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ers' new Plaza Twin Cinemas. Located in Toronto's<br />

large Bay Centre shopping complex, the duplex features<br />

extensive use of stainless steel in its decor.<br />

rounded corners and circular design becomes<br />

a leitmotif used in the twin's decor.<br />

The semi-circular boxoffice boasts stainless<br />

steel paneling across the upper and<br />

lower portions,<br />

with fluorescent lighting fixtures<br />

in the entire upper portion of the unit.<br />

The color scheme in the carpeted floors and<br />

painted ceiling and walls is in shades of<br />

purple.<br />

Taking either the staircase or escalator<br />

to the foyer, patrons first<br />

see the 22-ft.-long<br />

refreshment center upon reaching the bottom.<br />

It is a full-service operation offering<br />

fresh-popped popcorn, cola and a large selection<br />

of candy. Stainless steel panels once<br />

again have been used on the top and bottom<br />

front of the recessed concessions area.<br />

The auditoriums are situated on either<br />

side of the refreshment center, the larger<br />

664-seat unit to the left and the 385-seat<br />

facility to the right. Aisles of both auditoriums<br />

are carpeted, with the walls, ceiling and<br />

floor space under the seats being painted.<br />

Architect for the project was Mandel<br />

Sprachman, widely known for his work in<br />

this<br />

area of design.<br />

CHRISnE<br />



There's a very important difference in<br />

xenon consoles — the name behind the<br />

console.<br />

When you select a console, you must have<br />

equipment you can trust. Christie has the<br />

skill, knowledge and conscientiousness<br />

to build a product you can rely on.<br />

The name Christie has been synonymous<br />

with DC power engineering excellence for<br />

nearly 50 years. And, Christie is putting<br />

the experience to good use in the<br />

projection room, pioneering new products<br />

and ideas, including the console concept.<br />

Our equipment has been engineered for<br />

durability and reliability.<br />

That's one reason why Christie's UL listed<br />

consoles are currently being used around<br />

the world by such leaders as Cinema<br />

National, United Artists, Pacific Theatres,<br />

General Cinema, Loew's, Filmways, and<br />

A.C.F. Kinekor.<br />

When the.Christie name is on the console.<br />

it's a console you can depend on<br />

®<br />



Access to the two auditoriums in the Plaza Twin<br />

from the Bay Centre concourse level boxoffice and<br />

standee area is by this escalator or staircase.<br />

Christie Xenolite" consoles combine a<br />

xenon lamphouse, rectifier power supply,<br />

control panel, projector mount and<br />

pedestal. Add optional audio amplifier<br />

system, automation programmer and<br />

power distribution panel and you've got a<br />

"combo" console. Since consoles and<br />

combos are totally pre-wired. they can be<br />

installed in hours, not days — saving time<br />

and money.<br />

SINCE 1929<br />


3410\A/EST B7TH STREET<br />


013I 750-1151 -TWX 9-tO-321-3B67<br />

BOXOFFICE ::<br />


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