CUSP Magazine: Winter Issue 2014


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If anyone is worried that the

increasing power of the organic and

sustainable food movement is going

to impinge on their fried chicken

habits, Honey Butter Fried Chicken in

Avondale should dispel any concerns.

When I walked in the doors a

little bit before 3:00 p.m. on a Saturday,

the whole place was packed. I barely

could find a place to sit. Young parents

and roving bands of hipsters were

weaving in and out of line, ordering

more appetizers and snacks while

their friends and children licked honey

butter off of their fingers.

HBFC, located at 3361 N.

Elston Avenue, is the project of

veteran Chicago food gurus Christine

Cikowski and Joshua Kulp. They

opened their doors in September of

2013 and quickly gained respect in

culinary circles for responsible eats

that still taste great.Even before HBFC

came to be, its co-founders were well

established in the Chicago culinary

scene, most well known for their

Sunday Dinner Club.

Since 2005, they’ve managed a

secretive dinner venue that feels less

like a restaurant and more like a family


“We wanted to be a part of the

[dining] experience,” Christine said.

“We would cook, serve, clear the plates,

making connection with the diners.”

After having worked in other

places in the restaurant industry, the

duo realized that there was a lot of

space for more community focused

dining options. Customers and owners

alike were looking for a restaurant

model that felt less like a food factory

and more like a community. The

Dinner Club allowed them to combine

fresh, local, and healthy ingredients, a

more intimate experience between


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