way to slow down’,

it’s easy to see the attraction. Not only does

a narrowboat offer a comfortable place to

lay your head, it’s also a fantastic way to see

more of the country, as well as giving you a

rare opportunity to experience a different

way of life.

If you’re stuck for ideas, why not purchase

the Great British Heritage Pass, which allows

you to explore Britain on a budget and skip

those pesky queues. Ideal for families, couples

and friends, the Great British Heritage Pass

grants you access to 580 stately homes,

castles and gardens up and down the country,

including Shakespeare’s birthplace. Get yours


Alternatively, why not head to www. for more ideas

Wherever you’re planning to spend

summer 2011, the advice is to book your

accommodation early, as the revival of the

great British holiday looks set to continue!

The Court

Jane Glennie invites a limited number of

house guests to enjoy bed and breakfast

accommodation at her historic home in

the stunning Cotswold village of Chipping


With a roaring open fire and cocoa in the snug

over the winter months and extensive mature

gardens to enjoy during the English summer...

you are sure to feel welcome and relaxed in this

17th Century Cotswold home-from-home.

The Court, Calf Lane,

Chipping Camden GL55 6JQ

Tel: 01386 840201 Email:


The best way to save even more cash is to enjoy a

holiday abroad out of peak season. Thanks to the

warmer weather, holidays in September, October

and even November aren’t out of the question – you

can still enjoy the sun, sights and sounds of a foreign

country but with out the crowds or the dent in your

bank balance.

Casa Juliana

This attractive, single storey villa is in a

residential area, just a few minutes walk to

the sea and a superb selection of restaurants,

bars and shops. It benefits from an electrically

heated swimming pool and walled sunbathing


This bright and

spacious villa is

modern in design

and comfortably

furnished. It has

an open-plan living room with a high vaulted

ceiling and a breakfast bar connecting it to

the well-equipped kitchen. The villa has two

attractive bedrooms. The master bedroom has

a double bed, an en-suite bathroom and there

is a bedroom with twin beds which has the

use of a second, separate bathroom.

Casa Pipa

This excellent, modern villa is part of a small

development of private villas, in a peaceful

location only five

minutes walk to

the beautiful Los

Pocilios beach. A

wide selection of

bars, restaurants

and shops are

within a few minutes walk and the centre of

the resort is a fifteen minute walk away. The

villa benefits from the added luxury of a fiveseater

Jacuzzi Spa. The living room has satellite

television and doors out to the terrace. There

is a modern, well-equipped, fully fitted kitchen

with a breakfast bar and stools.

Contact Gary on mobile: 07766 948519 or

Bradley on 07831 780077

Email: or

If you’re after the holiday of a lifetime, Botswana is

the ideal destination. Offering the very best of Africa,

Botswana is home to the big five (African elephant, lion,

leopard, white rhino and buffalo) ensuring anybody who

chooses this magnificent country for a safari holiday

will see a breathtaking array of wildlife in its natural

habitat, without the commercialised safari conveyer-belt

often found in other African countries.

Feature by Emilyjo Garside

Leigh and Peter’s

Florida Home

Our home is

an extremely



standing on a

large plot which

includes a 30’ x 15’ optional heated, southfacing

swimming pool with Jacuzzi and a large

sundeck area, screened for privacy. Our home is

fully heated and with air-conditioning to suit the

climate needs throughout the year. The property

provides accommodation for eight plus a baby.

A cot, highchair and stroller are provided.

The accommodation includes: king-size master

bedroom with en-suite and corner tub; queensize

bedroom; two twin bedrooms; family room

with cable TV, DVD, videos, free broadband

Internet connection & entertainment

equipment; dining room; fully equipped

modern kitchen; utility room with washer/drier.

Everything is provided for your great family

holiday. Disney park and all other parks are

within 15 - 30 minutes.

Leigh & Peter

c/o Mril Ltd, Unit 5 Oxford Court, St. James Road,

Brackley, Northants, NN13 7XY

Daytime Tel: 01280 700 999

Evening Tel: 01280 700 457


Reflect Magazine: sponsored by

Lubcloud Dairy 01509 505055

20 The Festive Gift Fair


• Top Of The Pops Teens…

Swim proof watches in 15 fabu colours, sports fashion at its

best by Rocks Watches of Herts.

Airpowered soccer disc, a cross between a football and an

ice hockey puck, plus an amazing flying monkey guaranteed

to have you in stitches by The Flying Duck Co of Sussex.

The cleverest thing to be invented for a bicycle since the

handlebars – Be safe and Be seen with unique clip on

indicators by Bicygnals of Surrey.

• Eat, Drink And Be Merry…

Freshly baked cupcakes – glamorous, classy, fun

and cute brought to you by Absolutely Cupcakes

of Dorset.

Dried fruits and nuts in superb gift boxes by The

Walnut Tree of Hertfordshire. Everything you

need to make your favourite cocktails here from

Margaritas to Tequila Sunrise by The Cocktail

Store of Doncaster.

Here’s The Reason

To Be Jolly!

Christmas Is Coming – With So Much To Do And So Little

Time To Do It! But Don’t Worry, Help Is At Hand.

• Handmade Arts and Crafts

• Sparkling Christmas Decorations

• Festive Food and Drink

• Stylish Handbags, Jewellery and Fashion

• Gifts for Cooks and Gardeners

• Great Games and Toys

• Beauty and Health Products

• Home Decorations

• Christmas Cards, Wrap and Ribbons

• Gadgets

• And much, much more

The show has over 300 gift stalls from

all over the country; many freshly

sourced by the organisers, from a

small craft pudding maker in Devon, a

new jeweller from Musselburgh to a

Christmassy table linen company from

Kent. Plus all the old favourites will be

there, so with over 100 NEW stalls,

the show is brimming over with clever

gift ideas that will be hard to find on

the High Street.

Friends and family come for

a fun day out – browsing,

shopping and enjoying

the Festive Christmassy

atmosphere created by the

musicians and entertainers.

They can leave bags full of

shopping at the Present

Creche while they

continue to look around,

or can stop and relax for a bite to eat or a

delicious glass of mulled wine.

Have a sneak preview of some of the 100 NEW stalls this year…

• Big Boys Toys…

Worst beers in the world, ever – humorous packaging

including The Old Fart, Bullshit and Dandelion and

Birdshit! by Direct Beers of Derbyshire.

Big Match lighter – an enormous 40cm in length –

perfect for safe barbecues or a huge Cuban cigar lighter

by The Flying Duck Co of Sussex.

High performance quality DIY tools makes jobs round

the house a breeze by Exakt Precision Tools of Scotland.

• Craft Lovers …

Huge variety of craft and hobby ribbons at fantastic prices by

Fantastic Ribbons of Devon.

Lovingly handcrafted gifts made from reclaimed timber – from

wooden plaques to draught excluders by Tickly Spider of

Leicestershire. Unusual personalised gift ideas – everything has

an initial on it – from chocolate to Christmas decorations, from

bibs to mugs by The Letteroom of Wiltshire.

The three minute-frame – don’t keep treasured photos hidden

away on your camera or computer, print and frame your

favourite digital photo onto artist stretched canvas in less than

three minutes by Proven Products of Nottinghamshire.

• Grandparents…

Pocket-sized portable door-lock as seen on BBC TV keeps

intruders out. Instant room security – perfect for

travelling by Lifelock of Hampshire.

For 75 years, this small family firm have been making

delicious sloe gin and English fruit liqueurs by Foxdenton

Estate Co of Buckinghamshire. Devon based Georgie

Porgie Puddings brings you delicious traditional puddings

the way Grandma used to make them, melt in your mouth

Christmas and steamed puddings.

• Precious Pressies For Mums …

Dress up your jeans with colourful suede loafers and fabulous

hand-woven scarves - soft as a feather and warm as toast by

Zinnia-Gifts of Malvern.

One Designer handbag with endless possibilities - The Miche

Bag that allows you to change the look with interchangeable

outer shells by William Selkin of Nottingham.

Elegant disposable dinner wear - the plastic plate has matured

into a beautiful, elegant item for the smartest of parties by

Smarty Had a Party of Surrey.

Stunning Build-A-Bracelet range taps into the current hot

trend for personalised charm bracelets. By Appleson Agency

of Leeds.

• Fab And Funky Gifts For

Little People …

Character themed toys and old fashioned fabric

books from Entirely 4 kids of Southampton.

Educational puzzles for all ages, all cut by hand,

no two puzzles the same by Active Education of


Life is too short for matching socks, especially

when you can wear bright, fun

mismatched sock by Solmate Socks of


Fantastic selection of musical

instruments from Tortoise toy

xylophone to baby drums from Good

Toy Guide winner Amusica of Rugby.

Ding Dong, Christmas Is Calling and

approaching fast, so book your tickets NOW and

prepare for a magical day at The Festive Gift Fair

18th – 21st November, NEC.

Save money by booking in advance - adult tickets are

just £7.50. Book by phone by calling 0844 581 0808 or

online at Look out for the

special offer ‘Buy 3 tickets and receive a 4th one FREE’.

For more information, visit


Reflect have teamed up with the organisers of the

Festive Gift Fair to offer you the chance to win one of

ten pairs of tickets to this amazing show. All you have to

do is answer this simple question:

Other than Rudolf, name the other eight reindeers

that pull Santa’s sleigh on Christmas Eve?

Send your answer, name and address to Festive Gift

Fair Competition, Reflect Magazine, 3rd Floor, 29

– 35 St Nicholas Place, Leicester LE1 4LD or email (subject:

Festive Gift Comp) before 5pm on Friday 5th


Reflect magazine are not responsible for this competition – we’re

merely promoting it on behalf of the organisers of the Festive Gift

Fair. No alternative prizes will be issued. The winners will be drawn

randomly from all correct entries on Monday 8th November and

sent tickets in the post before the Show begins on November 18th.

Reflect Magazine: sponsored by

Lubcloud Dairy 01509 505055

22 Crafts for Christmas

Advertise With Us 23





With just 10 weeks to go until Christmas,

the countdown is officially on! The gift

sets, chocolate covered treats and festive

decorations are finding their way onto shop

shelves and the general atmosphere on the

High Street is slowly becoming more manic

and seasonal.

If you’re one of those people that leaves

everything until the last minute and usually

spends Christmas Eve sprinting from shop

to shop buying presents for your loved ones,

why not make this year different. The middle

of October is the perfect time to start buying

those presents that you’ve had your eye on

for a while, as well as stocking up on festive

treats and replacing your old and dated

decorations, before the main Christmas panic

sets in.

However, with so much time left until the

festive season is upon us, why not consider

making your own greetings cards for

friends and family this year. There’s an array

of card making kits, stencils and unique

embellishments to create something truly

special. Why not depict a favourite childhood

memory of Christmas Day on a card especially

for your parents or put your children’s names

on the front of their cards to put a smile on

their little faces.

Alternatively, you could even start making gifts

for your loved ones…

Knitting has steadily increased in popularity

over the last decade or so and 21st Century

knitters are no longer stereotypical fuddyduddy

grannies relaxing in an armchair; they’re

fashion-conscious women of all ages. There are

so many things you can make when knitting,

from a basic scarf to a unique jumper, or more

complicated items such as socks and dresses.

And, there’s an array of fresh and exciting

wools and fibres, yummy yarns, and lovely

laceweights available to knit with.

Quilting can produce some stunning, unique

pieces that complement any room. From wall

hangings to patchwork bed quilts, the perfect

handmade quilt can turn your house into a

home. There a hundreds of mouth-watering

fabrics ideal for quilting, but they should all be

100% cotton to ensure your quilt is as soft

and comfortable as possible.

If you want to give someone a truly personal

gift, a painting of a favourite place or of a

beloved pet could be just the treat! If you’ve

never picked up a brush before, but fancy

having a go, watercolours are great for

beginners as the gentle colours mean you

can’t go far wrong. By painting something

personal and individual, you can create a

unique piece that your loved one will treasure

for years to come.

Finally, a craft that’s not only great fun, but

also produces some exciting results is candlemaking.

Although candles are now rarely used

for their original purpose – as a light source

– they are a decorative, and often fragranced,

item that graces many mantelpieces in homes

across the country. There are starter kits

available but if you really want to learn how

to make candles properly, why not enrole on

a course and show off your handiwork to

friends and family this Christmas.

Be seen by 15,000 people throughout

Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire...


the bi-weekly lifestyle magazine


the bi-weekly lifestyle magazine



the bi-weekly lifestyle magazine



the bi-weekly lifestyle magazine



Issue 027

Issue 026

Issue 025

Clicketty Clack

Online and Mail Order Knitting & Crochet Yarn Shop

A family-run, local nursery supplying

direct to the public.

Autumn and winter season pot plants and

fruit trees. Christmas trees can be chosen,

and reserved now for collection later, all

sizes from 2 feet to 20, bring the kids and

the wellies! Also poinsettias, Cyclamen

and traditional holly wreaths.


Survival Guide

If you’re one of the thousands

of 18 to 19-year-olds about to

leave home for the first time,

we’ve got some handy words of


Horse of the

Year Show

Taking place at the NEC from

October 6th until 10th, the

HOrse of the Year Show is the

top equestrian event of the


Painting For


With the colours of autumn

almost upon us, why not get

out into the great outdoors and

capture Britain’s beauty with a

paint brush...

All Terrain


Tackling sand, snow, mud, grass

and steep hills with ease, All

Terrain Wheelchairs allow you to

regain your independence and

experience the freedom of the great


To find out more, go to

Steeple Grange

Light Railway

Taking you through some of

Derbyshire’s most breathtaking

scenery, Steeple Grange Light

Railway offers an excellent day out

for all ages, which is why Reflect

have awarded it with a Certificate

of Recognition for Top Days Out.

For more information, turn to page

17 or log onto

Family History

With an increased interest in

finding out more about our

ancestors, why not discover the

secrets of your own family’s


Britain’s Best


With three weeks of the summer

holidays left before the kids

go back to school, we give you

some great beaches to visit...

Cotswold View

Made up of six counties, the

Cotswold Area of Outstanding

Natural Beauty is a great

destination for a weekend

away, a family break or even a

day out this summer...

Steeple Grange

Light Railway

Taking you through some of

Derbyshire’s most breathtaking

scenery, Steeple Grange Light

Railway offers an excellent day out

for all ages. For more information,

turn to page 3 or log onto




Specialist in King Cole yarn, patterns and

all things knitting and crochet

Brochure available, send £3.50 cheque/po payable to Clicketty Clack, Dept R29,

PO Box 131, Princes Risborough, HP27 7AB, or phone 01844 273245 for card

payment. Refundable against first yarn order of £10+


...for all your


needs from

wick & wax

to moulds

Try something new

this Christmas...

E.H. THORNE (Beehives) LTD.


TEL: 01673 858555 fAX: 01673 857004

Tel: 01332 824358 Email: enquiries@

Yeoman Yarns

machine knitting, handknitting,

& crochet wools in cotton, merino, linen,

viscose, acrylic and stretch

.... all by mail order.

Postage is always free on our woolswe

also have a mill shop in Fleckney open Mon-Fri

36 Churchill Way, Fleckney, LE8 8UD

Visit or call 0116 2404464


British Food


Taking place from September

18th until October 3rd, British

Food Fortnight celebrates the best

produce Britain has to offer...


Owning a horse is a big

responsibilty that should not be

taken lightly...

Ryder Cup

Taking place in October in Wales,

the Ryder Cup sees some of

the finest golfers from Europe

and America battle it out for the

ultimate prize...

To advertise your company in

Reflect, call our sales team on

0116 262 8096

Reflect Magazine: sponsored by

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24 Painting for Pleasure




Discover Your Talent With

London Art College

Long-established, with an international

reputation, London Art College

offers a broad range of courses for

everyone from beginners to skilled

artists. Specialising in distance learning

courses, London Art College allows you

to develop your skills from the comfort

of your own home.

Picture yourself sat in the middle of the stunning British countryside, sun shining, with

just the sounds of birds and local wildlife keeping you company; could anything be more

relaxing? This is how serene and calming a painting holiday can be, whatever your location,

and the best thing is that anyone can have a go, no matter what your age or ability.

The closest many of us come to including art in our holidays is by visiting national galleries

and museums, and taking in the most famous pieces of work. Italy’s Sistine Chapel, with

Michelangelo’s magnificent painted ceiling, and The Louvre in France, which is home to

35,000 works of art - including Leonardo Da Vinci’s ‘Mona Lisa’ - are just two of the most

popular places for those looking to soak up some art.

However, with so many of us leading hectic lives, this type of holiday offers the chance to

take life at a slower pace and really learn to enjoy and embrace the great outdoors. Painting

is also therapeutic and has a very calming effect on both the mind and the body.

As most of us now own digital cameras, with access to instant images of the landscape

we’ve just captured, we often ignore the true beauty and detail when admiring views of the

countryside. Taking time to delicately paint or draw the landscape before you is the best

way to truly take in your surroundings and ensure you notice every detail of what’s right in

front of you.

The summer is the perfect time to pick up a brush; the good, dry weather and long days

mean you can sit out for hours, observing and recreating the vast landscape in front of you.

Watercolours are great for beginners and the gentle colours mean you can’t go far wrong,

but experimenting with acrylics and oils, or even trying drawing with pastels or pencils, will

help you to find a medium that’s right for you.

You don’t have to travel far to find something of beauty worth painting, as local parks,

churches and trails are guaranteed provide a great place to start. If you’re already an

experienced artist and are looking to step it up slightly or add a different perspective, there

are many companies that organise painting holidays throughout the UK. Whether that’s the

lush green landscapes of Northern Ireland or the architecture of ancient English castles, a

change of scene means a fresh challenge.

If you can’t afford to indulge your passion and enjoy a painting holiday, you could enrole

on a learn-from-home course, and while away winter evenings painting dreamy summer

landscapes, or springtime beginnings.

Field Studies Council

Arts Courses

Be inspired by the natural world.

Every year the FSC offer over

200 arts courses set in stunning

locations throughout the UK.

Courses cover a range of arts

including painting, drawing, crafts,

history and photography. All courses

have one thing in common, the use

of the natural world as inspiration.

• Weekend courses start from £165

• All tutored by experienced artists

• Range of levels from complete

beginners to the more advanced

• Course fee includes full board and


Call 01743 852100 for a brochure

or visit

Founded in 1931 by a distinguished group

of art editors and illustrators, London Art

College aims to provide aspiring artists,

illustrators and cartoonists with high

quality courses they can complete at

their own convenience. Director, Alison

Douglas-Jones, says: “London Art College

teaches students from all over the

world and the flexibility we offer allows

individuals to sign up for courses at any


When it comes to finding a course that

suits your interests and career aspirations,

London Art College have a huge range

to choose from. From Beginners Drawing

to Introduction to Painting, Pet Portraiture

to History of Art, wherever your interests

lie, there is a course to suit your needs.

The college’s Diploma courses, which

are suitable, both for beginners and

experienced artists who are looking for

new skills, are amongst their most popular

and many students are now choosing

the Illustrating Children’s Books Diploma

in order to develop their talents into a

career. For those looking to expand

their portfolio there are also Diplomas in

Painting and Drawing, Cartooning, Art

in Graphic Design, History of Art and Pet


For those who have always dreamt of

picking up a pencil or painting brush,

there are numerous Certificate courses to

get you started. All suitable for beginners

and beyond, the Certificate courses

include Botanical Illustration, Coloured

Pencils Drawing Course, Landscapes, Life,

Oils, Pastels, Portraiture and many, many


Once a student has signed up for their

chosen subject a complete course pack

is sent out. This includes written and

illustrated guidance, which aims to help

the student develop their skills at their

own pace. At various points during the

course the student will be asked to submit

between two and four pieces of work to

their tutor, who will assess the work and

offer advice on how to improve their


Flexibility is the key to London Art

College’s success; students may start

their course at any time during the year

and the flexibility offered by the college

means they are given two years to

complete it. However, the pace you

work at is completely up to you, as Alison

explains: “We recommend four hours per

week for each course, but obviously we

realise that individuals have other aspects

to their lives, such as families and full-time

jobs, which is why it is down to them to

set their own pace. The majority of our

Certificate students complete the work

within six months and Diploma courses

are generally completed after 12 months.

However, we allow up to two years for

completion for all of our courses.”

Having taught hundreds of students from

across the globe, London Art College

regularly receives great feedback:

“Although I hold a Fine Arts Degree,

I found your course very useful as

it covered my particular interest in

illustration in a way the Degree course

didn’t. John Cameron was very helpful as

my mentor...”

“The course book is refreshingly direct.

I thoroughly enjoyed doing the course

which gradually introduces you to

different artistic approaches and ideas...”

“I did find the last series of exercises

challenging. I enjoyed doing it and with

the completion of every piece, I feel

more confident and excited about going


Alison adds: “London Art College offers

students a wide range of courses and are

the only college in the UK to offer such a

breadth of art courses. The quality of our

teaching is exceptionally high; our tutors

are very experienced, they build up an

excellent rapport with the students and

the majority are specialists with teaching


Prices for short courses start from £155,

Certificates from £255 and Diplomas

range from £255 to £395.

To discover more about London Art

College and the courses they offer, visit

To sign yourself up, call 0800 328 0465 or


26 Ski & Snowboard Show

The Kit-Car Show 27

Experience VIP-

Ski At The All

New Ski And

Snowboard Show

Kick Back And Relax In The

Exclusive Aosta VIP Lounge

Reflect Magazine: sponsored by

Lubcloud Dairy 01509 505055

All The Kit You Need

There’s no greater thrill than driving a car

built by your own fare hand. The kit-car

industry has grown in popularity over

recent decades and now offers enthusiasts

a range of over 220 kit-cars. Amongst this

is a range of over 100 replica historic cars,

including the Lotus 7 and AC Cobra.

The concept of kit-cars dates back to the

1890s when Englishman, Thomas Hyler

White, developed a design for a car that

could be assembled at home. It wasn’t until

the 1950s that the concept really took off!

Kit-cars allow ordinary people in ordinary

garages with ordinary tools to create

amazing pieces of machinery. However,

before you begin, you must do your

research. Look on the Internet and in kitcar

magazines (Kit Car and Which Kit) to

determine what style and specs (i.e. engine

size) you want from a kit-car and to clarify

your budget. A kit-car’s major mechanical

parts usually come from one or more donor

vehicles and kits can vary in completeness,

from single parts to a complete set.

Once you have decided upon the ideal car

for you, choose a company who stocks

all the parts for the car as well as offering

advice and after sales care to ensure your

kit-car journey is as smooth as can be.

Never buy a kit-car with out a) talking to

the designer and manufacturer and b) taking

a test ride in the passenger seat. These will

help you determine if your chosen car is

really the one for you!

Once your kit-car is complete, don’t forget

to get it insured. Kit-cars aren’t immune to

the usual road hazards, such as theft, break

down and accidents so make sure you

spend some hard earned money protecting

your new baby.

If you’re interested in kit car building,

Reflect would like to recommend The Great

Western Kit & Car Builder Show, which is

taking place next weekend (23rd and 24th

October) at Westpoint in Exeter (junction

30 of the M5).

Show highlights include:

• Over 50 manufacturers

• Over 50 Trade Stands

• Lots of top quality kits and new cars

• Ride the Westfield Slalom

• See the launch of the Exocet – stand M109

• MI6 Cars launch the new Quantum body

kit fitted on the Toyota Supra - Stand M58

Open: 10am to 5pm daily

Tickets: Adults £11, children (12 years and

under) £2 - Kit Car Drivers with their cars

enter free!

For more information on the show, please


The Ski and Snowboard Show descends on

London’s Olympia this October and for the

first time ever will include an exclusive VIP

lounge for some après-ski (show) relaxation.

There are only 500 exclusive VIP tickets

available, each offering access to the Aosta

Valley VIP Lounge, where guests can sample a

delicious taster menu, as well as a front row

seat at the Land Rover Mountain Theatre

with inspiring talks by top names such as

Sir Ranulph Fiennes OBE and Everest God

Kenton Cool.

Attendees with nerves of steel can put them

to the test at the Land Rover Ice Driving

Experience, all new for this year’s show.

This exhilarating experience offers you the

opportunity to test out the handling of 4x4

vehicles over a variety of terrains, including a

purpose built 30m ice road outside the show!

VIP tickets will also include a goodie bag

stuffed with winter sports goodies, such as

a Salomon Lord Rucksack RRP £70* and

a four-issue subscription to the Daily Mail

Ski and Snowboard Magazine RRP£15.96*,

ensuring visitors are fully equipped for the

winter season. VIP tickets range from £42 for

weekday tickets and £47 for weekend tickets.

(*Available to the first 500 tickets bought) VIP

tickets can be purchased here: http://www.


Get inspired as Michelin star chef and

OBE Heston Blumenthal sets up camp at

Les 3 Vallees Resort Bar to judge the 3

Vallees Cook Off**, or simply soak up the

atmosphere and enjoy the live acoustic sets at

the Whistler Après Ski Area

This year’s action packed show also includes:

• Trespass Big Air Competition Kicker hosts

the London Ride and British Snow Tour

Invitational Championship with Europe’s

finest set to catch some serious big air

• Land Rover Fashion Show & Brand Arena

showcasing the hottest snowsports attire

for the 2010 winter season

Opening Times:

Wednesday 20th – Friday 22nd October,

11am – 9pm

Saturday 23rd October, 10am - 8pm

Sunday 24th October, 10am – 6pm

Ticket Prices:

Weekday Advance - Adult £9, Student £7,

Senior £6, 11-16 yrs £4, VIP £42

Weekend Advance - Adult £13, Senior

£7.50, 11-16 yrs £6

Weekday On Door - Adult £12, Student

£8.50, Senior £7, 11-16 yrs £5

Weekend On Door - Adult £16, Senior

£8.50, 11-16 yrs £7, VIP £47

Under 11’s go FREE

* Sir Ranulph Fiennes will only be appearing

at the show on Friday 22nd October. The full

schedule for the Mountain Theatre speakers

is available here: http://www.metrosnow.

rover_mountain_theatre/ tickets start from

£5 & seats are limited so advanced booking

is advisable.

** The 3 Vallees is giving visitors the chance

to come up with 3 gourmet Alpine finger

food dishes to create in front of celebrity

chefs at the Ski and Snowboard Show. Two

competitors will compete each day in a bid

to win a holiday to the 3 Vallees. To enter


vallees-in-london.280/ Heston Blumenthal will

be a guest judge of the Cook Off on Friday

22nd October from 4 – 6pm and following

with a Q&A session.

For more information, or to book tickets,





Servicing, Repairs

Personal Friendly Service

Redline Oil Distributors



Tel: 01435 812706 Eve: 01424 424506










Tel: 0113 248 8788 Fax: 0113 248 9619



The Name For World Class Seating

All of our products are handcrafted to exacting

standards. Built from only the best materials available

these seats are made of steel frame and not fibreglass

like other inferior products. Combine that with the

high quality foam and finest quality leather or vinyl

and you can be sure that you are sat on the best built

seats for your pride and joy.

NEW Cobra IVA Complaint

Specialist in replica Cobra Interiors

including dash and door cards for all

major manufacturers.

(01623) 400660

Reflect Magazine: sponsored by

Lubcloud Dairy 01509 505055

28 The Kit-Car Show



Xtreme Works, Loddiswell, Kingsbridge, Devon TQ7 4DU

Tel: 01548 550660

Sebring International

Sebring International is a

family owned business that has

been trading at our premises

at Three Holes, Wisbech,

Cambridgeshire since 1994.

We welcome visits from

our customers to follow the

factory build progress and we

endeavour to support our selfbuild

customers throughout

their build programme.

At Sebring International

we try to accommodate

our customer’s individual

requirements within the

constraints of the IVA test.

Sebring International’s range

of classically styled sports

cars makes a statement that

is distinctive and unique in

today’s mass production world.

Combining timeless good looks

with modern mechanical design

and technology. With their low

aggressive stance, spectacular

performance, and unsurpassed

road holding, Sebring’s are fun

to drive and a pleasure to own.

The Sebring is truly a car for

the discerning motorist who

demands performance with


Lots Bridge Works,Three Holes, Nr Wisbech,

Cambridgeshire, PE14 9JL.

Telephone: 01354 638678 Fax: 01354 638640



the zero




01623 860 990

great british sports car ltd

Robin Hood House, Maun Way, Boughton Nr Newark, NG22 9ZD

Office: 01623 860 990 | E: | |

Reflect Magazine: sponsored by

Lubcloud Dairy 01509 505055

30 Steam

Dave Page Engineering 31


Full Steam



David Page


When we think of steam, we often think of

the white mist that streams out of our kettle

as we wait anxiously for it to boil, but steam

that can be used as a source of energy is

actually vaporised water. This completely

invisible gas has a temperature of around

100 degrees Celsius at standard atmospheric

pressure, and occupies about 1,600 times

the volume of liquid water.

The Ancient Greeks were the first to

recognise and harness the power of steam

when Hero of Alexandria used a kind of

turbine to produce, what many must have

thought of as a magical event, the automatic

opening of temple doors. This knowledge

was lost with the Greek civilization and

didn’t emerge again until Thomas Savery,

an English military engineer and inventor

patented the first crude steam engine in


However, the most notable contributor to

the history of the steam engine is James

Watt, a Scottish inventor and mechanical

engineer. He made significant improvements

to the steam engine including the 1769

patent for a separate condenser connected

to a cylinder by a valve. Unlike previous

engines, Watt’s design had a condenser that

could be cool while the cylinder was hot.

Watt’s engine soon became the dominant

design for all modern steam engines and

helped bring about the Industrial Revolution.

Steam power has dwindled in popularity

over the last century with diesel and electric

trains replacing steam in the years following

World War II. However, with increased

awareness, and media coverage, of how

much carbon we’re emitting into the air as

we travel, steam-powered rail travel is once

again increasing in popularity.

The steam engine still plays an important

part in today’s industrial society. Nuclear

energy could not be harnessed without the

use of a steam engine, as nuclear reactor

does not directly generate mechanical or

electrical energy. It simply heats or boils the

water. It is the steam engine that converts

the heat energy into useful energy.

For those looking for a day out that

combines old-fashioned charm with views of

Britain’s beautiful scenery, a visit to one of

our country’s many steam railway attractions

is a must. There are many locations up and

down the country where you can take a trip

back in time and enjoy a ride on one of the

oldest forms of transport.

Nowadays there’s a whole steam revival

happening across the UK and there are

a great number of museums and rallies

offering visitors the chance to learn all

about our country’s railways. Although the

many summer steam rallies, that take place

up and down the country, with full-size

relics and miniature replicas on display, have

finished for 2010, you can still recapture the

memories of a by-gone era by visiting one of

the many restored heritage railways that can

be found in and around the Reflect region.

You could even take up a steam related

hobby. Hobbies are good for us, keeping our

minds active and stimulated whilst we’re

away from work. A study, conducted in 2009

by the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, found that

engaging in a hobby, like knitting, making a

patchwork quilt, or even reading a book can

delay the onset of dementia – what better

reason could you need?!

A Modern Business

With A Future Firmly Based In The Past

Based in the county of Lincolnshire, Lynx

Model Works is a thriving specialist Precision

Engineering business, specialising in Steam

Engines of all kinds. Formed in 2002 by John

Clarke, the recently expanded Lynx Model

Works workforce of 14 engineers produce

beautiful models and full-sized steamboat

engines and their component parts, including

fully tested coal-fired boilers.

In the last six years, they have built some 45

live steam locomotives for discerning clients,

in all gauges from gauge 1 to 10 ¼” gauge. All

are coal fired, passenger-hauling replicas of

famous full-sized locomotives from the past.

Real Live Steam Coal Fired locomotives are

made in any gauge/scale from 2 ½” to 10 ¼”

Gauge to individual order. Traction Engines

to 4” scale, Model and full-size Stationery and

Steam Launch Engines are also produced to

order. All products built and offered by Lynx

Model Works are customer driven, as they

specialise in producing individual items to

fulfil client’s wishes.

John is extremely experienced; he has over

38 years’ experience in producing live steam

locomotives, traction engines, stationary and

steam launch engines. It’s this experience

combined with his knowledge and his

excellent workforce that has led Reflect to

award Lynx Model Works with an Annual

Diamond Certificate of Recognition 2010.

On hearing the news, John said: “We’re

delighted to receive this Annual Certificate. It’s

nice to know that other people recognise the

excellent quality of our products, which we

are extremely proud to produce. I’m looking

forward to the future of the company and

offering something unique.” Last year Reflect

also awarded Lynx Model Works with a

Certificate of Recognition for Engineering


Lynx Model Works is an Association of

Companies, including Lynx Model Works Ltd,

Lynx Model Boilers Ltd, Lynx Model Paint and

Machining Services Ltd, Live Steam Kits Ltd

and Lynx Model Restorations Ltd.

T: 01507 479666 | W: www.lynxmodelworks. | E:

Ever since building his first steam

engine at school, David Page has

held a lifelong passion for engineering

and steam locomotives. So, what

better way to turn his passion into a

business than by establishing Page


Founded over ten years ago, and

with the engineering discipline

that underpins their designs and

production, Page Engineering are THE

specialists in Burrell Road Locomotives.

They consider that the Burrell Road

Locomotive, along with the Burrell

Scenic Showman’s Engine, represents

the peak of design and function in the

field of traction engines.

Page Engineering is bucking the

current market trends – in March 2009,

they moved into a new workshop.

David told us why he’s decided to

move from the place he’s spent the

last 10 years: “Firstly, my workshop

space was split over two sites, meaning

production wasn’t as efficient as it

could be. Secondly, the workshop

space had become increasingly

cramped over the last few months we

were there – I came to the conclusion

that we’d outgrown the Newcastle

Emlyn site so it was time to move. I

found a brand new factory unit at

Llandysul Enterprise Park in Ceredigion

that was perfect. It was a big operation

to move everything but we settled in

quite quickly.”

Only buying in the casting, every other

aspect of the engine is built by David:

“We build every single piece and even

manufacture the gears. In addition

to the individual parts, we can supply

fully assembled and finished units, like

wheels and boilers.”

Offering individually handcrafted, half

size versions of these classic engines

(this is six-inch scale), Page Engineering

build to the highest standards and their

services are available across the UK.

David not only specialises in steam

engines, but he also applies his skills to

the restoration of steam engines, as

well as developing a complete single

cylinder version of the engine, which is

cheaper and less work. A full range of

six-inch castings is available and they

also offer:

• A fully certified boiler

construction service

• A full wheel building and

assembly service

• Full gear cutting service

• A high quality machining

facility to fabricate your personal


Due to the rapidly changing cost of

some of the materials used, prices

do vary. However, Page Engineering

guarantee the best service, with the

quality reflected in the price.

David adds: “Customer care is

important to us, and we strive to offer

a flexible and supportive service at

all times. I enjoy doing what I do and

approach every new job with the same

enthusiasm I had twenty years ago!”

As part of a new development, David

recently embarked on a project to

develop a complete single cylinder

version engine. Inspired by the

construction of an agricultural engine

back in 1899, David explained more: “I

usually work on two cylinder engines,

however I thought it would be quite

a good idea to construct a single

cylinder version. I recently attended

the Great Dorset Steam Fair, and after

mentioning my plans to a few people,

I have had enormous interest and

several orders, even though they are

still in development! I really enjoy doing

what I do and I see this as a completely

new and exciting challenge!”

Reflect recently awarded Dave

with an Annual Bronze Certificate of

Recognition as a reward for all his hard

work over the years.

For more information, contact Page


Tel: 01559 364 807

Mobile: 07791 479633



Page Engineering

Founded over ten years ago, and

with the engineering discipline

that underpins their designs and

production, Page Engineering are

THE specialists in Burrell Road


For more information,

call 01559 364 807

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