(MHL) Company Profile - Mark Herring Lighting


(MHL) Company Profile - Mark Herring Lighting


From vision

to reality...

Lighting is the magic element that sets the

mood of an environment. All lighting engages

our emotions. It can leave us feeling relaxed,

energised, comfortable, intrigued, awe-struck,

subdued or safe. Lighting is the final touch

that both reveals and completes the space

you have taken so long to design and build.

When the lights finally come on, your project

truly comes to life.

Mark Herring Lighting

Bringing the best to light

At MHL, we’re passionate about lighting. Our team of

highly experienced consultants and suppliers deliver

exceptional lighting solutions for commercial, public,

and private spaces. We work in both indoor and outdoor

environments, providing tailored solutions for each

project, large or small. We can work from concept right

through to installation, adding as much or as little

knowledge and service as you need to help bring your

vision to life.

Passion and


Our goal is to bring your projects to

life with a combination of inspiring

aesthetics and exceptional technical

performance. Our lighting expertise

is delivered by a team of friendly,

approachable and down-to-earth

experts. We believe in building

personal relationships with our

clients, making the process easy,

efficient and enjoying a few laughs

along the way. We’re committed to a

job well done – a point proven by our

loyal customer base who trust us to

deliver on time, to budget and with

exceptional results, time after time.

Products you

can trust

At Mark Herring Lighting, we believe in

quality first. While we can adapt to suit

a range of budgets, we are primarily

known for our range of mid to high-end

light fittings. Why? Because we know

that these fittings offer the kind of

quality and workmanship that will stand

the test of time. In fact, several of our

product ranges are guaranteed for

five years.

As technologies and styles

continue to develop, our product range

continues to evolve. Influenced by

European trends in aesthetics and

energy efficiency, we bring you the

most up-to-date technologies and

design concepts from around the world.

Of course, there are always instances

where we need to look beyond the

products we supply. If your project

demands an alternative solution, we

can source additional brands as well as

do custom-made work.

London Quay, Picton

Waterfront Development.

A wealth of




Our commitment

to the environment



Awards and


Get to know

us better

Established in 1991, we have been

in the lighting industry for two

decades and counting. In that time

we’ve gained a wealth of specialised

technical knowledge and developed a

true understanding of what works (and

what doesn’t) with lighting design.

We can tell you what’s available and

what’s possible in order to find the

best solution for your project.

Open and direct, we believe in

educating our customers so they can

understand our recommendations

and processes. This way, our clients

can learn from us and we can learn

from them. With years in the field,

we’ve become masters at the art of

balancing technology, aesthetics,

running costs, energy efficiency,

timelines and budgets, to deliver the

optimum outcome for each project.

Lighting is no one-size-fits-all

business. Each project we undertake

is completely unique. By taking a

project-focused approach we can

deliver the right lighting system for

every situation. We listen carefully to

your needs and desires, and take all

the various constraints into account.

Working closely as part of the project

team we contribute our expertise

where and when it’s needed. From

initial design assistance to specifying

to final installation we can help at any

(or every) point along the way.

Underpinning all our work is a

passion for the environment in every

respect. We work to strike a balance

between functionality, aesthetics,

sustainability, and economic viability

for our clients. Some 20% of the

electrical energy consumed worldwide

is accounted for by artificial lighting.

Against this backdrop, we aim to

optimise energy use by supplying

the most advanced components and

systems available. We are continually

on the lookout for sustainable and

efficient lighting options so we can

help minimise the pressures that we

place on the environment.

Above: WE-EF LED, Light

We have been involved with a

wide range of public and private

projects from city beautification to

architecturally designed interiors.

To see our projects please visit


Above: Christchurch Cathedral

› IES Lighting Awards

Oamaru Opera House

Lighting Council of New Zealand

› Illuminating Engineering Society (IES)

› New Zealand Green Building Council

Above: Twizel Precinct Development

Visit our website for a complete

portfolio of products and projects.

Better yet, contact your nearest

consultant to find out how we can be

of help to you. www.lights.co.nz

Above: Cashel Mall, Christchurch

Mark Herring Lighting

PO Box 332

Christchurch 8140

New Zealand

Phone +64 (3) 365 6020

Fax +64 (3) 365 6010

Mark Herring Lighting

PO Box 132 425

Sylvia Park

Auckland 1644

New Zealand

Phone +64 (9) 5510 500

Fax +64 (9) 527 7909


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