CUSP Magazine: Winter Issue 2014


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Written by Allison Matyus

Everyone knows about crowdfunding websites that help raise money for start-ups or ideas,

but what about those websites themselves? Seedkicks is one such funding site that takes the idea of

helping campaigns to the next level.

The Seedkicks team works with clients throughout the entire campaign process, acting as

both a resource and giving guidance on best strategies for start-ups.

“The problem we saw was that crowdfunders tend to be underprepared and lack a solid

plan leading to failed campaigns,” said CEO Emily Collins. “Successful crowdfunding campaigns

require a solid plan, ample preparation, dedication from start to finish, and fully leveraging your

network. That’s where we come in.”Seedkicks helps with the design of the campaign, financial

approaches, marketing plans, and brainstorming to make for a unique and more hands-on

crowdfunding site.

Although based in California, Seedkicks helps blossoming Chicago businesses, such as Curb

Ninja, a motorcycle parking app. Collins said most of the companies that come through Seedkicks

are product based, which in general are the most successful.

“Crowdfunding is sometimes synonymous with tech gadgets, but it can also be a great tool

for small businesses. Seedkicks has worked with various fashion companies, food trucks, and many

other startups,” she said.

As an entrepreneur herself, Collins is all too familiar with starting a business. With only four

people on the Seedkicks team, they get a lot of work done for the amount of campaigns that come


“We pride ourselves on great customer service and working with our clients throughout

the entire process. We are currently working on ways to scale that model due to high demand,”

Collins explained.

She said the crowdfunding industry has helped realize her own goals. After working in the

corporate world, she started learning about crowdfunding and wanted to be a part of it.

“I knew I wanted to have my own business ‘someday’, but I always thought you had to save

your money and gain experience before starting your own company,” Collins said. “I wanted to

be at the forefront of a booming industry.”

Her boyfriend, a fellow entrepreneur himself, gave her the courage to go ahead with her

idea of Seedkicks and, as it goes, “the rest is history.”



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