indoor scavenger hunt indoor scavenger hunt - Arkansas Game and ...

indoor scavenger hunt indoor scavenger hunt - Arkansas Game and ...

indoor scavenger hunt indoor scavenger hunt - Arkansas Game and ...


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want to do more?<br />

Bring your family back to the nature center<br />

<strong>and</strong> give them a tour. Tell them about all<br />

the interesting things you learned today.<br />

<strong>indoor</strong><br />

<strong>scavenger</strong><br />

<strong>hunt</strong><br />

✓<br />

✓<br />

✓<br />

✓<br />

Black Bear<br />

Quail<br />

Turkey<br />

Mallard<br />

Janet Huckabee<br />

8300 Wells Lake Road<br />

Fort Smith, AR 72916<br />

<strong>Arkansas</strong> River Valley Nature Center<br />

(479) 452-3993<br />

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c=15 m=29 y=33 k=0 c=100 m=0 y=91 k=42 c=30 m=0 y=5 k=0<br />

www.rivervalleynaturecenter.com<br />


What Is My mission?<br />

Go on a <strong>hunt</strong> without leaving the building.<br />

All of these animals can be found within the<br />

walls of the nature center in some form.<br />

Expedition Tools<br />

• pencil<br />

• notebook (optional)<br />

Let’s Get Started<br />

All of these animals can be found in the nature<br />

center. Some can be tricky, so keep your eyes<br />

peeled. When you find an item, write down<br />

what it looks like <strong>and</strong> where it is. Don’t collect<br />

the item.<br />

You may not find all the items, <strong>and</strong> that’s OK.<br />

What Did You FIND?<br />

Largemouth bass<br />

Channel catfish<br />

Rainbow trout<br />

Spotted salam<strong>and</strong>er<br />

Western diamondback rattlesnake<br />

Speckled kingsnake<br />

Hognose snake<br />

Fence lizard<br />

Collared lizard<br />

Box turtle<br />

Black bear<br />

White-tailed deer<br />

Spotted skunk<br />

Eastern wild turkey<br />

Northern bobwhite<br />

Mallard<br />

Mourning dove<br />

Turkey vulture<br />

bonus questions<br />

Lobby<br />

1. The Janet Huckabee <strong>Arkansas</strong> River Valley<br />

Nature Center is one of <strong>Arkansas</strong> <strong>Game</strong><br />

<strong>and</strong> Fish Commission nature centers.<br />

2. The <strong>Arkansas</strong> River Valley, the geographic<br />

region on which the nature center focuses on,<br />

is called the “ .”<br />

3. The funding for all AGFC nature centers<br />

comes from the 1/8th-Cent Conservation<br />

Sales Tax passed by Amendment .<br />

4. The area around the nature center was<br />

once part of Fort Chaffee. Before the l<strong>and</strong><br />

was named Fort Chaffee, it was called<br />

Aquarium/Mountain Ranges Room<br />

5. The Mountains<br />

were formed from folds <strong>and</strong> faults.<br />

6. The Mountains<br />

are an uplifted plateau, made of three distinct<br />

regions.<br />

Main Exhibit Hall Back Room<br />

7. The<br />

snake is known for its ability to “play dead.”<br />

8. The<br />

is a native insect whose population recently<br />

increased in the Ozark National Forest <strong>and</strong> did<br />

serious damage to native oak trees.<br />


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