Testosterone Suppplements


Welcome to www.RealProHormones.com the only site on the internet to buy tren, real, superdrol prohormones, legal steroids, testosterone supplements & pro hormone cycle.

Testosterone Suppplements

Welcome to www.RealProHormones.com the only site on the internet selling

Ultra Pure and Lab Tested Original Pro-Hormone Compounds. Remember the days

of Superdrol, 1-AD, Tren, pheraplex, Epistane and Havoc! Well, there back and

these compounds are guaranteed to add slabs of lean, hard and vascular tissue in

half the time it would take with training and nutrition alone. We know you’re

training hard and we know you’re looking for the best damn edge possible, that’s

why we’ve gone out of our way to source and find the best pro-hormone products

on the planet. If we’ve got it on the site then you know it’s for real! Don’t get

fooled by the new imitation pro-hormones found at your local GNC or Nutrition

Store, the products you find here won’t be found on shelves. Why? Because they

work, plain and simple!

Epishred - Epidrol Cutting & Hardening Formula - 90ct.

EpiShred is a unique blend of three of the most effective

PH ingredients on the planet. The first is Epidrol and the

second is Superdrol and the third is Hexadrone. These

three compounds work in unison to provide not only

gains in lean muscle but also to accelerate fat loss from

the midsection and other areas where fat may have

accumulated. The beauty of the EpiShred Formula is in

it's ability to keep water retention and wet gains to a

minimum while at the same time increasing lean tissue.

This is because of the novel anti-water and shredding

ingredients that have also been added to the product.

EpiShred can be taken at doses of 2 caps or even 3 caps

per day. This affordable yet shockingly effective formula

will have your abs and veins coming through in no time.

For an even stronger effect try adding EpiShred with Tren

or TetraLean.


Decabolan has two principal agents which are both

responsible for increasing lean muscle tissue and

improving the amount of protein the muscle accumulates

and assimilates into the cell. Like it's sister compound

Equigain, it becomes an awesome product to stack with

any bulking agent like Testojet, Tren or even Testobolan. It

will help increase dry lean muscle gains and offers the user

something that will not only help overall muscular

development and growth but also aid in the healing of

joint and connective tissue. Most users can enjoy pain free

training while using Decabolan because it drives fluid into

the joints which will help promote healing and wellness.

Decabolan also helps creates muscle fullness and

roundness which gives the users a more muscular

appearance but without added water retention between

the skin and the muscle. One of the most effective stacks

available would be the combination of Testojet, Decabolan

and Stenabol.

Mass Caps - Extreme Size, Crazy Vascularity and Fullness,

Incredible Mass & Strength - 90ct.

Mass Caps are a unique blend of over 4 poweful PH

compounds in one single formula.. Mass Caps are for that

guy who wants to put on a serious amount of muscle and

size in a very short amount of time. This unique blend offers

the user the ability to feel fullness and pumps from day 3 on.

This formula was so strong that our initial thought was to not

introduce it, but with the PyroLabs line we wanted

something for the more serious and seasoned user that

required a PH Blend with more bang for the buck! Mass Caps

are that product. The strength gains on this product are for

real! The tissue you put on with this product is crazy and you

will need a new wardrobe in just 6 weeks! For the ultimate in

size, mass and power try combining Mass Caps with Mass

Suspension, Tren or Testojet! Gains in the area of 25-35lbs

are likely in 6-8 weeks.

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