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Independent Consultant, National Vice President

Stella Walker Nation; Dalhart, TX

In my journey with Arbonne, which began in January of 1992, a recurring

theme has surfaced many times. The theme that defines my Arbonne experience

is: Make a decision; create a vision.

Years ago, while sitting in a Boston restaurant with ENVP Joyce Owens, I

heard her say, “I think I will go ahead and go for Area.” Joyce and I were

both District Managers at that time and I found it fascinating that Joyce said

she had decided what she was going to do next. As part of her inner circle of

friends and business associates, I was able to watch her achieve what she set

out to do and much more.

My route took a lot longer, but I experienced my own epiphany of deciding

to reach Nation on October 31, 2005 after a crucial conversation with ENVP

Sonja Peach. I called Sonja with a lot of excitement regarding the retreat coming

up the next month. Sonja wanted to talk about my numbers. A few months

earlier in June, Sonja and I planned a retreat that was going to take place in

November of 2005. All of the qualifications for the retreat were definitely conducive

to our promoting to Nation. All of the signs were pointing toward one

inevitable direction. So within a few moments, my life and the lives of several

other people would never be quite the same. After midnight on the night of

October 31, an e-mail from the Home Office announced an extension of the

close until 2 p.m. the next day. In the middle of the night, I made the decision

to go for it, to put it out there that we were going for Nation. What if I said it

and then did not do it?

On an earlier date, posters had been plastered all over my house that said,

“NVP, May 2005.” May 2005 came and went without the expected celebration.

But five months later, Sonja believed we could qualify for Nation. The

weekend prior, I had read a little e-book message that I incorporated into

my evening reading. There was no pressure to perform anything except read

certain words to yourself and allow them to work on your subconscious mind.

Here are the words, with a few I added myself: Faith, praise, concentration,

peace, poise, harmony, goodwill, non-resistance, justice, freedom, guidance,

wisdom, understanding, inspiration, intelligence, memory, law and order,

spirit, health, strength, energy, activity, vitality, power, life, youth, success, happiness,

alertness, resourcefulness, persistence, achievement, mastery, prayer,

grace, confidence and magnify. I read those nourishing words for the first time

on October 30 th . I wrote in the margin of the book in several places, “NVP,

NVP now, and top NVP.”

That crucial conversation with Sonja was followed by an immediate conversation

with AM Amy McDonald to find out if she was willing to go ahead and

decide to go for Region … now! She and her team stepped up and took the

challenge. Amy Promoted to RVP on December 1, 2005.

I would not trade anything for the personal growth I earned in this 14-year

process. What I have seen is if you work your Arbonne business, you have

Barry and Stella in Hawaii.

Stella with sister, Mary Wallace; husband, Barry

and Boog Wallace.

Granddaughters, Cianna, Baylee, Brynn and Brooklyn Walker,

enjoying a tea party at Mimi’s house.

BACK: Mary Hunzinger, Danya Martin, Audrey Johns and Pat Moore. FRONT: Kim Kennedy,

Margie Hanke, Vicki Haynes, Karina Ruthenberg, Vicki Ware and Nancy Cieszykowski.

AM Michele Sires, AM Margy Westfahl, RVP Debbie Graber and Stella.

the potential to get paid. It is that simple. It is the most equitable form

of work I know of, with the potential for all of the freedom and fringe

benefits that you want to give yourself. You decide to go to the next

level if you want.

people blossom and grow, gain confidence and achieve, work hard and

watch them not quit before payday? Where else do you get to watch

someone make a comeback after everything had fallen apart? As a new

Nation, I can begin to unwrap the many gifts that have been waiting to

be opened for a very long time.

Finding a system that duplicates was necessary for taking us out of that

five-year comfort zone of ERVP to Nation. In June of 2005, I read a

book that explained the concept of network marketing in such a way

that excited me to the core. The successful process of duplication was

emphasized in it. This system, coupled with the Arbonne=REsults TM

method, put us into an unstoppable momentum. Our system includes a

getting-started checklist and a what-to-do-next list. Running the business

with these tools has been a big factor in helping our Consultants catch

the vision. Thank you, Arbonne, for providing all the tools that help with

efficiency, duplication and the ability to move to any level we “decide”

to go for. It took a long time for me to realize and learn that I needed to

decide to go for it. Make a decision; create a vision.

Capitalizing on momentum is key. Once you break your own belief

barrier, it becomes so much more exciting and fun to offer the Arbonne

opportunity. With a sense of urgency, you see yourself wanting to offer

the opportunity to everyone and letting them explore for themselves

whether it is a fit for their life. Even when momentum is working and

you have made the decision to move forward, does it fall into place?

No, there are obstacles at many corners that could stop you in your

tracks. Being successful in Arbonne, or at anything else, is not for the

fainthearted. Making the decision is a great backdrop that helps back

you up when things do not go your way.

With the obstacles and hard work comes an incredible way of life.

Where else can you offer someone your lifestyle and see them achieve

and live their dreams, simply because you had a vehicle to offer them

the ride of their life? Where else do you get the opportunity to watch

success strategy:

Be who you are, and through

faith, give your life daily to

earning, loving and contributing.

Having the potential to live life beyond financial stress has been a huge

blessing. It is amazing what the mind can wrap itself around when it is

not consumed with stress. Living more comfortably allows one to give

more. Finding out about a need and being able to anonymously help

out is fun, such as adopting a child living in Africa. That helps them and

enlarges the heart here at home.

Arbonne is a business of relationships. You must surround yourself with

positive people who want to grow, and with movers and shakers who

want to do something. Do not allow the naysayers and dreamstealers to

occupy your life and your time. I handpicked the people who populate

my business and my life. As a result, I treasure my relationships with my

SuccessLine, as well as my crossline.

My Arbonne friends are too numerous to mention, but I want to mention

one crossline friend, Beta Wright. Beta has been there to work, laugh

and plan with me, and learn from. Thank you, Beta. RVPs, Debbie

Graber and Kim Brown are my dear friends and business associates.

RVPs, Amy McDonald and Patti Grant have been truly amazing to

work with. Their tenacity and determination are great examples of the

Arbonne spirit.

Some of our other emerging leaders are AMs, Nancy Cieszykowski,

Christine Backs, Susan Clayton, Michele Sires, Wendy Kitchen,

Lisa McIntire, Ann Kimble, Melody Berry, Dorisse Gleason; DMs,

Tammie Binderup, Cheryl Allen, Michele Fields, Deb Hagerman, Mary

Hunzinger, Tami Burkhart, Carolyn Moody, Nance Woods and so

continued ...

Stella and ERVP Beta Wright.

BACK: AM Patti Grant, DM Tammie Binderup, DM Christine Backs, Stella and Julie Stephens.

FRONT: RVP Amy McDonald, DMs Amy llies, Vickie Haynes, Sharon Kreie and Tammy Wilson.

many more! We would not be here had it not been for all the other

District Managers (soon-to-be AMs and RVPs) and every Consultant

in our Nation. Thank you for your efforts and for pulling together to

reach this goal.

ENVP Sonja Peach is my friend and mentor. I treasure her wisdom and

knowledge that she so eloquently makes available, and has been there

at some pivotal times. ENVP Neta Irwin is loved by all of us. Her encouragement

has been valued and appreciated through the years.

President Rita Davenport cared enough to have several conversations

with me that captured my attention over the years. Because of her words

to me at a luncheon in Enid, Oklahoma, back in 1998, I took a different

look at Arbonne and my position at that time, and consequently, I am

an NVP today. Thank you, Rita. You have touched and affected my life

more than once.

Our Home Office staff, as well as our VP Support Team, have been

warm, professional and fair over the years. They have listened and

made so many things great for us. Thank you! The trips have always

been dreams materializing into reality.

My husband, Barry, has been supportive, especially over the past

five years. Arbonne has allowed us to enjoy the freedom of choice in

several areas of our lives. Our four children are grown and live very

active and busy lives. We get to love 13 grandchildren, who of course

are wonderful.

AM Patti Grant, DM Vickie Haynes, AM Kim Brown, RVP Debbie Graber and Stella.

When we put our mind to something and make a decision, then we put

something out there for God to work with, and through Him, we create a

vision. When we decide, then the forces and the powers of the universe

come to us in the way of creativity, ideas, energy and thoughts that

enable us to create the vision we wanted all along.

In making a decision to go forward, things begin to happen in the way

of production and activity that is amazing. We can want something subconsciously

without really committing to a decision to go after it. Then, our

conscious steps in to remind us, “Well, you have never done that before,”

or, “You tried that already, and it did not work … remember.” The real

deal is that we have the creative power of the universe behind us that

goes into action when we make the decision. Our subconscious mind is

only waiting for that decision to be made, and it is there for us to act as

an obedient servant to take us where we want to go, feeling the fear, but

doing it anyway!

The vision begins to materialize, takes shape, and it takes on its own

personality, power and becomes unstoppable. We become a person with

new insights, which we never had before. We find new ways of doing

things. Suddenly, we have something to give to others because it is true,

real, tangible, life-changing and it is the gift of Arbonne. Being a part of

Arbonne makes all the other components of life work in better harmony.

The personal growth found in Arbonne brings balance and motivation to

make a decision; create a vision.

Stella, ENVP Sonja

Peach and AM

Patti Grant.

Summer retreat at ERVP

Beta Wright’s home.

NEW EXECUTIVE NATIONAL NATIONAL VICE PRESIDENT The testimonials in this story reflect the actual experience of an individual, are anecdotal only, and may be atypical.


RVP Debbie Graber, ENVP Sonja Peach, RVP Amy

McDonald, AM Patti Grant, AM Kim Brown and Stella.


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