School Prospectus - Prince Henrys Grammar School

School Prospectus - Prince Henrys Grammar School

Prince Henry’s Grammar School

S p e c i a l i s t L a n g u a g e C o l l e g e

proud of the pasT - prepared for the future

Welcome to Prince Henry’s......

I am delighted to introduce you to Prince Henry’s Grammar School Specialist Language College, a thriving

and successful secondary school with over 1400 students. Prince Henry’s has a rich history dating back to its

Royal Charter of 1607 when the core values of hard work, discipline, high achievement and ‘virtue’ were first

established. Such high standards really matter to me – in both the academic and the broadest sense of the

word. I am proud of the well-deserved excellent reputation the school has achieved within the local and wider


Prince Henry’s has a successful past and present,

but it is also a forward looking and dynamic

organisation, committed to seeking excellence in

the future. Language College status has helped

to place the school at the forefront of educational

progress, providing an educational experience that

is international, technological and vocational. As

Headteacher I lead a highly qualified team of teaching

and associate staff, dedicated to the continuous

improvement of our educational provision. We aim to

ensure that all of our students are fully prepared for

the challenges of our 21st century society.

At Prince Henry’s Grammar School we value each and

every one of our students and they are at the very

centre of all that we do. By recognising their unique

needs and aspirations, providing equal opportunities

and a caring environment, our students are able to

flourish and achieve their best.

I hope you will want to visit us and experience

our vibrant school for yourself. I look forward to

welcoming you to Prince Henry’s Grammar School

Specialist Language College.

Janet Sheriff


Prince Henry’s

Grammar School is

a good school with

outstanding features.

Ofsted 2007

Students enjoy learning, show

concern for others and take

pride in their school.

Ofsted 2007

Standards in English, mathematics and

science are well above average by the end

of Key Stage 3. Significantly more students

go on to gain five or more top grades in

GCSE, including English and mathematics,

than is found nationally.

Ofsted 2007

An Inclusive School

Excellence in Teaching and Learning

Central to the success of our school is high-quality teaching and learning. This, combined

with a rich and varied curriculum, designed to enable individual students to reach their full


At Prince Henry’s we aim to provide all students

with a stimulating educational experience that

widens their perspective on life. Staff impart

knowledge, but also challenge students to think

for themselves and equip them with the lifelong

learning skills that are essential for success in our

rapidly changing world.

In Key Stage 3, all students follow the same

broad curriculum: Art, English, French or Spanish,

Geography, History, ICT, Mathematics, Music,

Physical Education, Religious Studies, Science,

German (from Year 8) and Technology.

In Key Stage 4, in addition to the core curriculum

comprising English, Mathematics, Science,

Technology, Physical Education, Religious Studies,

and Modern Foreign Languages, students can

select the subjects that particularly interest

them. Various ‘pathways’– including vocational

programmes and college-based options – are also


The vast majority of students opting to continue

their studies post-16 choose to do so at Prince

Henry’s. In recent years our position as one of the

highest achieving non-selective Sixth Forms in the

country has also attracted an increasing number

of external students.

Students rise to the high expectations their

teachers have of them and respond positively

to quite sophisticated questioning techniques

designed to make them think more deeply about

subject matter.

Ofsted 2007

Students make good progress

as a result of challenging and

skilful teaching.

Ofsted 2007

Students’ attendance is

good and their behaviour is

excellent, as a result of high

expectations. Care, support

and guidance are outstanding.

Ofsted 2007

Student Support and Development........

A Climate of Success

At Prince Henry’s we are committed to providing equality of access and a school climate in

which every student is able to achieve his or her best. Our high expectations are set within

a caring and supportive framework, based on high standards of work and behaviour and

respect for the individual.

Positive Discipline is central to the life of

our school, and ensures that students aspire

to the very highest standards. This system,

underpinned by a consistent set of traditional

values, rewards students for what they do well,

whilst also providing a framework within which

misdemeanours are challenged and sanctioned in

a consistent manner.

This is a strongly inclusive comprehensive school, where more vulnerable

groups of students consistently make better than expected progress as

a result of excellent care, support and guidance.

Ofsted 2007

We are rightly proud of our “Inclusion

Chartermark”, awarded in recognition of the

school’s commitment to meeting the specific

needs of all students.

An Inclusive School

Student Voice.......Student Leaders

Our students influence what happens in their school: We listen carefully to what our young

people say about their education at Prince Henry’s. The excellent relationships in the

school mean that students have the confidence to share their views and feelings regularly.

In addition, the Student Council (made up of representatives from every Year Group) and

subject focused evaluation activities provide more structured routes for communication with

school leaders.

We continually strive to develop the leadership

skills of our students. Giving them a voice so

they can raise issues, share their opinions and

shape their educational experience is just one

example. We ensure our students have a wide

range of opportunities to develop as leaders. For

example, some students are regularly involved in

mentoring and supporting younger students in

the school, while others run the school’s Amnesty

International group or are part of the Fairtrade

group to highlight national or global issues they

believe to be important.

Students’ commitment to taking responsibility for

their world demonstrated through their membership

of the Eco Group, the Drugs Squad or by simply

making sure their classroom’s waste paper is

recycled, was striking.

Ofsted 2007

Students are confident

that they influence

the school through

consultation and the

school council.

Ofsted 2007

High numbers of students participate

in a wide range of enrichment activities

during and after the school day.

Ofsted 2007

Beyond the classroom

We believe that there is much more to education than simply what happens in the classroom.

Students are encouraged to take part in the many activities that run at break times, lunch

times and after school as part of a vibrant enrichment programme. This includes art, music,

drama, sport and technology activities.

There are many other one-off events and

activities including curriculum-related visits to

places such as theatres, museums and work


Other activities such as cultural exchanges and

Duke of Edinburgh expeditions take place much

further afield.

An Inclusive School

Broadening Horizons: A Specialist Language College

Our students enjoy unique opportunities in terms of learning languages and experiencing

other cultures. As well as building upon the language they started learning at primary school

(French or Spanish), all students take up German as a second language, and even follow

a short course in Mandarin Chinese. There are also options to study other languages such

as Italian and to follow a “fast track” route to GCSE. Such privileged access to languagelearning

will ensure that they are exceptionally well prepared for the world of work in a

global economy.

At Prince Henry’s, being a Specialist Language

College is about much more than learning

foreign languages, however. It is about putting

internationalism at the heart of everything we do.

We want our young people to appreciate what

makes the world such a rich and varied place, and

in a typical year some 350 students participate in

a foreign visit to countries such as France, Spain,

Germany, Italy, China, South Africa and Russia.

We also open our doors to visitors from around

the world.

Students talk positively about what

they have learned from visiting foreign

countries and from the many overseas

students who visit the school to talk

about their cultures and experiences.

Ofsted 2007

Very productive links with several

schools around the world, supported by

imaginative curricular events, visits, and

the use of video-conferencing, have led

students to have an impressive level of

cultural understanding.

Ofsted 2007

The specialism has also

contributed to the students’

personal development, in

particular their strong awareness

of their global citizenship.

Ofsted 2007

The impact of the specialism in languages has had a very

positive effect on standards and achievement. Interest in

learning languages is now thriving (...). Students’ success

in language examinations makes a significant contribution

to the good overall achievement of students in the school.

Ofsted 2007

Most of all, being a Specialist Language College

is about equipping our students with an

understanding of their rights and responsibilities

as citizens of the global community. Students

explore global issues such as fairtrade, the

environment, human rights and conflict resolution

through special Global Citizenship Days and

specific projects, as well as through the regular

curriculum. Many subjects are involved in ongoing

collaborative projects with schools in other

countries, where students work with and learn

from young people from around the world. We

have strong links with schools in a dozen different

countries, including much valued partnerships

with Xuejun High School, Hangzhou (China) and

Earlington Secondary School, Durban (South Africa).

We were delighted to become the first high school

in Leeds to achieve the British Council’s prestigious

International Schools Award, and the first in the

entire country to receive the top level of the Global

Schools Award.

An Inclusive School

Partnerships for Success

A strong partnership between parents, students and school is fundamental to student

success. We aim to foster this partnership: Student planners, the school’s Newsletters, the

internet, Parents’ Evenings and Review Days are just some of the important channels of

communication in this partnership.

A 21st century school cannot succeed in isolation.

This is why we are continually developing and

strengthening our partnerships with other

educational institutions, work based learning

providers and individuals and groups from the


Prince Henry’s is very much a part of Otley and

the wider community. Its history and traditions

make it the concern of the community, who value

the school’s good name and guard its interests. In

return, the school and its students work with the

community through a wide range of initiatives.

This provides support for local groups, but also

gives our young people leadership and life


We see ourselves as a community resource –

many local clubs, societies and individuals make

use of the Sports Centre, Swimming Pool, Playing

Fields and other facilities. We also run our own

Community Education Programme. This includes

a wide range of leisure, creative, healthy living,

computer and language courses - all receiving a

direct subsidy from Specialist Language College




Prince Henry’s Grammar School

S p e c i a l i s t L a n g u a g e C o l l e g e

Farnley Lane, Otley, West Yorkshire LS21 2BB

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