Why the world's econo - INK-Institut für Neurobiologie nach Dr ...


Why the world's econo - INK-Institut für Neurobiologie nach Dr ...

new thoughts for a world in change


opEn Mind


Radiation 2012

& Light Festival

MobilE radiation • Earthing • tEtra

bio-ElEctroMagnEtisM • VaccinEs

building biology • dEtox • light Quality

EnVironMEntal MEdicinE • autisM

gEo-EnginEEring • radioactiVity

Oslo, 19.-21. October

lEcturEs • worKshops • fEstiVal

with guEsts froM 7 countriEs

among others

Barrie Trower, UK

dr. dietrich Klinghardt, usa

dr. günter haffelder, germany

holger strohm, germany

Vilhelm schjelderup , norway

trond skaftnesmo, norway

in memoriam Rosalie Bertell

haVE you

EVEr wondErEd...

how safe wireless technology and mobile

phones really are and what long-term

risks there may be in the future?

Why mercury, the third most toxic

element known to man, is used for

tooth fillings, and fluoride, which is almost

as deadly as arsenic, is put into toothpaste

and the water supply of certain countries?

Why the media continues to report how

dangerous alternative treatments

and supplements are, when people are dying

every day from the side effects of normal

prescription drugs?

Why perfectly healthy toddlers suddenly

develop autism only weeks

after being given a vaccination and why the

number of reported cases is rising dramatically?

Why there seem to

be so many “contrails”

from jet planes

criss-crossing the sky

- ones that don’t evaporate

and then turn into

hazy clouds that obscure

the sun?

Why the world’s economy

is collapsing and

why the financial sector that

was responsible for starting

the financial crisis is being

bailed out using taxpayers’


these are just some of the many questions

that will be examined at the opEn Mind

CONFERENCE 2012 in oslo, norway. over a

three-day period, from friday 19th to sunday

21st september 2012, participants will be

able to attend a series of fascinating lectures

that will attest to the global challenges

– both the true nature and origins of these

challenges and the most likely outcome of

what will occur if things do not change.

the most important aspect of the conference is to provide

a source of inspiration and a platform where ideas

can be exchanged – somewhere people can participate

in discussions, suggest solutions and talk about the

issues that they feel most passionate about. hence

the conference slogan: “we are the co-creators of the

change we want to see in the world”.

the conference is inspired by the life and work of Rosalie Bertell,

the scientist and nun who received the alternative nobel prize in

1986 and who died in june 2012. her book “planet Earth, the latest

weapon of war?” has foreseen much of what is happening before

our eyes right now. she has been standing up against corruption

and ignorance in the medical commissions on bhopal and in chernobyl

– and she is inspiring us to take action now as geo-engineering

is being implemented on a global scale.

friday, october 19th

“radiation, safety and health”

10:00 introduction

10:15 trond skaftnesmo: The freedom of research

- introduction into the topic.

11:00 barrie trower: wlan, tEtra and the

future of humanity. insights from an insider.

12:00 günter haffelder: body “mobile”.

function, disorders and treatment of the

body’s self-regulation ability.

13.00 lunch

2:00 p.m. dietrich Klinghardt: children’s

health. indoor climate and hidden causes of

sufferings, such as autism and adhd.

3:00 p.m. holger strohm: nuclear energy and

world politics - new dangers from an outdated


4:00 p.m. self-organized bite to eat

5:00 p.m. departure to steiner in bærum

6:00 p.m. harald Kautz-Vella: prospects andhazards

of geo-engineering.

7:30 p.m. premiere: “Quitely into disaster” -

documentary film by renowned journalist holger

strohm, cofounder of the german green

party. to approx. 9:30 p.m.

saturday, 20.10.

“Making the invisible visible”

10:00 introduction

10:10 chris butters. norway - an over-

developed country? gross national happiness

vs. gross national product

11:00 barrie trower: radar, microwave

weapons and geopolitics

12:00 lars druudgard: Mind control with


13:00 lunch

14-16 panel discussion: Electromagnetism vs.

life? director: raphael Kleimann, trond

skaftnesmo, Vilhelm schjelderup, barrie

trower, dietrich Klinghardt , chris butters ,

holger strohm , sissel halmøy

16-18 forum: seminar, demo, trial treatments.

odd Magne hjortland: Measurement and

screening practices. use of simple measuring


chris butters: from passive to healthy buildings:

what is real deep green architecture?

thomas aksnes: grounding - Earthing - health

ingelin Vestly, renzo celani: Environmental

Medical testing in practice

dietrich Klinghardt: how to help children with


harald Kautz-Vella: sun storms and radioactivity.

Measurement, measures and contingency


günter haffelder: neuroaktiv sound therapy -

personal consultations *

pamela hiley: taiji - embodying the invisible

6:00 p.m. thomas aksnes: grounding - Earthing -

health. bio-electromagnetism and EMf

6:45 p.m. Vilhelm schjelderup: Electromagnetism

in politics and medicine

8:00 p.m. dietrich Klinghardt: practice lecture

and demonstration: testing of environmental

stress (radiation, chemical stress, chronic


End about 9:30 p.m.

sunday, 21.10.

“future health paradigm”



10:00 introduction

10:10 trond skaftnesmo.

freedom biology

11:00 günter haffelder:

the healing frecuency.

whale songs that heals

12:00 Dietrich Kling

hardt: the new


medicine - Light

and color in

the treat-

14-16 forum:


seminar, demo,

trial treatments

Dietrich Klinghardt,

ingelin Vestly, renzo

celani: lightkinesiology,

phototherapy and laser

thomas aksnes: quantum medicine, medicine


harald Kautz-Vella: understanding free Energy.

günter haffelder: neuroaktiv sound therapy -

personal consultations *

pamela hiley: taiji - embodying the invisible

4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

“lightfestival – the frequency of life”

with Øystein sevåg (music), odd lindbråten (exhibition

and considerations), tal colman (music)

& pamela hiley (taiJi)



VIlhElM SchjElDRuP





physicist, mathematician,

humanphysiologist, military

scientist, expert & “whistleblower”

on microwave

weapons by the royal navy

and Mi6 intelligence. author

of the tetra-report to the

government. Exeter/uK.

diEtrich Klinghardt

doctor, psychologists,

groundbreaking research

on connections between

electromagnetic fields, toxins

and chronic infections

such as lyme borreliosis.


VilhElM schJEldrup

physician, researcher,

doctor and acupuncturist.

one of the pioneers in natural

medicine in norway, a

bridge between conventional

medicine and alternative

medicine. author of several

books. tønsberg/norway.

trond sKaftnEsMo

scientist, philosopher and

author of “freedom biology”,

“genparadigmets fall”,

“consciousness and the

brain” and “descartes ‘axe’.

launches his book “people

Enemies” at the symposium.


dr. güntEr haffEldEr

physician, psychologist,

researcher, founder and

director of the “institute for

communication and brain

research”. stuttgart/germany.

holgEr stroM

co-founder of “the green

party” and author of

“friedliche in die Katastrophe”,

the most important

book of the german anti-nuclear

movement in the 70’s.

On Radiation2012 he will release

a recent film with the

same title. Mölln/germany.

full time and part time participation

the entire symposium: 1900, - noK

students am 1200,- noK

single days: 900, - noK

students am: 600,- noK

Morning, 10:00 – 16:00: 600,-noK

Evenings, 18:00-21:30: 300,- noK

festival: 200,- noK







we supply ecological food (not included in the pricing).

please pre-order your meals on our website,

and let us know about preferences and allergies.

Ingelin sEVåg VEstly

homeopath, therapist and

teacher in ås. coordinator

of Environmental Medicine

education and psycho kinesiology

by dr. Kling hard in

norway. aas/norway.

sissEl halMØy

Master in technical cybernetics,

co-founder of the

association for electrosensitive

“felo” and the newly

formed people’s radiation

protection, head of the

International EMF Alliance



Musician, light therapist

and multi-instrumentalist,

has studied music in norway,

the netherlands and

India Theater in Tel Aviv.

now with the “Journey to

the temple within”. oslo /


paMEla hilEy

leader of the norwegian

taiji center, has for many

years been active in cultural

exchange and work

for peace and spirituality;

England / norway.

chris buttErs

Member of the gaia network,

with over 30 years of

experience with organic architecture.

has led a course

at the university of oslo on

sustainable development. Efforts

in bhutan for 10 years.

south africa & norway.

lars drudgaard

sound engineer and

audiologist, European

coordinator for icaact, international

Center Against

abuse of covert technologies.









friday, 19.10., 10:00 – 16:00: litteraturhuset,

wergelandsveien 29, 0167 oslo

friday 19.10., 18:00 – 21:30: saturday and sunday:

steinerskolen in bærum, grav gårds vei 5, 1358 Jar


Eikeli guesthouse offers affordable accommodation

1 km from the school: nordveien 39, 1359 Eiksmarka,

tel. 0047 67 16 53 00. www.eikeli.no.




tel. 0047 64943577

harald Kautz-VElla

background in geology, quantum

physics and innovative energy

technologies. he works as

a journalist, media consultant

and advisor for innovative energy

technology companies. he is

engaged in the project ‘desert

greening’, berlin/germany.

thoMas aKsnEs

founder of “in health tech

sciences” at the tech center

in bergen. specialists in the

biological effects of electromagnetic

interference. standing he

has behind the introductionintroduced

of new health technologies.


odd MagnE hJortland

Engineer, building biologist

and therapist. teaches EMf in

the building biology education

regular organized by baldron



odd lindbråtEn

Visual artist (sculpture, painting

and graphics) and educator,

lecturer in art education at the

rudolf steiner school in oslo.

helps with the exhibition during

the conference. Moss/norway.

ØystEin sEVåg

Musician, composer and

producer, with several productions

and publications, winner

of the indie award, usa, with

“bridge”, 1997 (“best new age

recording of the year.”). actual

with “space for a crowded

world” 2012; bærum/norway-

ralph-raphaEl KlEiMann

therapist - including device

therapy, building biologist,

teacher, and founder of baldron,


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